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8-5-12 Kiva01.jpg

As many of you know by now, our new little puppy, Kiva, ended up with the Parvovirus.  Unfortunately we bought her from a breeder who cared more about money than delivering a healthy puppy to us.  It was a devastating diagnosis and we had to prepare for the worst as she was only 7 weeks old when she was admitted.  She spent 9 days in the hospital and we almost lost her on the 6th day.  Throughout, it was a horrible roller coaster of emotions, going from optimism to dread and back every day.  She is a fighter though and she rallied through the worst of it.  She came out of the hospital on July 12th very weak and only weighing in at 4 pounds (very small for an Old-English Sheepdog.)

Since her release she has steadily improved, gaining weight and energy each and every day!  We are overjoyed and blessed to still have her in our lives.  Below are some photos we have taken since he release from the hospital.

We love you Kiva ... our sweet little fighter :-)!!

8-5-12 Kiva02.jpg
8-5-12 Kiva03.jpg
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8-5-12 Kiva05.jpg
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