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When I got married in Maui in August, I had visions of wanting photos in my dress with barn yard animals ... specifically chickens ... more specifically, holding chickens.  This may seem odd, but I thought it would make for some really cool and unique wedding photographs.  I have asked some of my past brides to do this, but alas no bites ... can you imagine ...


The big problem was that despite an exhaustive search of Maui, we could not find any chickens to pose with.  In fact, the only available chickens we could locate were wild ones, and believe me when I tell you, they were not about to be caught.


So what was a bride to do?  I mentioned my dilimma to my friend Diane and she said she had friends who owned a ranch with chickens.  Next thing I knew, I was back in my dress in a car with Kevin, Diane and our assistant, Joyce and her partner, Beth, heading down the I-40 towards Winslow.  Destination ... the Spittin-L Ranch for my Trash the Dress Session with chickens - and llamas - and cows ... well, you get the point.


Kevin was my photographer and we had an amazing time.  When Daine said they had chickens she meant it!  I think they had roughly 150 and they were all beautiful, as were all their animals.  Spittin-L Ranch (obviously it is named for their sweet resident llamas) is owned by Melissa and Jerry Wallace.  These two wonderful people are also foster parents (Tender Heart) for infants and children with special needs and the two forces work hand in hand to provide an environment in which they can all thrive.


We wish to extend a very special thank you to Melissa and Jerry for not only opening their home to us and allowing us to work with their animals (for which they obviously love dearly and are extremely proud of), but for their hours of effort to make it all happen.  Jerry tirelessly ran back and forth catching chickens for me to hold, getting grain for the chickens and feed for the llamas and cows, and he also transported my veil around, giving it to me as I needed.  Melissa ... well I hardly know what to say on this ... she spent hours walking around with us, helping out and even laying on the ground with a bucket of feed to attract the llamas, and all with a badly broken leg!  As a matter of fact, she had just recently come off of being wheelchair bound.  You both have my gratitute and respect for all that you do and for your supreme hospitality!!!!  I also want to thank Beth for being our "Sherpa" - you know we love you Beth :-)!  And Joyce, you did an amazing job ... so did you Kevin :-)!  Lastly, thank you Diane for putting this all together and making my dream of a Trash the Dress session with chickens come true.  I had such a great time and it was more than I ever could have hoped for!


Last note - you will also notice that the first photos are of my dog, Yoshi and I.  Since I obviously couldn't take him to Hawaii, I had to have some photos with him.  We took these before we headed out to Winslow.  We found a nice spot in Flagstaff that still had a touch of fall color left and played around for a while ... I love my dog!!!

10-18-08SpitL01.jpg 10-18-08SpitL02.jpg 10-18-08SpitL03.jpg 10-18-08SpitL04.jpg 10-18-08SpitL05.jpg 10-18-08SpitL06.jpg 10-18-08SpitL07.jpg 10-18-08SpitL08.jpg 10-18-08SpitL09.jpg 10-18-08SpitL10.jpg 10-18-08SpitL11.jpg 10-18-08SpitL12.jpg 10-18-08SpitL13.jpg

10-18-08SpitL14.jpg 10-18-08SpitL15.jpg 10-18-08SpitL16.jpg 10-18-08SpitL17.jpg

This series is me at my loveliest ... this rooster was one of the uncooperative ones :-).


Sarah Bason:

This is such a cute idea, and the photos turned out fantastic! The one with Tina and the cow has to be my favorite, I love the little bit of veil detail that got picked up. Can't wait to work with you guys!!

(10.25.08 @ 11:49 AM)
Jerry Wallace:

We thankyou and so do the animals, they had as much fun as we did. Any time you are more than welcome to take more pictures with them and they all welcome the chance to do it again

(10.29.08 @ 06:33 PM)
Lauren Gauntz:

envious! i would have totally done this post wedding! maybe in NC! =)

(11.07.08 @ 09:33 AM)
Ashley Walter:

Tina, These pictures are amazing! What a great a idea! You looked fabulous! (as always)

(11.25.08 @ 04:58 AM)
Maui Wedding:

Its looking Excellent.

(03.14.09 @ 12:32 PM)
Credit help :

Its a Fantastic blog

(03.14.09 @ 12:34 PM)