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5-6-12 Sedona Wedding Photographers BJWed00.jpg

Brandi and Jeffrey were married May 6th, 2012 in an intimate ceremony surrounded by close family and friends.  It was extra special for Jeffrey who had the wonderful opportunity to spend time with his father after several years apart.

We felt so welcomed by everyone at this wedding and really fell in love with Brandi and Jeffrey.  Not only were they a joy to be around, their love for one another was so transparent it was infectious.  Thank you both for having us as your wedding photographers and as part of your very special day!

5-6-12 Sedona Wedding Photographers BJWed01.jpg
5-6-12 Sedona Wedding Photographers BJWed02.jpg
5-6-12 Sedona Wedding Photographers BJWed03.jpg
5-6-12 Sedona Wedding Photographers BJWed04.jpg
5-6-12 Sedona Wedding Photographers BJWed05.jpg
5-6-12 Sedona Wedding Photographers BJWed06.jpg
5-6-12 Sedona Wedding Photographers BJWed07.jpg
5-6-12 Sedona Wedding Photographers BJWed08.jpg
5-6-12 Sedona Wedding Photographers BJWed09.jpg
5-6-12 Sedona Wedding Photographers BJWed10.jpg
5-6-12 Sedona Wedding Photographers BJWed11.jpg
5-6-12 Sedona Wedding Photographers BJWed12.jpg
5-6-12 Sedona Wedding Photographers BJWed13.jpg

5-6-12 Sedona Wedding Photographers BJWed14.jpg
5-6-12 Sedona Wedding Photographers BJWed15.jpg
5-6-12 Sedona Wedding Photographers BJWed16.jpg
5-6-12 Sedona Wedding Photographers BJWed17.jpg
5-6-12 Sedona Wedding Photographers BJWed18.jpg
5-6-12 Sedona Wedding Photographers BJWed19.jpg
5-6-12 Sedona Wedding Photographers BJWed20.jpg
5-6-12 Sedona Wedding Photographers BJWed21.jpg
5-6-12 Sedona Wedding Photographers BJWed22.jpg
5-6-12 Sedona Wedding Photographers BJWed23.jpg
5-6-12 Sedona Wedding Photographers BJWed24.jpg
5-6-12 Sedona Wedding Photographers BJWed25.jpg
5-6-12 Sedona Wedding Photographers BJWed26.jpg
5-6-12 Sedona Wedding Photographers BJWed27.jpg
5-6-12 Sedona Wedding Photographers BJWed28.jpg
5-6-12 Sedona Wedding Photographers BJWed29.jpg
5-6-12 Sedona Wedding Photographers BJWed30.jpg
5-6-12 Sedona Wedding Photographers BJWed31.jpg
5-6-12 Sedona Wedding Photographers BJWed32.jpg
5-6-12 Sedona Wedding Photographers BJWed33.jpg
5-6-12 Sedona Wedding Photographers BJWed34.jpg
5-6-12 Sedona Wedding Photographers BJWed35.jpg
5-6-12 Sedona Wedding Photographers BJWed36.jpg
5-6-12 Sedona Wedding Photographers BJWed37.jpg
5-6-12 Sedona Wedding Photographers BJWed38.jpg
5-6-12 Sedona Wedding Photographers BJWed39.jpg
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Beautiful! You can really see the love between these two! Thank you for sharing

(08.31.12 @ 08:43 PM)
We just wanted to share what we have been up to over the past six days.  We are in the middle of our shooting marathon ... 10 days of straight shoots ... and so far they have taken us from every season and climate through days of crazy weather :-)!  We won't lie, it has been tiring, but fun so far and we are looking forward to the final run!

Airica and Chuck's Engagement Session in Sedona
11-8-11 Phoenix Wedding Photographers MISC01.jpg

Angela and John's Wedding at L'Auberge de Sedona
11-8-11 Phoenix Wedding Photographers MISC02.jpg

Eliza and Sean's Wedding at the Arizona Biltmore, Phoenix
11-8-11 Phoenix Wedding Photographers MISC03.jpg

Elizabeth and Daniel's Reception, Paradise Valley
11-8-11 Phoenix Wedding Photographers MISC04.jpg

Bethany and Michael's Engagement Session, Flagstaff
11-8-11 Phoenix Wedding Photographers MISC05.jpg

Ami and Jeremy's Engagement Session, Desert Botanical Gardens, Phoenix
11-8-11 Phoenix Wedding Photographers MISC06.jpg

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Teenie McKerracher:

Such a big thank you to Sierra Blanco for the shoot! Wow....you three worked so hard and these blog posted pics are just the beginning! I am so excited! Anyone out there looking for a top notch team to provide lasting memories? ... Sierra Blanco is it! ... Thanks Again! T ;)

(11.09.11 @ 03:42 AM)
5-29-11 Trash the Dress Photography LBTTD00.jpg

The day after Leslie and Ben's wedding we headed out for their Trash the Dress Shoot.  We started at L'Auberge de Sedona and then headed to Red Rock Crossing and finally Merry-Go-Round Rock for sunset.  This had to be, without doubt, the windiest conditions we have ever encountered at Merry-Go-Round Rock.  It often gets windy at this location, but this was insane.  I hand it to Leslie for standing in those conditions.  It made for beautiful photos, but it also made for a very cold and rather scary setting (you don't want to mess around up there - the drops are shear and long.)  Thank you both for having us and thank you to a past couple of ours, Kimberly and Derek, who referred us to their good friends (it was great seeing you both at the wedding as well) :-)!

5-29-11 Trash the Dress Photography LBTTD01.jpg
5-29-11 Trash the Dress Photography LBTTD02.jpg
5-29-11 Trash the Dress Photography LBTTD03.jpg
5-29-11 Trash the Dress Photography LBTTD04.jpg
5-29-11 Trash the Dress Photography LBTTD05.jpg
5-29-11 Trash the Dress Photography LBTTD06.jpg
5-29-11 Trash the Dress Photography LBTTD07.jpg
5-29-11 Trash the Dress Photography LBTTD08.jpg
5-29-11 Trash the Dress Photography LBTTD09.jpg
5-29-11 Trash the Dress Photography LBTTD10.jpg
5-29-11 Trash the Dress Photography LBTTD11.jpg
5-29-11 Trash the Dress Photography LBTTD12.jpg
5-29-11 Trash the Dress Photography LBTTD13.jpg

5-29-11 Trash the Dress Photography LBTTD14.jpg
5-29-11 Trash the Dress Photography LBTTD15.jpg
5-29-11 Trash the Dress Photography LBTTD16.jpg
5-29-11 Trash the Dress Photography LBTTD17.jpg
5-29-11 Trash the Dress Photography LBTTD18.jpg
5-29-11 Trash the Dress Photography LBTTD19.jpg
5-29-11 Trash the Dress Photography LBTTD20.jpg
5-29-11 Trash the Dress Photography LBTTD21.jpg
5-29-11 Trash the Dress Photography LBTTD22.jpg
5-29-11 Trash the Dress Photography LBTTD23.jpg
5-29-11 Trash the Dress Photography LBTTD24.jpg

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11-13-10 Sedona Wedding Photographer GMWed00.jpg


Gina and Matt were married last November in a beautiful, intimate autumn wedding at L'Auberge de Sedona in Sedona.  The cottonwoods and sycamores lining Oak Creek were ablaze in radiant shades of yellow and orange!  We just love this couple - two of the kindest people you could ever hope to meet - and their love for one another was so evident and inspiring.  Thank you both for having us as your wedding photographers!  It was a true joy!


11-13-10 Sedona Wedding Photographer GMWed01.jpg
11-13-10 Sedona Wedding Photographer GMWed02.jpg
11-13-10 Sedona Wedding Photographer GMWed03.jpg
11-13-10 Sedona Wedding Photographer GMWed04.jpg
11-13-10 Sedona Wedding Photographer GMWed05.jpg
11-13-10 Sedona Wedding Photographer GMWed06.jpg
11-13-10 Sedona Wedding Photographer GMWed07.jpg
11-13-10 Sedona Wedding Photographer GMWed08.jpg
11-13-10 Sedona Wedding Photographer GMWed09.jpg
11-13-10 Sedona Wedding Photographer GMWed10.jpg
11-13-10 Sedona Wedding Photographer GMWed11.jpg
11-13-10 Sedona Wedding Photographer GMWed12.jpg
11-13-10 Sedona Wedding Photographer GMWed13.jpg
11-13-10 Sedona Wedding Photographer GMWed14.jpg
11-13-10 Sedona Wedding Photographer GMWed15.jpg
11-13-10 Sedona Wedding Photographer GMWed16.jpg
11-13-10 Sedona Wedding Photographer GMWed17.jpg
11-13-10 Sedona Wedding Photographer GMWed18.jpg
11-13-10 Sedona Wedding Photographer GMWed19.jpg
11-13-10 Sedona Wedding Photographer GMWed20.jpg
11-13-10 Sedona Wedding Photographer GMWed21.jpg
11-13-10 Sedona Wedding Photographer GMWed22.jpg
11-13-10 Sedona Wedding Photographer GMWed23.jpg
11-13-10 Sedona Wedding Photographer GMWed24.jpg
11-13-10 Sedona Wedding Photographer GMWed25.jpg
11-13-10 Sedona Wedding Photographer GMWed26.jpg
11-13-10 Sedona Wedding Photographer GMWed27.jpg
11-13-10 Sedona Wedding Photographer GMWed28.jpg
11-13-10 Sedona Wedding Photographer GMWed29.jpg
11-13-10 Sedona Wedding Photographer GMWed30.jpg
11-13-10 Sedona Wedding Photographer GMWed31.jpg
11-13-10 Sedona Wedding Photographer GMWed32.jpg


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6-12-10 Sedona Wedding Photography SBWed00.jpg


Shana and Barry had a gorgeous wedding last June at L'Auberge de Sedona!  They had a traditional Jewish ceremony, which meant it would take place after dark.  A little challenging to say the least, when the event is held outside under a grove of trees.  We set up lights around the surrounding forest and were quite pleased with the results.  It took a while, but we couldn't resist showing this amazing wedding!


6-12-10 Sedona Wedding Photography SBWed01.jpg
6-12-10 Sedona Wedding Photography SBWed02.jpg
6-12-10 Sedona Wedding Photography SBWed03.jpg
6-12-10 Sedona Wedding Photography SBWed04.jpg
6-12-10 Sedona Wedding Photography SBWed05.jpg
6-12-10 Sedona Wedding Photography SBWed06.jpg
6-12-10 Sedona Wedding Photography SBWed07.jpg
6-12-10 Sedona Wedding Photography SBWed08.jpg
6-12-10 Sedona Wedding Photography SBWed09.jpg
6-12-10 Sedona Wedding Photography SBWed10.jpg
6-12-10 Sedona Wedding Photography SBWed11.jpg
6-12-10 Sedona Wedding Photography SBWed12.jpg
6-12-10 Sedona Wedding Photography SBWed13.jpg
6-12-10 Sedona Wedding Photography SBWed14.jpg
6-12-10 Sedona Wedding Photography SBWed15.jpg
6-12-10 Sedona Wedding Photography SBWed16.jpg
6-12-10 Sedona Wedding Photography SBWed17.jpg
6-12-10 Sedona Wedding Photography SBWed18.jpg
6-12-10 Sedona Wedding Photography SBWed19.jpg
6-12-10 Sedona Wedding Photography SBWed20.jpg
6-12-10 Sedona Wedding Photography SBWed21.jpg
6-12-10 Sedona Wedding Photography SBWed22.jpg
6-12-10 Sedona Wedding Photography SBWed23.jpg
6-12-10 Sedona Wedding Photography SBWed24.jpg
6-12-10 Sedona Wedding Photography SBWed25.jpg
6-12-10 Sedona Wedding Photography SBWed26.jpg
6-12-10 Sedona Wedding Photography SBWed27.jpg
6-12-10 Sedona Wedding Photography SBWed28.jpg
6-12-10 Sedona Wedding Photography SBWed29.jpg
6-12-10 Sedona Wedding Photography SBWed30.jpg
6-12-10 Sedona Wedding Photography SBWed31.jpg
6-12-10 Sedona Wedding Photography SBWed32.jpg
6-12-10 Sedona Wedding Photography SBWed33.jpg
6-12-10 Sedona Wedding Photography SBWed34.jpg
6-12-10 Sedona Wedding Photography SBWed35.jpg
6-12-10 Sedona Wedding Photography SBWed36.jpg
6-12-10 Sedona Wedding Photography SBWed37.jpg
6-12-10 Sedona Wedding Photography SBWed38.jpg
6-12-10 Sedona Wedding Photography SBWed39.jpg
6-12-10 Sedona Wedding Photography SBWed40.jpg
6-12-10 Sedona Wedding Photography SBWed41.jpg
6-12-10 Sedona Wedding Photography SBWed42.jpg
6-12-10 Sedona Wedding Photography SBWed43.jpg
6-12-10 Sedona Wedding Photography SBWed44.jpg
6-12-10 Sedona Wedding Photography SBWed45.jpg
6-12-10 Sedona Wedding Photography SBWed46.jpg
6-12-10 Sedona Wedding Photography SBWed47.jpg
6-12-10 Sedona Wedding Photography SBWed48.jpg
6-12-10 Sedona Wedding Photography SBWed49.jpg
6-12-10 Sedona Wedding Photography SBWed50.jpg
6-12-10 Sedona Wedding Photography SBWed51.jpg
6-12-10 Sedona Wedding Photography SBWed52.jpg
6-12-10 Sedona Wedding Photography SBWed53.jpg
6-12-10 Sedona Wedding Photography SBWed54.jpg
6-12-10 Sedona Wedding Photography SBWed55.jpg
6-12-10 Sedona Wedding Photography SBWed56.jpg
6-12-10 Sedona Wedding Photography SBWed57.jpg
6-12-10 Sedona Wedding Photography SBWed58.jpg
6-12-10 Sedona Wedding Photography SBWed59.jpg
6-12-10 Sedona Wedding Photography SBWed60.jpg
6-12-10 Sedona Wedding Photography SBWed61.jpg
6-12-10 Sedona Wedding Photography SBWed62.jpg
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Andrea and Andy were married October 11th, 2009 in Sedona!  They held their ceremony at L'Auberge de Sedona and their reception at Agave of Sedona.  We had the unusual circumstance at this wedding to have plenty of time for couple formals.  This was really nice as we were able to take them at a relaxed pace ... usually the pace is a bit more frantic :-).  Because of the extensive amount of time we had for this we started out creekside before the ceremony and then headed over to Schnebly Hill after for some classic Sedona red rock backdrops.  It was a beautiful wedding day and we were so happy to be a part of it!

10-11-09 Sedona Wedding Photographer AAWed01.jpg
10-11-09 Sedona Wedding Photographer AAWed02.jpg
10-11-09 Sedona Wedding Photographer AAWed03.jpg
10-11-09 Sedona Wedding Photographer AAWed04.jpg
10-11-09 Sedona Wedding Photographer AAWed05.jpg
10-11-09 Sedona Wedding Photographer AAWed06.jpg
10-11-09 Sedona Wedding Photographer AAWed07.jpg
10-11-09 Sedona Wedding Photographer AAWed08.jpg
10-11-09 Sedona Wedding Photographer AAWed09.jpg
10-11-09 Sedona Wedding Photographer AAWed10.jpg
10-11-09 Sedona Wedding Photographer AAWed11.jpg
10-11-09 Sedona Wedding Photographer AAWed12.jpg
10-11-09 Sedona Wedding Photographer AAWed13.jpg
10-11-09 Sedona Wedding Photographer AAWed14.jpg
10-11-09 Sedona Wedding Photographer AAWed15.jpg
10-11-09 Sedona Wedding Photographer AAWed16.jpg
10-11-09 Sedona Wedding Photographer AAWed17.jpg
10-11-09 Sedona Wedding Photographer AAWed18.jpg
10-11-09 Sedona Wedding Photographer AAWed19.jpg
10-11-09 Sedona Wedding Photographer AAWed20.jpg
10-11-09 Sedona Wedding Photographer AAWed21.jpg
10-11-09 Sedona Wedding Photographer AAWed22.jpg
10-11-09 Sedona Wedding Photographer AAWed23.jpg
10-11-09 Sedona Wedding Photographer AAWed24.jpg
10-11-09 Sedona Wedding Photographer AAWed25.jpg
10-11-09 Sedona Wedding Photographer AAWed26.jpg
10-11-09 Sedona Wedding Photographer AAWed27.jpg
10-11-09 Sedona Wedding Photographer AAWed28.jpg
10-11-09 Sedona Wedding Photographer AAWed29.jpg
10-11-09 Sedona Wedding Photographer AAWed30.jpg
10-11-09 Sedona Wedding Photographer AAWed31.jpg
10-11-09 Sedona Wedding Photographer AAWed32.jpg
10-11-09 Sedona Wedding Photographer AAWed33.jpg
10-11-09 Sedona Wedding Photographer AAWed34.jpg
10-11-09 Sedona Wedding Photographer AAWed35.jpg
10-11-09 Sedona Wedding Photographer AAWed36.jpg
10-11-09 Sedona Wedding Photographer AAWed37.jpg
10-11-09 Sedona Wedding Photographer AAWed38.jpg
10-11-09 Sedona Wedding Photographer AAWed39.jpg
10-11-09 Sedona Wedding Photographer AAWed40.jpg
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Aubrey Reel:

Love the pics! I just had to say this bride is so beautiful! She looks like Uma Thurman!

(03.02.10 @ 05:23 PM)

Molly and Joel were married in an intimate ceremony among close family and friends on May 30th at the lovely L'Auberge de Sedona.  They chose the creekside venue which is always so quaint and beautiful in the springtime.  Their ceremony took place under a canopy of emerald green trees by a babbling stream as baby ducks swam close to their mothers ... can't get much more idyllic than that :-)!!


The couple followed their morning ceremony with a lovely lunch.  By the way, the kids in this wedding were the cuttest ever, as you will soon see.  Molly is a photographer herself, so we had much to talk about ... she even did a wedding once, but thought it was too much work. That is so true but it can be very rewarding, especially when you get clients like these two :-).  Molly and Joel, thank you for having us as your wedding photographers.  You made us feel right at home and it was so wonderful working with you both!!

Cute Kid #1.
I loved Molly's expression when she first saw Joel :-). 
Cute Kid #2.
Such touching emotion.
Cute Kid #2 (again).
Cute Kid #2 (again) and #3.
Cute Kid #4.
Cute Kid #4 (again).
Cute Kids #5 and #6.
Cute Kid #1 (again) and #4 (again).
Cute Kid #4 (again) ... told you the kids in this wedding were the cuttest ever :-)!!
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