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11-16-12 Phoenix Wedding Photographers MTWed00.jpg

What a beautiful couple and accomplished too!  Both Michelle and Trung are professional athletes, with Michelle having won the gold medal twice, once in 2005 and again in 2007, at the World Championships in Athletics in the 100 m hurdles, and Trung having been a first round draft pick out of Arizona in 2000 and going on to become a running back in the NFL, first with the St. Louis Rams and finally with the Washington Redskins.

Michelle and Trung began their journey together a decade ago and have a beautiful baby boy together.  They finally made everything official the past November.  Their wedding was held at the Castle at Ashley Manor in Chandler, Arizona.  The day was nothing short of perfect and we are so happy for these two.  Their love for one another, their son and their families and friends is so transparent that you couldn't help but get swept up in all the emotions of the day!  It was such an honor to be chosen as the wedding photographers for this amazing event!

11-16-12 Phoenix Wedding Photographers MTWed01.jpg
11-16-12 Phoenix Wedding Photographers MTWed02.jpg
11-16-12 Phoenix Wedding Photographers MTWed03.jpg
11-16-12 Phoenix Wedding Photographers MTWed04.jpg
11-16-12 Phoenix Wedding Photographers MTWed05.jpg
11-16-12 Phoenix Wedding Photographers MTWed06.jpg
11-16-12 Phoenix Wedding Photographers MTWed07.jpg
11-16-12 Phoenix Wedding Photographers MTWed08.jpg
11-16-12 Phoenix Wedding Photographers MTWed09.jpg
11-16-12 Phoenix Wedding Photographers MTWed10.jpg
11-16-12 Phoenix Wedding Photographers MTWed11.jpg
11-16-12 Phoenix Wedding Photographers MTWed12.jpg
11-16-12 Phoenix Wedding Photographers MTWed13.jpg

11-16-12 Phoenix Wedding Photographers MTWed14.jpg
11-16-12 Phoenix Wedding Photographers MTWed15.jpg
11-16-12 Phoenix Wedding Photographers MTWed16.jpg
11-16-12 Phoenix Wedding Photographers MTWed17.jpg
11-16-12 Phoenix Wedding Photographers MTWed18.jpg
11-16-12 Phoenix Wedding Photographers MTWed19.jpg
11-16-12 Phoenix Wedding Photographers MTWed20.jpg
11-16-12 Phoenix Wedding Photographers MTWed21.jpg
11-16-12 Phoenix Wedding Photographers MTWed22.jpg
11-16-12 Phoenix Wedding Photographers MTWed23.jpg
11-16-12 Phoenix Wedding Photographers MTWed24.jpg
11-16-12 Phoenix Wedding Photographers MTWed25.jpg
11-16-12 Phoenix Wedding Photographers MTWed26.jpg
11-16-12 Phoenix Wedding Photographers MTWed27.jpg
11-16-12 Phoenix Wedding Photographers MTWed28.jpg
11-16-12 Phoenix Wedding Photographers MTWed29.jpg
11-16-12 Phoenix Wedding Photographers MTWed30.jpg
11-16-12 Phoenix Wedding Photographers MTWed31.jpg
11-16-12 Phoenix Wedding Photographers MTWed32.jpg
11-16-12 Phoenix Wedding Photographers MTWed33.jpg
11-16-12 Phoenix Wedding Photographers MTWed34.jpg
11-16-12 Phoenix Wedding Photographers MTWed35.jpg
11-16-12 Phoenix Wedding Photographers MTWed36.jpg
11-16-12 Phoenix Wedding Photographers MTWed37.jpg
11-16-12 Phoenix Wedding Photographers MTWed38.jpg
11-16-12 Phoenix Wedding Photographers MTWed39.jpg
11-16-12 Phoenix Wedding Photographers MTWed40.jpg
11-16-12 Phoenix Wedding Photographers MTWed41.jpg
11-16-12 Phoenix Wedding Photographers MTWed42.jpg
11-16-12 Phoenix Wedding Photographers MTWed43.jpg
11-16-12 Phoenix Wedding Photographers MTWed44.jpg
11-16-12 Phoenix Wedding Photographers MTWed45.jpg
11-16-12 Phoenix Wedding Photographers MTWed46.jpg
11-16-12 Phoenix Wedding Photographers MTWed47.jpg
11-16-12 Phoenix Wedding Photographers MTWed48.jpg
11-16-12 Phoenix Wedding Photographers MTWed49.jpg
11-16-12 Phoenix Wedding Photographers MTWed50.jpg
11-16-12 Phoenix Wedding Photographers MTWed51.jpg
11-16-12 Phoenix Wedding Photographers MTWed52.jpg
11-16-12 Phoenix Wedding Photographers MTWed53.jpg
11-16-12 Phoenix Wedding Photographers MTWed54.jpg
11-16-12 Phoenix Wedding Photographers MTWed55.jpg
11-16-12 Phoenix Wedding Photographers MTWed56.jpg
11-16-12 Phoenix Wedding Photographers MTWed57.jpg
11-16-12 Phoenix Wedding Photographers MTWed58.jpg
11-16-12 Phoenix Wedding Photographers MTWed59.jpg
11-16-12 Phoenix Wedding Photographers MTWed60.jpg
11-16-12 Phoenix Wedding Photographers MTWed61.jpg
11-16-12 Phoenix Wedding Photographers MTWed62.jpg
11-16-12 Phoenix Wedding Photographers MTWed63.jpg
11-16-12 Phoenix Wedding Photographers MTWed64.jpg
11-16-12 Phoenix Wedding Photographers MTWed65.jpg
11-16-12 Phoenix Wedding Photographers MTWed66.jpg
11-16-12 Phoenix Wedding Photographers MTWed67.jpg
11-16-12 Phoenix Wedding Photographers MTWed68.jpg
11-16-12 Phoenix Wedding Photographers MTWed69.jpg
11-16-12 Phoenix Wedding Photographers MTWed70.jpg
11-16-12 Phoenix Wedding Photographers MTWed71.jpg
11-16-12 Phoenix Wedding Photographers MTWed72.jpg
11-16-12 Phoenix Wedding Photographers MTWed73.jpg
11-16-12 Phoenix Wedding Photographers MTWed74.jpg
11-16-12 Phoenix Wedding Photographers MTWed75.jpg
11-16-12 Phoenix Wedding Photographers MTWed76.jpg
11-16-12 Phoenix Wedding Photographers MTWed77.jpg
11-16-12 Phoenix Wedding Photographers MTWed78.jpg
11-16-12 Phoenix Wedding Photographers MTWed79.jpg
11-16-12 Phoenix Wedding Photographers MTWed80.jpg
11-16-12 Phoenix Wedding Photographers MTWed81.jpg
11-16-12 Phoenix Wedding Photographers MTWed82.jpg
11-16-12 Phoenix Wedding Photographers MTWed83.jpg

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5-19-12 Phoenix Wedding Photographers KCWed00.jpg

After getting married at the San Diego Mormon Temple in California, Kendell and Chris headed back to Arizona where they held their reception two days later on May 19th, 2012.  The festivities took place at Kendell's father's fly-in in Chandler and was so much fun to be a part of.  Again, we can't thank you two enough for having us as your wedding photographers!  We wish you all the best in life!

Special thank you to Yvonne Chereck for second shooting for us!  We also need to make mention again of what a fantastic job Jessica Gelder of Sweet Soiree did planning this wonderful event!

5-19-12 Phoenix Wedding Photographers KCWed01.jpg
5-19-12 Phoenix Wedding Photographers KCWed02.jpg
5-19-12 Phoenix Wedding Photographers KCWed03.jpg
5-19-12 Phoenix Wedding Photographers KCWed04.jpg
5-19-12 Phoenix Wedding Photographers KCWed05.jpg
5-19-12 Phoenix Wedding Photographers KCWed06.jpg
5-19-12 Phoenix Wedding Photographers KCWed07.jpg
5-19-12 Phoenix Wedding Photographers KCWed08.jpg
5-19-12 Phoenix Wedding Photographers KCWed09.jpg
5-19-12 Phoenix Wedding Photographers KCWed10.jpg
5-19-12 Phoenix Wedding Photographers KCWed11.jpg
5-19-12 Phoenix Wedding Photographers KCWed12.jpg
5-19-12 Phoenix Wedding Photographers KCWed13.jpg

5-19-12 Phoenix Wedding Photographers KCWed14.jpg
5-19-12 Phoenix Wedding Photographers KCWed15.jpg
5-19-12 Phoenix Wedding Photographers KCWed16.jpg
5-19-12 Phoenix Wedding Photographers KCWed17.jpg
5-19-12 Phoenix Wedding Photographers KCWed18.jpg
5-19-12 Phoenix Wedding Photographers KCWed19.jpg
5-19-12 Phoenix Wedding Photographers KCWed20.jpg
5-19-12 Phoenix Wedding Photographers KCWed21.jpg
5-19-12 Phoenix Wedding Photographers KCWed22.jpg
5-19-12 Phoenix Wedding Photographers KCWed23.jpg
5-19-12 Phoenix Wedding Photographers KCWed24.jpg
5-19-12 Phoenix Wedding Photographers KCWed25.jpg
5-19-12 Phoenix Wedding Photographers KCWed26.jpg
5-19-12 Phoenix Wedding Photographers KCWed27.jpg
5-19-12 Phoenix Wedding Photographers KCWed28.jpg
5-19-12 Phoenix Wedding Photographers KCWed29.jpg


Venue: Private Residence

Event Planner / Wedding Coordinator: Jessica Gelder, Sweet Soiree Wedding and Event Planning

Decor and Drapery: Y-Knot Party Rentals

Catering: Chef Bob

Wedding Cake: Designer Cakes by April

Desserts: Two Spoons

Officiant: Christopher Clason

Photographer: Sierra Blanco Photography

Second Photographer: Yvonne Chereck
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Avianti Jewelry:

Such beautiful photos, love the one of the bride and groom walking in the sunset!

(09.12.12 @ 05:38 PM)

Jessica and Craig were married February 26, 2010 at the Castle at Ashley Manor in Chandler, Arizona.  This was a beautiful wedding and a perfect day in all repects including the gorgeous weather!!  I loved all the details, including the pink theme.  I am not the biggest fan of pink, which is rather ironic since I wore a pink dress for my own wedding, but the various hues of pink in this wedding were used to perfection and wonderfully complimented the magical atmosphere of the venue!  Oh, by the way, I LOVED Jessica's totally cool shoes ... awesome!!  Thank you both for having us as your wedding photographers.  We had such a great time and we hope you loved your honeymoon to the Dominican Republic :-)!

2-26-10 Phoenix Wedding Photographer JCWed01.jpg
2-26-10 Phoenix Wedding Photographer JCWed02.jpg
2-26-10 Phoenix Wedding Photographer JCWed03.jpg
2-26-10 Phoenix Wedding Photographer JCWed04.jpg
2-26-10 Phoenix Wedding Photographer JCWed05.jpg
2-26-10 Phoenix Wedding Photographer JCWed06.jpg
2-26-10 Phoenix Wedding Photographer JCWed07.jpg
2-26-10 Phoenix Wedding Photographer JCWed08.jpg
2-26-10 Phoenix Wedding Photographer JCWed09.jpg
2-26-10 Phoenix Wedding Photographer JCWed10.jpg
2-26-10 Phoenix Wedding Photographer JCWed11.jpg
2-26-10 Phoenix Wedding Photographer JCWed12.jpg
2-26-10 Phoenix Wedding Photographer JCWed13.jpg
2-26-10 Phoenix Wedding Photographer JCWed14.jpg
2-26-10 Phoenix Wedding Photographer JCWed15.jpg
2-26-10 Phoenix Wedding Photographer JCWed16.jpg
2-26-10 Phoenix Wedding Photographer JCWed17.jpg
2-26-10 Phoenix Wedding Photographer JCWed18.jpg
2-26-10 Phoenix Wedding Photographer JCWed19.jpg
2-26-10 Phoenix Wedding Photographer JCWed20.jpg
2-26-10 Phoenix Wedding Photographer JCWed21.jpg
2-26-10 Phoenix Wedding Photographer JCWed22.jpg
2-26-10 Phoenix Wedding Photographer JCWed23.jpg
2-26-10 Phoenix Wedding Photographer JCWed24.jpg
2-26-10 Phoenix Wedding Photographer JCWed25.jpg
2-26-10 Phoenix Wedding Photographer JCWed26.jpg
2-26-10 Phoenix Wedding Photographer JCWed27.jpg
2-26-10 Phoenix Wedding Photographer JCWed28.jpg
2-26-10 Phoenix Wedding Photographer JCWed29.jpg
2-26-10 Phoenix Wedding Photographer JCWed30.jpg
2-26-10 Phoenix Wedding Photographer JCWed31.jpg
2-26-10 Phoenix Wedding Photographer JCWed32.jpg
2-26-10 Phoenix Wedding Photographer JCWed33.jpg
2-26-10 Phoenix Wedding Photographer JCWed34.jpg
2-26-10 Phoenix Wedding Photographer JCWed35.jpg
2-26-10 Phoenix Wedding Photographer JCWed36.jpg
2-26-10 Phoenix Wedding Photographer JCWed37.jpg
2-26-10 Phoenix Wedding Photographer JCWed38.jpg
2-26-10 Phoenix Wedding Photographer JCWed39.jpg
2-26-10 Phoenix Wedding Photographer JCWed40.jpg
2-26-10 Phoenix Wedding Photographer JCWed41.jpg
2-26-10 Phoenix Wedding Photographer JCWed42.jpg
2-26-10 Phoenix Wedding Photographer JCWed43.jpg
2-26-10 Phoenix Wedding Photographer JCWed44.jpg
2-26-10 Phoenix Wedding Photographer JCWed45.jpg
2-26-10 Phoenix Wedding Photographer JCWed46.jpg
2-26-10 Phoenix Wedding Photographer JCWed47.jpg
2-26-10 Phoenix Wedding Photographer JCWed48.jpg
2-26-10 Phoenix Wedding Photographer JCWed49.jpg
2-26-10 Phoenix Wedding Photographer JCWed50.jpg
2-26-10 Phoenix Wedding Photographer JCWed51.jpg
2-26-10 Phoenix Wedding Photographer JCWed52.jpg
2-26-10 Phoenix Wedding Photographer JCWed53.jpg
2-26-10 Phoenix Wedding Photographer JCWed54.jpg
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Michele and Eric were married November 21, 2009.  Their traditional Jewish ceremony took place at Temple Emanuel and their reception was held at Ashley Manor.  This was a beautiful wedding and we simply love the couple (we had a fantastic time with them at their engagement shoot in Flagstaff ... they were soooo funny.)  That humor definitely showed itself again on the wedding day and we just had a blast.


Thank you both for having us as your wedding photographers and for including us in your special day!  We also want to thank you for the wonderful review you wrote for us on Wedding Wire ... it was so sweet of you!!

11-21-09 Phoenix Wedding Photographer MEWed01.jpg
11-21-09 Phoenix Wedding Photographer MEWed02.jpg
11-21-09 Phoenix Wedding Photographer MEWed03.jpg
11-21-09 Phoenix Wedding Photographer MEWed04.jpg
11-21-09 Phoenix Wedding Photographer MEWed05.jpg
11-21-09 Phoenix Wedding Photographer MEWed06.jpg
11-21-09 Phoenix Wedding Photographer MEWed07.jpg
11-21-09 Phoenix Wedding Photographer MEWed08.jpg
11-21-09 Phoenix Wedding Photographer MEWed09.jpg
11-21-09 Phoenix Wedding Photographer MEWed10.jpg
11-21-09 Phoenix Wedding Photographer MEWed11.jpg
11-21-09 Phoenix Wedding Photographer MEWed12.jpg
11-21-09 Phoenix Wedding Photographer MEWed13.jpg
11-21-09 Phoenix Wedding Photographer MEWed14.jpg
11-21-09 Phoenix Wedding Photographer MEWed15.jpg
11-21-09 Phoenix Wedding Photographer MEWed16.jpg
11-21-09 Phoenix Wedding Photographer MEWed17.jpg
11-21-09 Phoenix Wedding Photographer MEWed18.jpg
11-21-09 Phoenix Wedding Photographer MEWed19.jpg
11-21-09 Phoenix Wedding Photographer MEWed20.jpg
11-21-09 Phoenix Wedding Photographer MEWed21.jpg
11-21-09 Phoenix Wedding Photographer MEWed22.jpg
11-21-09 Phoenix Wedding Photographer MEWed23.jpg
11-21-09 Phoenix Wedding Photographer MEWed24.jpg
11-21-09 Phoenix Wedding Photographer MEWed25.jpg
11-21-09 Phoenix Wedding Photographer MEWed26.jpg
11-21-09 Phoenix Wedding Photographer MEWed27.jpg
11-21-09 Phoenix Wedding Photographer MEWed28.jpg
11-21-09 Phoenix Wedding Photographer MEWed29.jpg
11-21-09 Phoenix Wedding Photographer MEWed30.jpg
11-21-09 Phoenix Wedding Photographer MEWed31.jpg
11-21-09 Phoenix Wedding Photographer MEWed32.jpg
11-21-09 Phoenix Wedding Photographer MEWed33.jpg
11-21-09 Phoenix Wedding Photographer MEWed34.jpg
11-21-09 Phoenix Wedding Photographer MEWed35.jpg
11-21-09 Phoenix Wedding Photographer MEWed36.jpg
11-21-09 Phoenix Wedding Photographer MEWed37.jpg
11-21-09 Phoenix Wedding Photographer MEWed38.jpg
11-21-09 Phoenix Wedding Photographer MEWed39.jpg
11-21-09 Phoenix Wedding Photographer MEWed40.jpg
11-21-09 Phoenix Wedding Photographer MEWed41.jpg
11-21-09 Phoenix Wedding Photographer MEWed42.jpg
11-21-09 Phoenix Wedding Photographer MEWed43.jpg
11-21-09 Phoenix Wedding Photographer MEWed44.jpg
11-21-09 Phoenix Wedding Photographer MEWed45.jpg
11-21-09 Phoenix Wedding Photographer MEWed46.jpg
11-21-09 Phoenix Wedding Photographer MEWed47.jpg
11-21-09 Phoenix Wedding Photographer MEWed48.jpg
11-21-09 Phoenix Wedding Photographer MEWed49.jpg
11-21-09 Phoenix Wedding Photographer MEWed50.jpg
11-21-09 Phoenix Wedding Photographer MEWed51.jpg
11-21-09 Phoenix Wedding Photographer MEWed52.jpg
11-21-09 Phoenix Wedding Photographer MEWed53.jpg
11-21-09 Phoenix Wedding Photographer MEWed54.jpg
11-21-09 Phoenix Wedding Photographer MEWed55.jpg
11-21-09 Phoenix Wedding Photographer MEWed56.jpg
11-21-09 Phoenix Wedding Photographer MEWed57.jpg
11-21-09 Phoenix Wedding Photographer MEWed58.jpg
11-21-09 Phoenix Wedding Photographer MEWed59.jpg
11-21-09 Phoenix Wedding Photographer MEWed60.jpg
11-21-09 Phoenix Wedding Photographer MEWed61.jpg
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Sarah and Brady were married on January 9th, 2010 at the Castle at Ashley Manor in Chandler.  It was a beautiful day with mild temperatures and plenty of sunshine ... what else would you expect though from the valley of the sun in winter.


We have really enjoyed working with this couple since they booked us last year (the engagement shoot was a ton of fun) and have been eagerly anticipating this wedding!  It was all I had imagined, with beautiful decorations and details, a stunning couple, gracious (and fun) family and friends and a rockin reception!  Thank you Sarah and Brady for having us as your wedding photographers.  We are looking forward to the trash-the-dress shoot :-)!


My good friend and very talented wedding photographer, Melissa Dunstan, went along on this one as the second shooter.  We had such a blast working together and we even took a moment to have photos taken in the photo booth ... LOVE those :-).  Thanks Melissa for all your hard work!!


Love Sarah's dress and red shoes ... all the girls wore red shoes too.

This is one of my favorite photos!!  It looks more like a painting than a photograph.
Sarah's team: the Detroit Red Wings and Brady's team: the St. Louis Cardinals ... you will be seeing a lot of this throughout the wedding :-)!
This is adorable :-).  Sarah's friend set this up to take a photo.
How cute!!
A great shot by Melissa of Brady getting ready!
Again, so cute!!
Sarah's walk down the aisle got emotional for everyone.
Brady had a hard time holding back the tears.
I LOVE this shot by Melissa!!
Another great shot by Melissa!
This was so touching as Sarah wiped a tear away from Brady's eye.
Another of my favorites from Melissa!
These guys were such hams :-) ... just hilarious!!
More red shoes and humor.
How cute is this shot ... we didn't expect the smallest girl in the bridal party to walk with everyone, but she did and it was great!!!  Only problem was, she didn't want to turn around :-).
What a beautiful setting!
I love this shot that Melissa got during the toasts!
This is one of my favorite "first dance" shots ... the mood is just amazing!
Sarah shared a very spirited first dance with her father ... it was great!!
OK ... as you can see, Melissa and I got in on the photo booth fun.  I am on the left in the stunning, and I might add chic, leopard pimp hat and Melissa is on the right in the flamboyant, hooker pink feather boa.  We make quite a pair, don't we??!!  And look at Sarah and Brady ... I love photo booths with props!!
This little girl could sing ... she was AMAZING to listen to!!
How funny is this guy ... I think he robbed the prop box from the photo booth ... I hope :-)! 
Gotta love when people really get into the "Thriller" song :-) ... AWESOME!
These two are so funny!!
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Pam and Andrew were married September 28th - yes, that was a Monday and it seems like Monday weddings are becoming more and more popular :-)!  They chose to have their ceremony and reception at the Castle at Ashley Manor in Chandler.  The same heat wave that was hovering over Mexico the previous weekend was also hovering over Phoenix with no signs of letting up.  I believe the temperature was a record 107 degrees that day.  Luckily, only parts of the wedding were held outside so it didn't bother anyone too much!


The one thing I want to say about this couple besides the fact that we just really liked them both and they were wonderful to work with, is that their love and devotion to each other was so remarkably strong and endearing.  They were so sweet together and the outpouring of emotions between them as well as from their family and guests was unbelievably touching!  Thank you both so much for including us in your very special day!

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Beautiful, breathtaking images.

(02.08.10 @ 04:43 AM)
Pamala Stewart:

Magnificent!! Tina & Kevin you are so awesome. Thank you for your talent & for giving us the pleasure of being taken back to that wonderful day every time we look at our photos. You both have the wonderful skill of being able to carry the viewer into the moment & emotion captured! Love love the photos... you were a pleasure!

(02.08.10 @ 06:40 PM)
Pamala Stewart:

Look at those adorably cute kids.

(02.16.10 @ 02:09 AM)

Payvand and Jeremy were married on April 25th at the Hilton in Chandler.  They had a traditional Persian Ceremony and it was simply breathtaking!!!  We absolutely adore photographing cultural ceremonies!  It is a wonderful way to learn about and experience the customs and traditions of other cultures throughout the world.


The sofreh table is the most ornate component in the persian wedding and this one was made by Payvand's mother, who did a beautiful job.  Some components of the sofreh table include the Mirror (of fate) "Aayeneh-ye Bakht" and two Candelabras (representing the bride and groom and brightness in their future) placed on either side of the mirror.  The mirror and candelabras are symbolic of light and fire, two very important elements in the Zoroastrian culture.  When the bride enters the room her veil is covering her face and when she sits down and the veil is removed the first thing the groom should see in the mirror is the reflection of his bride-to-be.  The sofreh is also decorated with a multitude of grains, nuts and spices each with it's own symbolic meaning.


Other notable components of the ceremony include a shawl of fine fabric held over the couple's heads by happily married female relatives and two sugar cones "Kalleh Ghand" made out of hardened sugar which are grinded together over the bride and groom's head (over the shawl held above their heads) throughout the ceremony to shower them in sugar, symbolizing sweetness and happiness.  A cup of honey to sweeten life is set on the sofreh and immediately after the couple is married they each dip a pinky finger in the honey and feed it to one another.


Payvand and Jeremy, let us start by saying you make an absolutely stunning couple.  It was truly our pleasure to not only be your wedding photographers but to take part in such a magnificent event.  Thank you for the opportunity!!  Hope you enjoy the photos ... there are sooo many more where these came from :-)!!!


Payvand's dress was Exquisite!!

These two totally look like they belong on the pages of a fashion magazine!!!
The sofreh table.
I love, love, love this image!!!  Look at the womens' expressions in the mirror ... they speaks volumes!
Payvand's sister grinding the sugar cones over the couple's heads. 
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I first want to start by saying that I am very, very, very behind on my blogging and for those of you who are patiently waiting to view your posting, thank you for waiting.  I am under a lot of deadlines right now and will be getting everyones events posted as soon as I can :-).


Now for Margarita and Ramon's wedding!!  We have been waiting for this one for a long time.  It was originally going to be held last March, but due to an injury in the family it had to be postponed.  The new date ... Halloween :-).  They played it up though and incorporated some good old-fashioned halloween fun into it without making it an out-and-out halloween themed event (gotta love the costumes and the couple from the wedding party dancing in to the song "Thriller" by Michael Jackson, when they were announced.)


The wedding was held at Ashley Manor in Chandler, AZ.  It was a beautiful day and the actual theme was that of Cinderella.  We absolutely love this couple ... they are two of the most genuine people we have ever met!!


Margarita, you were just lovely and Ramon, you were equally handsome.  Thank you both so much for not only having us as your wedding photographers, but for inviting us to be a part of your event.  We had a great time and we couldn't think of a better way to spend Halloween!  Thanks too for the really sweet card and bottle of wine - you are so thoughtful!!!

10-31-08MRWed01.jpg 10-31-08MRWed02.jpg 10-31-08MRWed03.jpg 10-31-08MRWed04.jpg 10-31-08MRWed05.jpg 10-31-08MRWed06.jpg 10-31-08MRWed07.jpg 10-31-08MRWed08.jpg 10-31-08MRWed09.jpg 10-31-08MRWed10.jpg

This is our favorite photo ... seriously, look at how overwhelmed Ramon was when he got his first look at Margarita ... it brought tears to our eyes :-).

10-31-08MRWed11.jpg 10-31-08MRWed12.jpg 10-31-08MRWed13.jpg 10-31-08MRWed14.jpg 10-31-08MRWed15.jpg 10-31-08MRWed16.jpg 10-31-08MRWed17.jpg 10-31-08MRWed18.jpg 10-31-08MRWed19.jpg 10-31-08MRWed20.jpg 10-31-08MRWed21.jpg 10-31-08MRWed22.jpg 10-31-08MRWed23.jpg 10-31-08MRWed24.jpg 10-31-08MRWed25.jpg 10-31-08MRWed26.jpg 10-31-08MRWed27.jpg

Everyone having a little Halloween fun at the Photo Booth ... including us :-). 10-31-08MRWed28.jpg 10-31-08MRWed29.jpg 10-31-08MRWed30.jpg 10-31-08MRWed31.jpg



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Well worth the wait...they are all beautiful. thank you

(11.14.08 @ 09:54 AM)
Bob & Diane Patterson:

Awesome Wedding!!! You look fantastic!! May God Bless You Always,
Bob & Diane

(12.04.08 @ 07:01 AM)
Cindy Hernandez:

Absolutely beautiful! I'm very happy for you!

(03.08.09 @ 08:52 AM)