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OK, here we go finally!!  The next three postings are from two weeks ago ... three very big weddings over the course of three days.


First up was Trisha and Virgil.  They were married November 7th at the Sheraton Crescent in Phoenix.  This is a really cool couple and they are so much fun to work with.  Trisha had the coolest shoes ever.  Oh, and did I mention the overabundance of absolutely adorable kids ... they were so much fun to photograph!  Oh, and did I also mention Trisha and Virgil's five month old baby boy, Jay ... oh my gosh, he was so freakin adorable!!!  I really had a hard time taking my camera off of him.  He even had his own little tuxedo and own little boutonniere :-).


Thanks for having us as your wedding photographers!  You were both so nice and it was a great time.  Can't wait for the Trash-the-Dress shoot.  It's going to be a blast!!11-7-08TVWed01.jpg 11-7-08TVWed02.jpg 11-7-08TVWed03.jpg 11-7-08TVWed04.jpg 11-7-08TVWed05.jpg 11-7-08TVWed06.jpg 11-7-08TVWed07.jpg 11-7-08TVWed08.jpg 11-7-08TVWed09.jpg 11-7-08TVWed10.jpg 11-7-08TVWed11.jpg 11-7-08TVWed12.jpg

Trisha placed a locket around her flowers containing a photograph of her mother.


Look at how cute!!!  By the way, no babies were harmed in the making of these photographs (the beer is just a prop) :-).

11-7-08TVWed14.jpg 11-7-08TVWed15.jpg 11-7-08TVWed16.jpg 11-7-08TVWed17.jpg 11-7-08TVWed18.jpg 11-7-08TVWed19.jpg 11-7-08TVWed20.jpg 11-7-08TVWed21.jpg 11-7-08TVWed22.jpg

I love this series of sunset photos ... how amazing!!

11-7-08TVWed23.jpg 11-7-08TVWed24.jpg 11-7-08TVWed25.jpg 11-7-08TVWed26.jpg 11-7-08TVWed27.jpg 11-7-08TVWed28.jpg 11-7-08TVWed29.jpg 11-7-08TVWed30.jpg 11-7-08TVWed31.jpg 11-7-08TVWed32.jpg 11-7-08TVWed33.jpg 11-7-08TVWed34.jpg 11-7-08TVWed35.jpg




You guys are amazing! So many awesome pictures here you did such a good job of capturing so many different aspects of the wedding. I absolutely love your work and am so excited that the pictures turned out so well. Thank you so much for everything. I also can't wait for the trash the dress shoot, I have LOTS of ideas!

(11.24.08 @ 09:05 PM)
Nelda King:

Oh...I love her dress. :) So Pretty.
Pictures are beautiful & amazing (as usual). :)

(10.22.10 @ 06:50 PM)