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6-27-12 Kiva00.jpg

We are so excited to introduce Kiva to you!!  We picked her up from El Paso, Texas last week on June 27th.  She was 7 weeks old, weighed in at just under 5 pounds and has one bright blue eye and one soft brown eye.  She is so tiny right now, but she won't stay that way for long.  She is an Old-English Sheepdog just like my beautiful Yoshi was.  And though no dog could take the place of Yoshi, we know Kiva will bring us years of happiness just as he did!

These photos were taken the first day we got her and are a document of her first epic journey to her new home in Arizona :-).

Wondering where she is going.
6-27-12 Kiva01.jpg

Exploring at a pit stop in New Mexico.
6-27-12 Kiva02.jpg

Looking tiny in a sea of large feet.
6-27-12 Kiva03.jpg

Our first portrait together.
6-27-12 Kiva04.jpg

More exploration of the badlands of New Mexico.  It was very, very hot so exploration stayed at a minimum.
6-27-12 Kiva05.jpg

Relaxing in Kevin's arms.
6-27-12 Kiva06.jpg

Finally, we crossed into Arizona ... still a long way to go though.
6-27-12 Kiva07.jpg

Home sweet home!
6-27-12 Kiva08.jpg

Meeting Bump for the first time.
6-27-12 Kiva09.jpg

Discovering the pool for the first time ... yes, she fell in :-(.
6-27-12 Kiva10.jpg

All dry and a beautiful Arizona monsoon sunset (and duststorm) to welcome Kiva to her new home.
6-27-12 Kiva11.jpg

It was a very long day for a little, little tiny puppy.  Good night Kiva and welcome home.  We love you!
6-27-12 Kiva12.jpg

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I finally found the really cute puppy photos, she is adorable, enjoy. She looks healthy now, hope she stays that way. Love Mom

(08.13.12 @ 02:28 AM)