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6-3-12 Destination Wedding Photographers LJTTD00.jpg

The weekend after Leah and Josh's wedding, we headed back to San Francisco , new gear in hand :-), to photograph their "day-after" shoot.  We moved our way throughout downtown San Francisco, then into the nearby Muir Woods, and finally back into the city again.  It was a lovely day overall, however it was windy and it was quite shocking to us Phoenicians how cold it can get in San Francisco in June, especially as the light of day faded :-).  Thank you both so much for a wonderful day, we had such a great time exploring!

6-3-12 Destination Wedding Photographers LJTTD01.jpg
6-3-12 Destination Wedding Photographers LJTTD02.jpg
6-3-12 Destination Wedding Photographers LJTTD03.jpg
6-3-12 Destination Wedding Photographers LJTTD04.jpg
6-3-12 Destination Wedding Photographers LJTTD05.jpg
6-3-12 Destination Wedding Photographers LJTTD06.jpg
6-3-12 Destination Wedding Photographers LJTTD07.jpg
6-3-12 Destination Wedding Photographers LJTTD08.jpg
6-3-12 Destination Wedding Photographers LJTTD09.jpg
6-3-12 Destination Wedding Photographers LJTTD10.jpg
6-3-12 Destination Wedding Photographers LJTTD11.jpg
6-3-12 Destination Wedding Photographers LJTTD12.jpg
6-3-12 Destination Wedding Photographers LJTTD13.jpg

6-3-12 Destination Wedding Photographers LJTTD14.jpg
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6-3-12 Destination Wedding Photographers LJTTD22.jpg
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6-3-12 Destination Wedding Photographers LJTTD30.jpg
6-3-12 Destination Wedding Photographers LJTTD31.jpg
6-3-12 Destination Wedding Photographers LJTTD32.jpg
6-3-12 Destination Wedding Photographers LJTTD33.jpg
6-3-12 Destination Wedding Photographers LJTTD34.jpg
6-3-12 Destination Wedding Photographers LJTTD35.jpg
6-3-12 Destination Wedding Photographers LJTTD36.jpg
6-3-12 Destination Wedding Photographers LJTTD37.jpg

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8-21-10 Trash The Dress Photography KJWed00.jpg


Kristina and Justin are both pilots living in Dubai ... how cool is that!  They wanted to have there day-after shoot somewhere that meant something to them.  Given their shared passion for aviation, they thought it befitting to do the shoot at the Pima Air Museum in Tucson.  They were so much fun to watch ... like two kids in a candy store :-)!  They loved looking at all the planes as much as they did doing the session.  We found it both fasinating and inspiring (plus we had two great and knowledgeable guides with us) and I personally loved the whole vintage look to the shoot!  Thank you both!  It was such a pleasure getting to know you!!


8-21-10 Trash The Dress Photography KJWed01.jpg
8-21-10 Trash The Dress Photography KJWed02.jpg
8-21-10 Trash The Dress Photography KJWed03.jpg
8-21-10 Trash The Dress Photography KJWed04.jpg
8-21-10 Trash The Dress Photography KJWed05.jpg
8-21-10 Trash The Dress Photography KJWed06.jpg
8-21-10 Trash The Dress Photography KJWed07.jpg
8-21-10 Trash The Dress Photography KJWed08.jpg
8-21-10 Trash The Dress Photography KJWed09.jpg
8-21-10 Trash The Dress Photography KJWed10.jpg
8-21-10 Trash The Dress Photography KJWed11.jpg
8-21-10 Trash The Dress Photography KJWed12.jpg
8-21-10 Trash The Dress Photography KJWed13.jpg
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Nelda King-Sloan:

The planes do go in this shoot. I love her dress along with the planes in the background. Beautiful.

(04.06.11 @ 05:17 PM)
5-16-10 Day After Wedding Photography LADA00.jpg


Liane and Andy decided to have a day-after shoot - imagine this - the day after the wedding :-).  They had limited time on the wedding day to do formals since they opted not to see one another before the ceremony and just wanted to take a little more time to get some great shots on the stunning beach where they were married.


5-16-10 Day After Wedding Photography LADA01.jpg
5-16-10 Day After Wedding Photography LADA02.jpg
5-16-10 Day After Wedding Photography LADA03.jpg
5-16-10 Day After Wedding Photography LADA04.jpg
5-16-10 Day After Wedding Photography LADA05.jpg
5-16-10 Day After Wedding Photography LADA06.jpg
5-16-10 Day After Wedding Photography LADA07.jpg
5-16-10 Day After Wedding Photography LADA08.jpg
5-16-10 Day After Wedding Photography LADA09.jpg
5-16-10 Day After Wedding Photography LADA10.jpg
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Lisa and Chris chose to do a day-after shoot in Sedona, the location of their wedding, since they are not from Arizona.  They chose not to dress back up in their wedding attire though, opting for a more relaxed, fun feel.

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On the Tuesday following Terry and Glenn's wedding, we photographed their day-after shoot in Sedona.  Terry and Glenn both love the outdoors and wanted some beautiful photographs of them against the beautiful red rocks of Sedona.


Thank you both so much!!  It was quite hot and you were both so amazing!!  Again it was a pleasure and we loved working with you!

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This message was posted by Lori Williamson but went to the wrong wedding so we are posting it on the correct entry for her.

Terry and Glenn, these pictures show the essence of your wedding: warmth, class, love, did I say class? I defy anyone to choose a single favorite from the day of or the day after. Although I must say I'm quite fond of the one of you two kissing on the cliff where the light is filtered and all sparkly. 4-21-09TGDayAfter24.jpeg
Warmest wishes, Lori W.

(05.08.09 @ 09:59 PM)

Jodie and Ben have fast become two of our favorite clients ... and friends :-).  To say they have treated us well is a gross understatement.  They are beyond thoughtful and a pure joy to know!!  You may remember them from their amazing wedding back in November at the Wyndham in downtown Phoenix.  Well, we finally got around to their day-after shoot and it was such a blast!


They decided they wanted to have it in Sedona as this was initially where Ben wanted to have their wedding ... this way they get the best of both worlds :-).  Their great friend, Sam came along too.  She did Jodie's make-up (as she did on the wedding day) and did an amazing job ... a real talent - she also made a pretty darn good photography assistant too :-).  We started at Red Rock Crossing and ended at Merry-Go-Round Rock.  Jodie and Ben love the theater and we really love these photos because they seem to do a good job of reflecting their personalities.  We hope you both agree!


It was so wonderful seeing the two of you again!  Thank you for dinner and Jodie, if you really want to have some Trash-the-Dress photos in the creek we would be happy to do those for you when it gets warmer (you would have frozen to death this time round) - no more checks though, this one would be on us :-).  Enjoy!!

The next two photos are some of our absolute favorites!!


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Stunning as always, of course! It's because of you that we were able to have the best of both worlds. We are grateful to know such talented and creative people! Thank you! I may take you up on that "Trash the Dress Session"...

(02.27.09 @ 09:33 PM)
Cindy W.:

I cannot pick a fav some are mag cover quality and creativity. It left me with chills. After seeing your photos, it nailed the deal for an older couple's wedding. He was the arch for all the Apple offices.

(02.27.09 @ 11:30 PM)

Let me provide you with some background on this one.  Shannon contacted us this past year inquiring about photography for her upcoming wedding.  She and her husband, Adam are already leagally married, but they finally wanted to have a formal event.  She was planning their wedding in Payson for this past December in hopes that she would have a "winter wonderland" setting - something she has always wanted.  Then life took over and long story short ... their wedding is on hold.  So for now, since Shannon already has her beautiful dress, we decided to offer them a "Day-After" shoot sometime when we knew a good snow storm was coming.  This past Sunday that storm arrived and we headed to Payson to meet up with them.


We have always wanted to do a shoot like this ... in a winter storm while the snow is still falling.  We have also always wanted to use colorful umbrellas to off-set an otherwise monochomatic landscape.  It was such a joy working with a couple who actually shared the same visions.  We also had fun making snowmen for various props :-).


All-in-all it was a really fun day.  Shannon, you did an amazing job!!  Truth-be-told, Shannon and Adam live in Phoenix and were both extremely cold, but they really wanted these wedding photos and definitely went the extra mile to get them.  You were both a joy to work with and we can't wait to one day photograph the formal event!  Enjoy ... and by the way, thanks for going along with some of our quirkier ideas :-)!!

One of our fun favorites of the day :-)!
Love Shannon's dragonfly tat!
The Ugg Boots are sooo cute!
This totally matches the vision I have always had of the "colorful umbrella in the snowstorm" photo.
This series was Adam's idea and it turned out so cute!!
We love how much fun they are having in the next two photos.
My all-time favorite ring photo!! I love my little snowman ... he is soooo cute :-).


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They are amazing!

(02.20.09 @ 05:15 AM)

those pictures were awesome

(02.22.09 @ 12:45 PM)

These pictures are so.....Beautiful!
Thank you for captuing these Precious Moments.
Love Mom

(02.23.09 @ 06:39 AM)

The day after the wedding, events were scheduled throughout the morning for the guests to enjoy including a Pow Wow featuring Jakey Skye and his family.  They were incredible and apparently world-famous, having been featured in the Opening Ceremonies of the 2002 Winter Olympics.  They hand-make each and every one of their elaborate and beautiful costumes.


After the Pow Wow, we met with Armanda and Jon for their Day-After shoot.  With all the events of the wedding day, there was hardly time to do any formals, so we saved the fun stuff for Sunday.  We had a great time and love the results.  This photography shoot wraps up the big Monument Valley wedding event and again, we feel so privileged to have been a part of it!

12-28-08AJDayAfter01.jpg 12-28-08AJDayAfter02.jpg 12-28-08AJDayAfter03.jpg 12-28-08AJDayAfter04.jpg 12-28-08AJDayAfter05.jpg 12-28-08AJDayAfter06.jpg 12-28-08AJDayAfter07.jpg 12-28-08AJDayAfter08.jpg

Armanda's sisters dressed back up and participated in the first part of the photo shoot.

12-28-08AJDayAfter09.jpg 12-28-08AJDayAfter10.jpg 12-28-08AJDayAfter11.jpg 12-28-08AJDayAfter12.jpg 12-28-08AJDayAfter13.jpg 12-28-08AJDayAfter14.jpg 12-28-08AJDayAfter15.jpg 12-28-08AJDayAfter16.jpg 12-28-08AJDayAfter17.jpg 12-28-08AJDayAfter18.jpg 12-28-08AJDayAfter19.jpg

Armanda totally looks like a super model!

12-28-08AJDayAfter20.jpg 12-28-08AJDayAfter21.jpg 12-28-08AJDayAfter22.jpg 12-28-08AJDayAfter23.jpg 12-28-08AJDayAfter24.jpg 12-28-08AJDayAfter25.jpg 12-28-08AJDayAfter26.jpg 12-28-08AJDayAfter27.jpg 12-28-08AJDayAfter28.jpg 12-28-08AJDayAfter29.jpg 12-28-08AJDayAfter30.jpg



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Because Tishya and Greg got married at night, they opted to have a "Day-After" session.  We met with them on the Monday following their wedding to shoot their photographs.  This was a very long session spent hopping all around Sedona, so we posted quite a few photos.


We started our photo shoot at the West Fork Trail in Oak Creek Canyon.  The leaves were in their full autumn splendor and we spent quite a bit of time there.  I just love fall in Oak Creek ... it reminds me of where I am from in North Carolina with the leaves running the full spectrum, from deep red to golden yellow and everything in between.


From there we continued on to Red Rock Crossing to get a few shots with Catherdral Rock.  This is the rock formation that Tishya and Greg chose to use on all of their invitations, place settings, etc.  Finally we ended up at Merry-Go-Round Rock for some amazing shots at sunset.


Thank you Tishya and Greg for being so kind and willing to spend time with us!  We had such an amazing time both days and it was a real pleasure being your wedding photographers!  We hope you enjoy them :-)!!

10-27-08TGDayAfter01.jpg 10-27-08TGDayAfter02.jpg 10-27-08TGDayAfter03.jpg 10-27-08TGDayAfter04.jpg 10-27-08TGDayAfter05.jpg 10-27-08TGDayAfter06.jpg 10-27-08TGDayAfter07.jpg 10-27-08TGDayAfter08.jpg 10-27-08TGDayAfter09.jpg 10-27-08TGDayAfter10.jpg 10-27-08TGDayAfter11.jpg 10-27-08TGDayAfter12.jpg 10-27-08TGDayAfter13.jpg

10-27-08TGDayAfter14.jpg 10-27-08TGDayAfter15.jpg 10-27-08TGDayAfter16.jpg 10-27-08TGDayAfter17.jpg 10-27-08TGDayAfter18.jpg 10-27-08TGDayAfter19.jpg 10-27-08TGDayAfter20.jpg 10-27-08TGDayAfter21.jpg 10-27-08TGDayAfter22.jpg 10-27-08TGDayAfter23.jpg 10-27-08TGDayAfter24.jpg 10-27-08TGDayAfter25.jpg 10-27-08TGDayAfter26.jpg

10-27-08TGDayAfter27.jpg 10-27-08TGDayAfter28.jpg 10-27-08TGDayAfter29.jpg

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Josefin Wahss:

This is just wonderful to see. Gorgeous. Amazing colours. Congrats to a beautiful couple!
I just found your new blog, by the way! Had bookmarked the old one - and started to get a bit worried!! Thank you for providing me a bit of Arizona every now and then. Thank you...

(11.06.08 @ 02:29 PM)