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1-28-13 Nature Photography YNP00.jpg

We just returned from a short trip to Yosemite National Park.  We were so excited to visit during winter but the week we headed out it looked very bad on the "winter" front.  Temperatures had been warm and no new snow had fallen.  We were certain there would be no winter to be found, so you can imagine our surprise when we entered the park to see a fresh dusting of snow that had fallen the night before.  It wasn't a lot but we were thrilled to see Yosemite wearing a thin coat of white.  It was magical!  Following are a few of our favorite shots we took over the two days we were there.

1-28-13 Nature Photography YNP01.jpg
1-28-13 Nature Photography YNP02.jpg
1-28-13 Nature Photography YNP03.jpg
1-28-13 Nature Photography YNP04.jpg
1-28-13 Nature Photography YNP05.jpg
1-28-13 Nature Photography YNP06.jpg
1-28-13 Nature Photography YNP07.jpg
1-28-13 Nature Photography YNP08.jpg
1-28-13 Nature Photography YNP09.jpg
1-28-13 Nature Photography YNP10.jpg
1-28-13 Nature Photography YNP11.jpg
1-28-13 Nature Photography YNP12.jpg
1-28-13 Nature Photography YNP13.jpg

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6-25-12 Nature Photography RMNP00.jpg

In June 2012 we visited Rocky Mountain National Park for the first time.  We only had a couple of days to spend there, but that was enough time to get some amazing nature photography!  The landscapes were impressive as were the amount of big game and small critters available to see.  Elk were everywhere and I had a very close encounter with one particularly impressive bull.  While in a crouched position, I waited with my wide angle lens as one grazed nearby.  As he approached, I remained very still and snapped away.  By the time I realized how close he had gotten, it was too late to move without spooking him.  I just sat and he kept moving ever closer.  Finally he was within arm's reach and I just froze.  I took no photos during this time for fear the sound of the shutter would startle him, putting me in harms way.  He stopped grazing for a moment and lifted his head from the grass to lock eyes with mine.  It was magical.  What a humbling experience to be in such close proximity to such a majestic creature.  I waited until he was comfortable moving on and finally I got up and walked away, shaken but so thankful for this once-in-a lifetime experience!  These are some of our favorite shots from our trip!

Beautiful Bull Elk
6-25-12 Nature Photography RMNP01.jpg
6-25-12 Nature Photography RMNP02.jpg
Moose Grazing
6-25-12 Nature Photography RMNP03.jpg
Pika Dining on Flower
6-25-12 Nature Photography RMNP04.jpg
Elk Calves Playing
6-25-12 Nature Photography RMNP05.jpg
6-25-12 Nature Photography RMNP06.jpg
6-25-12 Nature Photography RMNP07.jpg
Bull Elk
6-25-12 Nature Photography RMNP08.jpg
6-25-12 Nature Photography RMNP09.jpg
Cow Elk
6-25-12 Nature Photography RMNP10.jpg
Mountain Bluebird
6-25-12 Nature Photography RMNP11.jpg
Pika (Left) and Marmot (Right)
6-25-12 Nature Photography RMNP12.jpg

6-25-12 Nature Photography RMNP13.jpg
6-25-12 Nature Photography RMNP14.jpg
Chipmunk (Left) and Rocky Mountain Bighorn Sheep Ewe Molting (Right)
6-25-12 Nature Photography RMNP15.jpg
6-25-12 Nature Photography RMNP16.jpg
Rocky Mountain Bighorn Sheep Ewes (molting) and Lambs
6-25-12 Nature Photography RMNP17.jpg
6-25-12 Nature Photography RMNP18.jpg
Cow Elk
6-25-12 Nature Photography RMNP19.jpg
6-25-12 Nature Photography RMNP20.jpg
6-25-12 Nature Photography RMNP21.jpg
Bull Elk
6-25-12 Nature Photography RMNP22.jpg
6-25-12 Nature Photography RMNP23.jpg
6-25-12 Nature Photography RMNP24.jpg
6-25-12 Nature Photography RMNP25.jpg
6-25-12 Nature Photography RMNP26.jpg
Elk Calf
6-25-12 Nature Photography RMNP27.jpg
6-25-12 Nature Photography RMNP28.jpg
Bull Elk
6-25-12 Nature Photography RMNP29.jpg
6-25-12 Nature Photography RMNP30.jpg
6-25-12 Nature Photography RMNP31.jpg
6-25-12 Nature Photography RMNP32.jpg
6-25-12 Nature Photography RMNP33.jpg
6-25-12 Nature Photography RMNP34.jpg

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10-14-11 Travel Photography Italy Dolomites00.jpg

After leaving Tuscany, we continued north to the Dolomite Mountains.  Their beauty was immense and staggering beyond words!  We loved everything about this region.  From our amazing hotel, to the shear grandeur of the peaks surrounding us, to the melodic sounds of cow bells ringing across open meadows, to the crisp autumn air, this was the kind of place that fills your soul with peace ... it was magical!  On our last night, we took a chairlift to the top of the mountain and hiked back down into town at sunset.  Along the way, we encountered a really sweet cow (I named her Bessy - original I know :-)) who joined us on our walk.  She was so sweet she even licked me ... I have never been licked by a cow :-).  We just loved this place!

10-14-11 Travel Photography Italy Dolomites01.jpg
10-14-11 Travel Photography Italy Dolomites02.jpg
10-14-11 Travel Photography Italy Dolomites03.jpg
10-14-11 Travel Photography Italy Dolomites04.jpg
10-14-11 Travel Photography Italy Dolomites05.jpg
10-14-11 Travel Photography Italy Dolomites06.jpg
10-14-11 Travel Photography Italy Dolomites07.jpg
10-14-11 Travel Photography Italy Dolomites08.jpg
10-14-11 Travel Photography Italy Dolomites09.jpg
10-14-11 Travel Photography Italy Dolomites10.jpg
10-14-11 Travel Photography Italy Dolomites11.jpg
10-14-11 Travel Photography Italy Dolomites12.jpg
10-14-11 Travel Photography Italy Dolomites13.jpg

10-14-11 Travel Photography Italy Dolomites14.jpg
10-14-11 Travel Photography Italy Dolomites15.jpg
10-14-11 Travel Photography Italy Dolomites16.jpg
10-14-11 Travel Photography Italy Dolomites17.jpg
10-14-11 Travel Photography Italy Dolomites18.jpg
10-14-11 Travel Photography Italy Dolomites19.jpg
10-14-11 Travel Photography Italy Dolomites20.jpg
10-14-11 Travel Photography Italy Dolomites21.jpg
10-14-11 Travel Photography Italy Dolomites22.jpg
10-14-11 Travel Photography Italy Dolomites23.jpg
10-14-11 Travel Photography Italy Dolomites24.jpg
10-14-11 Travel Photography Italy Dolomites25.jpg
10-14-11 Travel Photography Italy Dolomites26.jpg
10-14-11 Travel Photography Italy Dolomites27.jpg
10-14-11 Travel Photography Italy Dolomites28.jpg
10-14-11 Travel Photography Italy Dolomites29.jpg
10-14-11 Travel Photography Italy Dolomites30.jpg
10-14-11 Travel Photography Italy Dolomites31.jpg
10-14-11 Travel Photography Italy Dolomites32.jpg
10-14-11 Travel Photography Italy Dolomites33.jpg
10-14-11 Travel Photography Italy Dolomites34.jpg
10-14-11 Travel Photography Italy Dolomites35.jpg
10-14-11 Travel Photography Italy Dolomites36.jpg
10-14-11 Travel Photography Italy Dolomites37.jpg
10-14-11 Travel Photography Italy Dolomites38.jpg
10-14-11 Travel Photography Italy Dolomites39.jpg
10-14-11 Travel Photography Italy Dolomites40.jpg
10-14-11 Travel Photography Italy Dolomites41.jpg
10-14-11 Travel Photography Italy Dolomites42.jpg
10-14-11 Travel Photography Italy Dolomites43.jpg
10-14-11 Travel Photography Italy Dolomites44.jpg
10-14-11 Travel Photography Italy Dolomites45.jpg
10-14-11 Travel Photography Italy Dolomites46.jpg
10-14-11 Travel Photography Italy Dolomites47.jpg
10-14-11 Travel Photography Italy Dolomites48.jpg
10-14-11 Travel Photography Italy Dolomites49.jpg
10-14-11 Travel Photography Italy Dolomites50.jpg
10-14-11 Travel Photography Italy Dolomites51.jpg
10-14-11 Travel Photography Italy Dolomites52.jpg

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Josefin Wahss :

Love, love this area. And i do love your photos of it. And if you remember, I love cows too! I'll by one of those cow shots with mountains in the bakgrund. How much? Love To the both of you from Europe :)

(11.06.11 @ 07:44 PM)
12-23-10 Nature Photography Florida 00.jpg

This past December, the week before Christmas, we traveled to central Florida to visit our friends, Aubrey and Phillip, and to have a short vacation.  It was so nice visiting and simply relaxing.  One way we like to relax is to head into nature to watch and photograph the local wildlife.  On this particular trip it was extremely cold, especially by Florida standards.  With average lows that week in the lower twenties and high teens, we had a rare chance to witness one of nature's great spectacles.  When temperatures dip really low, Manatees head into the warm waters of the local springs - in this case, Blue Springs State Park -  for survival.  We have seen our share of these gentle giants over the years, but never in these numbers.  There were literally hundreds of them ... the sight was staggering!  We also got to photograph many of our favorite birds.  It was a great trip ... I miss Florida :-)!

12-23-10 Nature Photography Florida 01.jpg
12-23-10 Nature Photography Florida 02.jpg
12-23-10 Nature Photography Florida 03.jpg
12-23-10 Nature Photography Florida 04.jpg
12-23-10 Nature Photography Florida 05.jpg
12-23-10 Nature Photography Florida 06.jpg
12-23-10 Nature Photography Florida 07.jpg
12-23-10 Nature Photography Florida 08.jpg
12-23-10 Nature Photography Florida 09.jpg
12-23-10 Nature Photography Florida 10.jpg
12-23-10 Nature Photography Florida 11.jpg
12-23-10 Nature Photography Florida 12.jpg
12-23-10 Nature Photography Florida 13.jpg

12-23-10 Nature Photography Florida 14.jpg
12-23-10 Nature Photography Florida 15.jpg
12-23-10 Nature Photography Florida 16.jpg
12-23-10 Nature Photography Florida 17.jpg
12-23-10 Nature Photography Florida 18.jpg
12-23-10 Nature Photography Florida 19.jpg
12-23-10 Nature Photography Florida 20.jpg
12-23-10 Nature Photography Florida 21.jpg
12-23-10 Nature Photography Florida 22.jpg
12-23-10 Nature Photography Florida 23.jpg
12-23-10 Nature Photography Florida 24.jpg
12-23-10 Nature Photography Florida 25.jpg
12-23-10 Nature Photography Florida 26.jpg
12-23-10 Nature Photography Florida 27.jpg
12-23-10 Nature Photography Florida 28.jpg
12-23-10 Nature Photography Florida 29.jpg
12-23-10 Nature Photography Florida 30.jpg
12-23-10 Nature Photography Florida 31.jpg
12-23-10 Nature Photography Florida 32.jpg
12-23-10 Nature Photography Florida 33.jpg
12-23-10 Nature Photography Florida 34.jpg
12-23-10 Nature Photography Florida 35.jpg
12-23-10 Nature Photography Florida 36.jpg
12-23-10 Nature Photography Florida 37.jpg
12-23-10 Nature Photography Florida 38.jpg
12-23-10 Nature Photography Florida 39.jpg
12-23-10 Nature Photography Florida 40.jpg
12-23-10 Nature Photography Florida 41.jpg
12-23-10 Nature Photography Florida 42.jpg
12-23-10 Nature Photography Florida 43.jpg
12-23-10 Nature Photography Florida 44.jpg
12-23-10 Nature Photography Florida 45.jpg
12-23-10 Nature Photography Florida 46.jpg
12-23-10 Nature Photography Florida 47.jpg
12-23-10 Nature Photography Florida 48.jpg
12-23-10 Nature Photography Florida 49.jpg
12-23-10 Nature Photography Florida 50.jpg
12-23-10 Nature Photography Florida 51.jpg
12-23-10 Nature Photography Florida 52.jpg
12-23-10 Nature Photography Florida 53.jpg
12-23-10 Nature Photography Florida 54.jpg

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8-18-11 Nature Photography 2011Monsoon01.jpg

I LOVE monsoon season in Arizona!!  Tonight's storms brought Phoenix it's third major haboob (duststorm) of the season.  They are spectacular to watch!

8-18-11 Nature Photography 2011Monsoon02.jpg
8-18-11 Nature Photography 2011Monsoon03.jpg
8-18-11 Nature Photography 2011Monsoon04.jpg
8-18-11 Nature Photography 2011Monsoon05.jpg
8-18-11 Nature Photography 2011Monsoon06.jpg

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5-18-10 Nature Photography Florida Bird Rookery 00.jpg


Every spring there is a wildlife spectacle in Florida that nature photographers and birders alike come to witness from all over the world.  It is the annual nesting rookery at the St. Augustine Alligator Farm and for anyone who loves birds, it is a real treat in every way.  Here, on one short boardwalk constructed over a swamp you can view Roseate Spoonbills, Tricolored Herons, Wood Storks, Snowy, Cattle and Great Egrets and many more species playing out every stage of the nesting process and May is prime time for the chicks to make their debut into the world.  It is a wonderous sight and I always love having a chance to watch them during this early stage of life :-)!


5-18-10 Nature Photography Florida Bird Rookery 01.jpg
5-18-10 Nature Photography Florida Bird Rookery 02.jpg
5-18-10 Nature Photography Florida Bird Rookery 03.jpg
5-18-10 Nature Photography Florida Bird Rookery 04.jpg
5-18-10 Nature Photography Florida Bird Rookery 05.jpg
5-18-10 Nature Photography Florida Bird Rookery 06.jpg
5-18-10 Nature Photography Florida Bird Rookery 07.jpg
5-18-10 Nature Photography Florida Bird Rookery 08.jpg
5-18-10 Nature Photography Florida Bird Rookery 09.jpg
5-18-10 Nature Photography Florida Bird Rookery 10.jpg
5-18-10 Nature Photography Florida Bird Rookery 11.jpg
5-18-10 Nature Photography Florida Bird Rookery 12.jpg
5-18-10 Nature Photography Florida Bird Rookery 13.jpg
5-18-10 Nature Photography Florida Bird Rookery 14.jpg
5-18-10 Nature Photography Florida Bird Rookery 15.jpg
5-18-10 Nature Photography Florida Bird Rookery 16.jpg
5-18-10 Nature Photography Florida Bird Rookery 17.jpg
5-18-10 Nature Photography Florida Bird Rookery 18.jpg
5-18-10 Nature Photography Florida Bird Rookery 19.jpg
5-18-10 Nature Photography Florida Bird Rookery 20.jpg
5-18-10 Nature Photography Florida Bird Rookery 21.jpg
5-18-10 Nature Photography Florida Bird Rookery 22.jpg
5-18-10 Nature Photography Florida Bird Rookery 23.jpg
5-18-10 Nature Photography Florida Bird Rookery 24.jpg
5-18-10 Nature Photography Florida Bird Rookery 25.jpg
5-18-10 Nature Photography Florida Bird Rookery 26.jpg
5-18-10 Nature Photography Florida Bird Rookery 27.jpg
5-18-10 Nature Photography Florida Bird Rookery 28.jpg
5-18-10 Nature Photography Florida Bird Rookery 29.jpg
5-18-10 Nature Photography Florida Bird Rookery 30.jpg
5-18-10 Nature Photography Florida Bird Rookery 31.jpg
5-18-10 Nature Photography Florida Bird Rookery 32.jpg
5-18-10 Nature Photography Florida Bird Rookery 33.jpg
5-18-10 Nature Photography Florida Bird Rookery 34.jpg
5-18-10 Nature Photography Florida Bird Rookery 35.jpg
5-18-10 Nature Photography Florida Bird Rookery 36.jpg
5-18-10 Nature Photography Florida Bird Rookery 37.jpg
5-18-10 Nature Photography Florida Bird Rookery 38.jpg
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I had NO idea ya'll were going to post this! I have never seen these! What a "treat" for sure! Have I ever told ya'll how much I love and admire your photography and what a pleasure it is to be learning from the two of you?!! I adore you two like you'll never understand! Beautiful pictures!!! Love them!

(02.22.11 @ 08:18 PM)
5-17-10 Nature Photography Florida 00.jpg

While we were in Florida this past May for Liane and Andy's wedding we took time to visit some of my favorite wildlife hotspots and get back to nature.  It was spring and all the birds and reptiles were out either looking for mates, laying eggs or raising their young.  I just love this time of year in Florida for wildlife photography :-).

5-17-10 Nature Photography Florida 01.jpg
5-17-10 Nature Photography Florida 02.jpg
5-17-10 Nature Photography Florida 03.jpg
5-17-10 Nature Photography Florida 04.jpg
5-17-10 Nature Photography Florida 05.jpg
5-17-10 Nature Photography Florida 06.jpg
5-17-10 Nature Photography Florida 07.jpg
5-17-10 Nature Photography Florida 08.jpg
5-17-10 Nature Photography Florida 09.jpg
5-17-10 Nature Photography Florida 10.jpg
5-17-10 Nature Photography Florida 11.jpg
5-17-10 Nature Photography Florida 12.jpg
5-17-10 Nature Photography Florida 13.jpg
5-17-10 Nature Photography Florida 14.jpg
5-17-10 Nature Photography Florida 15.jpg
5-17-10 Nature Photography Florida 16.jpg
5-17-10 Nature Photography Florida 17.jpg
5-17-10 Nature Photography Florida 18.jpg
5-17-10 Nature Photography Florida 19.jpg
5-17-10 Nature Photography Florida 20.jpg
5-17-10 Nature Photography Florida 21.jpg
5-17-10 Nature Photography Florida 22.jpg
5-17-10 Nature Photography Florida 23.jpg
5-17-10 Nature Photography Florida 24.jpg
5-17-10 Nature Photography Florida 25.jpg
5-17-10 Nature Photography Florida 26.jpg
5-17-10 Nature Photography Florida 27.jpg
5-17-10 Nature Photography Florida 28.jpg
5-17-10 Nature Photography Florida 29.jpg
5-17-10 Nature Photography Florida 30.jpg
5-17-10 Nature Photography Florida 31.jpg
5-17-10 Nature Photography Florida 32.jpg
5-17-10 Nature Photography Florida 33.jpg
5-17-10 Nature Photography Florida 34.jpg
5-17-10 Nature Photography Florida 35.jpg
5-17-10 Nature Photography Florida 36.jpg
5-17-10 Nature Photography Florida 37.jpg
5-17-10 Nature Photography Florida 38.jpg
5-17-10 Nature Photography Florida 39.jpg
5-17-10 Nature Photography Florida 40.jpg
5-17-10 Nature Photography Florida 41.jpg
5-17-10 Nature Photography Florida 42.jpg
5-17-10 Nature Photography Florida 43.jpg
5-17-10 Nature Photography Florida 44.jpg
5-17-10 Nature Photography Florida 45.jpg
5-17-10 Nature Photography Florida 46.jpg
5-17-10 Nature Photography Florida 47.jpg
5-17-10 Nature Photography Florida 48.jpg
5-17-10 Nature Photography Florida 49.jpg
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8-10-10 Nature Photography Hawaii Big Island 00.jpg


This past August we went to the Big Island of Hawaii to photograph two weddings.  After we were done, we spent two weeks exploring this very large Island ... by Hawaii standards anyways.  What we found was an Island ripe with rugged beauty; active volcanoes giving birth to new land dotted with high, cold mountains harboring glimpses of the heavens and stars so close you feel as though you can almost touch them; oh, and then there are the secret lagoons and isolated beaches full of sea turtles ... plenty and plenty and plenty of sea turtles ... we love sea turtles :-)!  Below is a record of our journey through the images we took!


8-10-10 Nature Photography Hawaii Big Island 01.jpg
8-10-10 Nature Photography Hawaii Big Island 02.jpg
8-10-10 Nature Photography Hawaii Big Island 03.jpg
8-10-10 Nature Photography Hawaii Big Island 04.jpg
8-10-10 Nature Photography Hawaii Big Island 05.jpg
8-10-10 Nature Photography Hawaii Big Island 06.jpg
8-10-10 Nature Photography Hawaii Big Island 07.jpg
8-10-10 Nature Photography Hawaii Big Island 08.jpg
8-10-10 Nature Photography Hawaii Big Island 09.jpg
8-10-10 Nature Photography Hawaii Big Island 10.jpg
8-10-10 Nature Photography Hawaii Big Island 11.jpg
8-10-10 Nature Photography Hawaii Big Island 12.jpg
8-10-10 Nature Photography Hawaii Big Island 13.jpg
8-10-10 Nature Photography Hawaii Big Island 14.jpg
8-10-10 Nature Photography Hawaii Big Island 15.jpg
8-10-10 Nature Photography Hawaii Big Island 16.jpg
8-10-10 Nature Photography Hawaii Big Island 17.jpg
8-10-10 Nature Photography Hawaii Big Island 18.jpg
8-10-10 Nature Photography Hawaii Big Island 19.jpg
8-10-10 Nature Photography Hawaii Big Island 20.jpg
8-10-10 Nature Photography Hawaii Big Island 21.jpg
8-10-10 Nature Photography Hawaii Big Island 22.jpg
8-10-10 Nature Photography Hawaii Big Island 23.jpg
8-10-10 Nature Photography Hawaii Big Island 24.jpg
8-10-10 Nature Photography Hawaii Big Island 25.jpg
8-10-10 Nature Photography Hawaii Big Island 26.jpg
8-10-10 Nature Photography Hawaii Big Island 27.jpg
8-10-10 Nature Photography Hawaii Big Island 28.jpg
8-10-10 Nature Photography Hawaii Big Island 29.jpg
8-10-10 Nature Photography Hawaii Big Island 30.jpg
8-10-10 Nature Photography Hawaii Big Island 31.jpg
8-10-10 Nature Photography Hawaii Big Island 32.jpg
8-10-10 Nature Photography Hawaii Big Island 33.jpg
8-10-10 Nature Photography Hawaii Big Island 34.jpg
8-10-10 Nature Photography Hawaii Big Island 35.jpg
8-10-10 Nature Photography Hawaii Big Island 36.jpg
8-10-10 Nature Photography Hawaii Big Island 37.jpg
8-10-10 Nature Photography Hawaii Big Island 38.jpg
8-10-10 Nature Photography Hawaii Big Island 39.jpg
8-10-10 Nature Photography Hawaii Big Island 40.jpg
8-10-10 Nature Photography Hawaii Big Island 41.jpg
8-10-10 Nature Photography Hawaii Big Island 42.jpg
8-10-10 Nature Photography Hawaii Big Island 43.jpg
8-10-10 Nature Photography Hawaii Big Island 44.jpg
8-10-10 Nature Photography Hawaii Big Island 45.jpg
8-10-10 Nature Photography Hawaii Big Island 46.jpg
8-10-10 Nature Photography Hawaii Big Island 47.jpg
8-10-10 Nature Photography Hawaii Big Island 48.jpg
8-10-10 Nature Photography Hawaii Big Island 49.jpg
8-10-10 Nature Photography Hawaii Big Island 50.jpg
8-10-10 Nature Photography Hawaii Big Island 51.jpg
8-10-10 Nature Photography Hawaii Big Island 52.jpg
8-10-10 Nature Photography Hawaii Big Island 53.jpg
8-10-10 Nature Photography Hawaii Big Island 54.jpg
8-10-10 Nature Photography Hawaii Big Island 55.jpg
8-10-10 Nature Photography Hawaii Big Island 56.jpg
8-10-10 Nature Photography Hawaii Big Island 57.jpg
8-10-10 Nature Photography Hawaii Big Island 58.jpg
8-10-10 Nature Photography Hawaii Big Island 59.jpg
8-10-10 Nature Photography Hawaii Big Island 60.jpg
8-10-10 Nature Photography Hawaii Big Island 61.jpg
8-10-10 Nature Photography Hawaii Big Island 62.jpg
8-10-10 Nature Photography Hawaii Big Island 63.jpg
8-10-10 Nature Photography Hawaii Big Island 64.jpg
8-10-10 Nature Photography Hawaii Big Island 65.jpg
8-10-10 Nature Photography Hawaii Big Island 66.jpg
8-10-10 Nature Photography Hawaii Big Island 67.jpg
8-10-10 Nature Photography Hawaii Big Island 68.jpg
8-10-10 Nature Photography Hawaii Big Island 69.jpg
8-10-10 Nature Photography Hawaii Big Island 70.jpg
8-10-10 Nature Photography Hawaii Big Island 71.jpg
8-10-10 Nature Photography Hawaii Big Island 72.jpg
8-10-10 Nature Photography Hawaii Big Island 73.jpg
8-10-10 Nature Photography Hawaii Big Island 74.jpg
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Amanda M.:

omg these photos are gorgeous! I love them!!

(02.20.11 @ 02:38 PM)


8-10-10 Nature Photography Big Island Lava 00.jpg


While we were on the Big Island of Hawaii, we took a boat trip to view the lava flows.  It was spectacular to witness ... one of the most amazing acts of nature we have ever seen!


8-10-10 Nature Photography Big Island Lava 01.jpg
8-10-10 Nature Photography Big Island Lava 02.jpg
8-10-10 Nature Photography Big Island Lava 03.jpg
8-10-10 Nature Photography Big Island Lava 04.jpg
8-10-10 Nature Photography Big Island Lava 05.jpg
8-10-10 Nature Photography Big Island Lava 06.jpg
8-10-10 Nature Photography Big Island Lava 07.jpg
8-10-10 Nature Photography Big Island Lava 08.jpg
8-10-10 Nature Photography Big Island Lava 09.jpg
8-10-10 Nature Photography Big Island Lava 10.jpg
8-10-10 Nature Photography Big Island Lava 11.jpg
8-10-10 Nature Photography Big Island Lava 12.jpg
8-10-10 Nature Photography Big Island Lava 13.jpg
8-10-10 Nature Photography Big Island Lava 14.jpg
8-10-10 Nature Photography Big Island Lava 15.jpg
8-10-10 Nature Photography Big Island Lava 16.jpg
8-10-10 Nature Photography Big Island Lava 17.jpg
8-10-10 Nature Photography Big Island Lava 18.jpg
8-10-10 Nature Photography Big Island Lava 19.jpg
8-10-10 Nature Photography Big Island Lava 20.jpg
8-10-10 Nature Photography Big Island Lava 21.jpg
8-10-10 Nature Photography Big Island Lava 22.jpg
8-10-10 Nature Photography Big Island Lava 23.jpg
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My best friend in the whole world :-), Daniela, came out from her home in Chicago to help me out with a wedding (more on that in the next posting) in November.  She was only here for 3 days and it was the first time she had ever been out west.  She is originally from Brazil and given the fact that her time spent in the US has always been on the East Coast or in the Midwest, the Wild West was a little different for her.  She loved it from the moment her plane touched down in Phoenix!  Given the short time span I had to show her around, I had to be selective about where to take her.  The obvious choice was the Grand Canyon, so off we went, straight from the airport to the canyon.  She was mesmerized, as most people are who see it for the first time!  Here are a few shots we took while we were there.


Daniela and I at my favorite tree :-)!

11-12-09 Nature Photography Grand Canyon 01.jpg
This is probably my favorite shot that I have ever taken at the Canyon.  I love the mixture of the mood of the dark storms in the canyon and the beautiful spot of light illuminating her face ... perfect!
11-12-09 Nature Photography Grand Canyon 02.jpg
11-12-09 Nature Photography Grand Canyon 03.jpg
11-12-09 Nature Photography Grand Canyon 04.jpg
11-12-09 Nature Photography Grand Canyon 05.jpg
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Back in late October we went to Florida to photograph Lisa and James' spectacular wedding in West Palm Beach.  While visiting south Florida, we took a few days to explore the Everglades and a bit of the Florida Keys.  Here are some of the highlights!


Yes, this is a Pygmy Rattlesnake ... and yes, I am using a wide angle lens, which means I was probably way too close.  Don't try getting this close to a poisonous snake unless you know well how to read their body language.  This one remained very calm and I took a lot of time to ease up to it to get the shot.

10-26-09 Nature Photography Florida 01.jpg
10-26-09 Nature Photography Florida 02.jpg
10-26-09 Nature Photography Florida 03.jpg
10-26-09 Nature Photography Florida 04.jpg
10-26-09 Nature Photography Florida 05.jpg
10-26-09 Nature Photography Florida 06.jpg
I was soooo excited to get these next few photos.  These alligators are hatchlings and I have never encountered them in the wild before, despite trolling the swamps of FL for the better part of 10 years.  I heard the classic "chirping" noises and new they were close.  It didn't take long to locate them.  I felt so fortunate to observe them but we were always cautious ... you must always be on the lookout for the mother in a situation like this.  The mother will protect her young.
10-26-09 Nature Photography Florida 07.jpg
So cute!!!!
10-26-09 Nature Photography Florida 08.jpg
10-26-09 Nature Photography Florida 09.jpg
The cuttest baby turtle in the world on the left :-).
10-26-09 Nature Photography Florida 10.jpg
Great Blue Heron
10-26-09 Nature Photography Florida 11.jpg
This was one of my favorite shots of the trip!
10-26-09 Nature Photography Florida 12.jpg
10-26-09 Nature Photography Florida 13.jpg
A little wild turkey humor :-).
10-26-09 Nature Photography Florida 14.jpg
10-26-09 Nature Photography Florida 15.jpg
You know you are entering the Everglades when you see a Florida Panther Crossing.
10-26-09 Nature Photography Florida 16.jpg
10-26-09 Nature Photography Florida 17.jpg
Osprey with fish.
10-26-09 Nature Photography Florida 18.jpg
This is an American Crocodile and the Everglades is the only place you will find them and even then it is rare ... we were very lucky!
10-26-09 Nature Photography Florida 19.jpg
10-26-09 Nature Photography Florida 20.jpg
10-26-09 Nature Photography Florida 21.jpg
10-26-09 Nature Photography Florida 22.jpg
10-26-09 Nature Photography Florida 23.jpg
10-26-09 Nature Photography Florida 24.jpg
10-26-09 Nature Photography Florida 25.jpg
Bald Eagle and Raven.
10-26-09 Nature Photography Florida 26.jpg
Great Egret
10-26-09 Nature Photography Florida 27.jpg
Turkey Vultures
10-26-09 Nature Photography Florida 28.jpg
10-26-09 Nature Photography Florida 29.jpg
This may seem sad, but it is for my decades long personal project, "Casualties of War."  I really get angry to see a beautiful animal lose its life by speeding drivers, especially in a National Park where they shouldn't be speeding in the first place.  The victim was a snowy egret.
10-26-09 Nature Photography Florida 30.jpg
10-26-09 Nature Photography Florida 31.jpg
The Keys ... specifically Islamorada on the left and Key Largo on the right.
10-26-09 Nature Photography Florida 32.jpg
10-26-09 Nature Photography Florida 33.jpg
The keys are crawling with wild iguanas.
10-26-09 Nature Photography Florida 34.jpg
10-26-09 Nature Photography Florida 35.jpg
Purple Bill and Greeny visit south Florida :-)!!  They had a blast!
10-26-09 Nature Photography Florida 36.jpg
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In late September we traveled to Puerto Penasco, Mexico, otherwise known as Rocky Point to photograph a wedding.  Aside from the actual wedding day, we spent a couple of extra days in the area exploring and having a little fun!  One of the highlights was renting ATVs and riding them around the nearby dunes.  The only downside to this was the intense heat.  From what I was told, September is a hot month in general, but they were having a freak heat wave that week which made the temperatures almost unbearable at about 105 degrees with 100 percent humidity.  We still had a great time though!


Purple Bill & Greeny being tourists :-).

Our ATVs alone in the dunes.
Having fun ... and sweating profusely!
I know this seems sad, but it is for a personal project I have been working on for the past 13 years called "Casualties of War."  It highlights the damage we humans, intentional or not, inflict upon nature, wildlife in paticular.
I love the following beach shots!  They were taken at sunset and it was just spectacular!!
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Michael Chansley:

How cool! I love the 4 wheeling photos! I've never been to Rocky Point, but it looks beautiful! Keep up the good work!

(02.05.10 @ 12:18 AM)

This was the winter storm to end all winter storms as Arizona standards go!!!  It swept in Monday, January 18th and lasted through Saturday, January 23rd.  It came in waves and brought with it record rains for Phoenix (nearly 6 inches in places) and record snows in Flagstaff and the White Mountains (nearly 5 feet at the base of the mountain in Flagstaff and almost 8 feet at the peak.)  I personally have never seen this much snow at one time in my entire life.  Love it or hate it, you couldn't help but stare in amazement!!

The early stages of the storm.
Yoshi is not pleased :-).
Our neighbor shoveling the roof.
By Thursday things were really getting intense.
The snow is taller than Yoshi now.
Everything is getting buried.
Our street sign ... it is the normal height of a street sign.
The snow is almost up to the roof.
My illustration of the accumulation ... unbelievable!!!
The calm after the storm ... simply STUNNING!!!
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WOW!!!  That's almost all I can say.  This was an intense storm - howling winds, electric out most of the night and nearly three feet of snow on the ground by Tuesday morning.  But what a beautiful sight :-)!!



How cute is my dog :-)??!!
Even for Yoshi with all his fur it was still REALLY, REALLY, cold ... I love that you can see his breath :-).
Yoshi's ready to pack it in and go home ... after only 20 minutes :-).
A beautiful view from our yard ...
... and a stunning one at the bottom of the road!!!!
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your doggy is super cute!! :)

(12.11.09 @ 11:49 PM)
Tim Halberg:

soooo beautiful! I miss living where it snows!! thanks for sharing photos that show the beauty of it!

(12.19.09 @ 05:09 AM)

Aw, Yoshi is a cutie pie!!! Yowza that's alotta snow!!!

(12.23.09 @ 11:43 PM)

This all began with the booking of a destination wedding in Michigan for Labor Day weekend.  We decided that rather than fly, it would be a great idea to drive and see some areas of the country we have never seen before.  Thus began the planning and execution of the Great American Road Trip!


We really wanted to visit Grand Teton and Yellowstone National Park so those were our first big stops.  We spent 2 days in Grand Teton and almost 4 in Yellowstone, both of which far exceeded our expectations!!  We spent much time in the company of bison (my new favorite animal), sometimes finding ourselves within 20 feet of the 2000 pound animals.  It was great!  The rut was in full swing so we got to see plenty of spit-flinging, snot-snorting fights which was also great!  We loved the many geological features of Yellowstone, but not the smell so much :-).


We then headed across the heartland through lovely, and flat, North Dakota, picking up plenty of bugs along the way.  We finally ended up in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan where we spent a couple of days exploring Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore along the wild shores of lake Superior.  I have always wanted to go there and it was well worth it!  From there we headed down into lower Michigan for the wedding and then continued on to Chicago to have a very quick visit with my friend Daniela (she photographed our wedding last year.)  We left Chicago on Monday knowing we had to make good time ... we had to be in Tucson on Thursday for another wedding.  We did spend a little time in Taos, New Mexico on the way home which was really cool.  After the Tucson wedding we headed straight home so we could be at a wedding in Sedona by Saturday!


So there it is!  Three weeks, 15 states, and 6500 miles later we came full circle on our Great American Road Trip.  Some of the highlights included spending a lot of time with bison, being charged by a male Pronghorn who confused us for a male he was catching the scent of over the ridge, a raging thunderstorm over the plains complete with american symbols in the foreground like bison and bald eagles, seeing the world's largest cow, Salem Sue, seeing my friend Daniela and those are just to name a few.  It was an amazing trip and I am so glad we decided to do it!  We took thousands of images while we were there, but these five emerged at the top!


Bison grazing at Sunrise

Lightning and Resting Bison
Bison Emerging from the Shadows
Silly Face
Artist Point in Yellowstone
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After this trip my new favorite animal is the bison!!  I completely fell in love with these giant lumbering creatures.  We had many amazing opportunities to be in the company of, get way too close to, observe and photograph bison in both Yellowstone and Grand Teton.  We were there during the rut and that was definitely something to witness.  Side note: don't find yourself in the middle of two rutting bulls - bad, bad idea ... we are OK though :-)!  We also saw and photographed Pronghorn, mule deer, elk, coyote, bald eagles and much more.  It was nice to concentrate on wildlife photography ... something we haven't done in way too long!


Yellowstone Bison

Love the accessories :-)!
This bull knows another is near and he is beginning to posture for dominance.
He goes at it with his adversary!  This was where we found ourselves just slightly in the way!
Reee-jected ... yes, he got a swift kick to the face for his advances ... poor guy :-(.
This coyote is hunting and he got a tasty little snack for his efforts :-).
This guy (Pronghorn) charged us ... or so it seemed.  He ran straight at us and stopped about 10 feet shy of us.  Ultimately it was another male over the ridge that got him so upset, but it definitely got our heart rates up :-)!
Grand Teton Bison
This is our car and this is how close they were to us ... pretty cool :-)!
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If I were to try to find words to describe Yellowstone National Park - and believe me, words will definitely escape you when you lay eyes upon this place - they would be somewhere along the lines of primordial, surreal, sublime ... especially sublime.  This place really did leave me speachless.  I haven't felt a sense of peace like this since Africa.  I didn't want to leave.  We are already planning another trip back.


Old Faithful

Mud Pots
Bison Tracks in Grand Prismatic Springs
Patterns are everywhere in Yellowstone.
Yellowstone Lake
Hayden Valley and Yellowstone River
Mammoth Hot Springs
Artist Point
The Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone
Grand Prismatic Springs
Lamar Valley
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Really enjoyed these images. Very very nice. Thanks for the eye candy.

Here are a few of mine if you're interested.


(07.24.10 @ 05:53 AM)

Quite frankly, the Grand Tetons smack you in the face with their immense grandeur!  They are simply jaw-dropping!  Of course, you know you are in for something special when you first enter the gateway of Jackson Hole.  What a pristine little mountain town.  We only had a few days there so we concentrated on the grand landscapes, old barns and wildlife the Tetons are famous for!  We will definitely be back!



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The Upper Peninsula of Michigan is very remote and wild and I have always wanted to visit it.  A wedding in Michigan provided the perfect excuse :-).  Within this peninsula lies Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore.  Resting against the rough shores of Lake Superior, it is a true gem for nature lovers.  One of the highlights for us was trekking 3 miles throught the woods to emerge on an amazing beach with towering sandstone cliffs!  Its name is Chapel Beach and it was spectacular!  We took photos past sunset ... and yes we did hike the 3 miles back though the woods, in the dark, as the light of a full moon danced through the trees :-).  It was a magical experience!


The water's of Lake Superior were so amazingly blue!!

Miners Castle
Chapel Falls
Chapel Rock
Tracks in the sand
There were small hints of the beginnings of fall.
Grand Sable Dunes
I love scenes like this!!  If we hadn't stopped to see if the meadow was worth photographing, we would have completely passed it by.  I'm so glad we didn't ... it was magical!  Made it worth getting up for sunrise :-)!
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Photos and moments captured along the way!



Bear Lake, Idaho
Jackson Hole, Wyoming
Grand Teton National Park
Someone decided to hitch a ride :-)
Yellowstone National Park
Buffalo Jam :-) ... seriously ... that is what they call it in the park
A photo for you mom!  She has two westies also :-).
Old Faithful and a little Americana
Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone
Lunch in Yellowstone
Though it may look like it, this bison is not attacking ... just moving downhill :-).
Yes, that is hail ... a lot of it!
Mountain Pass in Montana.  It was soooo cold up there :-).
The prairies of North Dakota 
Sunflowers in North Dakota
This is our "Dare to be Different" photo :-).
Here she is ... Salem Sue, the world's largest cow!!!  I love cows and was so excited to see this roadside oddity in North Dakota - how awesome :-)!!
Old Barn in Wisconsin
Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore, Michigan
Castle Rock, Colorado
The Chiricahuas, Arizona
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Phuong is one of my dearest and oldest friends.  We met in North Carolina in High School (which was in the late 80's for timeline references) when I was a senior and she was a junior.  Seniors had the privilege of leaving campus for lunch and I would always sneak Phuong out with me.  We also loved to go to those rowdy high school parties together and we ditched our prom dates to hang out for the rest of the night together ... which was much more fun given who my date was :-).  We also would just get together and head out to the beach (a 2 1/2 hour drive away) on a moments notice just because.  We always had fun together - and I loved going to her house to have some of her mother's Vietnamese cooking, yum - and no matter how sad I might be Phuong always had a way of making me laugh ... she just has that kind of personality!


The one thing about Phuong is that her love of travel and adventure is only matched by my own - and perhaps her husband's :-).  This is one of those major things we have always shared in common.  The last time I saw Phuong was in 1999.  That was also a "Tina & Phuong Adventure Trip", along with some other people - spouses, etc.  On that trip we spent a month together in Kenya, a week of that living with the Maasai when I was initiated into their tribe.  We had such an amazing time, but I didn't realize when I said goodbye that I wouldn't see my good friend again for a decade ... and she only lives in San Francisco, go figure.


I was so super excited when she called and said she wanted to visit.  After picking her up at the airport we headed up to Flagstaff and the first place I took her was Snowbowl.  This was mid-April and it was still barren on top of the mountain.  We took a photo on the last day she was here and it was all green and beautiful.  Before arriving she asked what she should pack in the way of clothing and I told her to expect temperatures from below freezing to over 100 degrees ... I think she thought I was crazy, but she soon learned what those of us who live here well know :-).  She stayed almost 5 weeks and in that time we visited many areas of the state, she assisted me at weddings, she fell in love with our dog, Yoshi, and laughed a lot at the antics of our crazy bird, Ziggy.  We had many new adventures and a great time reminiscing about adventures gone by ...


Until the next big adventure Phuong ... hopefully it won't be another decade away :-)!  Love you always!!


The first day at Snowbowl.

Having fun on the West Fork Trail in Oak Creek Canyon :-).
Spring is the time for baby ducks ... love baby ducks - sooo cute!
The Superstition Mountain Range at Roosevelt Lake.
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Fossil Creek in Strawberry is a spectacular creek with its stunning blue waters and falls.  We also found the most curious thing ... a set of three old, yellow chairs, positioned in the creek facing towards a 20-foot plus waterfall.  It was hilarious and it was even more hilarious when Phuong and Kevin sat in them to pose for the camera :-).


Devil's Bridge is located in Sedona and it is simply amazing.  It takes a bit of a vertical hike to reach it but is well worth the effort!  Phuong and I really freaked out some pour woman from New Jersey who isn't used to seeing people walking out to the edge of a rock with a very long drop on the other side of it ... to that woman, we pass along our apologies :-)!


Some fun graffiti we found under a bridge at Fossil Creek.

The drive down to Fossil Creek is a little treacherous ...
Love this frog's choice of home :-).
This is so funny ...
... and this is even funnier :-)!!!
Phuong and I really love cows ... so we thought we would take a short walk with some :-).
Devil's Bridge ... gorgeous!!
We got a little silly with our shadow puppets ... I kind of resemble the creature from the movie "Aliens."
OK mom, please don't have a heart attack ... it looks bad, but we were VERY, VERY careful - I promise :-).  Again, our apologies to the poosr New Jersey lady.
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Pita Stanton:

I LOVE the picture of you two running across devils bridge. Is that in Sedona?

(07.16.09 @ 08:42 PM)
Caitlin Smith:

Looks like an absolute BLAST!!! :-D

(07.05.10 @ 12:17 AM)

We had a great time exploring Antelope Canyon and a little of Lake Powell.  Kevin and I had never been to Antelope Canyon before and we definitely plan on returning for some serious landscape photography!


Heading out to the slot canyon.

I love taking photos of cows :-)!!
Our guide, Zac, playing the flute.
I love this shot :-)!
Lake Powell was just a tad windy :-)!!!!
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Alison K. Juberg:

very whimsical pictures. Love the dog and the nature pictures.

(08.03.09 @ 01:23 AM)

The Grand Canyon ... that was our final trip on the "Tina & Phuong take on Arizona" expedition.  We had gone to the Canyon when Phuong first arrived, but that was the Trash-the-Dress shoot, so we decided to end our trip here - a place that Phuong was so excited to see.  We brought Yoshi along as well since Phuong developed such a close relationship with him during her stay.  We stopped by Snowbowl on the way to take a photo illustrating the change in season from the photo taken on the first day, seemed befitting.  It was a fun trip, but at the sam time a bittersweet one.  After ten years of not seeing my high school friend, I had grown accustomed to her presence again ... hopefully it won't be another ten years before we meet again and take on another destination :-)!  Love ya Phuong!!


Back to where our trip began ... on top of Snowbowl.  Amazing how different it looked after almost 5 weeks.

I had really been wanting a photo like this.  It symbolizes how great a friend he has been to me over the past 11 years and for me it is a very important image ... it will live on even when I don't have him around anymore and I will always be able to remember and cherish this moment.
Phuong IM'ing on the phone with her husband at the edge of the canyon ... hilarious :-)!
Bye Phuong - it was quite an adventure!!!
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Pita Stanton:

The picture of you and Yoshi is really cute. The picture of the canyon with the storms all along the rim is absolutely amazing!!! I brag about you guys all of the time to people. I am so, so, so happy we went with you for our wedding!!! I come back to your blog at least once a week just to see you work and what you have been up to. Thank you!!

(07.16.09 @ 08:45 PM)

A couple of weeks ago we headed out to the Sierra Nevada range of California where we had a destination wedding to photograph.  Kevin used to live in these mountains and has a real passion for them ... especially Yosemite National Park, so this was a real treat for him to go back home, if even for a very short time.


I personally have never been to this part of the world so I was like a kid in a candy store!  Every turn revealed something new and wonderful.  We started our trip near Sequoia National Park where the wedding was to be held.  We spent the first day scouting the area and grabbing some nice nature shots along the way.  The day after the wedding we headed north to Yosemite National Park.  We were on a tight timeline as this was already Thursday and we had to be in the White Mountains of Arizona for another wedding by Saturday.  Hence, we weren't there during the best time of the day, but it was specatcular none-the-less!!  As we passed through, we stopped frequently to take travel shots (I used to do a lot of trvel photography and really enjoy it), landscape shots (duh...), and of course those must have, silly tourist shots.  We stopped for lunch at the famed Ahwahnee Hotel and then headed on through the park over the Tioga Pass to the eastern side of the Sierras. A big highlight along the way was sighting a black bear in a field feeding ... a really awesome sight!!!


We made our way to Mono Lake, a world-famous lake amongst landscape photographers, for sunset.  I have always wanted to take landscapes of Mono Lake and was quite happy with what we got given the tight time frame.  We had dinner in Mammoth Lakes (Kevin lived there and it is one of his favorite places) and stayed in Bishop.  Before heading home the next day we stopped in at Mountian Light Gallery which was founded by the late Galen Rowell.  He was an amazingly talented photographer.  I once attended one of his seminars when I was in college in Florida and he was nothing short of inspirational.  It was a treat to walk though his gallery!


An impressive view of Yosemite Valley.

Yosemite Falls was flowing very well!
The Ahwahnee Hotel and the view from our table at lunch.
The view of El Capitan from El Capitan meadow ... one of Kevin's favorite places in the world.
This is a black bear, not a brown bear - I swear it is.
A view of Tenaya Lake.
Tuolumne Meadows ... and one of my favorite photos of the day :-).
Another favorite of the day!
A view of Tioga Lake from Tioga Pass ... very impressive!!
Mono Lake and it's famous tufa towers.
Most people visit Mono Lake to photograph it's exotic tufa formations.  Me, I had to photograph the millions of Alkali Flies that cover the lake's shores ... definitely got some wierd looks as I lay flat on the muddy banks :-).  These were actually really hard to get and after many frames these emerged as a couple of my favorites. A side note: These flies are very polite ... they do not like touching humans, making my job much easier :-).
Told you this was a photographer's paradise :-).
This is my absolute favorite ... I love the pastel colors, very serene.
The many hues of sunset.
I didn't believe Kevin when he told me that this plant's official name is "Snow Plant"... then I saw it on an identification sign in Yosemite :-).  Guess I should put more faith in him :-).
Scouting around Shaver Lake for the wedding.  Wait until you see what this area looked like the next day for couple formals ....
I have to say ... when we rounded the corner and I first laid eyes on the giant sequoias, it was breathtaking!!!
This is where the wedding was held ... what a spectaclular spot for a ceremony!!
Shaver Lake.
A really cool old cottonwood charcoal kiln on the eastern slopes of the Sierras.
Owen's Dry Lake.


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Great shots of Yosemite!!! I went there with James last year it was awesome. I've got a funny picutre of me sitting inside a Great Sequoia.


(06.28.09 @ 06:01 PM)
Josefin Wahss:

Wonderful pictures and beautiful people! I remember that tufa formation. And the flies. The reflections in Tioga lake, and the view from the Ahwahnee dining room. Further, I forgot my bikini in a tree at the Bishop campground, and we found no ice cream on the top of the upper Yosemite fall. Fortunately, we found sequoias as big as evrything else in USA.
Looking forward to see more picures from the area!!

(06.28.09 @ 08:51 PM)
Hussey Photography:

OH MY GOSH!!!!!!
I've GOT to go there!!!!
That's INCREDIBLE!!! What amazing shots!
I love the 4 shots of the different hues of sunset! So cool!!!

Great job!


(07.01.09 @ 05:24 PM)

excellent photographs.....................

(12.26.10 @ 04:57 AM)

I came here looking for large pictures of lava flowing into the sea, but I stuck around to look at all the non-Hawaii photos as well.

Very nice. I'll my s.o. stop by here to take a look at all the places on the Mainland where I'd like to take her later.

(06.01.11 @ 01:18 AM)

The day before we left Florida, I took Kevin to one of my favorite places ... the St. Augustine Alligator Farm.  Not only does it have one of the most impressive displays of alligator and crocodile species in the world, it also has one of the best natural bird rookeries (a communal nesting site) in all of Florida.  Afterwards, we headed back down the coast stopping one last time along the way to enjoy the sounds of the ocean ... I really do miss Florida!!


We decided to play tourists and pose with a young gator ... really, I just wanted to hold one - it was so cool :-).

This is their star attraction, Maximo the Salty (croc) ... well his snout anyways.
Having fun with shadows :-).
This is a very rare albino alligator (one of two they have there.)  They were only discovered in Louisiana in 1991.
This is so funny :-).
Someone needs braces ...
The bird rookery.  (Left) - Tricolored Heron (Right) - Snowy Egret 
Snowy Egrets displaying.
Tricolored Heron with egg.
Great Egret displaying.
Great Egret in flight.
Great Egret in Flight.
Great Egret with nesting material.  This is one of my favorites of the day!
Wood Storks at nest.  I love this series ... they seem so happy to see one another :-).
Roseate Spoonbills.  One of the most beautiful of the heron species.
Wood Stork on nest.
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Great pictures Tina, looks like your trip to FL went well. I'm glad you guys had some time to take some fun pictures.

(04.21.09 @ 03:02 PM)
Michael Chansley:

I love to play tourist when I go on trips. Even if it's only for 1/2 a day. I'm totally jealous of the alligator farm. Hope you're having fun in FL.

(04.23.09 @ 08:07 AM)
We spent a week in Florida while there for Alicia and Michael's wedding.  Funny thing was it was colder when we got to Florida than it was when we left Flagstaff - go figure.  It warmed up quickly though, thank goodness.

I lived in Central Florida for ten years and sometimes I really miss it, so it is really nice when I get a chance to return ... which is also why I love booking weddings there (I have two more to go this year in FL) :-).  Plus, this is the first time I have been able to take Kevin there with me and it was nice to show him around the wilds of my old home.

The biggest thing I miss, besides old friends, is the wilderness and beaches of the state.  I used to do a lot of wildlife and nature photography in Florida and it was quite spiritual for me to go into the swamps or to the river or beach and spend time with the big birds and reptiles.  I especially love the big birds ... they are so comical.  We even saw a river otter chowing down on a fish on a river bank.  I have never seen one in the wild before so it was a real treat.  We also got some really cool shots from a controled burn down in Cape Canaveral.  It was really nice to return (and share it with Kevin) and these are some of the photos we got while there.  Enjoy!


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ForestWander Nature Photography:


These shots are simply amazzing.

I love the reflections on the water shots.

Those are some of my favorite to look for recently.

The aligator eyes are really cool too.

As well as the aligator Gar fish.

These must have been from Florida.

Again, very professional work!

(03.17.09 @ 01:39 PM)

Florida - here we come!! Beautiful photos. I know I´ve said I love to photograph cows and saguaros. But birds would be on the first place, if they were a bit easier to catch... Love your work.

(03.22.09 @ 11:23 PM)
Reflections of Florida in Infrared ...

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Absolutely beautiful. And what an artist the photographer is. Fabulous!!!!

(04.16.09 @ 09:52 PM)

Monument Valley Navajo Tribal Park is a very spiritual place and there is nowhere else quite like it in the world.  We had the great privilege of spending three days there beginning the day after Christmas for an amazing wedding (more on that in the next few postings.)  These are a few of the lanscape photographs we captured over the course of those three days.

12-29-08MonValley01.jpg 12-29-08MonValley02.jpg 12-29-08MonValley03.jpg 12-29-08MonValley04.jpg 12-29-08MonValley05.jpg 12-29-08MonValley06.jpg 12-29-08MonValley07.jpg 12-29-08MonValley08.jpg 12-29-08MonValley09.jpg 12-29-08MonValley10.jpg 12-29-08MonValley11.jpg 12-29-08MonValley12.jpg 12-29-08MonValley13.jpg

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Alicia :

Wow these are just beautiful!!!

(05.05.09 @ 02:07 PM)

As the storm wound down last Thursday, we decided to take a drive out to Sunset Crater and Wupatki National Monument just North of Flagstaff.  We have been to this ancient pueblo several times, but have never had the opportunity to photograph it in the snow.  Not only was it a beautiful way to experience it but for the most part, we had it all to ourselves :-).

12-18-08Wupatki01.jpg 12-18-08Wupatki02.jpg 12-18-08Wupatki03.jpg 12-18-08Wupatki04.jpg 12-18-08Wupatki05.jpg 12-18-08Wupatki06.jpg 12-18-08Wupatki07.jpg 12-18-08Wupatki08.jpg 12-18-08Wupatki09.jpg 12-18-08Wupatki10.jpg 12-18-08Wupatki11.jpg 12-18-08Wupatki12.jpg

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November 10, 2008 // Personal

We had a very busy weekend down in Phoenix with three large back-to-back-to-back weddings.  Blurry eyed, sore and extremely tired we headed back to Flagstaff late last night only to be welcomed by our first snow storm.  Funny thing is, last year we made jokes all winter long that every time we had a wedding or a meeting in Phoenix we always seemed to have to drive home in a snowstorm ... looks like this year might hold more of the same :-)!


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Krissy Mieszcanski:

Sure makes us miss Flag even more! Beautiful picture!

(11.11.08 @ 12:28 PM)