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I first want to start by saying that I am very, very, very behind on my blogging and for those of you who are patiently waiting to view your posting, thank you for waiting.  I am under a lot of deadlines right now and will be getting everyones events posted as soon as I can :-).


Now for Margarita and Ramon's wedding!!  We have been waiting for this one for a long time.  It was originally going to be held last March, but due to an injury in the family it had to be postponed.  The new date ... Halloween :-).  They played it up though and incorporated some good old-fashioned halloween fun into it without making it an out-and-out halloween themed event (gotta love the costumes and the couple from the wedding party dancing in to the song "Thriller" by Michael Jackson, when they were announced.)


The wedding was held at Ashley Manor in Chandler, AZ.  It was a beautiful day and the actual theme was that of Cinderella.  We absolutely love this couple ... they are two of the most genuine people we have ever met!!


Margarita, you were just lovely and Ramon, you were equally handsome.  Thank you both so much for not only having us as your wedding photographers, but for inviting us to be a part of your event.  We had a great time and we couldn't think of a better way to spend Halloween!  Thanks too for the really sweet card and bottle of wine - you are so thoughtful!!!

10-31-08MRWed01.jpg 10-31-08MRWed02.jpg 10-31-08MRWed03.jpg 10-31-08MRWed04.jpg 10-31-08MRWed05.jpg 10-31-08MRWed06.jpg 10-31-08MRWed07.jpg 10-31-08MRWed08.jpg 10-31-08MRWed09.jpg 10-31-08MRWed10.jpg

This is our favorite photo ... seriously, look at how overwhelmed Ramon was when he got his first look at Margarita ... it brought tears to our eyes :-).

10-31-08MRWed11.jpg 10-31-08MRWed12.jpg 10-31-08MRWed13.jpg 10-31-08MRWed14.jpg 10-31-08MRWed15.jpg 10-31-08MRWed16.jpg 10-31-08MRWed17.jpg 10-31-08MRWed18.jpg 10-31-08MRWed19.jpg 10-31-08MRWed20.jpg 10-31-08MRWed21.jpg 10-31-08MRWed22.jpg 10-31-08MRWed23.jpg 10-31-08MRWed24.jpg 10-31-08MRWed25.jpg 10-31-08MRWed26.jpg 10-31-08MRWed27.jpg

Everyone having a little Halloween fun at the Photo Booth ... including us :-). 10-31-08MRWed28.jpg 10-31-08MRWed29.jpg 10-31-08MRWed30.jpg 10-31-08MRWed31.jpg




Well worth the wait...they are all beautiful. thank you

(11.14.08 @ 09:54 AM)
Bob & Diane Patterson:

Awesome Wedding!!! You look fantastic!! May God Bless You Always,
Bob & Diane

(12.04.08 @ 07:01 AM)
Cindy Hernandez:

Absolutely beautiful! I'm very happy for you!

(03.08.09 @ 08:52 AM)