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I know Sarah and Partick have been waiting for this post - sorry for the delay guys :-).  Two weeks ago we photographed Sarah and Patrick's engagement shoot.  Though they used to live in Flagstaff, they are now living in Washington so this was our first time actually meeting face-to-face.  Just from talking with Sarah by email, I could tell she was someone I would instantly take to and sure enough I did.  Both Sarah and Patrick love dogs (they are both going into veterinary medicine) and of course, so do we ... plus, from her first email to me, Sarah said how adorable she thought Yoshi (our Old-English Sheepdog) was so obviously she ranked tops in my book real quick :-).


We began the shoot in downtown Flagstaff in a rather heavy snowstorm.  Does it look cold in the photos? ... heck yes it looks cold ... it was really freakin cold!  I have to give kudos to Sarah though.  She walked around downtown for over an hour with nearly bare feet (see photo illustration below) and never once complained.  Now that's dedication!  And let us not forget Patrick.  I must sing his praises as well.  In all our email correspondence, Sarah had warned me that Patrick harbors about as much enthusiasm for having his picture taken as he would for being hit by a Mac truck.  Look at these photos though ... he did an amazing job and was actually very relaxed ... great job Patrick!  You made us so proud!


For the second part of the shoot we made our way down the canyon into Sedona where snow changed over to a cold rain and still not one peep of discontent from either one of these two.  Sarah and Patrick, you were great to work with and it was fun getting to know you both!  Can't wait for the wedding at Snowbowl this summer ... we will keep our fingers crossed for a nice mix of weather conditions :-).

1-4-09SarahPatrickEngage01.jpg 1-4-09SarahPatrickEngage02.jpg 1-4-09SarahPatrickEngage03.jpg 1-4-09SarahPatrickEngage04.jpg 1-4-09SarahPatrickEngage05.jpg 1-4-09SarahPatrickEngage06.jpg 1-4-09SarahPatrickEngage07.jpg 1-4-09SarahPatrickEngage08.jpg 1-4-09SarahPatrickEngage09.jpg 1-4-09SarahPatrickEngage10.jpg

Check our Sarah's shoes ... we were surprised she didn't get frostbite.

1-4-09SarahPatrickEngage11.jpg 1-4-09SarahPatrickEngage12.jpg 1-4-09SarahPatrickEngage13.jpg 1-4-09SarahPatrickEngage14.jpg

Gotta love the pink gargoyles with icicles hanging from their heads :-).

1-4-09SarahPatrickEngage15.jpg 1-4-09SarahPatrickEngage16.jpg 1-4-09SarahPatrickEngage17.jpg 1-4-09SarahPatrickEngage18.jpg 1-4-09SarahPatrickEngage19.jpg 1-4-09SarahPatrickEngage20.jpg 1-4-09SarahPatrickEngage21.jpg 1-4-09SarahPatrickEngage22.jpg 1-4-09SarahPatrickEngage23.jpg 1-4-09SarahPatrickEngage24.jpg 1-4-09SarahPatrickEngage25.jpg 1-4-09SarahPatrickEngage26.jpg 1-4-09SarahPatrickEngage27.jpg 1-4-09SarahPatrickEngage28.jpg 1-4-09SarahPatrickEngage29.jpg




This comment was posted by Sarah about her photos, but was deleted by accident, so we have re-posted it below. Thanks Sarah :-)!!

Wow, these turned out great! You can't even tell that we're freezing our butts off in the snow pictures...I think the bad weather made for better photos :) Patrick felt really comfortable with you guys and we look forward to working with you again in August. Can't wait to see the rest of the pics! Thanks!

(02.11.09 @ 03:34 AM)