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The day after the wedding, events were scheduled throughout the morning for the guests to enjoy including a Pow Wow featuring Jakey Skye and his family.  They were incredible and apparently world-famous, having been featured in the Opening Ceremonies of the 2002 Winter Olympics.  They hand-make each and every one of their elaborate and beautiful costumes.


After the Pow Wow, we met with Armanda and Jon for their Day-After shoot.  With all the events of the wedding day, there was hardly time to do any formals, so we saved the fun stuff for Sunday.  We had a great time and love the results.  This photography shoot wraps up the big Monument Valley wedding event and again, we feel so privileged to have been a part of it!

12-28-08AJDayAfter01.jpg 12-28-08AJDayAfter02.jpg 12-28-08AJDayAfter03.jpg 12-28-08AJDayAfter04.jpg 12-28-08AJDayAfter05.jpg 12-28-08AJDayAfter06.jpg 12-28-08AJDayAfter07.jpg 12-28-08AJDayAfter08.jpg

Armanda's sisters dressed back up and participated in the first part of the photo shoot.

12-28-08AJDayAfter09.jpg 12-28-08AJDayAfter10.jpg 12-28-08AJDayAfter11.jpg 12-28-08AJDayAfter12.jpg 12-28-08AJDayAfter13.jpg 12-28-08AJDayAfter14.jpg 12-28-08AJDayAfter15.jpg 12-28-08AJDayAfter16.jpg 12-28-08AJDayAfter17.jpg 12-28-08AJDayAfter18.jpg 12-28-08AJDayAfter19.jpg

Armanda totally looks like a super model!

12-28-08AJDayAfter20.jpg 12-28-08AJDayAfter21.jpg 12-28-08AJDayAfter22.jpg 12-28-08AJDayAfter23.jpg 12-28-08AJDayAfter24.jpg 12-28-08AJDayAfter25.jpg 12-28-08AJDayAfter26.jpg 12-28-08AJDayAfter27.jpg 12-28-08AJDayAfter28.jpg 12-28-08AJDayAfter29.jpg 12-28-08AJDayAfter30.jpg