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Last week Tammy called me to see if I could do a last minute Christmas Family Portrait/ Infant shoot for her, her husband, Jonathon, and their one month old baby, Ryder.  Given she was a referal from a past client and the fact that I can never turn down the chance to capture a baby in it's first month of life ... of couse I said yes :-).  I photographed this shoot in two segments - the infant shoot of Monday and the family portrait shoot on Friday.  The weather was already headed downhill during the infant shoot on Monday (when we had orginally scheduled the session) so, wanting to do the family portraits outside, we decided to wait for Friday when we knew the storm would pass and hopefully leave a winter wonderland in it's wake.  It did just that!

12-19-08BabyRyder01.jpg 12-19-08BabyRyder02.jpg 12-19-08BabyRyder03.jpg 12-19-08BabyRyder04.jpg 12-19-08BabyRyder05.jpg 12-19-08BabyRyder06.jpg 12-19-08BabyRyder07.jpg 12-19-08BabyRyder08.jpg 12-19-08BabyRyder09.jpg 12-19-08BabyRyder10.jpg 12-19-08BabyRyder11.jpg 12-19-08BabyRyder12.jpg 12-19-08BabyRyder13.jpg 12-19-08BabyRyder14.jpg 12-19-08BabyRyder15.jpg 12-19-08BabyRyder16.jpg 12-19-08BabyRyder17.jpg 12-19-08BabyRyder18.jpg 12-19-08BabyRyder19.jpg 12-19-08BabyRyder20.jpg 12-19-08BabyRyder21.jpg 12-19-08BabyRyder22.jpg