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On Sunday, October 19th, we headed over to the White Mountains to photograph Christie and Clint's engagement shoot.  Christie's daughter, Shelby, was also along for the shoot as was their new, adorable snow-white puppy - a rescue.  Though they all live in Phoenix, their wedding will be taking place in Greer next June, so it seemed an appropriate location for their engagement photography.


We had a great time and the leaves were in their full autumn glory!  We took the family to one of our favorite little spots, complete with old, weathered homesteads and a forest full of aspens.  Christie and Clint, thank you so much for doing all those funny little things we asked you to do ... no matter how strange they mey have sounded :-).  We hope you enjoy the photos and we can't wait to work with you at your wedding!!

10-19-08CCEngage01.jpg 10-19-08CCEngage02.jpg 10-19-08CCEngage03.jpg 10-19-08CCEngage04.jpg 10-19-08CCEngage05.jpg 10-19-08CCEngage06.jpg 10-19-08CCEngage07.jpg 10-19-08CCEngage08.jpg 10-19-08CCEngage09.jpg 10-19-08CCEngage10.jpg 10-19-08CCEngage11.jpg 10-19-08CCEngage12.jpg 10-19-08CCEngage13.jpg

10-19-08CCEngage14.jpg 10-19-08CCEngage15.jpg 10-19-08CCEngage16.jpg 10-19-08CCEngage17.jpg 10-19-08CCEngage18.jpg 10-19-08CCEngage19.jpg 10-19-08CCEngage20.jpg 10-19-08CCEngage21.jpg

This was the sunset as seen from Hwy. 260. Not many sunsets make us stop driving, but this one was worth capturing!



Melissa Dunstan:

Tina and Kevin, Your work never ceases to amaze me! These are artistic, creative and stunning images of Tina! I LOVE the new engagement session photos too! Nice new blog!!! Congrats!

(11.03.08 @ 04:26 PM)