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 Recently we met with Liane and Andy to photograph their engagement shoot.  They both have roots in Florida (which is where their wedding will be held next year) and met while in school at FSU for metorology.  Andy got a job out here and the two moved to Flagstaff in Late March.  They both love wine and originally wanted to have their shoot at a winery, but since there are none of those lurking about in Flagstaff they decided to improvise with a bottle of wine and some wine glasses (with their nick names - Pita and Leach - engraved on them) at Hart Prarie.  They also did some fun shots wearing their jerseys and some cool sunglasses they picked up in Vegas.  The light for this shoot was absolutely amazing.  It has been quite stormy here of late and this can make for some of the most spectacular and exquisite lighting conditions that Mother Nature has to offer ... it definitely did on this day!


Liane and Andy, it was a pleasure getting to know you both!  Enjoy!