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10-16-14 Phoenix Wedding Photographers DNEShoot00.jpg

We love Dawn and Nick and are getting ready to post their wedding from this past Fall.  We couldn't let the opportunity pass by to post some photos from their gorgeous engagement session last year at the Desert Botanical Gardens and Papago Park in Phoenix, Arizona.  Be sure to also check out their amazing Sedona wedding!!

10-16-14 Phoenix Wedding Photographers DNEShoot01.jpg
10-16-14 Phoenix Wedding Photographers DNEShoot02.jpg
10-16-14 Phoenix Wedding Photographers DNEShoot03.jpg
10-16-14 Phoenix Wedding Photographers DNEShoot04.jpg
10-16-14 Phoenix Wedding Photographers DNEShoot05.jpg
10-16-14 Phoenix Wedding Photographers DNEShoot06.jpg
10-16-14 Phoenix Wedding Photographers DNEShoot07.jpg
10-16-14 Phoenix Wedding Photographers DNEShoot08.jpg
10-16-14 Phoenix Wedding Photographers DNEShoot09.jpg
10-16-14 Phoenix Wedding Photographers DNEShoot10.jpg
10-16-14 Phoenix Wedding Photographers DNEShoot11.jpg

10-16-14 Phoenix Wedding Photographers DNEShoot12.jpg
10-16-14 Phoenix Wedding Photographers DNEShoot13.jpg
10-16-14 Phoenix Wedding Photographers DNEShoot14.jpg
10-16-14 Phoenix Wedding Photographers DNEShoot15.jpg
10-16-14 Phoenix Wedding Photographers DNEShoot16.jpg
10-16-14 Phoenix Wedding Photographers DNEShoot17.jpg
10-16-14 Phoenix Wedding Photographers DNEShoot18.jpg

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11-1-13 Scottsdale Wedding Photographers CKEngage00.jpg

What a fantastic time we had spending a day on Saguaro Lake with Christina, Kyle and their adorable dog, Littles!  Saguaro Lake hold a lot of meaning to Christina and Kyle and is also the location for their wedding!

11-1-13 Scottsdale Wedding Photographers CKEngage01.jpg
11-1-13 Scottsdale Wedding Photographers CKEngage02.jpg
11-1-13 Scottsdale Wedding Photographers CKEngage03.jpg
11-1-13 Scottsdale Wedding Photographers CKEngage04.jpg
11-1-13 Scottsdale Wedding Photographers CKEngage05.jpg
11-1-13 Scottsdale Wedding Photographers CKEngage06.jpg
11-1-13 Scottsdale Wedding Photographers CKEngage07.jpg
11-1-13 Scottsdale Wedding Photographers CKEngage08.jpg
11-1-13 Scottsdale Wedding Photographers CKEngage09.jpg
11-1-13 Scottsdale Wedding Photographers CKEngage10.jpg
11-1-13 Scottsdale Wedding Photographers CKEngage11.jpg

11-1-13 Scottsdale Wedding Photographers CKEngage12.jpg
11-1-13 Scottsdale Wedding Photographers CKEngage13.jpg
11-1-13 Scottsdale Wedding Photographers CKEngage14.jpg
11-1-13 Scottsdale Wedding Photographers CKEngage15.jpg
11-1-13 Scottsdale Wedding Photographers CKEngage16.jpg
11-1-13 Scottsdale Wedding Photographers CKEngage17.jpg
11-1-13 Scottsdale Wedding Photographers CKEngage18.jpg
11-1-13 Scottsdale Wedding Photographers CKEngage19.jpg
11-1-13 Scottsdale Wedding Photographers CKEngage20.jpg
11-1-13 Scottsdale Wedding Photographers CKEngage21.jpg
11-1-13 Scottsdale Wedding Photographers CKEngage22.jpg
11-1-13 Scottsdale Wedding Photographers CKEngage23.jpg
11-1-13 Scottsdale Wedding Photographers CKEngage24.jpg
11-1-13 Scottsdale Wedding Photographers CKEngage25.jpg
11-1-13 Scottsdale Wedding Photographers CKEngage26.jpg
11-1-13 Scottsdale Wedding Photographers CKEngage27.jpg
11-1-13 Scottsdale Wedding Photographers CKEngage28.jpg

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7-31-13 Sedona Engagement Photographers MAEShoot00.jpg

We had such a great time last week at Mona and Allen's engagement shoot!  I swear, monsoon season in Arizona is spectacular and Sedona is the perfect backdrop for all the drama to unfold.  We first went to Red Rock Crossing where we briefly played in the rain and then headed up Schnebly Hill to Merry-Go-Round Rock to witness one of the most amazing sunsets I have ever seen.  Just after the sun had set, a large rain storm rolled into view in the distance and the afterglow bathed the rain sheets in deep shades of magenta, which by the way, couldn't have paired any better set against Mona's stunning purple dress.  We love this couple and can't wait to photograph their Indian/Catholic fusion wedding next March!

7-31-13 Sedona Engagement Photographers MAEShoot01.jpg
7-31-13 Sedona Engagement Photographers MAEShoot02.jpg
7-31-13 Sedona Engagement Photographers MAEShoot03.jpg
7-31-13 Sedona Engagement Photographers MAEShoot04.jpg
7-31-13 Sedona Engagement Photographers MAEShoot05.jpg
7-31-13 Sedona Engagement Photographers MAEShoot06.jpg
7-31-13 Sedona Engagement Photographers MAEShoot07.jpg
7-31-13 Sedona Engagement Photographers MAEShoot08.jpg
7-31-13 Sedona Engagement Photographers MAEShoot09.jpg
7-31-13 Sedona Engagement Photographers MAEShoot10.jpg
7-31-13 Sedona Engagement Photographers MAEShoot11.jpg

7-31-13 Sedona Engagement Photographers MAEShoot12.jpg
7-31-13 Sedona Engagement Photographers MAEShoot13.jpg
7-31-13 Sedona Engagement Photographers MAEShoot14.jpg
7-31-13 Sedona Engagement Photographers MAEShoot15.jpg
7-31-13 Sedona Engagement Photographers MAEShoot16.jpg
7-31-13 Sedona Engagement Photographers MAEShoot17.jpg
7-31-13 Sedona Engagement Photographers MAEShoot18.jpg
7-31-13 Sedona Engagement Photographers MAEShoot19.jpg
7-31-13 Sedona Engagement Photographers MAEShoot20.jpg
7-31-13 Sedona Engagement Photographers MAEShoot21.jpg
7-31-13 Sedona Engagement Photographers MAEShoot22.jpg

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2-9-13 Scottsdale Wedding Photographers MPEShoot00.jpg

We are getting ready to post photos from Michelle and Patrick's fabulous wedding which was held in April at El Chorro in Scottsdale, Arizona and we just couldn't let their engagement shoot go without posting it.  We photographed their engagement session at Lake Pleasant on a very cold and stormy winter's day this past February.  It doesn't sound ideal, however stormy equals dramatic in the world of photography!  We will admit that it was cold (the thermometer hovered between the mid and upper 30's) and it did rain on occasion, but Michelle and Patrick held in there and did everything asked of them in the name of beautiful - and dramatic - photos!  Personally we LOVE shoots like this :-)!

2-9-13 Scottsdale Wedding Photographers MPEShoot01.jpg
2-9-13 Scottsdale Wedding Photographers MPEShoot02.jpg
2-9-13 Scottsdale Wedding Photographers MPEShoot03.jpg
2-9-13 Scottsdale Wedding Photographers MPEShoot04.jpg
2-9-13 Scottsdale Wedding Photographers MPEShoot05.jpg
2-9-13 Scottsdale Wedding Photographers MPEShoot06.jpg
2-9-13 Scottsdale Wedding Photographers MPEShoot07.jpg
2-9-13 Scottsdale Wedding Photographers MPEShoot08.jpg
2-9-13 Scottsdale Wedding Photographers MPEShoot09.jpg
2-9-13 Scottsdale Wedding Photographers MPEShoot10.jpg
2-9-13 Scottsdale Wedding Photographers MPEShoot11.jpg
2-9-13 Scottsdale Wedding Photographers MPEShoot12.jpg
2-9-13 Scottsdale Wedding Photographers MPEShoot13.jpg

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3-8-13 Phoenix Wedding Photographers ESEShoot00.jpg

Elissa and Spenser's engagement session was taken last year but we couldn't let it pass by without posting it!  They decided to have their photos taken at the Desert Botanical Gardens in Phoenix and what a perfect location it was.  We photographed their wedding this past weekend and it was nothing short of spectacular!  Check back soon to see their wedding!

3-8-13 Phoenix Wedding Photographers ESEShoot01.jpg
3-8-13 Phoenix Wedding Photographers ESEShoot02.jpg
3-8-13 Phoenix Wedding Photographers ESEShoot03.jpg
3-8-13 Phoenix Wedding Photographers ESEShoot04.jpg
3-8-13 Phoenix Wedding Photographers ESEShoot05.jpg
3-8-13 Phoenix Wedding Photographers ESEShoot06.jpg
3-8-13 Phoenix Wedding Photographers ESEShoot07.jpg
3-8-13 Phoenix Wedding Photographers ESEShoot08.jpg
3-8-13 Phoenix Wedding Photographers ESEShoot09.jpg
3-8-13 Phoenix Wedding Photographers ESEShoot10.jpg
3-8-13 Phoenix Wedding Photographers ESEShoot11.jpg
3-8-13 Phoenix Wedding Photographers ESEShoot12.jpg
3-8-13 Phoenix Wedding Photographers ESEShoot13.jpg

3-8-13 Phoenix Wedding Photographers ESEShoot14.jpg
3-8-13 Phoenix Wedding Photographers ESEShoot15.jpg
3-8-13 Phoenix Wedding Photographers ESEShoot16.jpg
3-8-13 Phoenix Wedding Photographers ESEShoot17.jpg
3-8-13 Phoenix Wedding Photographers ESEShoot18.jpg
3-8-13 Phoenix Wedding Photographers ESEShoot19.jpg
3-8-13 Phoenix Wedding Photographers ESEShoot20.jpg
3-8-13 Phoenix Wedding Photographers ESEShoot21.jpg
3-8-13 Phoenix Wedding Photographers ESEShoot22.jpg
3-8-13 Phoenix Wedding Photographers ESEShoot23.jpg
3-8-13 Phoenix Wedding Photographers ESEShoot24.jpg

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10-14-12 Sedona Wedding Photographers VAEngage00.jpg

We had so much fun with this couple photographing their engagement shoot!  We started out at West Fork Trail at Oak Creek and worked our way down to Red Rock Crossing for sunset.  We are very excited for their upcoming 2013 wedding at Sassi!

10-14-12 Sedona Wedding Photographers VAEngage01.jpg
10-14-12 Sedona Wedding Photographers VAEngage02.jpg
10-14-12 Sedona Wedding Photographers VAEngage03.jpg
10-14-12 Sedona Wedding Photographers VAEngage04.jpg
10-14-12 Sedona Wedding Photographers VAEngage05.jpg
10-14-12 Sedona Wedding Photographers VAEngage06.jpg
10-14-12 Sedona Wedding Photographers VAEngage07.jpg
10-14-12 Sedona Wedding Photographers VAEngage08.jpg
10-14-12 Sedona Wedding Photographers VAEngage09.jpg

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5-21-12 Prescott Engagement Photographers AAEngage00.jpg

We finished Anna and Andrew's engagement shoot with a killer food fight!  Ketchup, mustard, flour ... oh, how messy ... an how much fun :-)!  And who was the winner?  Hard to say.  They both looked like the walking dead in the end.

This was one of the most awesome shoots we have ever had the good fortune to photograph.  Thanks for the memories you two!

5-21-12 Prescott Engagement Photographers AAEngage01.jpg
5-21-12 Prescott Engagement Photographers AAEngage02.jpg
5-21-12 Prescott Engagement Photographers AAEngage03.jpg
5-21-12 Prescott Engagement Photographers AAEngage04.jpg
5-21-12 Prescott Engagement Photographers AAEngage05.jpg
5-21-12 Prescott Engagement Photographers AAEngage06.jpg
5-21-12 Prescott Engagement Photographers AAEngage07.jpg
5-21-12 Prescott Engagement Photographers AAEngage08.jpg
5-21-12 Prescott Engagement Photographers AAEngage09.jpg
5-21-12 Prescott Engagement Photographers AAEngage10.jpg
5-21-12 Prescott Engagement Photographers AAEngage11.jpg
5-21-12 Prescott Engagement Photographers AAEngage12.jpg
5-21-12 Prescott Engagement Photographers AAEngage13.jpg
5-21-12 Prescott Engagement Photographers AAEngage14.jpg
5-21-12 Prescott Engagement Photographers AAEngage15.jpg
5-21-12 Prescott Engagement Photographers AAEngage16.jpg
5-21-12 Prescott Engagement Photographers AAEngage17.jpg
5-21-12 Prescott Engagement Photographers AAEngage18.jpg
5-21-12 Prescott Engagement Photographers AAEngage19.jpg
5-21-12 Prescott Engagement Photographers AAEngage20.jpg
5-21-12 Prescott Engagement Photographers AAEngage21.jpg
5-21-12 Prescott Engagement Photographers AAEngage22.jpg
5-21-12 Prescott Engagement Photographers AAEngage23.jpg

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5-20-12 Prescott Engagement Photographers AAEShoot00.jpg

The second day of Anna and Andrew's engagement shoot took place above water in Jerome and Prescott.  This was the tame part of the shoot (still really cool though.)  The last part of the day's shoot - the food fight - will be put up in it's own post ... it is deserving of that!

5-20-12 Prescott Engagement Photographers AAEShoot01.jpg
5-20-12 Prescott Engagement Photographers AAEShoot02.jpg
5-20-12 Prescott Engagement Photographers AAEShoot03.jpg
5-20-12 Prescott Engagement Photographers AAEShoot04.jpg
5-20-12 Prescott Engagement Photographers AAEShoot05.jpg
5-20-12 Prescott Engagement Photographers AAEShoot06.jpg
5-20-12 Prescott Engagement Photographers AAEShoot07.jpg
5-20-12 Prescott Engagement Photographers AAEShoot08.jpg
5-20-12 Prescott Engagement Photographers AAEShoot09.jpg
5-20-12 Prescott Engagement Photographers AAEShoot10.jpg
5-20-12 Prescott Engagement Photographers AAEShoot11.jpg
5-20-12 Prescott Engagement Photographers AAEShoot12.jpg
5-20-12 Prescott Engagement Photographers AAEShoot13.jpg

5-20-12 Prescott Engagement Photographers AAEShoot14.jpg
5-20-12 Prescott Engagement Photographers AAEShoot15.jpg
5-20-12 Prescott Engagement Photographers AAEShoot16.jpg
5-20-12 Prescott Engagement Photographers AAEShoot17.jpg
5-20-12 Prescott Engagement Photographers AAEShoot18.jpg
5-20-12 Prescott Engagement Photographers AAEShoot19.jpg
5-20-12 Prescott Engagement Photographers AAEShoot20.jpg
5-20-12 Prescott Engagement Photographers AAEShoot21.jpg
5-20-12 Prescott Engagement Photographers AAEShoot22.jpg
5-20-12 Prescott Engagement Photographers AAEShoot23.jpg
5-20-12 Prescott Engagement Photographers AAEShoot24.jpg
5-20-12 Prescott Engagement Photographers AAEShoot25.jpg
5-20-12 Prescott Engagement Photographers AAEShoot26.jpg

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5-12-12 Phoenix Engagement Photographers AAEShoot00.jpg

Anna and Andrew originally contacted us because they had a very unique concept for their engagement shoot ... they wanted to do an underwater session!  The concept was to have underwater photos to include on their Save the Date Cards with the title, "Taking the Plunge."  We like :-)!!

On the flip side, they still wanted a more traditional set of engagement photos - in other words on terra firma, so we broke the shoot into two days.  They also wanted something a bit quirky, something that would be unique and different, something apart from the traditional photos but still above water.  We tossed out the idea of a food fight, they got excited, and we knew we were in love!  These two are willing to do anything for a good photo and they are literally a photographer's dream.  On top of that they are simply wonderful to know and work with and we absolutely can't wait to photograph their wedding this winter in San Francisco!

5-12-12 Phoenix Engagement Photographers AAEShoot01.jpg
5-12-12 Phoenix Engagement Photographers AAEShoot02.jpg
5-12-12 Phoenix Engagement Photographers AAEShoot03.jpg
5-12-12 Phoenix Engagement Photographers AAEShoot04.jpg
5-12-12 Phoenix Engagement Photographers AAEShoot05.jpg
5-12-12 Phoenix Engagement Photographers AAEShoot06.jpg
5-12-12 Phoenix Engagement Photographers AAEShoot07.jpg
5-12-12 Phoenix Engagement Photographers AAEShoot08.jpg
5-12-12 Phoenix Engagement Photographers AAEShoot09.jpg
5-12-12 Phoenix Engagement Photographers AAEShoot10.jpg
5-12-12 Phoenix Engagement Photographers AAEShoot11.jpg
5-12-12 Phoenix Engagement Photographers AAEShoot12.jpg
5-12-12 Phoenix Engagement Photographers AAEShoot13.jpg

5-12-12 Phoenix Engagement Photographers AAEShoot14.jpg
5-12-12 Phoenix Engagement Photographers AAEShoot15.jpg
5-12-12 Phoenix Engagement Photographers AAEShoot16.jpg
5-12-12 Phoenix Engagement Photographers AAEShoot17.jpg
5-12-12 Phoenix Engagement Photographers AAEShoot18.jpg
5-12-12 Phoenix Engagement Photographers AAEShoot19.jpg
5-12-12 Phoenix Engagement Photographers AAEShoot20.jpg

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3-22-12 Scottsdale Wedding Photographers KCEngage00.jpg

Feels like we haven't posted an engagement shoot in forever!  We have been so busy that E-shoots have fallen to the wayside as far as blogging goes, however we are pretty caught up now and couldn't resist posting Kendell and Chris' vintage-inspired session in Old Town Scottsdale.  Oh, and did we mention the hot pink vintage 1937 Ford Kendell's dad lent her as a prop for the shoot ... WOW!!  Can't wait for their wedding in San Diego this May ... the 1937 Ford will be there too :-)!!

3-22-12 Scottsdale Wedding Photographers KCEngage01.jpg
3-22-12 Scottsdale Wedding Photographers KCEngage02.jpg
3-22-12 Scottsdale Wedding Photographers KCEngage03.jpg
3-22-12 Scottsdale Wedding Photographers KCEngage04.jpg
3-22-12 Scottsdale Wedding Photographers KCEngage05.jpg
3-22-12 Scottsdale Wedding Photographers KCEngage06.jpg
3-22-12 Scottsdale Wedding Photographers KCEngage07.jpg
3-22-12 Scottsdale Wedding Photographers KCEngage08.jpg
3-22-12 Scottsdale Wedding Photographers KCEngage09.jpg
3-22-12 Scottsdale Wedding Photographers KCEngage10.jpg
3-22-12 Scottsdale Wedding Photographers KCEngage11.jpg
3-22-12 Scottsdale Wedding Photographers KCEngage12.jpg
3-22-12 Scottsdale Wedding Photographers KCEngage13.jpg

3-22-12 Scottsdale Wedding Photographers KCEngage14.jpg
3-22-12 Scottsdale Wedding Photographers KCEngage15.jpg
3-22-12 Scottsdale Wedding Photographers KCEngage16.jpg
3-22-12 Scottsdale Wedding Photographers KCEngage17.jpg
3-22-12 Scottsdale Wedding Photographers KCEngage18.jpg
3-22-12 Scottsdale Wedding Photographers KCEngage19.jpg
3-22-12 Scottsdale Wedding Photographers KCEngage20.jpg
3-22-12 Scottsdale Wedding Photographers KCEngage21.jpg
3-22-12 Scottsdale Wedding Photographers KCEngage22.jpg
3-22-12 Scottsdale Wedding Photographers KCEngage23.jpg
3-22-12 Scottsdale Wedding Photographers KCEngage24.jpg

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11-7-11 Indian Wedding Photographers AJWed00.jpg

Ami and Jeremy's Indian wedding event took place the week of 11-11-11 and it was a stunner!!  Ami wanted to have a traditional Punjabi Wedding and pulled it off in grand style.  The entire event took place over the course of five days and was by far the longest and largest South Asian wedding we have covered!

The first day was set aside for portraits, an engagement session of sorts.  We conducted the shoot at the Desert Botanical Gardens in Phoenix and the setting along with the beautiful sunset skies we were graced with that evening provided the perfect backdrop ... oh, and the giant bug sculptures didn't hurt either :-)!

11-7-11 Indian Wedding Photographers AJWed01.jpg
11-7-11 Indian Wedding Photographers AJWed02.jpg
11-7-11 Indian Wedding Photographers AJWed03.jpg
11-7-11 Indian Wedding Photographers AJWed04.jpg
11-7-11 Indian Wedding Photographers AJWed05.jpg
11-7-11 Indian Wedding Photographers AJWed06.jpg
11-7-11 Indian Wedding Photographers AJWed07.jpg
11-7-11 Indian Wedding Photographers AJWed08.jpg
11-7-11 Indian Wedding Photographers AJWed09.jpg
11-7-11 Indian Wedding Photographers AJWed10.jpg
11-7-11 Indian Wedding Photographers AJWed11.jpg
11-7-11 Indian Wedding Photographers AJWed12.jpg
11-7-11 Indian Wedding Photographers AJWed13.jpg

11-7-11 Indian Wedding Photographers AJWed14.jpg
11-7-11 Indian Wedding Photographers AJWed15.jpg
11-7-11 Indian Wedding Photographers AJWed16.jpg
11-7-11 Indian Wedding Photographers AJWed17.jpg
11-7-11 Indian Wedding Photographers AJWed18.jpg
11-7-11 Indian Wedding Photographers AJWed19.jpg
11-7-11 Indian Wedding Photographers AJWed20.jpg

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We just wanted to share what we have been up to over the past six days.  We are in the middle of our shooting marathon ... 10 days of straight shoots ... and so far they have taken us from every season and climate through days of crazy weather :-)!  We won't lie, it has been tiring, but fun so far and we are looking forward to the final run!

Airica and Chuck's Engagement Session in Sedona
11-8-11 Phoenix Wedding Photographers MISC01.jpg

Angela and John's Wedding at L'Auberge de Sedona
11-8-11 Phoenix Wedding Photographers MISC02.jpg

Eliza and Sean's Wedding at the Arizona Biltmore, Phoenix
11-8-11 Phoenix Wedding Photographers MISC03.jpg

Elizabeth and Daniel's Reception, Paradise Valley
11-8-11 Phoenix Wedding Photographers MISC04.jpg

Bethany and Michael's Engagement Session, Flagstaff
11-8-11 Phoenix Wedding Photographers MISC05.jpg

Ami and Jeremy's Engagement Session, Desert Botanical Gardens, Phoenix
11-8-11 Phoenix Wedding Photographers MISC06.jpg

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Teenie McKerracher:

Such a big thank you to Sierra Blanco for the shoot! Wow....you three worked so hard and these blog posted pics are just the beginning! I am so excited! Anyone out there looking for a top notch team to provide lasting memories? ... Sierra Blanco is it! ... Thanks Again! T ;)

(11.09.11 @ 03:42 AM)

MacKenna and Eddie are getting married in April in Phoenix.  We met them - on Eddie's birthday to be exact - back in December to photograph their engagement shoot.  We started off at Schnebly Hill in Sedona and finished up at Red Rock Crossing.  The day was kind of gloomy (we got one of our big winter storms the following day) but we made the best of it and got some great shots!  Thanks you two and we are looking forward to the big day!

12-21-09 Sedona Wedding Photographer MEEngage01.jpg
12-21-09 Sedona Wedding Photographer MEEngage02.jpg
12-21-09 Sedona Wedding Photographer MEEngage03.jpg
12-21-09 Sedona Wedding Photographer MEEngage04.jpg
12-21-09 Sedona Wedding Photographer MEEngage05.jpg
12-21-09 Sedona Wedding Photographer MEEngage06.jpg
12-21-09 Sedona Wedding Photographer MEEngage07.jpg
12-21-09 Sedona Wedding Photographer MEEngage08.jpg
12-21-09 Sedona Wedding Photographer MEEngage09.jpg
12-21-09 Sedona Wedding Photographer MEEngage10.jpg
12-21-09 Sedona Wedding Photographer MEEngage11.jpg
12-21-09 Sedona Wedding Photographer MEEngage12.jpg
12-21-09 Sedona Wedding Photographer MEEngage13.jpg
12-21-09 Sedona Wedding Photographer MEEngage14.jpg
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Wonderful pictures! I wish you all the best! Yvonne from Switzerland

(10.04.11 @ 09:28 PM)

Brooke and Jonathan are getting married at L'Auberge de Sedona in April.  We first met these two a few years back when they were planning their first wedding date.  Just after the contract was sent to sign, Brooke found out she had been accepted to graduate school and thus, the wedding was put on hold.  She said they would hold on to our information and get back in touch when the new date was set ... and sure enough Brooke stayed true to her word and contacted us this past summer.  Funny thing was, we had just been talking about them wondering if they had already gotten married :-).  Guess not - and good thing for us, because we are so happy to still be working with them!


We photographed their engagement shoot back in December at Tempe Town Square and finished it up at Tempe Town Lake.  Jonathan's son, Nick, came along as well and we all had a blast!!  Can't wait for the big day ... it's been a long time coming :-)!

12-19-09 Phoenix Wedding Photographer BJEngage01.jpg
12-19-09 Phoenix Wedding Photographer BJEngage02.jpg
12-19-09 Phoenix Wedding Photographer BJEngage03.jpg
12-19-09 Phoenix Wedding Photographer BJEngage04.jpg
12-19-09 Phoenix Wedding Photographer BJEngage05.jpg
12-19-09 Phoenix Wedding Photographer BJEngage06.jpg
12-19-09 Phoenix Wedding Photographer BJEngage07.jpg
12-19-09 Phoenix Wedding Photographer BJEngage08.jpg
12-19-09 Phoenix Wedding Photographer BJEngage09.jpg
12-19-09 Phoenix Wedding Photographer BJEngage10.jpg
12-19-09 Phoenix Wedding Photographer BJEngage11.jpg
12-19-09 Phoenix Wedding Photographer BJEngage12.jpg
12-19-09 Phoenix Wedding Photographer BJEngage13.jpg
12-19-09 Phoenix Wedding Photographer BJEngage14.jpg
12-19-09 Phoenix Wedding Photographer BJEngage15.jpg
12-19-09 Phoenix Wedding Photographer BJEngage16.jpg
12-19-09 Phoenix Wedding Photographer BJEngage17.jpg
12-19-09 Phoenix Wedding Photographer BJEngage18.jpg
12-19-09 Phoenix Wedding Photographer BJEngage19.jpg
12-19-09 Phoenix Wedding Photographer BJEngage20.jpg
12-19-09 Phoenix Wedding Photographer BJEngage21.jpg
12-19-09 Phoenix Wedding Photographer BJEngage22.jpg
12-19-09 Phoenix Wedding Photographer BJEngage23.jpg
12-19-09 Phoenix Wedding Photographer BJEngage24.jpg
12-19-09 Phoenix Wedding Photographer BJEngage25.jpg
12-19-09 Phoenix Wedding Photographer BJEngage26.jpg
12-19-09 Phoenix Wedding Photographer BJEngage27.jpg
12-19-09 Phoenix Wedding Photographer BJEngage28.jpg
12-19-09 Phoenix Wedding Photographer BJEngage29.jpg
12-19-09 Phoenix Wedding Photographer BJEngage30.jpg
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WOW!!!! I love how fun this one is!! Beautiful work!!

(03.26.10 @ 06:46 AM)

Jennifer and James will be getting married this April at Los Abrigados in Sedona.  I am 100% in love with these two.  Jennifer and I chit-chat regularly by email as if we were old friends.  We talk about her wedding of course, but also about more personal matters, so I have become quite close with her.  James loves photography too and is in school right now for it.  The only thing that makes me sad is that it looks as though they may be leaving the state in the next year ... but we always have email :-).


We photographed their engagement shoot in Sedona, starting in the canyon at the West Fork Trail for some great fall color.  The big highlight of the day was sunset though ... unbelievable!!!  This had to rank among the top 5 sunsets I have ever witnessed in this state.  I was in Sedona the following day and I swear, people were actually still talking about it!  We had a blast guys ... can't wait for the wedding :-)!

11-6-09 Sedona Wedding Photographer JJEngage01.jpg
11-6-09 Sedona Wedding Photographer JJEngage02.jpg
11-6-09 Sedona Wedding Photographer JJEngage03.jpg
11-6-09 Sedona Wedding Photographer JJEngage04.jpg
11-6-09 Sedona Wedding Photographer JJEngage05.jpg
11-6-09 Sedona Wedding Photographer JJEngage06.jpg
11-6-09 Sedona Wedding Photographer JJEngage07.jpg
11-6-09 Sedona Wedding Photographer JJEngage08.jpg
11-6-09 Sedona Wedding Photographer JJEngage09.jpg
11-6-09 Sedona Wedding Photographer JJEngage10.jpg
11-6-09 Sedona Wedding Photographer JJEngage11.jpg
11-6-09 Sedona Wedding Photographer JJEngage12.jpg
11-6-09 Sedona Wedding Photographer JJEngage13.jpg
11-6-09 Sedona Wedding Photographer JJEngage14.jpg
11-6-09 Sedona Wedding Photographer JJEngage15.jpg
11-6-09 Sedona Wedding Photographer JJEngage16.jpg
11-6-09 Sedona Wedding Photographer JJEngage17.jpg
11-6-09 Sedona Wedding Photographer JJEngage18.jpg
11-6-09 Sedona Wedding Photographer JJEngage19.jpg
11-6-09 Sedona Wedding Photographer JJEngage20.jpg
11-6-09 Sedona Wedding Photographer JJEngage21.jpg
11-6-09 Sedona Wedding Photographer JJEngage22.jpg
I told you ... spectacular!!!
11-6-09 Sedona Wedding Photographer JJEngage23.jpg
11-6-09 Sedona Wedding Photographer JJEngage24.jpg
11-6-09 Sedona Wedding Photographer JJEngage25.jpg
11-6-09 Sedona Wedding Photographer JJEngage26.jpg
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Aubrey Reel:


(03.11.10 @ 06:04 PM)

Sarah and Sam are so sweet ... and Sarah has been stalking us for quite some time :-).  I'm just kidding :-).  Seriously though, she has been following us for quite a while - I can't tell you how many bridal shows she has visited us at!  She is so complimentary of our work and we are so pleased that she and Sam hired us to photograph their upcoming fall wedding at Snowbowl in Flagstaff!  They live in the valley but LOVE the high country and given where their wedding will be, it only made sense to do their engagement shoot on the mountain as well.  Thanks so much you two and we can't wait for the wedding!

11-1-09 Flagstaff Wedding Photographer SSEngage01.jpg
11-1-09 Flagstaff Wedding Photographer SSEngage02.jpg
11-1-09 Flagstaff Wedding Photographer SSEngage03.jpg
11-1-09 Flagstaff Wedding Photographer SSEngage04.jpg
11-1-09 Flagstaff Wedding Photographer SSEngage05.jpg
11-1-09 Flagstaff Wedding Photographer SSEngage06.jpg
11-1-09 Flagstaff Wedding Photographer SSEngage07.jpg
11-1-09 Flagstaff Wedding Photographer SSEngage08.jpg
11-1-09 Flagstaff Wedding Photographer SSEngage09.jpg
11-1-09 Flagstaff Wedding Photographer SSEngage10.jpg
11-1-09 Flagstaff Wedding Photographer SSEngage11.jpg
11-1-09 Flagstaff Wedding Photographer SSEngage12.jpg
This photo was a special request by Sarah and Sam.  We got lucky because there was a full moon on this evening.  In order to achieve the appearance of a very large moon (which can not be done using the very moderate telephoto I used to shoot the couple), I took a photo of the couple and then photographed the moon with a long telephoto lens.  I actually took both photos within seconds of each other and then put the two together in photoshop.
11-1-09 Flagstaff Wedding Photographer SSEngage13.jpg
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Hellooooo ... we are back :-)!!!  No we didn't die, we have just been gone for several weeks for both vacation and work and there will be plenty of upcoming postings to show where we have been and what we have been up to.  But first we have a couple of postings that we need to post from before we left.


Kelly and Evan are getting married in Flagstaff next May.  Neither of them live in state, but they made a trip out this way to get some wedding planning out of the way.  They figured that it would be the perfect time to schedule their engagement session, and they couldn't have been more right.  A few weeks ago Flagstaff's famous fields of sunflowers were in their full glory and we definitely took advantage.  They also wanted some shots around Sedona, so we took them to Merry-Go-Round Rock on Schnebly Hill for sunset - which was quite spectacular by the way!  We had a great time guys!!

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This is how far behind I am on my blogging ... I always try to have the photos posted before the clients get their images so that they get a little sneak peak.  Just as I began this posting I got an email from Michelle and Eric letting us know that they had just gotten their DVD.  Up side is that the email was very sweet and they loved their photos!!  Thanks guys :-)!


A couple of weeks ago Michelle and Eric made their way from Phoenix to Flagstaff for their engagement shoot.  We started out downtown and finished up on the mountain, stopping by one of our many sunflower-filled meadows along the way.


Michelle and Eric, we had such a blast with you both!!  This was such a fun engagement shoot and you both made taking great images extremely easy.  You were even willing to run so we could get photos as the train went by ... awesome!  We can't wait for the wedding in November!  See ya then!

Love the puddle series!
These two had the greatest sense of humor :-)
This was a lot of fun ... and it wasn't manipulated in photoshop.  The technique of showing motion in the train was done in camera.
One of my favorites!
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Eric Greenberg:

Great Job! These are awesome, we love them!!
Eric and Michelle

(08.23.09 @ 05:51 AM)

These pictures are just fabulous! The photographer really captured the best of the two of you!

(08.23.09 @ 05:11 PM)


(08.24.09 @ 12:19 AM)

We photographed Kendall and Ryan a few weeks ago in Flagstaff for their engagement shoot.  They brought along their adorable Yorkie-Poo, Keighley to pose in some of the photos (and I must say, she did a great job.)  Ryan's grandmother also came along and was nice enough to "babysit" Keighley in the down time :-).


The weather looked menacing but held out long enough for us to finish the shoot, at which time it poured.  Kendall and Ryan, we had a great time and are looking forward to your wedding in July ... wow, not to far away :-).  See you then!

We have always wanted to take photos in fron of the giant cow at the Furniture Barn :-).  Thanks for going along guys!
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OK, I admit it ... I am drowning right now between deadlines and traveling for weddings, which is why I am sooooo beind on my blogging.  After the next two engagement postings, I still have 4 weddings to blog and 2 more will be added to that list after this coming weekend.  So for all of those clients patiently waiting to catch a sneak peak, I swear I haven't forgotten you and I will get to them as soon as I can :-).


On to Robin and Jeff's engagement shoot.  We conducted this shoot a few weeks ago in Sedona - Red Rock Crossing and Merry-Go-Round Rock to be precise.  Though it began with a little rain it cleared out nicely, leaving us with a great sky and beautiful light.


Robin and Jeff, it was a pleasure getting to know you both better and we can't wait for your wedding in October!  Enjoy the sneak peak!

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 Recently we met with Liane and Andy to photograph their engagement shoot.  They both have roots in Florida (which is where their wedding will be held next year) and met while in school at FSU for metorology.  Andy got a job out here and the two moved to Flagstaff in Late March.  They both love wine and originally wanted to have their shoot at a winery, but since there are none of those lurking about in Flagstaff they decided to improvise with a bottle of wine and some wine glasses (with their nick names - Pita and Leach - engraved on them) at Hart Prarie.  They also did some fun shots wearing their jerseys and some cool sunglasses they picked up in Vegas.  The light for this shoot was absolutely amazing.  It has been quite stormy here of late and this can make for some of the most spectacular and exquisite lighting conditions that Mother Nature has to offer ... it definitely did on this day!


Liane and Andy, it was a pleasure getting to know you both!  Enjoy!

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A couple of weeks ago we met up with Sarah and Brady to photograph their engagement shoot.  We met at Scottsdale Fashion Square and let the shoot spill over into Old Town Scottsdale ... both are situated next to each other and have an overabundance of fun and wonderful backdrops to use :-).


This shoot was conducted during Phoenix's record breaking May heatwave and it was HOT!!  Really HOT!!  Sarah and Brady did great though and we treated them to a fun play session in the water fountain at the end.


Sarah and Brady, you were so much fun to work with and we can't wait to shoot your wedding next year at the beautiful "Castle" in Chandler :-)!!  Until then ... enjoy!

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Last Saturday we photographed Ginny and Buddy for their engagement shoot.  Their wedding will be held in April in Phoenix.  We met in Sedona and headed to Red Rock Crossing and Merry-Go-Round Rock.  These two were so much fun!!  They have a great sense of humor and really like edgy, off-the-wall photos, so we had a great time.


Hope you enjoy these and we can't wait for the wedding ... we are going to have a blast :-)!

1-17-09GinnyBuddyEngage01.jpg 1-17-09GinnyBuddyEngage02.jpg 1-17-09GinnyBuddyEngage03.jpg 1-17-09GinnyBuddyEngage04.jpg 1-17-09GinnyBuddyEngage05.jpg 1-17-09GinnyBuddyEngage06.jpg 1-17-09GinnyBuddyEngage07.jpg 1-17-09GinnyBuddyEngage08.jpg 1-17-09GinnyBuddyEngage09.jpg 1-17-09GinnyBuddyEngage10.jpg 1-17-09GinnyBuddyEngage11.jpg 1-17-09GinnyBuddyEngage12.jpg 1-17-09GinnyBuddyEngage13.jpg 1-17-09GinnyBuddyEngage14.jpg 1-17-09GinnyBuddyEngage15.jpg 1-17-09GinnyBuddyEngage16.jpg 1-17-09GinnyBuddyEngage17.jpg 1-17-09GinnyBuddyEngage18.jpg 1-17-09GinnyBuddyEngage19.jpg 1-17-09GinnyBuddyEngage20.jpg 1-17-09GinnyBuddyEngage21.jpg 1-17-09GinnyBuddyEngage22.jpg 1-17-09GinnyBuddyEngage23.jpg 1-17-09GinnyBuddyEngage24.jpg 1-17-09GinnyBuddyEngage25.jpg 1-17-09GinnyBuddyEngage26.jpg 1-17-09GinnyBuddyEngage27.jpg 1-17-09GinnyBuddyEngage28.jpg 1-17-09GinnyBuddyEngage29.jpg



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I know Sarah and Partick have been waiting for this post - sorry for the delay guys :-).  Two weeks ago we photographed Sarah and Patrick's engagement shoot.  Though they used to live in Flagstaff, they are now living in Washington so this was our first time actually meeting face-to-face.  Just from talking with Sarah by email, I could tell she was someone I would instantly take to and sure enough I did.  Both Sarah and Patrick love dogs (they are both going into veterinary medicine) and of course, so do we ... plus, from her first email to me, Sarah said how adorable she thought Yoshi (our Old-English Sheepdog) was so obviously she ranked tops in my book real quick :-).


We began the shoot in downtown Flagstaff in a rather heavy snowstorm.  Does it look cold in the photos? ... heck yes it looks cold ... it was really freakin cold!  I have to give kudos to Sarah though.  She walked around downtown for over an hour with nearly bare feet (see photo illustration below) and never once complained.  Now that's dedication!  And let us not forget Patrick.  I must sing his praises as well.  In all our email correspondence, Sarah had warned me that Patrick harbors about as much enthusiasm for having his picture taken as he would for being hit by a Mac truck.  Look at these photos though ... he did an amazing job and was actually very relaxed ... great job Patrick!  You made us so proud!


For the second part of the shoot we made our way down the canyon into Sedona where snow changed over to a cold rain and still not one peep of discontent from either one of these two.  Sarah and Patrick, you were great to work with and it was fun getting to know you both!  Can't wait for the wedding at Snowbowl this summer ... we will keep our fingers crossed for a nice mix of weather conditions :-).

1-4-09SarahPatrickEngage01.jpg 1-4-09SarahPatrickEngage02.jpg 1-4-09SarahPatrickEngage03.jpg 1-4-09SarahPatrickEngage04.jpg 1-4-09SarahPatrickEngage05.jpg 1-4-09SarahPatrickEngage06.jpg 1-4-09SarahPatrickEngage07.jpg 1-4-09SarahPatrickEngage08.jpg 1-4-09SarahPatrickEngage09.jpg 1-4-09SarahPatrickEngage10.jpg

Check our Sarah's shoes ... we were surprised she didn't get frostbite.

1-4-09SarahPatrickEngage11.jpg 1-4-09SarahPatrickEngage12.jpg 1-4-09SarahPatrickEngage13.jpg 1-4-09SarahPatrickEngage14.jpg

Gotta love the pink gargoyles with icicles hanging from their heads :-).

1-4-09SarahPatrickEngage15.jpg 1-4-09SarahPatrickEngage16.jpg 1-4-09SarahPatrickEngage17.jpg 1-4-09SarahPatrickEngage18.jpg 1-4-09SarahPatrickEngage19.jpg 1-4-09SarahPatrickEngage20.jpg 1-4-09SarahPatrickEngage21.jpg 1-4-09SarahPatrickEngage22.jpg 1-4-09SarahPatrickEngage23.jpg 1-4-09SarahPatrickEngage24.jpg 1-4-09SarahPatrickEngage25.jpg 1-4-09SarahPatrickEngage26.jpg 1-4-09SarahPatrickEngage27.jpg 1-4-09SarahPatrickEngage28.jpg 1-4-09SarahPatrickEngage29.jpg



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This comment was posted by Sarah about her photos, but was deleted by accident, so we have re-posted it below. Thanks Sarah :-)!!

Wow, these turned out great! You can't even tell that we're freezing our butts off in the snow pictures...I think the bad weather made for better photos :) Patrick felt really comfortable with you guys and we look forward to working with you again in August. Can't wait to see the rest of the pics! Thanks!

(02.11.09 @ 03:34 AM)

Courtney and Tyler had their engagement shoot a couple of weeks ago at South Mountain in Phoenix.  This is a fun place to conduct a photo shoot, but beware ... apparently you are not allowed to pull off at undesignated sights, as we quickly found out when the park patrol pulled over and politely asked us to move on.  They were kind enough to let us get in a few more shots before leaving though :-) ... and it was such good light too ... oh well ...


Thank you both so much for spending hours being dragged from one location to another ... hopefully you will think it was worth it :-).  You were both great to work with and we hope to work with you more at your wedding  in Colorado this summer!

11-16-08CTEngage01.jpg 11-16-08CTEngage02.jpg 11-16-08CTEngage03.jpg 11-16-08CTEngage04.jpg 11-16-08CTEngage05.jpg 11-16-08CTEngage06.jpg 11-16-08CTEngage07.jpg 11-16-08CTEngage08.jpg 11-16-08CTEngage09.jpg 11-16-08CTEngage10.jpg 11-16-08CTEngage11.jpg 11-16-08CTEngage12.jpg 11-16-08CTEngage13.jpg 11-16-08CTEngage14.jpg 11-16-08CTEngage15.jpg 11-16-08CTEngage16.jpg 11-16-08CTEngage17.jpg 11-16-08CTEngage18.jpg 11-16-08CTEngage19.jpg 11-16-08CTEngage20.jpg 11-16-08CTEngage21.jpg 11-16-08CTEngage22.jpg 11-16-08CTEngage23.jpg


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Erin and Erich live in Phoenix and planned a little weekend getaway to Sedona for their engagement shoot a couple of weeks ago.  We took advantage of the infinite beauty of Red Rock Crossing and the majesty of Cathedral Rock.  I never get sick of shooting here!


Erin and Erich, it was really nice getting to know you both better ... you were so much fun to work with.  Glad you enjoyed the rest of your stay in Sedona.  Looking forward to seeing you again in February for the big day!

11-14-08EEEngage01.jpg 11-14-08EEEngage02.jpg 11-14-08EEEngage03.jpg 11-14-08EEEngage04.jpg 11-14-08EEEngage05.jpg 11-14-08EEEngage06.jpg 11-14-08EEEngage07.jpg 11-14-08EEEngage08.jpg 11-14-08EEEngage09.jpg 11-14-08EEEngage10.jpg 11-14-08EEEngage11.jpg 11-14-08EEEngage12.jpg 11-14-08EEEngage13.jpg 11-14-08EEEngage14.jpg 11-14-08EEEngage15.jpg 11-14-08EEEngage16.jpg 11-14-08EEEngage17.jpg 11-14-08EEEngage18.jpg


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This past week we met with Michele and Josh to photograph their engagement shoot.  The shoot was held at Red Rock Crossing in Sedona per Michele's request.  She had seen this location on our blog and decided she wanted her photographs taken there.  The bonus was that the leaves are changing around Oak Creek adding a welcome element to the shoot.


Michele is originally from Michigan while Josh hails from Ohio ... both now live in Mesa.  They are having their wedding in a small town about an hour outside of Detroit in September.  This is part of why they chose Sedona.  The water and trees (in fall color) remind them of where they plan to marry.  They also wanted photos looking at Cathedral Rock while wearing rival jerseys from their home states ... what a cute idea :-)!  Their dog also joined us and was a real sweetheart.


Michele and Josh, it was a pleasure meeting you both and spending some time with you.  Thank you for being so willing to get your feet filthy with red rock soil for a few unique photos.  You were both so much fun and we hope to have the opportunity to follow you to China, Michigan to photograph your wedding :-).  Enjoy!

10-22-08MJEngage01.jpg 10-22-08MJEngage02.jpg 10-22-08MJEngage03.jpg 10-22-08MJEngage04.jpg 10-22-08MJEngage05.jpg 10-22-08MJEngage06.jpg 10-22-08MJEngage07.jpg 10-22-08MJEngage08.jpg 10-22-08MJEngage09.jpg 10-22-08MJEngage10.jpg 10-22-08MJEngage11.jpg 10-22-08MJEngage12.jpg 10-22-08MJEngage13.jpg


Yes, this is me standing in the water to get the shot I wanted ... did I mention that the water was freezing ...

10-22-08MJEngage15.jpg 10-22-08MJEngage16.jpg 10-22-08MJEngage17.jpg 10-22-08MJEngage18.jpg

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On Sunday, October 19th, we headed over to the White Mountains to photograph Christie and Clint's engagement shoot.  Christie's daughter, Shelby, was also along for the shoot as was their new, adorable snow-white puppy - a rescue.  Though they all live in Phoenix, their wedding will be taking place in Greer next June, so it seemed an appropriate location for their engagement photography.


We had a great time and the leaves were in their full autumn glory!  We took the family to one of our favorite little spots, complete with old, weathered homesteads and a forest full of aspens.  Christie and Clint, thank you so much for doing all those funny little things we asked you to do ... no matter how strange they mey have sounded :-).  We hope you enjoy the photos and we can't wait to work with you at your wedding!!

10-19-08CCEngage01.jpg 10-19-08CCEngage02.jpg 10-19-08CCEngage03.jpg 10-19-08CCEngage04.jpg 10-19-08CCEngage05.jpg 10-19-08CCEngage06.jpg 10-19-08CCEngage07.jpg 10-19-08CCEngage08.jpg 10-19-08CCEngage09.jpg 10-19-08CCEngage10.jpg 10-19-08CCEngage11.jpg 10-19-08CCEngage12.jpg 10-19-08CCEngage13.jpg

10-19-08CCEngage14.jpg 10-19-08CCEngage15.jpg 10-19-08CCEngage16.jpg 10-19-08CCEngage17.jpg 10-19-08CCEngage18.jpg 10-19-08CCEngage19.jpg 10-19-08CCEngage20.jpg 10-19-08CCEngage21.jpg

This was the sunset as seen from Hwy. 260. Not many sunsets make us stop driving, but this one was worth capturing!



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Melissa Dunstan:

Tina and Kevin, Your work never ceases to amaze me! These are artistic, creative and stunning images of Tina! I LOVE the new engagement session photos too! Nice new blog!!! Congrats!

(11.03.08 @ 04:26 PM)