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Next up in the wedding weekend trio is Jodie and Ben.  Their wedding took place on November 8th at the Wyndham in downtown Phoenix.  This was such a cool venue and a bit of a welcomed departure for us.  We typically shoot in beautiful outdoor settings and this was a chance to have fun taking wedding photographs in a contemporary, urban setting.


This was our first traditional Jewish wedding.  It was beautiful to experience and I was particularly moved by the ceremony which was read in both English and Hebrew.  The Ketubah (the Jewish Marriage Contract) was simply amazing and equally interesting to learn about.


No detail in this wedding was overlooked.  The flowers were amazing, as was the reception set up, and hands down, best cake goes to this couple!  Jodie and Ben originally met at the Herberger Theater Center and for anyone present at the reception it was quite obvious that many of their friends probably have roots in the theater as well.  It actually took me on a trip down memory lane when I used to perform in the theater ... a long, long time ago ... ahhh, good times :-).  Back to the present though ... what do you get when you mix a fantastic live band by the name of TIC (The Instant Classics), live karaoke, theatrical people, and a little alcohol - a hell of a good time!  Man did these people know how to party.  Photographing this meant getting right into the mix and it was a total trip.


At the end of the night we decided to carry things over and do an extra shoot downtown.  We held up until close to 2:00AM at which point I think everyone was good and tired.  Jodie and Ben, we can't thank you enough for everything.  You have been so wonderful (thank you for the amazing testimonial and for the delicious brownies - though I don't know how much I really need those extra calories)!!  It has been a true pleasure getting to know you both!11-8-08JBWed01.jpg 11-8-08JBWed02.jpg 11-8-08JBWed03.jpg 11-8-08JBWed04.jpg 11-8-08JBWed05.jpg 11-8-08JBWed06.jpg 11-8-08JBWed07.jpg 11-8-08JBWed08.jpg 11-8-08JBWed09.jpg 11-8-08JBWed10.jpg 11-8-08JBWed11.jpg 11-8-08JBWed12.jpg 11-8-08JBWed13.jpg 

11-8-08JBWed14.jpg 11-8-08JBWed15.jpg 11-8-08JBWed16.jpg 11-8-08JBWed17.jpg 11-8-08JBWed18.jpg 11-8-08JBWed19.jpg 11-8-08JBWed20.jpg 11-8-08JBWed21.jpg 11-8-08JBWed22.jpg 11-8-08JBWed23.jpg 11-8-08JBWed24.jpg

Look at that cake ... how cool!

11-8-08JBWed25.jpg 11-8-08JBWed26.jpg 11-8-08JBWed27.jpg 11-8-08JBWed28.jpg

This guy was singing - and playing - Billy Joel's "Piano Man" ... he was outstanding!!!

11-8-08JBWed29.jpg 11-8-08JBWed30.jpg 11-8-08JBWed31.jpg 11-8-08JBWed32.jpg 11-8-08JBWed33.jpg

Check out Ben, cutting up the dance floor :-).

11-8-08JBWed34.jpg 11-8-08JBWed35.jpg 11-8-08JBWed36.jpg 11-8-08JBWed37.jpg 11-8-08JBWed38.jpg 11-8-08JBWed39.jpg 11-8-08JBWed40.jpg




Thanks for everything! I know this is just a sampling of more to come and Ben and I can't wait! Thanks again for spending so much time with us!

(11.23.08 @ 09:01 AM)
Nancy Snyder:

Please do not accuse me of being prejudice, just because I am the Mother of the Bride....This sampling is absolutely AMAZING! I knew you had to be the best at what you do, or Jodie never would have used you. Thank You, more than words can say, for captuirng an incredibly magical night in such a unique and artistic way. And, for allowing me to relive it every time I look at one of the photos.

(11.27.08 @ 10:08 PM)