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December 25, 2009 // Personal


Yosh is sooo cool! Heard on the news that you´ve got (a troublesome) winter over there. And I´m happy to say that this whole country is covered in snow too - a lot of snow!!! So, no jealousy needed this time ;)) Greetings from Sweden // Mikael&Josefin

(12.25.09 @ 10:33 AM)
Pam Stewart:

Yoshi is so adorable! Merry Christmas Tina & Kevin. Hope your staying warm ; )

(12.25.09 @ 02:52 PM)

Aw..Yoshi looks so cute..not happy,, but cute!

(12.25.09 @ 08:24 PM)
Caitlin Smith:

I venture out into your blog pretty much every day, and I never get bored. Your personal collections are so much fun! Probably my favorite so far. I had no idea how bad Flag was during that storm! I actually spent the month up here in Portland, and it was really funny to me that everybody back home in Phoenix was whining about all the rain while I was staying nice and dry in a place that is notoriously wet. :)

(07.04.10 @ 11:38 PM)