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We are so pleased to introduce to you the newest member of Sierra Blanco Photography - Angie Gomez!  Angie has been tirelessly working along side us for almost a year now, learning our style and the in's and out's of the wedding photography business.  She is now taking weddings as our Associate Photographer.  So, for those who love our style at Sierra Blanco but don't quite have the budget for our primary photographers, you can get the same great style, creative editing and personalized service we are known for at a lower rate.  Angie is wonderfully perceptive, giving her a great photojournalist edge at weddings.  She is also highly creative and we are thrilled to have found her!  Please visit our website at www.sierrablancophotography.com to view her portfolio.  Welcome to the team Angie :-)!!!


1-9-11 Angie Associate Photographer 01.jpg

Arnold M. Wilson:

Visiting this lovely photographer's website I have found a lot of wonderful pictures. I like the way the photographer works with people and the style of his work. A lot of creative professionalism!

(01.17.11 @ 03:06 PM)