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6-12-11 Destination Wedding Photographers NT2Wed00.jpg

The second day of Neha and Tunde's wedding in Riviera Maya (Cancun), Mexico was very long, so we felt it best to break the posting in two parts - one for the getting ready and ceremony and the other for formals and the reception ... mostly reception.  As with the day before, this was a great reception - one giant party full of excitement and energy!  A photographer's dream!!  It rained a little, but no one minded in the extreme heat and humidity that lingered well into the night.

6-12-11 Destination Wedding Photographers NT2Wed01.jpg
6-12-11 Destination Wedding Photographers NT2Wed02.jpg
6-12-11 Destination Wedding Photographers NT2Wed03.jpg
6-12-11 Destination Wedding Photographers NT2Wed04.jpg
6-12-11 Destination Wedding Photographers NT2Wed05.jpg
6-12-11 Destination Wedding Photographers NT2Wed06.jpg
6-12-11 Destination Wedding Photographers NT2Wed07.jpg
6-12-11 Destination Wedding Photographers NT2Wed08.jpg
6-12-11 Destination Wedding Photographers NT2Wed09.jpg
6-12-11 Destination Wedding Photographers NT2Wed10.jpg
6-12-11 Destination Wedding Photographers NT2Wed11.jpg
6-12-11 Destination Wedding Photographers NT2Wed12.jpg
6-12-11 Destination Wedding Photographers NT2Wed13.jpg

6-12-11 Destination Wedding Photographers NT2Wed14.jpg
6-12-11 Destination Wedding Photographers NT2Wed15.jpg
6-12-11 Destination Wedding Photographers NT2Wed16.jpg
6-12-11 Destination Wedding Photographers NT2Wed17.jpg
6-12-11 Destination Wedding Photographers NT2Wed18.jpg
6-12-11 Destination Wedding Photographers NT2Wed19.jpg
6-12-11 Destination Wedding Photographers NT2Wed20.jpg
6-12-11 Destination Wedding Photographers NT2Wed21.jpg
6-12-11 Destination Wedding Photographers NT2Wed22.jpg
6-12-11 Destination Wedding Photographers NT2Wed23.jpg
6-12-11 Destination Wedding Photographers NT2Wed24.jpg
6-12-11 Destination Wedding Photographers NT2Wed25.jpg
6-12-11 Destination Wedding Photographers NT2Wed26.jpg
6-12-11 Destination Wedding Photographers NT2Wed27.jpg
6-12-11 Destination Wedding Photographers NT2Wed28.jpg
6-12-11 Destination Wedding Photographers NT2Wed29.jpg
6-12-11 Destination Wedding Photographers NT2Wed30.jpg
6-12-11 Destination Wedding Photographers NT2Wed31.jpg
6-12-11 Destination Wedding Photographers NT2Wed32.jpg
6-12-11 Destination Wedding Photographers NT2Wed33.jpg
6-12-11 Destination Wedding Photographers NT2Wed34.jpg
6-12-11 Destination Wedding Photographers NT2Wed35.jpg
6-12-11 Destination Wedding Photographers NT2Wed36.jpg
6-12-11 Destination Wedding Photographers NT2Wed37.jpg
6-12-11 Destination Wedding Photographers NT2Wed38.jpg
6-12-11 Destination Wedding Photographers NT2Wed39.jpg
6-12-11 Destination Wedding Photographers NT2Wed40.jpg
6-12-11 Destination Wedding Photographers NT2Wed41.jpg
6-12-11 Destination Wedding Photographers NT2Wed42.jpg
6-12-11 Destination Wedding Photographers NT2Wed43.jpg

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Shy and Prameet held their second day of wedding festivities in late June at the JW Marriott Desert Ridge Resort in Phoneix and it was simply stunning!  We loved being a part of this wonderful couple's wedding.  As we said in Part 1 of this post, it was a true honor that they chose us to photograph their wedding as they own and operate the Dulhania Bazaar South Asian Bridal Expo!


Also, as we said in Part 1 of this posting, the Dulhania Bazaar South Asian Bridal Expo will be held this Sunday, October 31st, at the JW Marriott Desert Ridge Resort in Phoenix.  If you are there, please stop by our booth to see us!

6-26-10 Indian Wedding Photographer SPWed01.jpg
6-26-10 Indian Wedding Photographer SPWed02.jpg
6-26-10 Indian Wedding Photographer SPWed03.jpg
6-26-10 Indian Wedding Photographer SPWed04.jpg
6-26-10 Indian Wedding Photographer SPWed05.jpg
6-26-10 Indian Wedding Photographer SPWed06.jpg
6-26-10 Indian Wedding Photographer SPWed07.jpg
6-26-10 Indian Wedding Photographer SPWed08.jpg
6-26-10 Indian Wedding Photographer SPWed09.jpg
6-26-10 Indian Wedding Photographer SPWed10.jpg
6-26-10 Indian Wedding Photographer SPWed11.jpg
6-26-10 Indian Wedding Photographer SPWed12.jpg
6-26-10 Indian Wedding Photographer SPWed13.jpg
6-26-10 Indian Wedding Photographer SPWed14.jpg
6-26-10 Indian Wedding Photographer SPWed15.jpg
6-26-10 Indian Wedding Photographer SPWed16.jpg
6-26-10 Indian Wedding Photographer SPWed17.jpg
6-26-10 Indian Wedding Photographer SPWed18.jpg
6-26-10 Indian Wedding Photographer SPWed19.jpg
6-26-10 Indian Wedding Photographer SPWed20.jpg
6-26-10 Indian Wedding Photographer SPWed21.jpg
6-26-10 Indian Wedding Photographer SPWed22.jpg
6-26-10 Indian Wedding Photographer SPWed23.jpg
6-26-10 Indian Wedding Photographer SPWed24.jpg
6-26-10 Indian Wedding Photographer SPWed25.jpg
6-26-10 Indian Wedding Photographer SPWed26.jpg
6-26-10 Indian Wedding Photographer SPWed27.jpg
6-26-10 Indian Wedding Photographer SPWed28.jpg
6-26-10 Indian Wedding Photographer SPWed29.jpg
6-26-10 Indian Wedding Photographer SPWed30.jpg
6-26-10 Indian Wedding Photographer SPWed31.jpg
6-26-10 Indian Wedding Photographer SPWed32.jpg
6-26-10 Indian Wedding Photographer SPWed33.jpg
6-26-10 Indian Wedding Photographer SPWed34.jpg
6-26-10 Indian Wedding Photographer SPWed35.jpg
6-26-10 Indian Wedding Photographer SPWed36.jpg
6-26-10 Indian Wedding Photographer SPWed37.jpg
6-26-10 Indian Wedding Photographer SPWed38.jpg
6-26-10 Indian Wedding Photographer SPWed39.jpg
6-26-10 Indian Wedding Photographer SPWed40.jpg
6-26-10 Indian Wedding Photographer SPWed41.jpg
6-26-10 Indian Wedding Photographer SPWed42.jpg
6-26-10 Indian Wedding Photographer SPWed43.jpg
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Shy and Prameet were married in late June in a Muslim ceremony.  The first day of festivities was held at the Phoenix Airport Marriott and was full of stunning color and traditional entertainment in the form of one very talented belly dancer!  We were very honored to be asked by this couple to do their wedding photography!  Shy and Prameet own and operate the Dulhania Bazaar South Asian Bridal Expo.  Understandably it was a true honor to be asked by a couple who regularly has contact with many great wedding photographers and vendors to photograph and take part in their wedding!  Thank you both so much ... it was a spectacular experience!!


The Dulhania Bazaar South Asian Bridal Expo is being held this Sunday, October 31st, at the JW Marriott Desert Ridge Resort in Phoenix from 11AM-5PM.  If you are there, stop by and visit our booth!

6-26-10 Indian Wedding Photographer SPMehndi01.jpg
6-26-10 Indian Wedding Photographer SPMehndi02.jpg
6-26-10 Indian Wedding Photographer SPMehndi03.jpg
6-26-10 Indian Wedding Photographer SPMehndi04.jpg
6-26-10 Indian Wedding Photographer SPMehndi05.jpg
6-26-10 Indian Wedding Photographer SPMehndi06.jpg
6-26-10 Indian Wedding Photographer SPMehndi07.jpg
6-26-10 Indian Wedding Photographer SPMehndi08.jpg
6-26-10 Indian Wedding Photographer SPMehndi09.jpg
6-26-10 Indian Wedding Photographer SPMehndi10.jpg
6-26-10 Indian Wedding Photographer SPMehndi11.jpg
6-26-10 Indian Wedding Photographer SPMehndi12.jpg
6-26-10 Indian Wedding Photographer SPMehndi13.jpg
6-26-10 Indian Wedding Photographer SPMehndi14.jpg
6-26-10 Indian Wedding Photographer SPMehndi15.jpg
6-26-10 Indian Wedding Photographer SPMehndi16.jpg
6-26-10 Indian Wedding Photographer SPMehndi17.jpg
6-26-10 Indian Wedding Photographer SPMehndi18.jpg
6-26-10 Indian Wedding Photographer SPMehndi19.jpg
6-26-10 Indian Wedding Photographer SPMehndi20.jpg
6-26-10 Indian Wedding Photographer SPMehndi21.jpg
6-26-10 Indian Wedding Photographer SPMehndi22.jpg
6-26-10 Indian Wedding Photographer SPMehndi23.jpg
6-26-10 Indian Wedding Photographer SPMehndi24.jpg
6-26-10 Indian Wedding Photographer SPMehndi25.jpg
6-26-10 Indian Wedding Photographer SPMehndi26.jpg
6-26-10 Indian Wedding Photographer SPMehndi27.jpg
6-26-10 Indian Wedding Photographer SPMehndi28.jpg
6-26-10 Indian Wedding Photographer SPMehndi29.jpg
6-26-10 Indian Wedding Photographer SPMehndi30.jpg
6-26-10 Indian Wedding Photographer SPMehndi31.jpg
6-26-10 Indian Wedding Photographer SPMehndi32.jpg
6-26-10 Indian Wedding Photographer SPMehndi33.jpg


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Nelda King:

Wow! VERY beautiful. The colors are amazing. I LOVE it!!

(11.02.10 @ 01:04 AM)

That must have been a very fun wedding to shoot! Beautiful, as always!

(11.02.10 @ 04:07 AM)
Jason Hicks:

This wedding is AMAZING! Love the colors!

(11.05.10 @ 01:09 AM)

very nice wedding dress! and excellent photos and photography reportage!!

(11.05.10 @ 01:26 PM)

outstanding photography............

(11.10.10 @ 04:30 AM)

I don't even know where to start with Nelda and Preston.  These are two wonderful people and we were so glad they contacted us!  Originally, Nelda had emailed us inquiring about our services for her "dream wedding."  She moved forward with hiring us and we set up there engagement shoot.  Just before that shoot would happen, the couple fell on some hard times, making their dream wedding seem a lot less attainable.  They said regretfully, they would no longer be able to afford our services and would have to back out.


This made us sad as we felt we had gotten to know her through our extensive email correspondence and we just felt we needed to do somehting to make this happen.  Nelda and Preston have been together for a number of years now and have two beautiful children together ... this wedding has been long in coming for them.  On top of that, Nelda had made it clear in the beginning that wedding photography was very important to her and now she was going to have to sacrifice that.  We contacted her back and offered to do the wedding at no cost.  This was her response:


OMG!  When I read this I just got teary-eyed and my jaw dropped to the floor!  I wanted Sierra Blanco to photograph my wedding from the start when I first saw your photos from the Monument Valley wedding.  I would love to accept your offer, but I would feel bad not repaying you this precious and wonderful gift your giving me on my wedding day.  Well, I should start saying "us", huh?  Ha, Ha ...  Thank you soooo much!  Your helping one of my wedding dreams come true!  Thankful and Happy Bride-to-be, Nelda!


That was all we needed to hear and the joy that was felt thoughout the wedding day was payment enough.  The wedding was a beautiful, traditional Navajo event and it was held at Nelda's parent's home in Cameron, Arizona.  The couple thoughtfully presented us with a gift basket and a beautiful Navajo Wedding Basket which we now proudly display in our living room.  Thank you both so much for the opportunity to give back!  It was an honor!  Your families were so welcoming to us and you are both a joy to know :-)!!  We are glad you finally got your dream wedding!



7-31-10 Cultural Wedding Photographer NPWed01.jpg
7-31-10 Cultural Wedding Photographer NPWed02.jpg
7-31-10 Cultural Wedding Photographer NPWed03.jpg
7-31-10 Cultural Wedding Photographer NPWed04.jpg
7-31-10 Cultural Wedding Photographer NPWed05.jpg
7-31-10 Cultural Wedding Photographer NPWed06.jpg
7-31-10 Cultural Wedding Photographer NPWed07.jpg
7-31-10 Cultural Wedding Photographer NPWed08.jpg
7-31-10 Cultural Wedding Photographer NPWed09.jpg
7-31-10 Cultural Wedding Photographer NPWed10.jpg
7-31-10 Cultural Wedding Photographer NPWed11.jpg
7-31-10 Cultural Wedding Photographer NPWed12.jpg
7-31-10 Cultural Wedding Photographer NPWed13.jpg
7-31-10 Cultural Wedding Photographer NPWed14.jpg
7-31-10 Cultural Wedding Photographer NPWed15.jpg
7-31-10 Cultural Wedding Photographer NPWed16.jpg
7-31-10 Cultural Wedding Photographer NPWed17.jpg
7-31-10 Cultural Wedding Photographer NPWed18.jpg
7-31-10 Cultural Wedding Photographer NPWed19.jpg
7-31-10 Cultural Wedding Photographer NPWed20.jpg
7-31-10 Cultural Wedding Photographer NPWed21.jpg
7-31-10 Cultural Wedding Photographer NPWed22.jpg
7-31-10 Cultural Wedding Photographer NPWed23.jpg
7-31-10 Cultural Wedding Photographer NPWed24.jpg
7-31-10 Cultural Wedding Photographer NPWed25.jpg
7-31-10 Cultural Wedding Photographer NPWed26.jpg
7-31-10 Cultural Wedding Photographer NPWed27.jpg
7-31-10 Cultural Wedding Photographer NPWed28.jpg
7-31-10 Cultural Wedding Photographer NPWed29.jpg
7-31-10 Cultural Wedding Photographer NPWed30.jpg
7-31-10 Cultural Wedding Photographer NPWed31.jpg
7-31-10 Cultural Wedding Photographer NPWed32.jpg
7-31-10 Cultural Wedding Photographer NPWed33.jpg
7-31-10 Cultural Wedding Photographer NPWed34.jpg
7-31-10 Cultural Wedding Photographer NPWed35.jpg
7-31-10 Cultural Wedding Photographer NPWed36.jpg
7-31-10 Cultural Wedding Photographer NPWed37.jpg
7-31-10 Cultural Wedding Photographer NPWed38.jpg
7-31-10 Cultural Wedding Photographer NPWed39.jpg
7-31-10 Cultural Wedding Photographer NPWed40.jpg
7-31-10 Cultural Wedding Photographer NPWed41.jpg
7-31-10 Cultural Wedding Photographer NPWed42.jpg
7-31-10 Cultural Wedding Photographer NPWed43.jpg
7-31-10 Cultural Wedding Photographer NPWed44.jpg
7-31-10 Cultural Wedding Photographer NPWed45.jpg
7-31-10 Cultural Wedding Photographer NPWed46.jpg
7-31-10 Cultural Wedding Photographer NPWed47.jpg
7-31-10 Cultural Wedding Photographer NPWed48.jpg
7-31-10 Cultural Wedding Photographer NPWed49.jpg
7-31-10 Cultural Wedding Photographer NPWed50.jpg
7-31-10 Cultural Wedding Photographer NPWed51.jpg
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Renelda King-Sloan:

I am dearly thankful for the both you.
We've went through a cruel stage in our life before the wedding with bad luck & things just no working out for us, but was surely & shortly blessed to have my dream wedding, family, friends & you guys there to capture every moment & to exprience it with us. From the bottom of my heart - THANK YOU SOOOOOO MUCH! I love you guys!

Sincerely & STILL VERY Thankful,

Reneldad King-Sloan & Family

(10.01.10 @ 02:19 AM)

love em~!!

(10.01.10 @ 02:50 AM)
Jara Lynn King:

The pictures came out nice and they are so beautiful. I'm thanking you with Nelda. :)

(10.01.10 @ 04:49 AM)
Trudy Knox:

These pictures are just wonderful! you have captured the love these two have for each other...

(10.01.10 @ 05:48 AM)
LaChrisa M:

awwww these pics r sooo beautiful the best i had ever seen!!! i love it =D congrats to nelda n preston n dante n haven I love u guys and many wishes n blessings from haylie n me

(10.01.10 @ 06:10 AM)

WOW! I love them Tina and Kevin!! Simply STUNNING as usual! Can't wait to see a peak of ours! As always, amazing work, and you two are such an inspiration!!!

(10.03.10 @ 11:49 PM)
Nelda King:

Wish I could go back to that day. :) I loved every moment. Thanks again for capturing it all for us.

(01.14.11 @ 04:22 PM)
Miranda King:

Sierra Blanco,

Ahe'he for doing this for Renelda and Preston. I am soo blessed to have seen their pictures in such way that it is beautiful and a treasure to know that it was captured in such an essence that I hope one day that I will have my day photographed in such a way. I am Nelda's cousin sister and could not make the wedding but was browsing Navajo Weddings and this popped up, and I was like, No Way. HaHa. Blessing in disguise. I appreciate and thank you for the gift you bestowed upon them by doing this for them and relieving them of some of that stress and helping to make their day beautiful. There are no words to describe the feeling of such generosity and kindness of the human spirit in times like that. In the future when I have my wedding I hope that you guys might be able to come out to New Mexico and take pictures of my wedding. Quiet a long ways off. haha. ~Miranda~

(09.28.11 @ 06:19 AM)
samantha coburn (begay):

Very Beautiful Couple, Family, and Amazing wedding. Loved the Photography, captured precious moments, and Congrats to the couple. planning our wedding. :)

(10.21.11 @ 02:24 AM)
Kendra Curley:

1st & foremost... Congrats to the both of u... WOW! These are very beautiful picutres. Thank you for sharing.

(01.06.13 @ 10:55 PM)

The last half of the day revolved around the Christian ceremony and wedding reception.  All in all, the day lasted 15 1/2 hours.  It was certainly tiring, but well worth every minute!  This was an amazing Indian wedding that we will not soon forget.  Prachie and Aaron are both amazing and accomplished people and it was a joy getting to know them over the course of those three days.  Equally wonderful were Prachie's parents and sister, who graciously invited us into there home and treated us like guests the entire time!  Thank you all so much and we hope you love the photographs!


I also want to give a special thanks to my wonderful second shooter, Melissa Dunstan, for her wonderful work, friendship and for sticking out for 12 hours of the wedding day :-) ... thank you so much Melissa!!

4-25-10 Phoenix Wedding Photographer PAWedChristWed01.jpg
4-25-10 Phoenix Wedding Photographer PAWedChristWed02.jpg
4-25-10 Phoenix Wedding Photographer PAWedChristWed03.jpg
4-25-10 Phoenix Wedding Photographer PAWedChristWed04.jpg
4-25-10 Phoenix Wedding Photographer PAWedChristWed05.jpg
4-25-10 Phoenix Wedding Photographer PAWedChristWed06.jpg
4-25-10 Phoenix Wedding Photographer PAWedChristWed07.jpg
4-25-10 Phoenix Wedding Photographer PAWedChristWed08.jpg
A great shot by Melissa!
4-25-10 Phoenix Wedding Photographer PAWedChristWed09.jpg
4-25-10 Phoenix Wedding Photographer PAWedChristWed10.jpg
4-25-10 Phoenix Wedding Photographer PAWedChristWed11.jpg
As usual at this wedding, the kids were adorable!
4-25-10 Phoenix Wedding Photographer PAWedChristWed12.jpg
4-25-10 Phoenix Wedding Photographer PAWedChristWed13.jpg
4-25-10 Phoenix Wedding Photographer PAWedChristWed14.jpg
4-25-10 Phoenix Wedding Photographer PAWedChristWed15.jpg
4-25-10 Phoenix Wedding Photographer PAWedChristWed16.jpg
4-25-10 Phoenix Wedding Photographer PAWedChristWed17.jpg
4-25-10 Phoenix Wedding Photographer PAWedChristWed18.jpg
4-25-10 Phoenix Wedding Photographer PAWedChristWed19.jpg
4-25-10 Phoenix Wedding Photographer PAWedChristWed20.jpg
4-25-10 Phoenix Wedding Photographer PAWedChristWed21.jpg
4-25-10 Phoenix Wedding Photographer PAWedChristWed22.jpg
4-25-10 Phoenix Wedding Photographer PAWedChristWed23.jpg
4-25-10 Phoenix Wedding Photographer PAWedChristWed24.jpg
4-25-10 Phoenix Wedding Photographer PAWedChristWed25.jpg
4-25-10 Phoenix Wedding Photographer PAWedChristWed26.jpg
4-25-10 Phoenix Wedding Photographer PAWedChristWed27.jpg
4-25-10 Phoenix Wedding Photographer PAWedChristWed28.jpg
4-25-10 Phoenix Wedding Photographer PAWedChristWed29.jpg
4-25-10 Phoenix Wedding Photographer PAWedChristWed30.jpg
4-25-10 Phoenix Wedding Photographer PAWedChristWed31.jpg
4-25-10 Phoenix Wedding Photographer PAWedChristWed32.jpg
4-25-10 Phoenix Wedding Photographer PAWedChristWed33.jpg
Another great shot by Melissa!
4-25-10 Phoenix Wedding Photographer PAWedChristWed34.jpg
4-25-10 Phoenix Wedding Photographer PAWedChristWed35.jpg
4-25-10 Phoenix Wedding Photographer PAWedChristWed36.jpg
4-25-10 Phoenix Wedding Photographer PAWedChristWed37.jpg
4-25-10 Phoenix Wedding Photographer PAWedChristWed38.jpg
4-25-10 Phoenix Wedding Photographer PAWedChristWed39.jpg
4-25-10 Phoenix Wedding Photographer PAWedChristWed40.jpg
4-25-10 Phoenix Wedding Photographer PAWedChristWed41.jpg
4-25-10 Phoenix Wedding Photographer PAWedChristWed42.jpg
4-25-10 Phoenix Wedding Photographer PAWedChristWed43.jpg
4-25-10 Phoenix Wedding Photographer PAWedChristWed44.jpg
Aaron is a very talented musician, as are his friends that you have seen in the photos above.  He wrote a song for Prachie and played it on the piano ... it was breathtaking!
4-25-10 Phoenix Wedding Photographer PAWedChristWed45.jpg
4-25-10 Phoenix Wedding Photographer PAWedChristWed46.jpg
4-25-10 Phoenix Wedding Photographer PAWedChristWed47.jpg
4-25-10 Phoenix Wedding Photographer PAWedChristWed48.jpg
4-25-10 Phoenix Wedding Photographer PAWedChristWed49.jpg
4-25-10 Phoenix Wedding Photographer PAWedChristWed50.jpg
4-25-10 Phoenix Wedding Photographer PAWedChristWed51.jpg
4-25-10 Phoenix Wedding Photographer PAWedChristWed52.jpg
4-25-10 Phoenix Wedding Photographer PAWedChristWed53.jpg
4-25-10 Phoenix Wedding Photographer PAWedChristWed54.jpg
4-25-10 Phoenix Wedding Photographer PAWedChristWed55.jpg
4-25-10 Phoenix Wedding Photographer PAWedChristWed56.jpg
4-25-10 Phoenix Wedding Photographer PAWedChristWed57.jpg
4-25-10 Phoenix Wedding Photographer PAWedChristWed58.jpg
4-25-10 Phoenix Wedding Photographer PAWedChristWed59.jpg
4-25-10 Phoenix Wedding Photographer PAWedChristWed60.jpg
4-25-10 Phoenix Wedding Photographer PAWedChristWed61.jpg
4-25-10 Phoenix Wedding Photographer PAWedChristWed62.jpg
4-25-10 Phoenix Wedding Photographer PAWedChristWed63.jpg
4-25-10 Phoenix Wedding Photographer PAWedChristWed64.jpg
4-25-10 Phoenix Wedding Photographer PAWedChristWed65.jpg
4-25-10 Phoenix Wedding Photographer PAWedChristWed66.jpg
Melissa and I getting a little silly after 15 hours :-).
4-25-10 Phoenix Wedding Photographer PAWedChristWed67.jpg


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Aubrey Reel:

LOVE this posting! What an amazing wedding! The photos are incredible! :)

(05.25.10 @ 05:45 PM)
Melissa Dunstan Photography:

Tina, What a great day! I loved working with you and getting to know your clients better. What a great couple! Also, I found out that I LOVE Indian dance music! It was a great day and it really didn't seem like 12 hours! You're the BEST!!!

(06.09.10 @ 11:58 PM)