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Monument Valley Navajo Tribal Park is a very spiritual place and there is nowhere else quite like it in the world.  We had the great privilege of spending three days there beginning the day after Christmas for an amazing wedding (more on that in the next few postings.)  These are a few of the lanscape photographs we captured over the course of those three days.

12-29-08MonValley01.jpg 12-29-08MonValley02.jpg 12-29-08MonValley03.jpg 12-29-08MonValley04.jpg 12-29-08MonValley05.jpg 12-29-08MonValley06.jpg 12-29-08MonValley07.jpg 12-29-08MonValley08.jpg 12-29-08MonValley09.jpg 12-29-08MonValley10.jpg 12-29-08MonValley11.jpg 12-29-08MonValley12.jpg 12-29-08MonValley13.jpg

Alicia :

Wow these are just beautiful!!!

(05.05.09 @ 02:07 PM)