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Last Saturday we photographed Ginny and Buddy for their engagement shoot.  Their wedding will be held in April in Phoenix.  We met in Sedona and headed to Red Rock Crossing and Merry-Go-Round Rock.  These two were so much fun!!  They have a great sense of humor and really like edgy, off-the-wall photos, so we had a great time.


Hope you enjoy these and we can't wait for the wedding ... we are going to have a blast :-)!

1-17-09GinnyBuddyEngage01.jpg 1-17-09GinnyBuddyEngage02.jpg 1-17-09GinnyBuddyEngage03.jpg 1-17-09GinnyBuddyEngage04.jpg 1-17-09GinnyBuddyEngage05.jpg 1-17-09GinnyBuddyEngage06.jpg 1-17-09GinnyBuddyEngage07.jpg 1-17-09GinnyBuddyEngage08.jpg 1-17-09GinnyBuddyEngage09.jpg 1-17-09GinnyBuddyEngage10.jpg 1-17-09GinnyBuddyEngage11.jpg 1-17-09GinnyBuddyEngage12.jpg 1-17-09GinnyBuddyEngage13.jpg 1-17-09GinnyBuddyEngage14.jpg 1-17-09GinnyBuddyEngage15.jpg 1-17-09GinnyBuddyEngage16.jpg 1-17-09GinnyBuddyEngage17.jpg 1-17-09GinnyBuddyEngage18.jpg 1-17-09GinnyBuddyEngage19.jpg 1-17-09GinnyBuddyEngage20.jpg 1-17-09GinnyBuddyEngage21.jpg 1-17-09GinnyBuddyEngage22.jpg 1-17-09GinnyBuddyEngage23.jpg 1-17-09GinnyBuddyEngage24.jpg 1-17-09GinnyBuddyEngage25.jpg 1-17-09GinnyBuddyEngage26.jpg 1-17-09GinnyBuddyEngage27.jpg 1-17-09GinnyBuddyEngage28.jpg 1-17-09GinnyBuddyEngage29.jpg



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Erin and Erich live in Phoenix and planned a little weekend getaway to Sedona for their engagement shoot a couple of weeks ago.  We took advantage of the infinite beauty of Red Rock Crossing and the majesty of Cathedral Rock.  I never get sick of shooting here!


Erin and Erich, it was really nice getting to know you both better ... you were so much fun to work with.  Glad you enjoyed the rest of your stay in Sedona.  Looking forward to seeing you again in February for the big day!

11-14-08EEEngage01.jpg 11-14-08EEEngage02.jpg 11-14-08EEEngage03.jpg 11-14-08EEEngage04.jpg 11-14-08EEEngage05.jpg 11-14-08EEEngage06.jpg 11-14-08EEEngage07.jpg 11-14-08EEEngage08.jpg 11-14-08EEEngage09.jpg 11-14-08EEEngage10.jpg 11-14-08EEEngage11.jpg 11-14-08EEEngage12.jpg 11-14-08EEEngage13.jpg 11-14-08EEEngage14.jpg 11-14-08EEEngage15.jpg 11-14-08EEEngage16.jpg 11-14-08EEEngage17.jpg 11-14-08EEEngage18.jpg


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