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On October 25th, we photographed the wedding of Tishya and Greg.  Their wedding took place on the Patio de las Campanas at Tlaquepaque in Sedona.  Tlaquepaque is a beautiful and charming venue - though not without its challenges!


Within the realm of photography, weddings don't get much more challenging than this one.  The actual ceremony and reception both took place outdoors after dark.  Lighting was extremely dim and with no ceilings around to bounce light off of, we quickly had to come up with other lighting solutions.  We are not big fans of direct flash (it is too harsh) so instead we set up what amounted to a simulated studio situation using off-camera flashes.  It worked out quite well and we carried this over to much of the reception.  We also had to do the majority of their couple formals in the dark.  In light of that fact, the couple also did a "Day-After" shoot the following Monday, which we will be posting images from shortly.

10-25-08TGWed01.jpg 10-25-08TGWed02.jpg 10-25-08TGWed03.jpg 10-25-08TGWed04.jpg 10-25-08TGWed05.jpg 10-25-08TGWed06.jpg 10-25-08TGWed07.jpg 10-25-08TGWed08.jpg 10-25-08TGWed09.jpg 10-25-08TGWed10.jpg 10-25-08TGWed11.jpg 10-25-08TGWed12.jpg 10-25-08TGWed13.jpg 

10-25-08TGWed14.jpg 10-25-08TGWed15.jpg 10-25-08TGWed16.jpg 10-25-08TGWed17.jpg 10-25-08TGWed18.jpg 10-25-08TGWed19.jpg 10-25-08TGWed20.jpg 10-25-08TGWed21.jpg 10-25-08TGWed22.jpg 10-25-08TGWed23.jpg 10-25-08TGWed24.jpg 10-25-08TGWed25.jpg 10-25-08TGWed26.jpg