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11-16-14 Phoenix Portrait Photographers MF00.jpg

We are often asked if we do portrait sessions and the answer is ... of course we do portrait sessions :-)! In fact we have quite a few couples that continue coming to us through the years for all their photography needs, long after their wedding day. This is one aspect to the job that we love! It is always so much fun becoming friends with our past couples and watching them grow as a family. The McQueen's are one of those families and they are preparing to welcome baby number two. We met up at South Mountain a little before Christmas to do new family photos of Amanda, Ryan and their little girl, Kaity, and also to do a few maternity photos of Amanda. We are looking forward to seeing them again in about a month after the birth of their son!

11-16-14 Phoenix Portrait Photographers MF01.jpg
11-16-14 Phoenix Portrait Photographers MF02.jpg
11-16-14 Phoenix Portrait Photographers MF03.jpg
11-16-14 Phoenix Portrait Photographers MF04.jpg
11-16-14 Phoenix Portrait Photographers MF05.jpg
11-16-14 Phoenix Portrait Photographers MF06.jpg
11-16-14 Phoenix Portrait Photographers MF07.jpg
11-16-14 Phoenix Portrait Photographers MF08.jpg
11-16-14 Phoenix Portrait Photographers MF09.jpg
11-16-14 Phoenix Portrait Photographers MF10.jpg
11-16-14 Phoenix Portrait Photographers MF11.jpg
11-16-14 Phoenix Portrait Photographers MF12.jpg
11-16-14 Phoenix Portrait Photographers MF13.jpg
11-16-14 Phoenix Portrait Photographers MF14.jpg
11-16-14 Phoenix Portrait Photographers MF15.jpg
11-16-14 Phoenix Portrait Photographers MF16.jpg
11-16-14 Phoenix Portrait Photographers MF17.jpg
11-16-14 Phoenix Portrait Photographers MF18.jpg
11-16-14 Phoenix Portrait Photographers MF19.jpg

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December 31, 2013 // Portrait Session
12-8-13 Phoenix Portrait Photographers BabyJack00.jpg
Welcome to the world baby Jack!  Kendra and Kyle welcomed their first baby in November, just in time for the holidays.  We scheduled his newborn session when he was three weeks old and he was absolutely precious!  Congratulations Kendra and Kyle ... we couldn't be more happy for you!  See Kendra's maternity session here.
12-8-13 Phoenix Portrait Photographers BabyJack01.jpg
12-8-13 Phoenix Portrait Photographers BabyJack02.jpg
12-8-13 Phoenix Portrait Photographers BabyJack03.jpg
12-8-13 Phoenix Portrait Photographers BabyJack04.jpg
12-8-13 Phoenix Portrait Photographers BabyJack05.jpg
12-8-13 Phoenix Portrait Photographers BabyJack06.jpg
12-8-13 Phoenix Portrait Photographers BabyJack07.jpg
12-8-13 Phoenix Portrait Photographers BabyJack08.jpg
12-8-13 Phoenix Portrait Photographers BabyJack09.jpg
12-8-13 Phoenix Portrait Photographers BabyJack10.jpg

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9-28-13 Phoenix Portrait Photographers KMaternity00.jpg
Kendra and Kyle were married back in 2011 and we absolutely love them!  They not only had an amazing wedding but they were also up for anything at their trash the dress session.  Needless to say, they are a fun couple to work with.  We were thrilled when they contacted us over the summer to let us know they were expecting their first baby!  We scheduled Kendra's maternity session for late September as little baby Jack was expected to arrive by mid-November.  The maternity session was held in the Superstition Mountains just east of Mesa and we had such a great time!  See their wedding photos here and see their trash the dress session here.
9-28-13 Phoenix Portrait Photographers KMaternity01.jpg
9-28-13 Phoenix Portrait Photographers KMaternity02.jpg
9-28-13 Phoenix Portrait Photographers KMaternity03.jpg
9-28-13 Phoenix Portrait Photographers KMaternity04.jpg
9-28-13 Phoenix Portrait Photographers KMaternity05.jpg
9-28-13 Phoenix Portrait Photographers KMaternity06.jpg
9-28-13 Phoenix Portrait Photographers KMaternity07.jpg
9-28-13 Phoenix Portrait Photographers KMaternity08.jpg
9-28-13 Phoenix Portrait Photographers KMaternity09.jpg
9-28-13 Phoenix Portrait Photographers KMaternity10.jpg

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November 4, 2013 // Portrait Session
8-25-13 Phoenix Portrait Photographers BM00.jpg

We love all the infant shoots we do because how could you not love newborn babies.  This shoot has special meaning to me though.  I come from a very small family and last year I finally had the pleasure to photograph one of those family member's wedding, my cousin Kelli.  Well, this summer she and her husband, Michael, welcomed their first baby, Mylee, into the world.  This also meant that my grandmother became a great-grandmother for the first time and seeing her delight in holding little Mylee just made my heart sing.  While visiting North Carolina this past August we met up at our grandmother's house to do a newborn session.  This really was a very special shoot ... welcome to the family baby Mylee :-)!  Congratulations Kelli and Michael!  She is perfect in every way!

8-25-13 Phoenix Portrait Photographers BM01.jpg
8-25-13 Phoenix Portrait Photographers BM02.jpg
8-25-13 Phoenix Portrait Photographers BM03.jpg
8-25-13 Phoenix Portrait Photographers BM04.jpg
8-25-13 Phoenix Portrait Photographers BM05.jpg
8-25-13 Phoenix Portrait Photographers BM06.jpg
8-25-13 Phoenix Portrait Photographers BM07.jpg
8-25-13 Phoenix Portrait Photographers BM08.jpg
8-25-13 Phoenix Portrait Photographers BM09.jpg
8-25-13 Phoenix Portrait Photographers BM10.jpg
8-25-13 Phoenix Portrait Photographers BM11.jpg

8-25-13 Phoenix Portrait Photographers BM12.jpg
8-25-13 Phoenix Portrait Photographers BM13.jpg
8-25-13 Phoenix Portrait Photographers BM14.jpg
8-25-13 Phoenix Portrait Photographers BM15.jpg
8-25-13 Phoenix Portrait Photographers BM16.jpg
8-25-13 Phoenix Portrait Photographers BM17.jpg

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2013 Holiday Mini Sessions.jpg

We are so excited to announce our first ever Holiday Mini Portrait Sessions! These sessions are short in duration and designed specifically for those looking for a great shot for their annual holiday cards. Come out and join us to create your perfect holiday portrait!

COST: ONLY $150 for the Portrait Session. Includes 5 edited digital downloads.
          ONLY $225 for the Portrait Session with 25, 5x7 fine art holiday cards.
WHERE: Anthem Park
DURATION: 30 minute sessions

$75 deposit reserves your spot!  Email us at sierrablancophoto@yahoo.com or call us at 480-606-8350 to book your session!
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2-8-13 Phoenix Portrait Photographers SMat00.jpg

We love watching as a past couple grows from two into a family and we enjoy having the opportunity to capture all the wonderful moments that make up that growth.  We photographed Sara and Drew's wedding in 2009 and since then they have had a beautiful daughter named Majerle which we had the fortune to photograph as a baby.  Now they are expecting their second baby girl, McKinley.  A few weeks ago we all headed out to Lake Pleasant to photograph Sara's maternity session and I have to say, pregnancy is good to Sara ... she looks amazing!!!  We can't wait to photograph little McKinley next week for her very first photo shoot! - xoxo

2-8-13 Phoenix Portrait Photographers SMat01.jpg
2-8-13 Phoenix Portrait Photographers SMat02.jpg
2-8-13 Phoenix Portrait Photographers SMat03.jpg
2-8-13 Phoenix Portrait Photographers SMat04.jpg
2-8-13 Phoenix Portrait Photographers SMat05.jpg
2-8-13 Phoenix Portrait Photographers SMat06.jpg
2-8-13 Phoenix Portrait Photographers SMat07.jpg
2-8-13 Phoenix Portrait Photographers SMat08.jpg
2-8-13 Phoenix Portrait Photographers SMat09.jpg
2-8-13 Phoenix Portrait Photographers SMat10.jpg
2-8-13 Phoenix Portrait Photographers SMat11.jpg
2-8-13 Phoenix Portrait Photographers SMat12.jpg
2-8-13 Phoenix Portrait Photographers SMat13.jpg

2-8-13 Phoenix Portrait Photographers SMat14.jpg
2-8-13 Phoenix Portrait Photographers SMat15.jpg

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September 10, 2012 // Portrait Session
8-12-12 Phoenix Portrait Photographers KBaby00.jpg

We first met Amanda and Ryan when they were married a few years ago and we were their wedding photographers.  We met up with them again on their first year anniversary to do a trash the dress session for them.  We are now so pleased to meet and photograph the newest addition to their family ... their beautiful, first born daughter, Kaitlyn!  We were going to photograph Amanda's maternity session but nature had other plans as Kaitlyn decided to make a very early entrance into the world.  Luckily she didn't have to stay in the hospital for long and is in great health.  Their adorable chihuahua, Flip, participated in the photo session as well ... no photo session with this family is complete without Flip :-).

It was great seeing you both again!  She was an absolute doll to photograph and we can't wait to meet back up again for her "6 month" shoot!

8-12-12 Phoenix Portrait Photographers KBaby01.jpg
8-12-12 Phoenix Portrait Photographers KBaby02.jpg
8-12-12 Phoenix Portrait Photographers KBaby03.jpg
8-12-12 Phoenix Portrait Photographers KBaby04.jpg
8-12-12 Phoenix Portrait Photographers KBaby05.jpg
8-12-12 Phoenix Portrait Photographers KBaby06.jpg
8-12-12 Phoenix Portrait Photographers KBaby07.jpg
8-12-12 Phoenix Portrait Photographers KBaby08.jpg
8-12-12 Phoenix Portrait Photographers KBaby09.jpg
8-12-12 Phoenix Portrait Photographers KBaby10.jpg
8-12-12 Phoenix Portrait Photographers KBaby11.jpg
8-12-12 Phoenix Portrait Photographers KBaby12.jpg
8-12-12 Phoenix Portrait Photographers KBaby13.jpg

8-12-12 Phoenix Portrait Photographers KBaby14.jpg
8-12-12 Phoenix Portrait Photographers KBaby15.jpg
8-12-12 Phoenix Portrait Photographers KBaby16.jpg
8-12-12 Phoenix Portrait Photographers KBaby17.jpg
8-12-12 Phoenix Portrait Photographers KBaby18.jpg

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Last month we met up with Heather and Matt (and their two puppy dogs) to photograph Heather's maternity shoot in the Superstition Mountains in Phoenix.  These two are very special to us.  We clicked from the moment we met to discuss their wedding (which took place almost two years ago now.)  Now we are happy to share in their first pregnancy and birth of their little baby, Ava, who we are meeting for the first time tomorrow to do her very first photo shoot :-)!  Thanks guys ... as always, we loved hanging out and catching up!

3-14-10 Phoenix Portrait Photographer HeatherMaternity01.jpg
3-14-10 Phoenix Portrait Photographer HeatherMaternity02.jpg
3-14-10 Phoenix Portrait Photographer HeatherMaternity03.jpg
3-14-10 Phoenix Portrait Photographer HeatherMaternity04.jpg
3-14-10 Phoenix Portrait Photographer HeatherMaternity05.jpg
3-14-10 Phoenix Portrait Photographer HeatherMaternity06.jpg
3-14-10 Phoenix Portrait Photographer HeatherMaternity07.jpg
3-14-10 Phoenix Portrait Photographer HeatherMaternity08.jpg
3-14-10 Phoenix Portrait Photographer HeatherMaternity09.jpg
3-14-10 Phoenix Portrait Photographer HeatherMaternity10.jpg
3-14-10 Phoenix Portrait Photographer HeatherMaternity11.jpg
3-14-10 Phoenix Portrait Photographer HeatherMaternity12.jpg
3-14-10 Phoenix Portrait Photographer HeatherMaternity13.jpg
3-14-10 Phoenix Portrait Photographer HeatherMaternity14.jpg
3-14-10 Phoenix Portrait Photographer HeatherMaternity15.jpg
3-14-10 Phoenix Portrait Photographer HeatherMaternity16.jpg
3-14-10 Phoenix Portrait Photographer HeatherMaternity17.jpg
3-14-10 Phoenix Portrait Photographer HeatherMaternity18.jpg
3-14-10 Phoenix Portrait Photographer HeatherMaternity19.jpg
3-14-10 Phoenix Portrait Photographer HeatherMaternity20.jpg
3-14-10 Phoenix Portrait Photographer HeatherMaternity21.jpg
3-14-10 Phoenix Portrait Photographer HeatherMaternity22.jpg
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March 26, 2010 // Phoenix / Portrait Session

Meet Weston Frederick Hepp!  Born 12-9-09 to the Kristin and Kyle Hepp ... glowing and proud parents!  We showed up on the December 19th to photograph his very first portrait shoot at the tender age of 10 days :-).  He was positively adorable!!  Kristin and Kyle, you have both been wonderful and loyal clients and we feel so privileged to have participated in so many of the most important milestones in your life together ... not the least of which is the birth of your first child.  He is beautiful and we only wish we could have a chance to see him as he gets older.  Best of luck in your big move and in life and thank you ... it has been a real pleasure knowing you!!

12-18-09 Phoenix Portrait Photographer BabyWeston01.jpg
12-18-09 Phoenix Portrait Photographer BabyWeston02.jpg
12-18-09 Phoenix Portrait Photographer BabyWeston03.jpg
12-18-09 Phoenix Portrait Photographer BabyWeston04.jpg
12-18-09 Phoenix Portrait Photographer BabyWeston05.jpg
12-18-09 Phoenix Portrait Photographer BabyWeston06.jpg
12-18-09 Phoenix Portrait Photographer BabyWeston07.jpg
12-18-09 Phoenix Portrait Photographer BabyWeston08.jpg
12-18-09 Phoenix Portrait Photographer BabyWeston09.jpg
12-18-09 Phoenix Portrait Photographer BabyWeston10.jpg
12-18-09 Phoenix Portrait Photographer BabyWeston11.jpg
12-18-09 Phoenix Portrait Photographer BabyWeston12.jpg
12-18-09 Phoenix Portrait Photographer BabyWeston13.jpg
12-18-09 Phoenix Wedding Photographer BabyWeston14.jpg


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We photographed Tiffany and Ashley's wedding in May 2008 and very shortly thereafter they became pregnant with their beautiful daughter, Kylie.  This past October they asked us to do a family portrait shoot at their second home in Prescott.  It was great to see them again, along with their spirited pup, Lennon - they refer to him as their "other" child :-), who was the ring bearer in their wedding, and to meet Kylie.  She was a very happy baby and she has the most striking eyes we have ever seen!  Ashley's father, who is just the nicest man (we loved chatting with him about his journey from Iran to the States) also stopped by and we got some fantastic shots of him playing with his very precious new grandaughter.  It was so wonderful to see all of you again ... thank you for having us and we hope to see you again soon!

Look at Kylie's eyes ... so big and bright :-)!
I love this series ... Lennon is great with Kylie!
The proud Grandpa :-).
She is so happy!!
Thank you both again ... she is so beautiful!!!!


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September 15, 2009 // Flagstaff

The day before we left for our big trip (postings coming up - think buffaloes - lots of them) we headed out to photograph Ashley's senior portraits.  She loves nature and she especially loves cows - a girl after my own heart :-) - and Flagstaff has plenty of both!!  We had a great time in the sunflower fields and on the road to Hart Prarie, which is prime cow territory by the way.  Thanks so much Ashley!  You did a great job and looked beautiful doing it :-)!

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OK, I'm back ... :-)!  I had to take a little time away from blogging to finish up some deadlines, so my apologies to those of you who have been patiently waiting to see your photos.  Here goes.


Melissa and Greg were married back in April.  They came from the Valley to beautiful Sedona for their wedding and it rained the entire day.  They made the best of it and still had a beautiful and wonderful day, but I felt bad that they were unable to take full advatage of the red rock scenery photographically because of the weather.  Given this, I offered for them to come back up on another day to do a shoot.  They happily excepted but wanted to keep it casual, opting not to get dressed back up in their wedding day attire.


So several weeks ago they made the trip up and we headed out to Red Rock Crossing.  Though there were scattered storms around, it was beautiful in West Sedona and they had a great shoot.  We just want to thank you both for being so wonderful to work with and hang out with ... and thank you for the card - it was extremely thoughtful and very unexpected!!  Enjoy!

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Kimberly and Matthew were married in June 2008 and we photographed their wedding in Sedona.  They recently had a new baby (in addition to the two beautiful children they have already) and contacted us to do family portraits of them, along with their extended family.  So a couple of weeks ago we headed down to Phoenix to do the shoot.  It was extremely hot (as would be expected in Phoenix in the middle of the summer) but very productive.  We did the posed groupings, but spent the majority of the time taking candid shots of the kids - and the adults - playing in the water.  We got splashed more than once, but boy was it refreshing :-)!  Thanks for having us ... enjoy!

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Last week Tammy called me to see if I could do a last minute Christmas Family Portrait/ Infant shoot for her, her husband, Jonathon, and their one month old baby, Ryder.  Given she was a referal from a past client and the fact that I can never turn down the chance to capture a baby in it's first month of life ... of couse I said yes :-).  I photographed this shoot in two segments - the infant shoot of Monday and the family portrait shoot on Friday.  The weather was already headed downhill during the infant shoot on Monday (when we had orginally scheduled the session) so, wanting to do the family portraits outside, we decided to wait for Friday when we knew the storm would pass and hopefully leave a winter wonderland in it's wake.  It did just that!

12-19-08BabyRyder01.jpg 12-19-08BabyRyder02.jpg 12-19-08BabyRyder03.jpg 12-19-08BabyRyder04.jpg 12-19-08BabyRyder05.jpg 12-19-08BabyRyder06.jpg 12-19-08BabyRyder07.jpg 12-19-08BabyRyder08.jpg 12-19-08BabyRyder09.jpg 12-19-08BabyRyder10.jpg 12-19-08BabyRyder11.jpg 12-19-08BabyRyder12.jpg 12-19-08BabyRyder13.jpg 12-19-08BabyRyder14.jpg 12-19-08BabyRyder15.jpg 12-19-08BabyRyder16.jpg 12-19-08BabyRyder17.jpg 12-19-08BabyRyder18.jpg 12-19-08BabyRyder19.jpg 12-19-08BabyRyder20.jpg 12-19-08BabyRyder21.jpg 12-19-08BabyRyder22.jpg


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