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January 5, 2010 // Weddings

Destination weddings seemed to be the big thing for us this year and 2009 was one of our best years yet!!  It has also been one of our toughest due to the amount of travel we did.  From St. Petersburg, Florida to Orlando, Florida and West Palm Beach, Florida; the Giant Sequoias of California and the Great Lake shores of Michigan to a final south of the border destination in Puerto Penasco, Mexico, we saw a good deal of this country and beyond this year and it was spectacular!!!  The constant travel and lack of time behind the computer can be difficult to manage but the rewards are great ... at least for us.  We LOVE traveling and shooting a wedding in a far off place if simply a bonus!  New destinations rejuvenate us and nuture our creativity.  We thank all of our destination clients, most of whom we had never had the opportunity to meet until the day of the wedding, for trusting us not only to show up to a distant venue, but with the awesome responsibility of capturing the memories made on one of the most important days of their lives.  The latter applies equally to all of our wonderful clients ... you are all AMAZING and we are so blessed to share in your wedding celebrations!


With that we have compiled a slideshow of about 250 of our favorite shots of 2009.  There are many beautiful couples as well as some wonderful animal counterparts including gobs of adorable dogs and cats, majestic horses and one very friendly - and curious - praying mantis!  We hope you enjoy viewing the moments as much as we enjoyed creating them :-)!


Please click on the link provided to view the slideshow.  If you entered our blog through our website, turn off the music on the website so it doesn't conflict with music on the slideshow.


Best of 2009 Slideshow



Beautiful! Absolutely stunning!! As Kevin would say, "phenoommmminnalll." Haha. We are so grateful the two of you came into OUR lives! We cant wait to work with you for our wedding in the spring. See you soon!

(01.05.10 @ 06:56 PM)