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A little background here.  We usually have Yoshi shaved down every summer as he is an Old English Sheepdog and even in Flagstaff's temperate climate he still gets really hot with all that fur.  Seems like a simple task, right?  Not with Yoshi.  You see, he had a very bad grooming experience as a puppy (I should have sued those idiots) and ever since then has been TERRIFIED ... and I mean really TERRIFIED of being shaved.  Not even tranquilizers would work.  He had to be put completely under and shaved that way.  No big deal (other than the fact that it cost somewhere in the neighborhood of $500 a shave) but this year it was a big deal.


Yoshi is entering into his golden years - he is 11 now - and our wonderful vet, Dr. Bush of Flagstaff Animal Hospital, didn't feel comfortable putting him under at his age.  The risk of death is just too great and I am not about to lose my best friend that way, so they decided instead to tranquilize and muzzle him and see how far they could get.  We were so proud of him because he did great and they got most of the fur off, but there was a slight snag.  They couldn't trim his face because of the muzzle and his feet were off limits ... he does not under any circumstance like his feet touched.  This left him a little funny looking this time around.  His face resembles that of a schnauzer and his feet remind me of a poodle's.  With this I have come up with my new designer breed ... Yoshi is now my Old-English Schnauzer-Poo :-)!


Josefin Wahss:

Wow - a new dog!! He is cute ;) Go Yoshi - you donĀ“t have to look like everybody else!!

(07.09.09 @ 04:12 PM)