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Today we lost our wonderful Yoshi.  He was the light of my life for 14 1/2 years and acted as our mascot at Sierra Blanco.  I just wanted to post a few photos.  A larger posting will follow when I feel up to it.

Yoshi, you have been a constant by my side through the very worst of times and some of the best of times and have enriched my life beyond words!  You will always be close in my heart and I am so blessed to have so many beautiful photos to remember you by!  I love you deeply!  Rest with the angels now!


Today ... our last photo shoot together ...

Till next time we meet Yosh-Man ... we love you!

Melissa Dunstan:

I truly think the only fault of dogs is that they live such short lives. But, even though their time on earth is short, they give us such powerful, life changing, unconditional love. This love stays with us forever, and lifts us up at the most unsuspecting times. I'm so so sorry to hear of sweet Yoshi, but I know that he was so happy with you, and loved all the years he had with you. I truly feel he's still around, looking after you, as your angel, like he always did. Love knows no boundaries, and one day you'll see your sweet boy again. My heart goes out to you, Kevin and all the critters in this sad time. But, when you look up at the stars at night, know that Yoshi is smiling back at you. Heaven is now a brighter place with you there Yoshi.

(05.23.12 @ 05:35 PM)