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5-14-11 Destination Wedding Photographers ACWed00.jpg

Angeles and Cesar were the winners of our "Wedding Photography Giveaway" this year and it couldn't have gone to a nicer, more deserving couple!  Though Angeles now lives in Phoenix, she is a Puerto Penasco (Rocky Point), Mexico, native and she really wanted to get married in her hometown surrounded by all her family and friends.  Ceasar just wanted to give his bride-to-be everything she wanted for her wedding day.  The choice of being married in Mexico was easier on her friends and family financially, but left the couple strained financially themselves.  We know what it is like to struggle financially and were so happy to be able to help.  The couple's family and friends did not disappoint, and on May 14th, 2011, it seemed all of Rocky Point came together to give Angeles and Cesar the wedding of their dreams!!  Thank you both for having us as you wedding photographers ... it was a true joy!

5-14-11 Destination Wedding Photographers ACWed01.jpg
5-14-11 Destination Wedding Photographers ACWed02.jpg
5-14-11 Destination Wedding Photographers ACWed03.jpg
5-14-11 Destination Wedding Photographers ACWed04.jpg
5-14-11 Destination Wedding Photographers ACWed05.jpg
5-14-11 Destination Wedding Photographers ACWed06.jpg
5-14-11 Destination Wedding Photographers ACWed07.jpg
5-14-11 Destination Wedding Photographers ACWed08.jpg
5-14-11 Destination Wedding Photographers ACWed09.jpg
5-14-11 Destination Wedding Photographers ACWed10.jpg
5-14-11 Destination Wedding Photographers ACWed11.jpg
5-14-11 Destination Wedding Photographers ACWed12.jpg
5-14-11 Destination Wedding Photographers ACWed13.jpg

5-14-11 Destination Wedding Photographers ACWed14.jpg
5-14-11 Destination Wedding Photographers ACWed15.jpg
5-14-11 Destination Wedding Photographers ACWed16.jpg
5-14-11 Destination Wedding Photographers ACWed17.jpg
5-14-11 Destination Wedding Photographers ACWed18.jpg
5-14-11 Destination Wedding Photographers ACWed19.jpg
5-14-11 Destination Wedding Photographers ACWed20.jpg
5-14-11 Destination Wedding Photographers ACWed21.jpg
5-14-11 Destination Wedding Photographers ACWed22.jpg
5-14-11 Destination Wedding Photographers ACWed23.jpg
5-14-11 Destination Wedding Photographers ACWed24.jpg
5-14-11 Destination Wedding Photographers ACWed25.jpg
5-14-11 Destination Wedding Photographers ACWed26.jpg
5-14-11 Destination Wedding Photographers ACWed27.jpg
5-14-11 Destination Wedding Photographers ACWed28.jpg
5-14-11 Destination Wedding Photographers ACWed29.jpg
5-14-11 Destination Wedding Photographers ACWed30.jpg
5-14-11 Destination Wedding Photographers ACWed31.jpg
5-14-11 Destination Wedding Photographers ACWed32.jpg
5-14-11 Destination Wedding Photographers ACWed33.jpg
5-14-11 Destination Wedding Photographers ACWed34.jpg
5-14-11 Destination Wedding Photographers ACWed35.jpg
5-14-11 Destination Wedding Photographers ACWed36.jpg
5-14-11 Destination Wedding Photographers ACWed37.jpg
5-14-11 Destination Wedding Photographers ACWed38.jpg
5-14-11 Destination Wedding Photographers ACWed39.jpg
5-14-11 Destination Wedding Photographers ACWed40.jpg
5-14-11 Destination Wedding Photographers ACWed41.jpg
5-14-11 Destination Wedding Photographers ACWed42.jpg
5-14-11 Destination Wedding Photographers ACWed43.jpg
5-14-11 Destination Wedding Photographers ACWed44.jpg
5-14-11 Destination Wedding Photographers ACWed45.jpg
5-14-11 Destination Wedding Photographers ACWed46.jpg
5-14-11 Destination Wedding Photographers ACWed47.jpg
5-14-11 Destination Wedding Photographers ACWed48.jpg
5-14-11 Destination Wedding Photographers ACWed49.jpg
5-14-11 Destination Wedding Photographers ACWed50.jpg
5-14-11 Destination Wedding Photographers ACWed51.jpg
5-14-11 Destination Wedding Photographers ACWed52.jpg
5-14-11 Destination Wedding Photographers ACWed53.jpg
5-14-11 Destination Wedding Photographers ACWed54.jpg
5-14-11 Destination Wedding Photographers ACWed55.jpg
5-14-11 Destination Wedding Photographers ACWed56.jpg
5-14-11 Destination Wedding Photographers ACWed57.jpg
5-14-11 Destination Wedding Photographers ACWed58.jpg
5-14-11 Destination Wedding Photographers ACWed59.jpg
5-14-11 Destination Wedding Photographers ACWed60.jpg
5-14-11 Destination Wedding Photographers ACWed61.jpg
5-14-11 Destination Wedding Photographers ACWed62.jpg
5-14-11 Destination Wedding Photographers ACWed63.jpg
5-14-11 Destination Wedding Photographers ACWed64.jpg
5-14-11 Destination Wedding Photographers ACWed65.jpg
5-14-11 Destination Wedding Photographers ACWed66.jpg
5-14-11 Destination Wedding Photographers ACWed67.jpg
5-14-11 Destination Wedding Photographers ACWed68.jpg
5-14-11 Destination Wedding Photographers ACWed69.jpg
5-14-11 Destination Wedding Photographers ACWed70.jpg
5-14-11 Destination Wedding Photographers ACWed71.jpg
5-14-11 Destination Wedding Photographers ACWed72.jpg
5-14-11 Destination Wedding Photographers ACWed73.jpg
5-14-11 Destination Wedding Photographers ACWed74.jpg
5-14-11 Destination Wedding Photographers ACWed75.jpg
5-14-11 Destination Wedding Photographers ACWed76.jpg
5-14-11 Destination Wedding Photographers ACWed77.jpg
5-14-11 Destination Wedding Photographers ACWed78.jpg

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5-30-10 Trash The Dress Photography ABTTD00.jpg


We spent the day after Amy and Brian's destination wedding in Puerto Penasco (Rocky Point), Mexico, photographing an amazing trash the dress shoot!!!  This shoot was soooooo much fun and the photos are stunning!  A big thanks to Amy for being absolutely fearless :-) ... she said she enjoyed this shoot as much as her wedding day, and you can tell!!


5-30-10 Trash The Dress Photography ABTTD01.jpg
5-30-10 Trash The Dress Photography ABTTD02.jpg
5-30-10 Trash The Dress Photography ABTTD03.jpg
5-30-10 Trash The Dress Photography ABTTD04.jpg
5-30-10 Trash The Dress Photography ABTTD05.jpg
5-30-10 Trash The Dress Photography ABTTD06.jpg
5-30-10 Trash The Dress Photography ABTTD07.jpg
5-30-10 Trash The Dress Photography ABTTD08.jpg
5-30-10 Trash The Dress Photography ABTTD09.jpg
5-30-10 Trash The Dress Photography ABTTD10.jpg
5-30-10 Trash The Dress Photography ABTTD11.jpg
5-30-10 Trash The Dress Photography ABTTD12.jpg
5-30-10 Trash The Dress Photography ABTTD13.jpg
5-30-10 Trash The Dress Photography ABTTD14.jpg
5-30-10 Trash The Dress Photography ABTTD15.jpg
5-30-10 Trash The Dress Photography ABTTD16.jpg
5-30-10 Trash The Dress Photography ABTTD17.jpg
5-30-10 Trash The Dress Photography ABTTD18.jpg
5-30-10 Trash The Dress Photography ABTTD19.jpg
5-30-10 Trash The Dress Photography ABTTD20.jpg
5-30-10 Trash The Dress Photography ABTTD21.jpg
5-30-10 Trash The Dress Photography ABTTD22.jpg
5-30-10 Trash The Dress Photography ABTTD23.jpg
5-30-10 Trash The Dress Photography ABTTD24.jpg
5-30-10 Trash The Dress Photography ABTTD25.jpg
5-30-10 Trash The Dress Photography ABTTD26.jpg
5-30-10 Trash The Dress Photography ABTTD27.jpg
5-30-10 Trash The Dress Photography ABTTD28.jpg
5-30-10 Trash The Dress Photography ABTTD29.jpg
5-30-10 Trash The Dress Photography ABTTD30.jpg
5-30-10 Trash The Dress Photography ABTTD31.jpg
5-30-10 Trash The Dress Photography ABTTD32.jpg
5-30-10 Trash The Dress Photography ABTTD33.jpg
5-30-10 Trash The Dress Photography ABTTD34.jpg
5-30-10 Trash The Dress Photography ABTTD35.jpg
5-30-10 Trash The Dress Photography ABTTD36.jpg
5-30-10 Trash The Dress Photography ABTTD37.jpg
5-30-10 Trash The Dress Photography ABTTD38.jpg
5-30-10 Trash The Dress Photography ABTTD39.jpg
5-30-10 Trash The Dress Photography ABTTD40.jpg
5-30-10 Trash The Dress Photography ABTTD41.jpg
5-30-10 Trash The Dress Photography ABTTD42.jpg
5-30-10 Trash The Dress Photography ABTTD43.jpg
5-30-10 Trash The Dress Photography ABTTD44.jpg
5-30-10 Trash The Dress Photography ABTTD45.jpg
5-30-10 Trash The Dress Photography ABTTD46.jpg
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I love every second of this shoot. The comedy that comes through really shows the couples personality! And the shots in the ocean are just...breathtaking! You two did an amazing job once again...and will ALWAYS be an inspiration! Thank you for the amazing art that you create!

(02.13.11 @ 09:46 PM)
Amanda M.:

now THAT is a trashed dress! I love how he hosed her off in the end! hahaha great shoot!

(02.20.11 @ 02:42 PM)
5-29-10 Destination Wedding Photography ABWed01.jpg


Amy and Brian own a couple of condos at Las Palomas Resort in Puerto Penasco (Rocky Point), Mexico and decided, what better place to have their dream destination wedding than in a place that holds a special place in their hearts.  This event was beyond stunning and every detail was well thought out and executed ... and their two dogs - how cute!!  We felt privileged to be chosen by this wonderful couple to be their wedding photographers ... thank you both for an spectacular weekend!!


5-29-10 Destination Wedding Photography ABWed02.jpg
5-29-10 Destination Wedding Photography ABWed03.jpg
5-29-10 Destination Wedding Photography ABWed04.jpg
5-29-10 Destination Wedding Photography ABWed05.jpg
5-29-10 Destination Wedding Photography ABWed06.jpg
5-29-10 Destination Wedding Photography ABWed07.jpg
5-29-10 Destination Wedding Photography ABWed08.jpg
5-29-10 Destination Wedding Photography ABWed09.jpg
5-29-10 Destination Wedding Photography ABWed10.jpg
5-29-10 Destination Wedding Photography ABWed11.jpg
5-29-10 Destination Wedding Photography ABWed12.jpg
5-29-10 Destination Wedding Photography ABWed13.jpg
5-29-10 Destination Wedding Photography ABWed14.jpg
5-29-10 Destination Wedding Photography ABWed15.jpg
5-29-10 Destination Wedding Photography ABWed16.jpg
5-29-10 Destination Wedding Photography ABWed17.jpg
5-29-10 Destination Wedding Photography ABWed18.jpg
5-29-10 Destination Wedding Photography ABWed19.jpg
5-29-10 Destination Wedding Photography ABWed20.jpg
5-29-10 Destination Wedding Photography ABWed21.jpg
5-29-10 Destination Wedding Photography ABWed22.jpg
5-29-10 Destination Wedding Photography ABWed23.jpg
5-29-10 Destination Wedding Photography ABWed24.jpg
5-29-10 Destination Wedding Photography ABWed25.jpg
5-29-10 Destination Wedding Photography ABWed26.jpg
5-29-10 Destination Wedding Photography ABWed27.jpg
5-29-10 Destination Wedding Photography ABWed28.jpg
5-29-10 Destination Wedding Photography ABWed29.jpg
5-29-10 Destination Wedding Photography ABWed30.jpg
5-29-10 Destination Wedding Photography ABWed31.jpg
5-29-10 Destination Wedding Photography ABWed32.jpg
5-29-10 Destination Wedding Photography ABWed33.jpg
5-29-10 Destination Wedding Photography ABWed34.jpg
5-29-10 Destination Wedding Photography ABWed35.jpg
5-29-10 Destination Wedding Photography ABWed36.jpg
5-29-10 Destination Wedding Photography ABWed37.jpg
5-29-10 Destination Wedding Photography ABWed38.jpg
5-29-10 Destination Wedding Photography ABWed39.jpg
5-29-10 Destination Wedding Photography ABWed40.jpg
5-29-10 Destination Wedding Photography ABWed41.jpg
5-29-10 Destination Wedding Photography ABWed42.jpg
5-29-10 Destination Wedding Photography ABWed43.jpg
5-29-10 Destination Wedding Photography ABWed44.jpg
5-29-10 Destination Wedding Photography ABWed45.jpg
5-29-10 Destination Wedding Photography ABWed46.jpg
5-29-10 Destination Wedding Photography ABWed47.jpg
5-29-10 Destination Wedding Photography ABWed48.jpg
5-29-10 Destination Wedding Photography ABWed49.jpg
5-29-10 Destination Wedding Photography ABWed50.jpg
5-29-10 Destination Wedding Photography ABWed51.jpg
5-29-10 Destination Wedding Photography ABWed52.jpg
5-29-10 Destination Wedding Photography ABWed53.jpg
5-29-10 Destination Wedding Photography ABWed54.jpg
5-29-10 Destination Wedding Photography ABWed55.jpg
5-29-10 Destination Wedding Photography ABWed56.jpg
5-29-10 Destination Wedding Photography ABWed57.jpg
5-29-10 Destination Wedding Photography ABWed58.jpg
5-29-10 Destination Wedding Photography ABWed59.jpg
We took Purple Bill and Greeny along and they had a blast :-)!
5-29-10 Destination Wedding Photography ABWed60.jpg
Amy's bridesmaid took this photo on me in action ... with a little helper sitting on me :-)!!
5-29-10 Destination Wedding Photography ABWed61.jpg
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Love it! What a beautiful wedding! I love the colors, and the captures!!

(02.13.11 @ 09:59 PM)
4-11-10 Trash The Dress Photography JITTD00.jpg


The day after their destination wedding, Jacqueline and Izzy took advantage of the beauty and culture of the local area and did a trash the dress shoot.  It started off at the local fish market district and ended with a whole lot of fun in the water ... great shoot!!


4-11-10 Trash The Dress Photography JITTD01.jpg
4-11-10 Trash The Dress Photography JITTD02.jpg
4-11-10 Trash The Dress Photography JITTD03.jpg
4-11-10 Trash The Dress Photography JITTD04.jpg
4-11-10 Trash The Dress Photography JITTD05.jpg
4-11-10 Trash The Dress Photography JITTD06.jpg
4-11-10 Trash The Dress Photography JITTD07.jpg
4-11-10 Trash The Dress Photography JITTD08.jpg
4-11-10 Trash The Dress Photography JITTD09.jpg
4-11-10 Trash The Dress Photography JITTD10.jpg
4-11-10 Trash The Dress Photography JITTD11.jpg
4-11-10 Trash The Dress Photography JITTD12.jpg
4-11-10 Trash The Dress Photography JITTD13.jpg
4-11-10 Trash The Dress Photography JITTD14.jpg
4-11-10 Trash The Dress Photography JITTD15.jpg
4-11-10 Trash The Dress Photography JITTD16.jpg
4-11-10 Trash The Dress Photography JITTD17.jpg
4-11-10 Trash The Dress Photography JITTD18.jpg
4-11-10 Trash The Dress Photography JITTD19.jpg
Beautiful shot by Melissa!
4-11-10 Trash The Dress Photography JITTD20.jpg
4-11-10 Trash The Dress Photography JITTD21.jpg
4-11-10 Trash The Dress Photography JITTD22.jpg
4-11-10 Trash The Dress Photography JITTD23.jpg
4-11-10 Trash The Dress Photography JITTD24.jpg
4-11-10 Trash The Dress Photography JITTD25.jpg
4-11-10 Trash The Dress Photography JITTD26.jpg
Another great moment by Melissa!
4-11-10 Trash The Dress Photography JITTD27.jpg
4-11-10 Trash The Dress Photography JITTD28.jpg
4-11-10 Trash The Dress Photography JITTD29.jpg
4-11-10 Trash The Dress Photography JITTD30.jpg
4-11-10 Trash The Dress Photography JITTD31.jpg
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4-10-10 Destination Wedding Photography JIWed01.jpg


OK ... I am still way behind on blog postings from this past year.  Jacqueline and Izzy chose to have a destination wedding and were married last April in a beautiful beach wedding at a private home in Puerto Penasco (Rocky Point), Mexico!  My great friend and fellow photographer, Melissa Dunstan, accompanied me on this trip and we had a great time ... thanks so much Melissa :-)!


4-10-10 Destination Wedding Photography JIWed02.jpg
4-10-10 Destination Wedding Photography JIWed03.jpg
4-10-10 Destination Wedding Photography JIWed04.jpg
4-10-10 Destination Wedding Photography JIWed05.jpg
4-10-10 Destination Wedding Photography JIWed06.jpg
4-10-10 Destination Wedding Photography JIWed07.jpg
4-10-10 Destination Wedding Photography JIWed08.jpg
4-10-10 Destination Wedding Photography JIWed09.jpg
4-10-10 Destination Wedding Photography JIWed10.jpg
4-10-10 Destination Wedding Photography JIWed11.jpg
4-10-10 Destination Wedding Photography JIWed12.jpg
4-10-10 Destination Wedding Photography JIWed13.jpg
4-10-10 Destination Wedding Photography JIWed14.jpg
I love this moment captured by Melissa as the ceremony got underway!
4-10-10 Destination Wedding Photography JIWed15.jpg
4-10-10 Destination Wedding Photography JIWed16.jpg
4-10-10 Destination Wedding Photography JIWed17.jpg
4-10-10 Destination Wedding Photography JIWed18.jpg
4-10-10 Destination Wedding Photography JIWed19.jpg
4-10-10 Destination Wedding Photography JIWed20.jpg
4-10-10 Destination Wedding Photography JIWed21.jpg
Another funny moment captured by Melissa of these two snapping a shot of the ceremony :-)!
4-10-10 Destination Wedding Photography JIWed22.jpg
4-10-10 Destination Wedding Photography JIWed23.jpg
4-10-10 Destination Wedding Photography JIWed24.jpg
4-10-10 Destination Wedding Photography JIWed25.jpg
4-10-10 Destination Wedding Photography JIWed26.jpg
4-10-10 Destination Wedding Photography JIWed27.jpg
4-10-10 Destination Wedding Photography JIWed28.jpg
4-10-10 Destination Wedding Photography JIWed29.jpg
4-10-10 Destination Wedding Photography JIWed30.jpg
4-10-10 Destination Wedding Photography JIWed31.jpg
4-10-10 Destination Wedding Photography JIWed32.jpg
4-10-10 Destination Wedding Photography JIWed33.jpg
A beautiful moment between mother and daughter captured by Melissa!
4-10-10 Destination Wedding Photography JIWed34.jpg
4-10-10 Destination Wedding Photography JIWed35.jpg
Funny bride moments ... both shots by Melissa.
4-10-10 Destination Wedding Photography JIWed36.jpg
Portrait by Melissa.
4-10-10 Destination Wedding Photography JIWed37.jpg
4-10-10 Destination Wedding Photography JIWed38.jpg
4-10-10 Destination Wedding Photography JIWed39.jpg
4-10-10 Destination Wedding Photography JIWed40.jpg
4-10-10 Destination Wedding Photography JIWed41.jpg
4-10-10 Destination Wedding Photography JIWed42.jpg
4-10-10 Destination Wedding Photography JIWed43.jpg
4-10-10 Destination Wedding Photography JIWed44.jpg
4-10-10 Destination Wedding Photography JIWed45.jpg
4-10-10 Destination Wedding Photography JIWed46.jpg
4-10-10 Destination Wedding Photography JIWed47.jpg
4-10-10 Destination Wedding Photography JIWed48.jpg
4-10-10 Destination Wedding Photography JIWed49.jpg
4-10-10 Destination Wedding Photography JIWed50.jpg
4-10-10 Destination Wedding Photography JIWed51.jpg
4-10-10 Destination Wedding Photography JIWed52.jpg
4-10-10 Destination Wedding Photography JIWed53.jpg
4-10-10 Destination Wedding Photography JIWed54.jpg
4-10-10 Destination Wedding Photography JIWed55.jpg
4-10-10 Destination Wedding Photography JIWed56.jpg
4-10-10 Destination Wedding Photography JIWed57.jpg
4-10-10 Destination Wedding Photography JIWed58.jpg
4-10-10 Destination Wedding Photography JIWed59.jpg
4-10-10 Destination Wedding Photography JIWed60.jpg
Some fun photos of Melissa and I taken throughout the day :-).
4-10-10 Destination Wedding Photography JIWed61.jpg
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Kristy and Carl were married September 26, 2009 in Puerto Penasco, otherwise know as Rocky Point, Mexico.  The chose to have their ceremony and reception in Las Conchas at a beautiful beach front hacienda named Villa Del Ensueno.  The hacienda perfectly highlights the colors and architecture of the local Mexican culture!


The entire event was held outdoors with the ceremony taking place on the beach and the reception set up on the spacious back patio complete with full bar.  A Mariachi played as guests arrived for the ceremony and continued through the cocktail hour and sunset.  Then the party began ...  and it was a wild one, going well past midnight!!


This was a beautiful event with a beautiful couple and we felt privileged to be a part of it!  The only down side was the rogue heat wave that hit the area that particular weekend.  It was 105 degrees that day with 100 percent humidity and it was the first time that I have ever gotton a heat-related illness at a wedding.  There was a short time where I thought I was going to pass out, but in the end, I pulled through and carried on with he show!  Despite that, it was a truly wonderful wedding ... thank you both for having us!!

This is one of my favorite pics from the day ... this random dog came by and he was just sooo happy to be around us :-)!!
In memory of Kristy's late mother ...
Aren't the flowers spectacular??!!
Another favorite!
And this is one of my favorite first dance pics ever ... it just looks so magical!!
This guy could sing!!!!
The party gets a little wild from this point forward ...


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In late September we traveled to Puerto Penasco, Mexico, otherwise known as Rocky Point to photograph a wedding.  Aside from the actual wedding day, we spent a couple of extra days in the area exploring and having a little fun!  One of the highlights was renting ATVs and riding them around the nearby dunes.  The only downside to this was the intense heat.  From what I was told, September is a hot month in general, but they were having a freak heat wave that week which made the temperatures almost unbearable at about 105 degrees with 100 percent humidity.  We still had a great time though!


Purple Bill & Greeny being tourists :-).

Our ATVs alone in the dunes.
Having fun ... and sweating profusely!
I know this seems sad, but it is for a personal project I have been working on for the past 13 years called "Casualties of War."  It highlights the damage we humans, intentional or not, inflict upon nature, wildlife in paticular.
I love the following beach shots!  They were taken at sunset and it was just spectacular!!
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Michael Chansley:

How cool! I love the 4 wheeling photos! I've never been to Rocky Point, but it looks beautiful! Keep up the good work!

(02.05.10 @ 12:18 AM)