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Kevin and I love animals and we have a real soft spot for anything that has had the misfortune so early in life to be orphaned.  On Tuesday evening we came across a poor baby striped skunk that had obviously lost its family.  With little coordination and no sight, it had wandered into the middle of the road.  We are so glad we came across this little guy because had we not, it's outcome looked to be very bleak.


We brought it home, did some research on the internet, went to the pet store, bought some formula and made a home for him, complete with a heating pad to stay warm and stuffed animals to keep him company when we aren't holding him.  Based on our research, we estimate his age to be about 2 weeks ... he is soooo tiny.  We are already attached and are praying for a good outcome.  We will keep you posted on his status :-).


His first night ... he was very tired :-).

His coordination isn't so good yet as you can see :-). One eye opened yesterday, but the other eye hasn't opened yet.
Look at how proud he looks that he is standing up straight ... soooooo cute!!!
Feeding time :-).
Just had to throw in a couple of photos of our pet project this year.  We have been wanting a Koi Pond and gardens for a while now.  We have worked really hard on them this spring and though the lower garden still needs a little more work, we are very pleased with the outcome.

Aubrey Reel:

This makes me so happy!! I miss your skunk most of all!!

(06.25.09 @ 03:06 PM)
Lisa Liang:

Hi Tina!!!

Aw, what a cute little guy!!! You guys are the best!

I love your koi pond!!! My brother's nickname is Koi (a short form of his Chinese name), so I love koi ponds too.


(06.25.09 @ 07:40 PM)
Michael Chansley:

How cute!! It's a good thing you saw him and noticed the situation. Just don't do anything to scare him or piss him off! lol.

(06.25.09 @ 10:56 PM)

don't let john and kathy morgan see your little black and white - they'd want him...

(06.26.09 @ 02:15 PM)
Kathy Morgan:

Hi Tina! When I was 10 years old, I hung old at a neighborhood pet shop and the owner gave my best friend Julie and I a pet skunk. We kept it there. Her name was Rosie and had been descented. She was the sweetest pet of all. She eventually lost use of her back legs a few years later. I'll never forget her. enjoy yours!

(06.26.09 @ 04:55 PM)
Josefin Wahss:

I can see that you are working on your zoo. Well done!! I´d love to visit you in a few years or so ;)

(06.26.09 @ 10:42 PM)