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My best friend in the whole world :-), Daniela, came out from her home in Chicago to help me out with a wedding (more on that in the next posting) in November.  She was only here for 3 days and it was the first time she had ever been out west.  She is originally from Brazil and given the fact that her time spent in the US has always been on the East Coast or in the Midwest, the Wild West was a little different for her.  She loved it from the moment her plane touched down in Phoenix!  Given the short time span I had to show her around, I had to be selective about where to take her.  The obvious choice was the Grand Canyon, so off we went, straight from the airport to the canyon.  She was mesmerized, as most people are who see it for the first time!  Here are a few shots we took while we were there.


Daniela and I at my favorite tree :-)!

11-12-09 Nature Photography Grand Canyon 01.jpg
This is probably my favorite shot that I have ever taken at the Canyon.  I love the mixture of the mood of the dark storms in the canyon and the beautiful spot of light illuminating her face ... perfect!
11-12-09 Nature Photography Grand Canyon 02.jpg
11-12-09 Nature Photography Grand Canyon 03.jpg
11-12-09 Nature Photography Grand Canyon 04.jpg
11-12-09 Nature Photography Grand Canyon 05.jpg