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This was one of our really big, full-day trips.  I really wanted Phuong to see where I used to live and also experience a place not many tourists to Arizona see - the White Mountains.  We started by going to the Petrified Forest, then continued southeast to Springerville at which point we stopped at Java Blues for lunch (one of our favorite spots to eat in the WM.)  From there we continued on Forest Roads past Big Lake to the West Fork of the Black River and then out to Greer, finally ending in Pinetop for dinner at Charlie Clark's (another favorite) before heading home.  It was still quite barren at that elevation with no leaves yet on the aspens and large patches on snow dotting the mountain.  I really love this area of the state and Phuong definitely could see why :-)! Yoshi went along for the ride and had a great time too!!


Yoshi's comfy little pad in the back of the car, complete with his bed and favorite stuffed animal :-).

Looking out at the Painted Desert in the Petrified Forest.
Having a little fun :-).
OK seriously ... this is one of my all-time FAVORITE Yoshi photos ... this will definitely make it onto the wall!!!
Soooooooo freakin cute!!!!!
Cutting up.