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This past Friday I photographed Julie and Dan's wedding at Boojum Tree in Phoenix.  Let me start by saying that this has quickly become one of my favorite venues.  It is eye candy for any photographer, with more brilliant colors, weathered walls and lush landscaping than can possibly be utilized in a single day of photography.  It was extremely difficult to decide what to use, there was just so much.  Did I mention that I love this venue :-)...


Anyhow, moving on.  Julie and Dan were a referral from a past couple (shout out to Jessica and Steven - thanks you two) and they were great to work with!  Julie is really, really, really petite but her smile is big enough to light up any room.  At their first meeting, which we did before the ceremony due to timing (thanks for trusting me on that one guys), Julie gave Dan a beautiful watch ... it was sooo sweet.


The reception was amazing also and it was clear that the kids ruled the dancefloor at this wedding, though the adults weren't half bad themselves.  Julie and Dan, thank you so much for choosing me as your wedding photographer.  I had an amazing time and it was great getting to know you both.  Enjoy!

12-5-08JDWed01.jpg 12-5-08JDWed02.jpg 12-5-08JDWed03.jpg 12-5-08JDWed04.jpg 12-5-08JDWed05.jpg 12-5-08JDWed06.jpg 12-5-08JDWed07.jpg 12-5-08JDWed08.jpg 12-5-08JDWed09.jpg 12-5-08JDWed10.jpg 12-5-08JDWed11.jpg 12-5-08JDWed12.jpg 12-5-08JDWed13.jpg 12-5-08JDWed14.jpg 12-5-08JDWed15.jpg 12-5-08JDWed16.jpg 12-5-08JDWed17.jpg 12-5-08JDWed18.jpg 12-5-08JDWed19.jpg 12-5-08JDWed20.jpg 12-5-08JDWed21.jpg 12-5-08JDWed22.jpg 12-5-08JDWed23.jpg 12-5-08JDWed24.jpg 12-5-08JDWed25.jpg 12-5-08JDWed26.jpg 12-5-08JDWed27.jpg 12-5-08JDWed28.jpg 12-5-08JDWed29.jpg 12-5-08JDWed30.jpg 12-5-08JDWed31.jpg 12-5-08JDWed32.jpg 12-5-08JDWed33.jpg 12-5-08JDWed34.jpg 12-5-08JDWed35.jpg 12-5-08JDWed36.jpg



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