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And that it did ... for three solid days, leaving us with almost 2 feet of snow and finally making the holiday season feel a little more real to me.


I have been extremely busy over the past few months with weddings, shoots and deadlines and when I heard we were going to get this massive winter storm I was soooo excited.  I have paid little attention to the holidays and though I had a tree sitting outside, I had not planned any time to actually move it inside and decorate it.  It worked out perfectly though, because I cannot think of a better way to get into the holiday spirit than to settle in with a cup of hot chocolate, a roaring fire, and some Christmas tunes playing in the background and enjoy the peace of decorating the tree - all while a peaceful snow falls outside.

12-17-08Snow01.jpg 12-17-08Snow02.jpg 12-17-08Snow03.jpg

A photo to give scale to how much snow actually fell ... it was a lot :-).

12-17-08Snow04.jpg 12-17-08Snow05.jpg

Michael Chansley:

Wow! That's a ton of snow!

(12.20.08 @ 10:32 PM)
Nelda King:

I love the second photo. So beautiful. :)

(10.22.10 @ 08:11 PM)