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6-13-11 Destination Wedding Photographers NTTTD00.jpg

After all the hectic activities over the past two days, which left little time to do many posed photographs, we all headed out to relax, take a swim and do a trash the dress shoot!  We headed south of Playa del Carmen to the Yucatan's famed cenotes to take a refreshing dip (truth be told, the water was a tad chilly) and take some underwater shots in it's crystal clear waters.  I had been really excited about visiting the cenotes and they did not disappoint ... they were absolutely stunning!  From there we headed to the beach to finish up the session.  It was a lovely way to spend more time getting to know Neha and Tunde and to wrap up a spectacular destination wedding in Cancun, Mexico!  Thank you both so much for the experience ... it was true privilege!!!

6-13-11 Destination Wedding Photographers NTTTD01.jpg
6-13-11 Destination Wedding Photographers NTTTD02.jpg
6-13-11 Destination Wedding Photographers NTTTD03.jpg
6-13-11 Destination Wedding Photographers NTTTD04.jpg
6-13-11 Destination Wedding Photographers NTTTD05.jpg
6-13-11 Destination Wedding Photographers NTTTD06.jpg
6-13-11 Destination Wedding Photographers NTTTD07.jpg
6-13-11 Destination Wedding Photographers NTTTD08.jpg
6-13-11 Destination Wedding Photographers NTTTD09.jpg
6-13-11 Destination Wedding Photographers NTTTD10.jpg
6-13-11 Destination Wedding Photographers NTTTD11.jpg
6-13-11 Destination Wedding Photographers NTTTD12.jpg
6-13-11 Destination Wedding Photographers NTTTD13.jpg
6-13-11 Destination Wedding Photographers NTTTD14.jpg
6-13-11 Destination Wedding Photographers NTTTD15.jpg
6-13-11 Destination Wedding Photographers NTTTD16.jpg
6-13-11 Destination Wedding Photographers NTTTD17.jpg
6-13-11 Destination Wedding Photographers NTTTD18.jpg
6-13-11 Destination Wedding Photographers NTTTD19.jpg
6-13-11 Destination Wedding Photographers NTTTD20.jpg
6-13-11 Destination Wedding Photographers NTTTD21.jpg
6-13-11 Destination Wedding Photographers NTTTD22.jpg
6-13-11 Destination Wedding Photographers NTTTD23.jpg
6-13-11 Destination Wedding Photographers NTTTD24.jpg
6-13-11 Destination Wedding Photographers NTTTD25.jpg
6-13-11 Destination Wedding Photographers NTTTD26.jpg
6-13-11 Destination Wedding Photographers NTTTD27.jpg
6-13-11 Destination Wedding Photographers NTTTD28.jpg

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Being that I wanted to comment on EVERY SINGLE PICTURE, I figured it made the most sense to wait until the very end of the postings. :) Ummm... WOW! Tina, We are amazing! lol. I had the most INCREDIBLE time...incredible being a complete and total understatement!!! Not only was this a beautiful wedding in every way a wedding can be beautiful--Beautiful people, Beautiful decorations, Beautiful customs--It was THE MOST humbling experience of LOVE I have ever encountered. With so much negativity and hate in the world, your families were brought together as one by nothing more than, as your mother gorgeously stated, "Just love." No hindrances of race or religion were in sight, and that is so beautiful. Thus, making it so much more than just a wedding for me, but a life experience I could have never received any where else, at any other time in my life. I was where I was supposed to be (by default, thanks to Kevin -sorry Kevin, but you are appreciated :)).
I want to thank Neha, Tunde, and ALL of their beautiful family members, for giving Tina and I the opportunity to photograph this truly one-of-a-kind wedding! Neha & Tunde, You are an inspiration of love and I feel so blessed to have met you. To Kevin, thank you for having prior arrangements that allowed me to take your place in Cancun (hahaha-you were missed). And to Tina (and Kevin), thank you for trusting my "eye" and for giving me the guidance, strength and support to continue to grow. I am still utterly grateful to be a part of the Sierra Blanco team/family and LOVE YOU BOTH to pieces! Here's to Neha, Tunde, their wedding, their pictures :), and to the future. SALUD!!

(06.27.11 @ 07:25 PM)
Jessica Taylor:

Tina and Kevin - these images are breathtaking. I have never seen anything like this and am in awe! I am so honored to have had you photograph our wedding and hope to have a trash the dress session one day too! -Jessica (White) Taylor

(06.28.11 @ 05:08 AM)
JL Morrissey:

Your collaboration on this wedding brought me so much joy today! It's more than a wedding album; it’s a testament to humanity’s cultural prosperity. Pure magic, pure love. Cheers!

(06.28.11 @ 06:42 PM)
5-16-10 Day After Wedding Photography LADA00.jpg


Liane and Andy decided to have a day-after shoot - imagine this - the day after the wedding :-).  They had limited time on the wedding day to do formals since they opted not to see one another before the ceremony and just wanted to take a little more time to get some great shots on the stunning beach where they were married.


5-16-10 Day After Wedding Photography LADA01.jpg
5-16-10 Day After Wedding Photography LADA02.jpg
5-16-10 Day After Wedding Photography LADA03.jpg
5-16-10 Day After Wedding Photography LADA04.jpg
5-16-10 Day After Wedding Photography LADA05.jpg
5-16-10 Day After Wedding Photography LADA06.jpg
5-16-10 Day After Wedding Photography LADA07.jpg
5-16-10 Day After Wedding Photography LADA08.jpg
5-16-10 Day After Wedding Photography LADA09.jpg
5-16-10 Day After Wedding Photography LADA10.jpg
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5-15-10 Destination Wedding Photography LAWed00.jpg


Liane and Andy are two of our favorite clients.  We had an instant connection from the first time we met them for their engagement shoot and were so honored to follow them to Florida for their beautiful beachside wedding!


Their wedding took place this past May in Clearwater Beach, Florida at the Hilton Clearwater Beach Resort.  The water was clear (true to it's name) and blue, the sand was a blinding snow white, and the temperatures were balmy ... so, all in all, a perfect central Florida day :-)!


5-15-10 Destination Wedding Photography LAWed01.jpg
5-15-10 Destination Wedding Photography LAWed02.jpg
5-15-10 Destination Wedding Photography LAWed03.jpg
5-15-10 Destination Wedding Photography LAWed04.jpg
5-15-10 Destination Wedding Photography LAWed05.jpg
5-15-10 Destination Wedding Photography LAWed06.jpg
5-15-10 Destination Wedding Photography LAWed07.jpg
5-15-10 Destination Wedding Photography LAWed08.jpg
5-15-10 Destination Wedding Photography LAWed09.jpg
5-15-10 Destination Wedding Photography LAWed10.jpg
5-15-10 Destination Wedding Photography LAWed11.jpg
5-15-10 Destination Wedding Photography LAWed12.jpg
5-15-10 Destination Wedding Photography LAWed13.jpg
5-15-10 Destination Wedding Photography LAWed14.jpg
5-15-10 Destination Wedding Photography LAWed15.jpg
5-15-10 Destination Wedding Photography LAWed16.jpg
5-15-10 Destination Wedding Photography LAWed17.jpg
5-15-10 Destination Wedding Photography LAWed18.jpg
5-15-10 Destination Wedding Photography LAWed19.jpg
5-15-10 Destination Wedding Photography LAWed20.jpg
5-15-10 Destination Wedding Photography LAWed21.jpg
5-15-10 Destination Wedding Photography LAWed22.jpg
5-15-10 Destination Wedding Photography LAWed23.jpg
5-15-10 Destination Wedding Photography LAWed24.jpg
5-15-10 Destination Wedding Photography LAWed25.jpg
5-15-10 Destination Wedding Photography LAWed26.jpg
5-15-10 Destination Wedding Photography LAWed27.jpg
5-15-10 Destination Wedding Photography LAWed28.jpg
5-15-10 Destination Wedding Photography LAWed29.jpg
5-15-10 Destination Wedding Photography LAWed30.jpg
5-15-10 Destination Wedding Photography LAWed31.jpg
5-15-10 Destination Wedding Photography LAWed32.jpg
5-15-10 Destination Wedding Photography LAWed33.jpg
5-15-10 Destination Wedding Photography LAWed34.jpg
5-15-10 Destination Wedding Photography LAWed35.jpg
5-15-10 Destination Wedding Photography LAWed36.jpg
5-15-10 Destination Wedding Photography LAWed37.jpg
5-15-10 Destination Wedding Photography LAWed38.jpg
5-15-10 Destination Wedding Photography LAWed39.jpg
5-15-10 Destination Wedding Photography LAWed40.jpg
5-15-10 Destination Wedding Photography LAWed41.jpg
5-15-10 Destination Wedding Photography LAWed42.jpg
5-15-10 Destination Wedding Photography LAWed43.jpg
5-15-10 Destination Wedding Photography LAWed44.jpg
5-15-10 Destination Wedding Photography LAWed45.jpg
5-15-10 Destination Wedding Photography LAWed46.jpg
5-15-10 Destination Wedding Photography LAWed47.jpg
5-15-10 Destination Wedding Photography LAWed48.jpg
5-15-10 Destination Wedding Photography LAWed49.jpg
5-15-10 Destination Wedding Photography LAWed50.jpg
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5-30-10 Trash The Dress Photography ABTTD00.jpg


We spent the day after Amy and Brian's destination wedding in Puerto Penasco (Rocky Point), Mexico, photographing an amazing trash the dress shoot!!!  This shoot was soooooo much fun and the photos are stunning!  A big thanks to Amy for being absolutely fearless :-) ... she said she enjoyed this shoot as much as her wedding day, and you can tell!!


5-30-10 Trash The Dress Photography ABTTD01.jpg
5-30-10 Trash The Dress Photography ABTTD02.jpg
5-30-10 Trash The Dress Photography ABTTD03.jpg
5-30-10 Trash The Dress Photography ABTTD04.jpg
5-30-10 Trash The Dress Photography ABTTD05.jpg
5-30-10 Trash The Dress Photography ABTTD06.jpg
5-30-10 Trash The Dress Photography ABTTD07.jpg
5-30-10 Trash The Dress Photography ABTTD08.jpg
5-30-10 Trash The Dress Photography ABTTD09.jpg
5-30-10 Trash The Dress Photography ABTTD10.jpg
5-30-10 Trash The Dress Photography ABTTD11.jpg
5-30-10 Trash The Dress Photography ABTTD12.jpg
5-30-10 Trash The Dress Photography ABTTD13.jpg
5-30-10 Trash The Dress Photography ABTTD14.jpg
5-30-10 Trash The Dress Photography ABTTD15.jpg
5-30-10 Trash The Dress Photography ABTTD16.jpg
5-30-10 Trash The Dress Photography ABTTD17.jpg
5-30-10 Trash The Dress Photography ABTTD18.jpg
5-30-10 Trash The Dress Photography ABTTD19.jpg
5-30-10 Trash The Dress Photography ABTTD20.jpg
5-30-10 Trash The Dress Photography ABTTD21.jpg
5-30-10 Trash The Dress Photography ABTTD22.jpg
5-30-10 Trash The Dress Photography ABTTD23.jpg
5-30-10 Trash The Dress Photography ABTTD24.jpg
5-30-10 Trash The Dress Photography ABTTD25.jpg
5-30-10 Trash The Dress Photography ABTTD26.jpg
5-30-10 Trash The Dress Photography ABTTD27.jpg
5-30-10 Trash The Dress Photography ABTTD28.jpg
5-30-10 Trash The Dress Photography ABTTD29.jpg
5-30-10 Trash The Dress Photography ABTTD30.jpg
5-30-10 Trash The Dress Photography ABTTD31.jpg
5-30-10 Trash The Dress Photography ABTTD32.jpg
5-30-10 Trash The Dress Photography ABTTD33.jpg
5-30-10 Trash The Dress Photography ABTTD34.jpg
5-30-10 Trash The Dress Photography ABTTD35.jpg
5-30-10 Trash The Dress Photography ABTTD36.jpg
5-30-10 Trash The Dress Photography ABTTD37.jpg
5-30-10 Trash The Dress Photography ABTTD38.jpg
5-30-10 Trash The Dress Photography ABTTD39.jpg
5-30-10 Trash The Dress Photography ABTTD40.jpg
5-30-10 Trash The Dress Photography ABTTD41.jpg
5-30-10 Trash The Dress Photography ABTTD42.jpg
5-30-10 Trash The Dress Photography ABTTD43.jpg
5-30-10 Trash The Dress Photography ABTTD44.jpg
5-30-10 Trash The Dress Photography ABTTD45.jpg
5-30-10 Trash The Dress Photography ABTTD46.jpg
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I love every second of this shoot. The comedy that comes through really shows the couples personality! And the shots in the ocean are just...breathtaking! You two did an amazing job once again...and will ALWAYS be an inspiration! Thank you for the amazing art that you create!

(02.13.11 @ 09:46 PM)
Amanda M.:

now THAT is a trashed dress! I love how he hosed her off in the end! hahaha great shoot!

(02.20.11 @ 02:42 PM)
5-29-10 Destination Wedding Photography ABWed01.jpg


Amy and Brian own a couple of condos at Las Palomas Resort in Puerto Penasco (Rocky Point), Mexico and decided, what better place to have their dream destination wedding than in a place that holds a special place in their hearts.  This event was beyond stunning and every detail was well thought out and executed ... and their two dogs - how cute!!  We felt privileged to be chosen by this wonderful couple to be their wedding photographers ... thank you both for an spectacular weekend!!


5-29-10 Destination Wedding Photography ABWed02.jpg
5-29-10 Destination Wedding Photography ABWed03.jpg
5-29-10 Destination Wedding Photography ABWed04.jpg
5-29-10 Destination Wedding Photography ABWed05.jpg
5-29-10 Destination Wedding Photography ABWed06.jpg
5-29-10 Destination Wedding Photography ABWed07.jpg
5-29-10 Destination Wedding Photography ABWed08.jpg
5-29-10 Destination Wedding Photography ABWed09.jpg
5-29-10 Destination Wedding Photography ABWed10.jpg
5-29-10 Destination Wedding Photography ABWed11.jpg
5-29-10 Destination Wedding Photography ABWed12.jpg
5-29-10 Destination Wedding Photography ABWed13.jpg
5-29-10 Destination Wedding Photography ABWed14.jpg
5-29-10 Destination Wedding Photography ABWed15.jpg
5-29-10 Destination Wedding Photography ABWed16.jpg
5-29-10 Destination Wedding Photography ABWed17.jpg
5-29-10 Destination Wedding Photography ABWed18.jpg
5-29-10 Destination Wedding Photography ABWed19.jpg
5-29-10 Destination Wedding Photography ABWed20.jpg
5-29-10 Destination Wedding Photography ABWed21.jpg
5-29-10 Destination Wedding Photography ABWed22.jpg
5-29-10 Destination Wedding Photography ABWed23.jpg
5-29-10 Destination Wedding Photography ABWed24.jpg
5-29-10 Destination Wedding Photography ABWed25.jpg
5-29-10 Destination Wedding Photography ABWed26.jpg
5-29-10 Destination Wedding Photography ABWed27.jpg
5-29-10 Destination Wedding Photography ABWed28.jpg
5-29-10 Destination Wedding Photography ABWed29.jpg
5-29-10 Destination Wedding Photography ABWed30.jpg
5-29-10 Destination Wedding Photography ABWed31.jpg
5-29-10 Destination Wedding Photography ABWed32.jpg
5-29-10 Destination Wedding Photography ABWed33.jpg
5-29-10 Destination Wedding Photography ABWed34.jpg
5-29-10 Destination Wedding Photography ABWed35.jpg
5-29-10 Destination Wedding Photography ABWed36.jpg
5-29-10 Destination Wedding Photography ABWed37.jpg
5-29-10 Destination Wedding Photography ABWed38.jpg
5-29-10 Destination Wedding Photography ABWed39.jpg
5-29-10 Destination Wedding Photography ABWed40.jpg
5-29-10 Destination Wedding Photography ABWed41.jpg
5-29-10 Destination Wedding Photography ABWed42.jpg
5-29-10 Destination Wedding Photography ABWed43.jpg
5-29-10 Destination Wedding Photography ABWed44.jpg
5-29-10 Destination Wedding Photography ABWed45.jpg
5-29-10 Destination Wedding Photography ABWed46.jpg
5-29-10 Destination Wedding Photography ABWed47.jpg
5-29-10 Destination Wedding Photography ABWed48.jpg
5-29-10 Destination Wedding Photography ABWed49.jpg
5-29-10 Destination Wedding Photography ABWed50.jpg
5-29-10 Destination Wedding Photography ABWed51.jpg
5-29-10 Destination Wedding Photography ABWed52.jpg
5-29-10 Destination Wedding Photography ABWed53.jpg
5-29-10 Destination Wedding Photography ABWed54.jpg
5-29-10 Destination Wedding Photography ABWed55.jpg
5-29-10 Destination Wedding Photography ABWed56.jpg
5-29-10 Destination Wedding Photography ABWed57.jpg
5-29-10 Destination Wedding Photography ABWed58.jpg
5-29-10 Destination Wedding Photography ABWed59.jpg
We took Purple Bill and Greeny along and they had a blast :-)!
5-29-10 Destination Wedding Photography ABWed60.jpg
Amy's bridesmaid took this photo on me in action ... with a little helper sitting on me :-)!!
5-29-10 Destination Wedding Photography ABWed61.jpg
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Love it! What a beautiful wedding! I love the colors, and the captures!!

(02.13.11 @ 09:59 PM)
4-11-10 Trash The Dress Photography JITTD00.jpg


The day after their destination wedding, Jacqueline and Izzy took advantage of the beauty and culture of the local area and did a trash the dress shoot.  It started off at the local fish market district and ended with a whole lot of fun in the water ... great shoot!!


4-11-10 Trash The Dress Photography JITTD01.jpg
4-11-10 Trash The Dress Photography JITTD02.jpg
4-11-10 Trash The Dress Photography JITTD03.jpg
4-11-10 Trash The Dress Photography JITTD04.jpg
4-11-10 Trash The Dress Photography JITTD05.jpg
4-11-10 Trash The Dress Photography JITTD06.jpg
4-11-10 Trash The Dress Photography JITTD07.jpg
4-11-10 Trash The Dress Photography JITTD08.jpg
4-11-10 Trash The Dress Photography JITTD09.jpg
4-11-10 Trash The Dress Photography JITTD10.jpg
4-11-10 Trash The Dress Photography JITTD11.jpg
4-11-10 Trash The Dress Photography JITTD12.jpg
4-11-10 Trash The Dress Photography JITTD13.jpg
4-11-10 Trash The Dress Photography JITTD14.jpg
4-11-10 Trash The Dress Photography JITTD15.jpg
4-11-10 Trash The Dress Photography JITTD16.jpg
4-11-10 Trash The Dress Photography JITTD17.jpg
4-11-10 Trash The Dress Photography JITTD18.jpg
4-11-10 Trash The Dress Photography JITTD19.jpg
Beautiful shot by Melissa!
4-11-10 Trash The Dress Photography JITTD20.jpg
4-11-10 Trash The Dress Photography JITTD21.jpg
4-11-10 Trash The Dress Photography JITTD22.jpg
4-11-10 Trash The Dress Photography JITTD23.jpg
4-11-10 Trash The Dress Photography JITTD24.jpg
4-11-10 Trash The Dress Photography JITTD25.jpg
4-11-10 Trash The Dress Photography JITTD26.jpg
Another great moment by Melissa!
4-11-10 Trash The Dress Photography JITTD27.jpg
4-11-10 Trash The Dress Photography JITTD28.jpg
4-11-10 Trash The Dress Photography JITTD29.jpg
4-11-10 Trash The Dress Photography JITTD30.jpg
4-11-10 Trash The Dress Photography JITTD31.jpg
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4-10-10 Destination Wedding Photography JIWed01.jpg


OK ... I am still way behind on blog postings from this past year.  Jacqueline and Izzy chose to have a destination wedding and were married last April in a beautiful beach wedding at a private home in Puerto Penasco (Rocky Point), Mexico!  My great friend and fellow photographer, Melissa Dunstan, accompanied me on this trip and we had a great time ... thanks so much Melissa :-)!


4-10-10 Destination Wedding Photography JIWed02.jpg
4-10-10 Destination Wedding Photography JIWed03.jpg
4-10-10 Destination Wedding Photography JIWed04.jpg
4-10-10 Destination Wedding Photography JIWed05.jpg
4-10-10 Destination Wedding Photography JIWed06.jpg
4-10-10 Destination Wedding Photography JIWed07.jpg
4-10-10 Destination Wedding Photography JIWed08.jpg
4-10-10 Destination Wedding Photography JIWed09.jpg
4-10-10 Destination Wedding Photography JIWed10.jpg
4-10-10 Destination Wedding Photography JIWed11.jpg
4-10-10 Destination Wedding Photography JIWed12.jpg
4-10-10 Destination Wedding Photography JIWed13.jpg
4-10-10 Destination Wedding Photography JIWed14.jpg
I love this moment captured by Melissa as the ceremony got underway!
4-10-10 Destination Wedding Photography JIWed15.jpg
4-10-10 Destination Wedding Photography JIWed16.jpg
4-10-10 Destination Wedding Photography JIWed17.jpg
4-10-10 Destination Wedding Photography JIWed18.jpg
4-10-10 Destination Wedding Photography JIWed19.jpg
4-10-10 Destination Wedding Photography JIWed20.jpg
4-10-10 Destination Wedding Photography JIWed21.jpg
Another funny moment captured by Melissa of these two snapping a shot of the ceremony :-)!
4-10-10 Destination Wedding Photography JIWed22.jpg
4-10-10 Destination Wedding Photography JIWed23.jpg
4-10-10 Destination Wedding Photography JIWed24.jpg
4-10-10 Destination Wedding Photography JIWed25.jpg
4-10-10 Destination Wedding Photography JIWed26.jpg
4-10-10 Destination Wedding Photography JIWed27.jpg
4-10-10 Destination Wedding Photography JIWed28.jpg
4-10-10 Destination Wedding Photography JIWed29.jpg
4-10-10 Destination Wedding Photography JIWed30.jpg
4-10-10 Destination Wedding Photography JIWed31.jpg
4-10-10 Destination Wedding Photography JIWed32.jpg
4-10-10 Destination Wedding Photography JIWed33.jpg
A beautiful moment between mother and daughter captured by Melissa!
4-10-10 Destination Wedding Photography JIWed34.jpg
4-10-10 Destination Wedding Photography JIWed35.jpg
Funny bride moments ... both shots by Melissa.
4-10-10 Destination Wedding Photography JIWed36.jpg
Portrait by Melissa.
4-10-10 Destination Wedding Photography JIWed37.jpg
4-10-10 Destination Wedding Photography JIWed38.jpg
4-10-10 Destination Wedding Photography JIWed39.jpg
4-10-10 Destination Wedding Photography JIWed40.jpg
4-10-10 Destination Wedding Photography JIWed41.jpg
4-10-10 Destination Wedding Photography JIWed42.jpg
4-10-10 Destination Wedding Photography JIWed43.jpg
4-10-10 Destination Wedding Photography JIWed44.jpg
4-10-10 Destination Wedding Photography JIWed45.jpg
4-10-10 Destination Wedding Photography JIWed46.jpg
4-10-10 Destination Wedding Photography JIWed47.jpg
4-10-10 Destination Wedding Photography JIWed48.jpg
4-10-10 Destination Wedding Photography JIWed49.jpg
4-10-10 Destination Wedding Photography JIWed50.jpg
4-10-10 Destination Wedding Photography JIWed51.jpg
4-10-10 Destination Wedding Photography JIWed52.jpg
4-10-10 Destination Wedding Photography JIWed53.jpg
4-10-10 Destination Wedding Photography JIWed54.jpg
4-10-10 Destination Wedding Photography JIWed55.jpg
4-10-10 Destination Wedding Photography JIWed56.jpg
4-10-10 Destination Wedding Photography JIWed57.jpg
4-10-10 Destination Wedding Photography JIWed58.jpg
4-10-10 Destination Wedding Photography JIWed59.jpg
4-10-10 Destination Wedding Photography JIWed60.jpg
Some fun photos of Melissa and I taken throughout the day :-).
4-10-10 Destination Wedding Photography JIWed61.jpg
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I was so excited this past winter when Adrielle contacted us about photographing her destination wedding on the Big Island of Hawaii, after seeing us at a bridal show!  After a few emails and a couple of phone calls, we were booking our tickets!


This wedding was full of friends, family, culture and of course, a lot of love!!  Adrielle lives in Phoenix and strives to be unique in every way and Hinano is from Kona and loves his heritage and culture.  Their wedding combined all aspects of their personalities and came off in fantastic fashion!  They were married at the Kona Temple and their reception was held at the adjacent Morman Church.  There was a lot of yummy traditional food, singing, beautiful hula dancing and emotional speeches thoughout the evening.  Much of the emotional outpouring came from Hinano's family as they had to say goodbye to their son and brother ... Hinano made the move a few days after the wedding to join Adrielle in Phoenix.


Thank you both so much for being so wonderful!!  You were amazing to work with and your families were just the best!  Enjoy!


Wait 'till you see the trash the dress session with these two ... AMAZING!!!  Can't wait to post it and the photos we took throughout the rest of the two weeks we stayed on the Big Island!

8-7-10 Destinationl Wedding Photographer AHWed01.jpg
8-7-10 Destinationl Wedding Photographer AHWed02.jpg
Adrielle's shoes were SOOOO COOL!!
8-7-10 Destinationl Wedding Photographer AHWed03.jpg
8-7-10 Destinationl Wedding Photographer AHWed04.jpg
8-7-10 Destinationl Wedding Photographer AHWed05.jpg
8-7-10 Destinationl Wedding Photographer AHWed06.jpg
Still LOVE this background!!
8-7-10 Destinationl Wedding Photographer AHWed07.jpg
8-7-10 Destinationl Wedding Photographer AHWed08.jpg
8-7-10 Destinationl Wedding Photographer AHWed09.jpg
8-7-10 Destinationl Wedding Photographer AHWed10.jpg
8-7-10 Destinationl Wedding Photographer AHWed11.jpg
We are not going to discuss what happened in this series of photos ... needless to say, you can probably figure it out on your own.  In the end, Adrielle was fine, everyone got a good laugh and now she has a really cool wedding day story to tell :-)!
8-7-10 Destinationl Wedding Photographer AHWed12.jpg
8-7-10 Destinationl Wedding Photographer AHWed13.jpg
8-7-10 Destinationl Wedding Photographer AHWed14.jpg
8-7-10 Destinationl Wedding Photographer AHWed15.jpg
8-7-10 Destinationl Wedding Photographer AHWed16.jpg
8-7-10 Destinationl Wedding Photographer AHWed17.jpg
8-7-10 Destinationl Wedding Photographer AHWed18.jpg
8-7-10 Destinationl Wedding Photographer AHWed19.jpg
8-7-10 Destinationl Wedding Photographer AHWed20.jpg
8-7-10 Destinationl Wedding Photographer AHWed21.jpg
8-7-10 Destinationl Wedding Photographer AHWed22.jpg
8-7-10 Destinationl Wedding Photographer AHWed23.jpg
8-7-10 Destinationl Wedding Photographer AHWed24.jpg
8-7-10 Destinationl Wedding Photographer AHWed25.jpg
8-7-10 Destinationl Wedding Photographer AHWed26.jpg
8-7-10 Destinationl Wedding Photographer AHWed27.jpg
8-7-10 Destinationl Wedding Photographer AHWed28.jpg
8-7-10 Destinationl Wedding Photographer AHWed29.jpg
8-7-10 Destinationl Wedding Photographer AHWed30.jpg
This baby was so funny!!
8-7-10 Destinationl Wedding Photographer AHWed31.jpg
Before the reception, Adrielle and Hinano had a ring exchange ceremony in the church.
8-7-10 Destinationl Wedding Photographer AHWed32.jpg
8-7-10 Destinationl Wedding Photographer AHWed33.jpg
8-7-10 Destinationl Wedding Photographer AHWed34.jpg
8-7-10 Destinationl Wedding Photographer AHWed35.jpg
8-7-10 Destinationl Wedding Photographer AHWed36.jpg
8-7-10 Destinationl Wedding Photographer AHWed37.jpg
8-7-10 Destinationl Wedding Photographer AHWed38.jpg
8-7-10 Destinationl Wedding Photographer AHWed39.jpg
8-7-10 Destinationl Wedding Photographer AHWed40.jpg
Amazing Hula dancing!
8-7-10 Destinationl Wedding Photographer AHWed41.jpg
8-7-10 Destinationl Wedding Photographer AHWed42.jpg
8-7-10 Destinationl Wedding Photographer AHWed43.jpg
8-7-10 Destinationl Wedding Photographer AHWed44.jpg
8-7-10 Destinationl Wedding Photographer AHWed45.jpg
8-7-10 Destinationl Wedding Photographer AHWed46.jpg
8-7-10 Destinationl Wedding Photographer AHWed47.jpg
Hinano's mother shed more than a few tears on this evening :-).
8-7-10 Destinationl Wedding Photographer AHWed48.jpg
8-7-10 Destinationl Wedding Photographer AHWed49.jpg
8-7-10 Destinationl Wedding Photographer AHWed50.jpg
8-7-10 Destinationl Wedding Photographer AHWed51.jpg
8-7-10 Destinationl Wedding Photographer AHWed52.jpg
Adrielle's first dance with her brother.
8-7-10 Destinationl Wedding Photographer AHWed53.jpg
8-7-10 Destinationl Wedding Photographer AHWed54.jpg
8-7-10 Destinationl Wedding Photographer AHWed55.jpg
8-7-10 Destinationl Wedding Photographer AHWed56.jpg
8-7-10 Destinationl Wedding Photographer AHWed57.jpg
8-7-10 Destinationl Wedding Photographer AHWed58.jpg
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very nice wedding photos!

(10.14.10 @ 01:31 PM)

Kristy and Carl were married September 26, 2009 in Puerto Penasco, otherwise know as Rocky Point, Mexico.  The chose to have their ceremony and reception in Las Conchas at a beautiful beach front hacienda named Villa Del Ensueno.  The hacienda perfectly highlights the colors and architecture of the local Mexican culture!


The entire event was held outdoors with the ceremony taking place on the beach and the reception set up on the spacious back patio complete with full bar.  A Mariachi played as guests arrived for the ceremony and continued through the cocktail hour and sunset.  Then the party began ...  and it was a wild one, going well past midnight!!


This was a beautiful event with a beautiful couple and we felt privileged to be a part of it!  The only down side was the rogue heat wave that hit the area that particular weekend.  It was 105 degrees that day with 100 percent humidity and it was the first time that I have ever gotton a heat-related illness at a wedding.  There was a short time where I thought I was going to pass out, but in the end, I pulled through and carried on with he show!  Despite that, it was a truly wonderful wedding ... thank you both for having us!!

This is one of my favorite pics from the day ... this random dog came by and he was just sooo happy to be around us :-)!!
In memory of Kristy's late mother ...
Aren't the flowers spectacular??!!
Another favorite!
And this is one of my favorite first dance pics ever ... it just looks so magical!!
This guy could sing!!!!
The party gets a little wild from this point forward ...


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Lisa and James were married at the Breakers West in West Palm Beach, Florida in October.  For fear of writing a novel, I am going to try to keep this somewhat short and sweet ... the posting is extra long and the photos speak for themselves!


From the first contact with Lisa, we instantly hit it off and we eagarly awaited her and Jame's wedding!  The couple lives in Chicago but have family in Florida, which is why they chose West Palm as their wedding destination.  We met the day before the wedding and were amused at some family member's relief that we "showed up" :-).  In all seriousness, both families wecomed us with open arms, and Lisa's family warmly opened up their home to us both on the day of the wedding and for the trash-the-dress shoot the following day.  Everyone was so wonderful to be around.


There were many highlights to the wedding day, not the least of which was a traditional Chinese Lion Dance performed immediately after the ceremony as a surprise from Lisa and James to their guests!  It was spectacular to watch and total eye candy for any photographer with all the stunning costumes and colors!  They also had hookahs and a bubble machine at the reception ... what fun.  I LOVE receptions with this much energy, even if I do get smaked around a bit on the dancefloor :-).


The next postng will have highlights from their trash-the-dress shoot and you don't want to miss it!  Thank you Lisa and James ... we had an unbelievable time!!

The stone in the necklace is called Tanzanite.  It is very hard to come by these days, especially one of such color and clarity, and  Lisa's mom gave it to her to wear on her wedding day.  It was stunning and it is my favorite stone!!!
Check out the super cool shoes!
Lisa's pooch, Quizas, traveled from Chicago to be a part of the weekend festivities.
OMG ... soooo cute :-)!!!!
Lisa and James had a very sweet first meeting.

Check out the Lion Dance!  It was a spectacular display!


Some Hookah fun :-)!!

I love these cake shots!

Lisa's father gave an emotional and touching speech.
Let the party begin ...
Lisa and her twin sister, Leena.
Thanks again you two and Congratulations!!!


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I LOOOOOVE the photos! I There's so many fantastic shots, I can't pick a favorite. I love the cake shots, way more fun than the standard shots you see all the time. The character in the heart is "double happiness" the "symbol" for a wedding. You guys did fantastic work again! I'm so excited!


(12.08.09 @ 01:14 PM)

After leaving Michigan (where we had a wedding over the Labor Day weekend) on our Great American Road Trip, we headed south and west to beautiful Tucson where Patty and Turner were married on September 10th, 2009.  They enjoyed an intimate elopement at Lowes Ventana Canyon Resort in Tucson.


This exquisite resort is more like a wilderness retreat than a hotel.  It's labyrinth of pathways wind their way through dense desert scrub and saguaro-covered mountainsides with one in particular leading to a rare find as deserts go - a soothing natural waterfall plunging over a shear cliff wall.  This was the setting for the ceremony and it couldn't have been more magical, especially for this couple who hail from Dallas, Texas, opting for a destination wedding in the Sonoran Desert.  And though the teperatures flirted with the century mark, we all had a great time and we were privileged to act as Patty and Turner's witnesses.  We even encountered a curious javelina along one of the pathways during our intitial scouting when we first arrived :-).


The only thing we couldn't understand was how Patty and Turner didn't consider themselves to be photogenic ... I know, it's shocking when you view the photos!  These two are about as photogenic as two people can get!  I think they were just being modest ... a good trait by the way :-).  Thank you both so much for having us at your elopement.  We were so happy to be a part of it and you were a wonderful couple to work with and get to know.  It made for a great ending to our Great American Road Trip!  Best wishes!!

How cute is this little guy :-).
What a beautiful ceremony location.  The waterfall is natural ... not man-made.  Amazing!
This was so funny!  Patty couldn't get the ring to fit on Turner's finger because of the heat :-).  They finally got it though.
Patty doing a happy-dance at the end of the ceremony :-).
Seriously ... look at Patty ... how could she not consider herself photogenic?!!  Gorgeous!!
They look like they belong in a fashion magazine!
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Jody Stasko:

Beautiful pictures Patty!!! Great to see you and Turner looking so happy together!
Please post more!

xoxo Jody

(12.14.09 @ 04:20 PM)

We want to thank everyone for their infinite patience while waiting for their blog postings.  Fall season has proven to be one of the busiest we have ever had with 10 weddings since the beginning of September, two of which were destination, not to mention the triple header we have beginning tomorrow and the countless shoots in between, all of which will eventually make their way to the blog.  We haven't forgotten anyone :-).


With that, we wanted to go ahead and get things started with our first wedding of the fall season.  We received a wonderful Thank You card in the mail from this couple yesterday and wanted to go ahead and get their posting up.  They have been so patient and I am sure they are dying to see some photos.  Michele and Josh were married Labor Day weekend in St. Clair, Michigan, which was the main reason behind our big road trip.  We first spoke with Josh while we were driving along the slopes of Haleakala in Maui last year scouting for our own wedding.  The two live in Phoenix and were inquiring about an engagement shoot.  Once we were back home we met up for the shoot and the rest is history.


Michele is from China, Michigan (a very small town adjacent to St. Clair) and it was her hometown that she and Josh chose for their special day.  It is a very charming town positioned on a pretty little river that overlooks Canada on it's opposite bank.  We absolutely love this couple because they are such genuine people and their families and friends were no exception.  We were treated more like guests than "the photographers" and we had such a great time over the course of the three days we spent there.  They had a trash-the-dress session the day after the wedding and afterwards we went back to Michele's parent's home where we were well fed by her mom while her dad washed our car before we hit the road again ... now come on, you can't beat that for hospitality :-)!!


The one thing that really impressed us about this couple was how much fun they had on their wedding day ... doing it just the way they wanted.  They even rented a motor home which Josh's dad used to chauffeur the couple, their wedding party and close friends around town for photos.  They simply played by their own rules instead of the "traditional" rules of a wedding day and had an absolute blast doing it.  We think the photos really portray that :-)!  Thank you both so much for everything and for including us in so many wonderful ways in your special weekend.  We had so much fun!!

Michele's wedding gift to Josh ... he was soooo happy!!
Michele had a great time greeting the guests - before the ceremony started :-).
This was the most comedic catholic priest we have ever seen.  It was so hard not to start laughing at many points during the ceremony because of his antics.
Let the fun begin!!!
One of my favorites from the day!!!  The women in the background look so disapproving ... hilarious!!!
Another big fav of the day!!
OK Josh, your cut off :-).
Josh is a policeman in Phoenix and he loves these new cars.  He asked the cop if they could pose with his car ... he obliged.  I must say though, Josh caught some heat from his friend's for this one :-).
The party carried over to Michele's parent's home where they had a bonfire.  Thanks again to you both and congratulations!!!
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We have hit the busy season and I am falling very far behind on my blogging, so for those couples waiting, I promise I will get your shoots up as soon as possible :-).


While we were in Florida, Brittany and Stephen had one last shoot - a spectacular Trash-the Dress shoot.  Again, we can't stress enough how much fun these shoots can be ... they are becoming increasingly popular and are highly recommended!!!


Bee and Stephen started the shoot in Downtown Orlando in the Church Street Station district ... I personally love the ice cream shots :-).  From there we headed out to Blue Springs State Park where they got down and dirty - and just a little water-logged.


Thank you both so much!!  It was such a blast and we just love you guys!  Hope you love them as much as we do :-)!!

Love the ice cream shots ... how fun!
Beautiful "Deep South" old plantation shot - so charming.
This is such a cool infrared shot ...
A little fun ...
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Tina, the pictures look fantastic! ~Lisa

(04.21.09 @ 02:59 PM)
We love destination weddings - it is so much fun to travel somewhere new and get to do wedding photography at the same time!  It is also so nice to have a couple that you meet for the very first time on the day of the wedding, yet feel like you have been longtime friends.  This is how it was when we met Alicia and Michael on March 7th.

Their wedding was held at the Mirror Lake Lyceum in Saint Petersburg, Florida and was such a ball.  The historic building (built in the 1920's) was very charming and the architecture was beautiful.  The ceremony was very close to sunset, but we still had a chance to sneak outside during the cocktail hour for a fun little photo shoot :-).

The reception was ... how shall I say ... insane!!  Everyone had a very, very, very good time - no matter the age, it was a good ol' time for all.  We love receptions like this one - never a dull moment :-).  At the end of the night, Alicia and Michael were picked up by a horse drawn carriage and taken on a beautiful midnight ride.  The horse's name was Duke and we loved his hooves - painted with green glitter for St. Patty's Day ... so cute!

Alicia and Michael, thank you so much for choosing us as your wedding photographers!  It was such a pleasure meeting you both and being a part of your wonderful day ... enjoy!!

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Michael Chansley:

I LOVE destination weddings! Good to see you got to go to Florida and spend some time out there.

(03.18.09 @ 09:29 PM)
Alicia Dickinson:

LOVE the pictures!!! They are just awesome....The wedding seemed to go by so fast, I am so happy you both were our photographers. I can't wait to see more..YAY


(03.25.09 @ 03:27 PM)

With Armanda and Jon's wedding, Sierra Blanco Photography wraps up it's 2008 year - and what a year it was.  With almost 50 weddings, it was the best year yet!  With that amount of weddings though comes a lot of hard work and stress, and it didn't help to have to plan my own wedding in the midst of it all.  We also had to deal with a client's death shortly after his wedding in one of Arizona's most publicized stories ... never thought we would have to deal with that and I have to say, it was extremely difficult.  Despite everything though, I feel so blessed to do this for a living.  I absolutely love what I do and I love all the wonderful people it brings me in contact with.  It is always such a pleasure to be given the opportunity to document one of the most important days in a couple's lives ... thank you to everyone who entrusted Sierra Blanco to that!  And with that, Sierra Blanco gears up for a great 2009.  You will be seeing a lot of destination weddings this year with seven out-of-state / out-of-country events scheduled already along with our normal locations of Phoenix, Sedona and Flagstaff, so stay tuned!


On to Armanda and Jon's wedding.  We really went out with a bang on this one and we have been eagerly awaiting it!  This three day wedding extravaganza was held in Monument Valley at the View Hotel and was a wedding photographer's dream, especially ours.  We love stunning scenic locations and cultural events and this event had it all.  With Armanda's ancestry being Native American, Hispanic, and Anglo-American and much on Jon's family hailing from Boston, there was no shortage of culture.  They did an amazing job of tying together varying aspects of those cultures including Armanda wearing traditional moccasins and beautiful turquoise earrings and the couple being led on the Grand March during the reception culminating in a spectacular fireworks show outside.


Yvonne Chavez of Northern Arizona Wedding Planner - www.northernarizonaweddingplanner.com - did an amazing job pulling the whole event together.  Many products from her Touch of Tradition line - www.touchoftradition.com - including her Navajo wedding baskets, flower baskets, ring pillow, guest signing book and album were used in the wedding and helped to tie the theme together beautifully.  A special thank you goes out to Yvonne too for recommending Sierra Blanco Photography for this job ... thanks Yvonne, we love you :-)!


The weather cleared out and though it was a bit chilly, the ceremony took place outside.  A very nice touch was the Native American flute player, whose music was both inspiring and moving.  The reception absolutely rocked with the music of the Tobias Rene Band from Albuquerque, New Mexico!


Needless to say, this posting is a bit longer than usual, but with a three day event like this one it was just too hard to narrow down any further than this and really get the feel for the grandness of it all.  Armanda and Jon, thank you for choosing Sierra Blanco as your wedding photographer.  It was such a blast and a very memorable event!!!  Enjoy!

12-27-08AJWed01.jpg 12-27-08AJWed02.jpg 12-27-08AJWed03.jpg 12-27-08AJWed04.jpg 12-27-08AJWed05.jpg 12-27-08AJWed06.jpg 12-27-08AJWed07.jpg

Love the moccasins!

12-27-08AJWed08.jpg 12-27-08AJWed09.jpg

Armanda's mother helping her put her veil on.

12-27-08AJWed10.jpg 12-27-08AJWed11.jpg 12-27-08AJWed12.jpg 12-27-08AJWed13.jpg 


You have to admire the bride who makes time for a short workout before her wedding ceremony :-).

12-27-08AJWed15.jpg 12-27-08AJWed16.jpg 12-27-08AJWed17.jpg 12-27-08AJWed18.jpg

The adorable flower girls and their baskets from Yvonne Chavez's Touch of Tradition line. 

12-27-08AJWed19.jpg 12-27-08AJWed20.jpg

Armanda's father, Art, walking his daughter up the aisle.

12-27-08AJWed21.jpg 12-27-08AJWed22.jpg 12-27-08AJWed23.jpg

Could the view be any more picture perfect for a wedding?

12-27-08AJWed24.jpg 12-27-08AJWed25.jpg 12-27-08AJWed26.jpg 

12-27-08AJWed27.jpg 12-27-08AJWed28.jpg 12-27-08AJWed29.jpg 12-27-08AJWed30.jpg 12-27-08AJWed31.jpg 12-27-08AJWed32.jpg 12-27-08AJWed33.jpg 12-27-08AJWed34.jpg 12-27-08AJWed35.jpg 12-27-08AJWed36.jpg

In his speach, Art referred to Armanda as not only his daughter, but his business partner and best friend.

12-27-08AJWed37.jpg 12-27-08AJWed38.jpg

This is one of my favorite photos from the day ... it just seems to share the same magical quality as the setting holds.


12-27-08AJWed40.jpg 12-27-08AJWed41.jpg 12-27-08AJWed42.jpg 12-27-08AJWed43.jpg 12-27-08AJWed44.jpg 12-27-08AJWed45.jpg 12-27-08AJWed46.jpg 12-27-08AJWed47.jpg 12-27-08AJWed48.jpg 12-27-08AJWed49.jpg 12-27-08AJWed50.jpg 12-27-08AJWed51.jpg 12-27-08AJWed52.jpg 

12-27-08AJWed53.jpg 12-27-08AJWed54.jpg 12-27-08AJWed55.jpg 12-27-08AJWed56.jpg


The Grand March ended with this spectacular fireworks display.


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Michael Chansley:

Wow! What a beautiful location!!

(12.31.08 @ 06:26 PM)

outstanding photography.............

(11.09.10 @ 09:09 AM)

The day after Christmas, we headed up to Monument Valley for Armanda and Jon's wedding (more on the wedding in the next posting.)  It was held at a brand new hotel that has been built inside the park called The View Hotel - www.monumentvalleyview.com/hotel.html .  The grand opening for the hotel will be held next month, so we had the pleasure of being among it's first patrons.  The hotel was built and is owned and operated by Armanda's family and is absolutely stunning!!  Every room has a view of the famous Mittens ... thus the name, The View Hotel.


The first day was quite stormy with intermittent snow showers and bitterly cold temperatures.  There was some concern about whether the wedding would be able to take place outside or not.  After the rehearsal, Armanda had a bachelorette party with all of her bridesmaids and I attended to get some photographs of it ... they had a very good time as you will notice :-).



This was the view from our hotel room ... can't beat it.

12-26-08AJRehearsal03.jpg 12-26-08AJRehearsal04.jpg

All the guests arriving for the big weekend.

12-26-08AJRehearsal05.jpg 12-26-08AJRehearsal06.jpg 12-26-08AJRehearsal07.jpg 12-26-08AJRehearsal08.jpg 12-26-08AJRehearsal09.jpg 12-26-08AJRehearsal10.jpg 12-26-08AJRehearsal11.jpg 12-26-08AJRehearsal14.jpg 12-26-08AJRehearsal13.jpg

12-26-08AJRehearsal12.jpg 12-26-08AJRehearsal15.jpg 12-26-08AJRehearsal16.jpg 12-26-08AJRehearsal17.jpg 12-26-08AJRehearsal18.jpg 12-26-08AJRehearsal19.jpg

Armanda and her girls having a LOT of fun :-)! 

12-26-08AJRehearsal20.jpg 12-26-08AJRehearsal21.jpg 12-26-08AJRehearsal22.jpg 12-26-08AJRehearsal23.jpg 12-26-08AJRehearsal24.jpg

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I am proud to again say that I placed in another of the WPJA's prestigious competitions.  I won thirteenth place in the "Lit Portrait" category of their Quarter 3 contest.  Thanks to Kelly for being such a wonderful model ... and bride :-)!


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This past Friday I photographed Julie and Dan's wedding at Boojum Tree in Phoenix.  Let me start by saying that this has quickly become one of my favorite venues.  It is eye candy for any photographer, with more brilliant colors, weathered walls and lush landscaping than can possibly be utilized in a single day of photography.  It was extremely difficult to decide what to use, there was just so much.  Did I mention that I love this venue :-)...


Anyhow, moving on.  Julie and Dan were a referral from a past couple (shout out to Jessica and Steven - thanks you two) and they were great to work with!  Julie is really, really, really petite but her smile is big enough to light up any room.  At their first meeting, which we did before the ceremony due to timing (thanks for trusting me on that one guys), Julie gave Dan a beautiful watch ... it was sooo sweet.


The reception was amazing also and it was clear that the kids ruled the dancefloor at this wedding, though the adults weren't half bad themselves.  Julie and Dan, thank you so much for choosing me as your wedding photographer.  I had an amazing time and it was great getting to know you both.  Enjoy!

12-5-08JDWed01.jpg 12-5-08JDWed02.jpg 12-5-08JDWed03.jpg 12-5-08JDWed04.jpg 12-5-08JDWed05.jpg 12-5-08JDWed06.jpg 12-5-08JDWed07.jpg 12-5-08JDWed08.jpg 12-5-08JDWed09.jpg 12-5-08JDWed10.jpg 12-5-08JDWed11.jpg 12-5-08JDWed12.jpg 12-5-08JDWed13.jpg 12-5-08JDWed14.jpg 12-5-08JDWed15.jpg 12-5-08JDWed16.jpg 12-5-08JDWed17.jpg 12-5-08JDWed18.jpg 12-5-08JDWed19.jpg 12-5-08JDWed20.jpg 12-5-08JDWed21.jpg 12-5-08JDWed22.jpg 12-5-08JDWed23.jpg 12-5-08JDWed24.jpg 12-5-08JDWed25.jpg 12-5-08JDWed26.jpg 12-5-08JDWed27.jpg 12-5-08JDWed28.jpg 12-5-08JDWed29.jpg 12-5-08JDWed30.jpg 12-5-08JDWed31.jpg 12-5-08JDWed32.jpg 12-5-08JDWed33.jpg 12-5-08JDWed34.jpg 12-5-08JDWed35.jpg 12-5-08JDWed36.jpg



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