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We were so thrilled to find out that Phoenix Bride & Groom Magazine was going to feature our "Alice in Wonderland" photo shoot on their Blog.  It was featured on May 18th under the title, "Wedding Inspiration: Alice in Wonderland Inspired Photo Shoot."  You can view it at http://www.phoenixbrideandgroom.com/blog/wedding-inspiration-alice-in-wonderland-inspired-photoshooot .  There are a ton of great ideas throughout their blog for wedding planning, so take a look.

Nelda King-Sloan:

One of my favorites. :) Gladd I got to meet one of the models....:)

(05.30.11 @ 03:54 PM)
tamil matrimony:

Absolutely stunning!!
tamil matrimony

(06.16.11 @ 12:17 PM)