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10-16-14 Phoenix Wedding Photographers DNEShoot00.jpg

We love Dawn and Nick and are getting ready to post their wedding from this past Fall.  We couldn't let the opportunity pass by to post some photos from their gorgeous engagement session last year at the Desert Botanical Gardens and Papago Park in Phoenix, Arizona.  Be sure to also check out their amazing Sedona wedding!!

10-16-14 Phoenix Wedding Photographers DNEShoot01.jpg
10-16-14 Phoenix Wedding Photographers DNEShoot02.jpg
10-16-14 Phoenix Wedding Photographers DNEShoot03.jpg
10-16-14 Phoenix Wedding Photographers DNEShoot04.jpg
10-16-14 Phoenix Wedding Photographers DNEShoot05.jpg
10-16-14 Phoenix Wedding Photographers DNEShoot06.jpg
10-16-14 Phoenix Wedding Photographers DNEShoot07.jpg
10-16-14 Phoenix Wedding Photographers DNEShoot08.jpg
10-16-14 Phoenix Wedding Photographers DNEShoot09.jpg
10-16-14 Phoenix Wedding Photographers DNEShoot10.jpg
10-16-14 Phoenix Wedding Photographers DNEShoot11.jpg

10-16-14 Phoenix Wedding Photographers DNEShoot12.jpg
10-16-14 Phoenix Wedding Photographers DNEShoot13.jpg
10-16-14 Phoenix Wedding Photographers DNEShoot14.jpg
10-16-14 Phoenix Wedding Photographers DNEShoot15.jpg
10-16-14 Phoenix Wedding Photographers DNEShoot16.jpg
10-16-14 Phoenix Wedding Photographers DNEShoot17.jpg
10-16-14 Phoenix Wedding Photographers DNEShoot18.jpg

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3-8-13 Phoenix Wedding Photographers ESEShoot00.jpg

Elissa and Spenser's engagement session was taken last year but we couldn't let it pass by without posting it!  They decided to have their photos taken at the Desert Botanical Gardens in Phoenix and what a perfect location it was.  We photographed their wedding this past weekend and it was nothing short of spectacular!  Check back soon to see their wedding!

3-8-13 Phoenix Wedding Photographers ESEShoot01.jpg
3-8-13 Phoenix Wedding Photographers ESEShoot02.jpg
3-8-13 Phoenix Wedding Photographers ESEShoot03.jpg
3-8-13 Phoenix Wedding Photographers ESEShoot04.jpg
3-8-13 Phoenix Wedding Photographers ESEShoot05.jpg
3-8-13 Phoenix Wedding Photographers ESEShoot06.jpg
3-8-13 Phoenix Wedding Photographers ESEShoot07.jpg
3-8-13 Phoenix Wedding Photographers ESEShoot08.jpg
3-8-13 Phoenix Wedding Photographers ESEShoot09.jpg
3-8-13 Phoenix Wedding Photographers ESEShoot10.jpg
3-8-13 Phoenix Wedding Photographers ESEShoot11.jpg
3-8-13 Phoenix Wedding Photographers ESEShoot12.jpg
3-8-13 Phoenix Wedding Photographers ESEShoot13.jpg

3-8-13 Phoenix Wedding Photographers ESEShoot14.jpg
3-8-13 Phoenix Wedding Photographers ESEShoot15.jpg
3-8-13 Phoenix Wedding Photographers ESEShoot16.jpg
3-8-13 Phoenix Wedding Photographers ESEShoot17.jpg
3-8-13 Phoenix Wedding Photographers ESEShoot18.jpg
3-8-13 Phoenix Wedding Photographers ESEShoot19.jpg
3-8-13 Phoenix Wedding Photographers ESEShoot20.jpg
3-8-13 Phoenix Wedding Photographers ESEShoot21.jpg
3-8-13 Phoenix Wedding Photographers ESEShoot22.jpg
3-8-13 Phoenix Wedding Photographers ESEShoot23.jpg
3-8-13 Phoenix Wedding Photographers ESEShoot24.jpg

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11-7-11 Indian Wedding Photographers AJWed00.jpg

Ami and Jeremy's Indian wedding event took place the week of 11-11-11 and it was a stunner!!  Ami wanted to have a traditional Punjabi Wedding and pulled it off in grand style.  The entire event took place over the course of five days and was by far the longest and largest South Asian wedding we have covered!

The first day was set aside for portraits, an engagement session of sorts.  We conducted the shoot at the Desert Botanical Gardens in Phoenix and the setting along with the beautiful sunset skies we were graced with that evening provided the perfect backdrop ... oh, and the giant bug sculptures didn't hurt either :-)!

11-7-11 Indian Wedding Photographers AJWed01.jpg
11-7-11 Indian Wedding Photographers AJWed02.jpg
11-7-11 Indian Wedding Photographers AJWed03.jpg
11-7-11 Indian Wedding Photographers AJWed04.jpg
11-7-11 Indian Wedding Photographers AJWed05.jpg
11-7-11 Indian Wedding Photographers AJWed06.jpg
11-7-11 Indian Wedding Photographers AJWed07.jpg
11-7-11 Indian Wedding Photographers AJWed08.jpg
11-7-11 Indian Wedding Photographers AJWed09.jpg
11-7-11 Indian Wedding Photographers AJWed10.jpg
11-7-11 Indian Wedding Photographers AJWed11.jpg
11-7-11 Indian Wedding Photographers AJWed12.jpg
11-7-11 Indian Wedding Photographers AJWed13.jpg

11-7-11 Indian Wedding Photographers AJWed14.jpg
11-7-11 Indian Wedding Photographers AJWed15.jpg
11-7-11 Indian Wedding Photographers AJWed16.jpg
11-7-11 Indian Wedding Photographers AJWed17.jpg
11-7-11 Indian Wedding Photographers AJWed18.jpg
11-7-11 Indian Wedding Photographers AJWed19.jpg
11-7-11 Indian Wedding Photographers AJWed20.jpg

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We just wanted to share what we have been up to over the past six days.  We are in the middle of our shooting marathon ... 10 days of straight shoots ... and so far they have taken us from every season and climate through days of crazy weather :-)!  We won't lie, it has been tiring, but fun so far and we are looking forward to the final run!

Airica and Chuck's Engagement Session in Sedona
11-8-11 Phoenix Wedding Photographers MISC01.jpg

Angela and John's Wedding at L'Auberge de Sedona
11-8-11 Phoenix Wedding Photographers MISC02.jpg

Eliza and Sean's Wedding at the Arizona Biltmore, Phoenix
11-8-11 Phoenix Wedding Photographers MISC03.jpg

Elizabeth and Daniel's Reception, Paradise Valley
11-8-11 Phoenix Wedding Photographers MISC04.jpg

Bethany and Michael's Engagement Session, Flagstaff
11-8-11 Phoenix Wedding Photographers MISC05.jpg

Ami and Jeremy's Engagement Session, Desert Botanical Gardens, Phoenix
11-8-11 Phoenix Wedding Photographers MISC06.jpg

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Teenie McKerracher:

Such a big thank you to Sierra Blanco for the shoot! Wow....you three worked so hard and these blog posted pics are just the beginning! I am so excited! Anyone out there looking for a top notch team to provide lasting memories? ... Sierra Blanco is it! ... Thanks Again! T ;)

(11.09.11 @ 03:42 AM)


5-8-10 Phoenix Wedding Photographer CDWed00.jpg


This posting has been a while in coming.  Recently Caitlin received her album and emailed to thank us for everything.  She said she was so delighted with everything we had done for her but was kind of bummed she never made it on the blog.  We reassured her that both her wedding and trash the dress session would both still make it.  They were both amazing shoots and there was no way we wouldn't want to post them eventually.  That goes for everyone who's weddings or shoots haven't been posted yet ... we just got so far behind for a while, it is taking a long time to catch up.  So Caitlin, here is your beautiful posting :-)!!


Caitlin and Dave were married in early May 2010, at the Desert Botanical Gardens in Phoenix, Arizona.  This is one of our favorite venues and these two are among our favorite couples!  They were so amazing to work with and they have the most adorable daughter named Shaylee.  Doesn't hurt how photogenic they are either :-)!  The only sad thing is that we won't be able to work with them much in the future because the week after their wedding they headed off to Portland to live.  The important thing though, is that they love it there.  Thank you both so much for allowing us to be a part of your big day ... it was just stunning!!


5-8-10 Phoenix Wedding Photographer CDWed01.jpg
5-8-10 Phoenix Wedding Photographer CDWed02.jpg
5-8-10 Phoenix Wedding Photographer CDWed03.jpg
5-8-10 Phoenix Wedding Photographer CDWed04.jpg
5-8-10 Phoenix Wedding Photographer CDWed05.jpg
5-8-10 Phoenix Wedding Photographer CDWed06.jpg
5-8-10 Phoenix Wedding Photographer CDWed07.jpg
5-8-10 Phoenix Wedding Photographer CDWed08.jpg
5-8-10 Phoenix Wedding Photographer CDWed09.jpg
5-8-10 Phoenix Wedding Photographer CDWed10.jpg
5-8-10 Phoenix Wedding Photographer CDWed11.jpg
5-8-10 Phoenix Wedding Photographer CDWed12.jpg
5-8-10 Phoenix Wedding Photographer CDWed13.jpg
5-8-10 Phoenix Wedding Photographer CDWed14.jpg
5-8-10 Phoenix Wedding Photographer CDWed15.jpg
5-8-10 Phoenix Wedding Photographer CDWed16.jpg
5-8-10 Phoenix Wedding Photographer CDWed17.jpg
5-8-10 Phoenix Wedding Photographer CDWed18.jpg
5-8-10 Phoenix Wedding Photographer CDWed19.jpg
5-8-10 Phoenix Wedding Photographer CDWed20.jpg
5-8-10 Phoenix Wedding Photographer CDWed21.jpg
5-8-10 Phoenix Wedding Photographer CDWed22.jpg
5-8-10 Phoenix Wedding Photographer CDWed23.jpg
5-8-10 Phoenix Wedding Photographer CDWed24.jpg
5-8-10 Phoenix Wedding Photographer CDWed25.jpg
5-8-10 Phoenix Wedding Photographer CDWed26.jpg
5-8-10 Phoenix Wedding Photographer CDWed27.jpg
5-8-10 Phoenix Wedding Photographer CDWed28.jpg
5-8-10 Phoenix Wedding Photographer CDWed29.jpg
5-8-10 Phoenix Wedding Photographer CDWed30.jpg
5-8-10 Phoenix Wedding Photographer CDWed31.jpg
5-8-10 Phoenix Wedding Photographer CDWed32.jpg
5-8-10 Phoenix Wedding Photographer CDWed33.jpg
5-8-10 Phoenix Wedding Photographer CDWed34.jpg
5-8-10 Phoenix Wedding Photographer CDWed35.jpg
5-8-10 Phoenix Wedding Photographer CDWed36.jpg
5-8-10 Phoenix Wedding Photographer CDWed37.jpg
5-8-10 Phoenix Wedding Photographer CDWed38.jpg
5-8-10 Phoenix Wedding Photographer CDWed39.jpg
5-8-10 Phoenix Wedding Photographer CDWed40.jpg
5-8-10 Phoenix Wedding Photographer CDWed41.jpg
5-8-10 Phoenix Wedding Photographer CDWed42.jpg
5-8-10 Phoenix Wedding Photographer CDWed43.jpg
5-8-10 Phoenix Wedding Photographer CDWed44.jpg
5-8-10 Phoenix Wedding Photographer CDWed45.jpg
5-8-10 Phoenix Wedding Photographer CDWed46.jpg
5-8-10 Phoenix Wedding Photographer CDWed47.jpg
5-8-10 Phoenix Wedding Photographer CDWed48.jpg


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Caitlin Smith:

Tina and Kevin (and Angie too!), THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!!! :-D You guys bent over backwards for us (literally sometimes, lol!) and we appreciate it more than you could know. Everyone who has seen our album has been amazed at the unmatched quality and attention to detail apparent from cover to cover. Not only are you masters in the field of photography, but you're also just plain awesome people. :) We are forever grateful,
Caitlin & Dave

(01.11.11 @ 10:03 PM)

Two weeks ago Amber and Troy traveled to Phoenix from Los Angeles for their wedding at the always spectacular Desert Botanical Gardens (one of my very favorite venues)!!  The Chihuly exhibit was still going on, making for great backdrops to photos.  Troy is a director and couldn't resist getting behind the cameras every now and again - I totally understand though.  I was the same way at my own wedding last year :-).


There were many special elements to this wedding including Troy's mom officiating the ceremony, which made for some wonderfully tender moments.  The most exicting element though was Amber's pregnancy.  I loved her attitude towards being five months pregnant and wearing a wedding dress - her words, "it's obvious, so I figured why not flaunt it!"  And that she did in her lovely sheath gown ... you go girl :-)!!  She was absolutely radiant!!  The final special element was the couple's decision to reveal their baby's gender with the unveiling of the cake ... the topper - a pair of blue baby shoes ... it's a boy!!


Amber and Troy, thank you so much for having us as your wedding photographers.  You were a genuine delight to get to know!  Seriously, you are two of the nicest, most genuine people we have ever had the pleasure of meeting!  We wish you all the best in life :-)!

A little wardrobe malfunction :-).
Amber's first meeting with Troy ... she looks so cute!!
Her amber necklace (in honor of her name) was stunning!!
These two were so sweet during their vows ... you could really sense the love between them :-).
Haming it up ...
In honor of their little bundle of joy ... I love little baby shoes :-).
Got to admire a pregant girl who will bust the moves like that :-).
Troy can never stop working :-) ... I love it!
Best wishes to the three of you :-)!!!!!
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This posting is a little long in coming.  I went out of town right after this wedding and have been gone ever since - more postings to come on that.

Erin and Erich got married at the end of February in Phoenix and we are so glad to have been chosen as their wedding photographers.  Their ceremony was held at the All Saints Catholic Newman Center at ASU.  I loved the architecture of the church.  The reception was held at one of our favorite venues - the Desert Botanical Gardens.  This place is so beautiful at any time but it is exceptionally lovely right now.  They are featuring a spectacular display that covers the entire gardens called, Chihuly: The Nature of Glass.  The Glass Sculptures that adorn the gardens are nothing short of inspirational - plus they made for wonderful photographic backdrops :-).

Erin and Erich, you looked AMAZING and the wedding was wonderful ... love the pink and green umbrellas you supplied to your guests by the way - what fun props :-).  We have really enjoyed working with you both and hope you enjoy the sneak peak!

Side note:  We had one of our digital cameras converted over to infrared ... we have always loved the unique look of infrared ... and got to use it for the first time at this wedding.  We LOVED it!!  You can recognize the unique look of infrared by the white foliage and black skies.  We can either shoot these photos in color or black & white.  Also, a special thank you to Joyce for assisting at this wedding - as usual she did a fantastic job!!


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Love the way your shots came out! L-O-V-E the infared!

Congrats Erin and Erich! It was fun working with you two!

(03.17.09 @ 02:27 AM)

It´s such a cool place. Thank you for posting some saguaros...;) The infrared among barrel cactuses is my favourite though. Looking up air fares right now...

(03.22.09 @ 11:36 PM)