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The day after Christmas, we headed up to Monument Valley for Armanda and Jon's wedding (more on the wedding in the next posting.)  It was held at a brand new hotel that has been built inside the park called The View Hotel - www.monumentvalleyview.com/hotel.html .  The grand opening for the hotel will be held next month, so we had the pleasure of being among it's first patrons.  The hotel was built and is owned and operated by Armanda's family and is absolutely stunning!!  Every room has a view of the famous Mittens ... thus the name, The View Hotel.


The first day was quite stormy with intermittent snow showers and bitterly cold temperatures.  There was some concern about whether the wedding would be able to take place outside or not.  After the rehearsal, Armanda had a bachelorette party with all of her bridesmaids and I attended to get some photographs of it ... they had a very good time as you will notice :-).



This was the view from our hotel room ... can't beat it.

12-26-08AJRehearsal03.jpg 12-26-08AJRehearsal04.jpg

All the guests arriving for the big weekend.

12-26-08AJRehearsal05.jpg 12-26-08AJRehearsal06.jpg 12-26-08AJRehearsal07.jpg 12-26-08AJRehearsal08.jpg 12-26-08AJRehearsal09.jpg 12-26-08AJRehearsal10.jpg 12-26-08AJRehearsal11.jpg 12-26-08AJRehearsal14.jpg 12-26-08AJRehearsal13.jpg

12-26-08AJRehearsal12.jpg 12-26-08AJRehearsal15.jpg 12-26-08AJRehearsal16.jpg 12-26-08AJRehearsal17.jpg 12-26-08AJRehearsal18.jpg 12-26-08AJRehearsal19.jpg

Armanda and her girls having a LOT of fun :-)! 

12-26-08AJRehearsal20.jpg 12-26-08AJRehearsal21.jpg 12-26-08AJRehearsal22.jpg 12-26-08AJRehearsal23.jpg 12-26-08AJRehearsal24.jpg