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We couldn't be happier that winter has finally returned to the high country!!  We were beginning to think it was all over with.  One request though ... for those who don't feel comfortable driving in snow, we beg of you - please stay at home.  Don't get us wrong ... we completely understand that some folks aren't used to driving in winter conditions, but when it takes almost six hours to drive from north Phoenix to Flagstaff with no apparent accidents along the way, that is waaaay toooo long!  That is just what happened last night after leaving from a meeting.  On the bright side though, we returned with two new wonderful clients!


This was the view from our front porch this morning :-)!


Michael Chansley:

Don't get me wrong, but I am SO glad I don't have to drive back and forth to NAU anymore! I am one of those drivers you just mentioned who is not experienced enough with driving in the snow. It actually almost snowed down here in Tucson after reaching 80 last week!

(02.11.09 @ 06:12 AM)