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Because Tishya and Greg got married at night, they opted to have a "Day-After" session.  We met with them on the Monday following their wedding to shoot their photographs.  This was a very long session spent hopping all around Sedona, so we posted quite a few photos.


We started our photo shoot at the West Fork Trail in Oak Creek Canyon.  The leaves were in their full autumn splendor and we spent quite a bit of time there.  I just love fall in Oak Creek ... it reminds me of where I am from in North Carolina with the leaves running the full spectrum, from deep red to golden yellow and everything in between.


From there we continued on to Red Rock Crossing to get a few shots with Catherdral Rock.  This is the rock formation that Tishya and Greg chose to use on all of their invitations, place settings, etc.  Finally we ended up at Merry-Go-Round Rock for some amazing shots at sunset.


Thank you Tishya and Greg for being so kind and willing to spend time with us!  We had such an amazing time both days and it was a real pleasure being your wedding photographers!  We hope you enjoy them :-)!!

10-27-08TGDayAfter01.jpg 10-27-08TGDayAfter02.jpg 10-27-08TGDayAfter03.jpg 10-27-08TGDayAfter04.jpg 10-27-08TGDayAfter05.jpg 10-27-08TGDayAfter06.jpg 10-27-08TGDayAfter07.jpg 10-27-08TGDayAfter08.jpg 10-27-08TGDayAfter09.jpg 10-27-08TGDayAfter10.jpg 10-27-08TGDayAfter11.jpg 10-27-08TGDayAfter12.jpg 10-27-08TGDayAfter13.jpg

10-27-08TGDayAfter14.jpg 10-27-08TGDayAfter15.jpg 10-27-08TGDayAfter16.jpg 10-27-08TGDayAfter17.jpg 10-27-08TGDayAfter18.jpg 10-27-08TGDayAfter19.jpg 10-27-08TGDayAfter20.jpg 10-27-08TGDayAfter21.jpg 10-27-08TGDayAfter22.jpg 10-27-08TGDayAfter23.jpg 10-27-08TGDayAfter24.jpg 10-27-08TGDayAfter25.jpg 10-27-08TGDayAfter26.jpg

10-27-08TGDayAfter27.jpg 10-27-08TGDayAfter28.jpg 10-27-08TGDayAfter29.jpg

Josefin Wahss:

This is just wonderful to see. Gorgeous. Amazing colours. Congrats to a beautiful couple!
I just found your new blog, by the way! Had bookmarked the old one - and started to get a bit worried!! Thank you for providing me a bit of Arizona every now and then. Thank you...

(11.06.08 @ 02:29 PM)