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July 7, 2009 // Personal

We just wanted to update everyone on our baby skunk.  After one glorious week our baby passed away.  It happened last Tuesday, June 30th and was very unexpected.  Once we noticed the signs that he wasn't doing well, it was only a matter of hours and he was gone.


It was a very tough week because we had both let our guard down thinking he was going to make it.  He had a GREAT week though ... and so did we!!  In that week he took more milk daily and gained weight.  His eyes opened fully and he played and played and played.  We loved it when he chased us around and stamped his front feet at us with such spunk.  He was a spunky little guy and had such an incredible personality :-)!


Our loss was profound but we are so blessed to have found him.  We named him the night before he died (wanting to wait until we thought he would make it.)  His official name was Squirrel - he ran around and acted crazy like one :-) - and his nickname was MeMe because everything was about him :-).  He is now buried in our garden and we got some colorful, decorative mushrooms to mark the spot.


We want to thank everyone for asking about him and making their wonderful comments on his blog posting.  He got a lot of interest from a lot of people which just shows how special he was.  We love you Squirrel!!!  We hope we gave you the love and happiness that you needed, because you certainly gave us a lifetime of memories :-)!