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Courtney and Tyler had their engagement shoot a couple of weeks ago at South Mountain in Phoenix.  This is a fun place to conduct a photo shoot, but beware ... apparently you are not allowed to pull off at undesignated sights, as we quickly found out when the park patrol pulled over and politely asked us to move on.  They were kind enough to let us get in a few more shots before leaving though :-) ... and it was such good light too ... oh well ...


Thank you both so much for spending hours being dragged from one location to another ... hopefully you will think it was worth it :-).  You were both great to work with and we hope to work with you more at your wedding  in Colorado this summer!

11-16-08CTEngage01.jpg 11-16-08CTEngage02.jpg 11-16-08CTEngage03.jpg 11-16-08CTEngage04.jpg 11-16-08CTEngage05.jpg 11-16-08CTEngage06.jpg 11-16-08CTEngage07.jpg 11-16-08CTEngage08.jpg 11-16-08CTEngage09.jpg 11-16-08CTEngage10.jpg 11-16-08CTEngage11.jpg 11-16-08CTEngage12.jpg 11-16-08CTEngage13.jpg 11-16-08CTEngage14.jpg 11-16-08CTEngage15.jpg 11-16-08CTEngage16.jpg 11-16-08CTEngage17.jpg 11-16-08CTEngage18.jpg 11-16-08CTEngage19.jpg 11-16-08CTEngage20.jpg 11-16-08CTEngage21.jpg 11-16-08CTEngage22.jpg 11-16-08CTEngage23.jpg