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We are so excited to announce that Grace Ormonde Wedding Style Magazine has named us as their choice for "Photographer of the Week"!!!  You can view the beautiful 22 page spread featuring our work at http://issuu.com/weddingstylemagazine/docs/sierra_blanco/1 as well as below.  It is a true honor for our work to be recognized by a publication of this caliber.  If you are getting married, be sure to pick up a copy of their magazine to help you plan your big day!  Thank you to Grace, Mickey and the entire staff at Wedding Style Magazine for your standards of excellence in the industry and for your support!


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angela Harris:

OMG! I must have missed this! Congrats Tina! You are truly a one of a kind photographer and person! I am SO proud to be a part of your team!

(02.01.13 @ 04:05 AM)
4-1-12 Wedding Magazine Photography PBG00.jpg

This took way too long to post but we couldn't pass up the opportunity to post this.  We were beyond excited to be approached by Phoneix Bride & Groom Magazine to photograph a fashion feature to be published in their Winter/Spring 2012 edition!  The concept was to have two models each dressed as brides in a single dress with the focus being on how four different hair and make-up concepts could transform the look of the dress.  The shoot took place in a suite at the lovely JW Marriott Desert Ridge Resort and Spa.  We loved the idea and had a great time shooting with an amazing array of talented artists, models and friends!

Thank you to Publisher, Fran Samuel, Sales and Marketing Director, Jennifer Rabito, and Regional Account Executive, Kristen Butler, for trusting in our photographic vision.  It was such an honor to have this opportunity!

4-1-12 Wedding Magazine Photography PBG01.jpg
4-1-12 Wedding Magazine Photography PBG02.jpg
4-1-12 Wedding Magazine Photography PBG03.jpg
4-1-12 Wedding Magazine Photography PBG04.jpg
4-1-12 Wedding Magazine Photography PBG05.jpg
4-1-12 Wedding Magazine Photography PBG06.jpg
4-1-12 Wedding Magazine Photography PBG07.jpg
4-1-12 Wedding Magazine Photography PBG08.jpg
4-1-12 Wedding Magazine Photography PBG09.jpg
4-1-12 Wedding Magazine Photography PBG10.jpg
4-1-12 Wedding Magazine Photography PBG11.jpg
4-1-12 Wedding Magazine Photography PBG12.jpg
4-1-12 Wedding Magazine Photography PBG13.jpg
Behind the Scenes
4-1-12 Wedding Magazine Photography PBG14.jpg
4-1-12 Wedding Magazine Photography PBG15.jpg
4-1-12 Wedding Magazine Photography PBG16.jpg
4-1-12 Wedding Magazine Photography PBG17.jpg
4-1-12 Wedding Magazine Photography PBG18.jpg
4-1-12 Wedding Magazine Photography PBG19.jpg
4-1-12 Wedding Magazine Photography PBG20.jpg
4-1-12 Wedding Magazine Photography PBG21.jpg
4-1-12 Wedding Magazine Photography PBG22.jpg
4-1-12 Wedding Magazine Photography PBG23.jpg
4-1-12 Wedding Magazine Photography PBG24.jpg
4-1-12 Wedding Magazine Photography PBG25.jpg


LOCATION: JW Marriott Desert Ridge Resort and Spa

MODEL (Blonde): Eden of The Agency Arizona

MODEL (Brunette): Jessica of The Agency Arizona

MAKEUP ARTIST (Eden): Corinna Cooke


HAIRSTYLIST (Eden): Will Zecco

MAKEUP ARTIST (Jessica): Sarah Sanmarco

ASSISTANT MAKEUP ARTIST (Jessica): Katie Hardison

HAIRSTYLIST (Jessica): Amy Mohr

FASHION STYLIST: Shannon Campbell

GOWNS: Shaffer's Bridal

ACCESSORIES:  Claudia's Custom Jewelry


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We had a couple of beautiful weddings featured in some recent magazines and wanted to share them!  The first was Susan and Jason's exotic Venecian-themed wedding at Villa Siena which was featured in Phoenix Bride & Groom Magazine.  The second was Leslie and Ben's elegant Sedona wedding at Tlaquepaque which was featured in Arizona Bride Magazine.  Thank you to our wonderful couples for sharing and to these great publications for featuring them!

8-27-12 Publications 01.jpg
8-27-12 Publications 02.jpg

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We were so thrilled to find out that Phoenix Bride & Groom Magazine was going to feature our "Alice in Wonderland" photo shoot on their Blog.  It was featured on May 18th under the title, "Wedding Inspiration: Alice in Wonderland Inspired Photo Shoot."  You can view it at http://www.phoenixbrideandgroom.com/blog/wedding-inspiration-alice-in-wonderland-inspired-photoshooot .  There are a ton of great ideas throughout their blog for wedding planning, so take a look.

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Nelda King-Sloan:

One of my favorites. :) Gladd I got to meet one of the models....:)

(05.30.11 @ 03:54 PM)
tamil matrimony:

Absolutely stunning!!
tamil matrimony

(06.16.11 @ 12:17 PM)
We are a little behind on our studio news, so we are going to do a few postings to catch everyone up :-).  First up, the Wedding Chronicle featured two of our wedding in their January/February 2011 Issue.  As always we are so grateful to have been thought of :-).  Kelcey and Tim's beautiful wedding at McCormick Ranch Golf Club in Scottsdale was featured along with Kristy and Carl's exotic destination wedding in sunny Puerto Penasco, Mexico!

5-27-11 Photography Publications 01.jpg
5-27-11 Photography Publications 02.jpg

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Nelda King-Sloan:

Congrats again!! Wish I could see the Wedding Chronicle articles with Sierra Blanco Photography featured in it... :) Awesome!!!

(05.30.11 @ 03:56 PM)

We were extremely honored, not to mention excited, to have our image on the cover of the July/August issue of the Wedding Chronicle!!  The image was taken at Armanda and Jonathan's wedding in Monument Valley last December and their wedding was also featured inside the magazine.  You can pick up a copy at any AJ's store in Phoenix!

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We have been fortunate this year to have quite a few publications in several magazines and we are really excited about them!!  Aside from the ones shown here, one of our images made the cover of the July/August issue of the Wedding Chronicle.  We were blown away when we got the news from the editor and we will definitely be posting that when we receive a copy!


Arizona Weddings Magazine featured Armanda and Jon's wedding in Monument Valley and they used another image from their wedding as a full page spread to introduce their "Northern Arizona" section.

Arizona Weddings Magazine - Digest Edition, featured a full page spread of Armanda in Monument Valley to illustrate their "Northern Arizona" section. 
Arizona Bride Magazine featured ... you guessed it ... Armanda and Jon's wedding in Monument Valley in their Fall/Winter 2009 issue. 
And finally, the most important one to Kevin and I ... Phoenix Bride & Groom Magazine featured our wedding in Hawaii in their Summer/Fall 2009 issue.  We are extremely excited to have our wedding published and again we have to thank our AMAZING photographer, Daniela Hood, www.danielahood.com , for doing such a wonderful job!!  We (Sierra Blanco) also have quite a few miscellaneous publications throughout the magazine as well.  Side note: I love the magazine's choice of title for our wedding story - "Images of Love" :-)!
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Aubrey Reel:

Wow!! That is amazing! Congrats!!

(07.15.09 @ 07:20 PM)
Pita Stanton:


(07.16.09 @ 08:40 PM)