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The final wedding in the wedding weekend trio was Kristen and Nghi's.  Their wedding took place on November 9th.  The ceremony was held at the Secret Garden and the reception was held at the Chinese Cultural Center.


Weather did play a part in this wedding.  The day started off beautiful and sunny, but by the ceremony time, dark clouds began rolling in and the wind started blowing - rather strongly I might add.  We even joked that wind seems to be a factor every time we shoot together (during their engagement shoot in Sedona the winds were howling.)  Aside from a slight spattering of raindrops, that was the worst of the weather thankfully.


The Secret Garden is a quaint and beautiful venue and I have to say that Kristen made a stunning bride.  The Chinese Cultural Center offered tons of opportunities for beautiful wedding photography.  The architecture was amazing and I personally loved all the beautiful Koi swimming in the large pond surrounding the back side of the Golden Buddha Restaurant.  Nghi is Vietnamese and Kristen changed into the traditional Vietnamese wedding dress during the reception ... she was striking!


Thank you Kristen and Nghi.  You have been so nice and thoughtful (thank you for the card for our wedding and the thank you card you sent after your wedding) and it has been a pleasure not only being your photographers, but simply knowing you!

11-9-08KNWed01.jpg 11-9-08KNWed02.jpg 11-9-08KNWed03.jpg 11-9-08KNWed04.jpg 11-9-08KNWed05.jpg 11-9-08KNWed06.jpg 11-9-08KNWed07.jpg 11-9-08KNWed08.jpg 11-9-08KNWed09.jpg 11-9-08KNWed10.jpg 11-9-08KNWed11.jpg 11-9-08KNWed12.jpg 11-9-08KNWed13.jpg

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All of them are wonderful!

Nghi calls me koi and that's what's inscribed inside his ring so, the one of us with the koi is particularly symbolic. Thank you!

(11.24.08 @ 08:17 PM)