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This past week we met with Michele and Josh to photograph their engagement shoot.  The shoot was held at Red Rock Crossing in Sedona per Michele's request.  She had seen this location on our blog and decided she wanted her photographs taken there.  The bonus was that the leaves are changing around Oak Creek adding a welcome element to the shoot.


Michele is originally from Michigan while Josh hails from Ohio ... both now live in Mesa.  They are having their wedding in a small town about an hour outside of Detroit in September.  This is part of why they chose Sedona.  The water and trees (in fall color) remind them of where they plan to marry.  They also wanted photos looking at Cathedral Rock while wearing rival jerseys from their home states ... what a cute idea :-)!  Their dog also joined us and was a real sweetheart.


Michele and Josh, it was a pleasure meeting you both and spending some time with you.  Thank you for being so willing to get your feet filthy with red rock soil for a few unique photos.  You were both so much fun and we hope to have the opportunity to follow you to China, Michigan to photograph your wedding :-).  Enjoy!

10-22-08MJEngage01.jpg 10-22-08MJEngage02.jpg 10-22-08MJEngage03.jpg 10-22-08MJEngage04.jpg 10-22-08MJEngage05.jpg 10-22-08MJEngage06.jpg 10-22-08MJEngage07.jpg 10-22-08MJEngage08.jpg 10-22-08MJEngage09.jpg 10-22-08MJEngage10.jpg 10-22-08MJEngage11.jpg 10-22-08MJEngage12.jpg 10-22-08MJEngage13.jpg


Yes, this is me standing in the water to get the shot I wanted ... did I mention that the water was freezing ...

10-22-08MJEngage15.jpg 10-22-08MJEngage16.jpg 10-22-08MJEngage17.jpg 10-22-08MJEngage18.jpg