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5-22-16 Phoenix Wedding Photographers ADWed00.jpg

Aniebiet and Damien were married in a stunning two-day long traditional Nigerian wedding last May. The second day of their event consisted of the traditional White Wedding and was held at the JW Marriott Desert Ridge Resort and Spa in Phoenix, Arizona. The couple looked amazing and the wedding wowed the crowd, especially when Aniebiet was ushered in to the ceremony on a beautiful horse and carriage. She looked like she stepped right out of a fairy tale! Aniebiet and Damien, thank you so much for having us as your wedding photographers! It was very special and we loved being a part of it!

5-22-16 Phoenix Wedding Photographers ADWed01.jpg
5-22-16 Phoenix Wedding Photographers ADWed02.jpg
5-22-16 Phoenix Wedding Photographers ADWed03.jpg
5-22-16 Phoenix Wedding Photographers ADWed04.jpg
5-22-16 Phoenix Wedding Photographers ADWed05.jpg
5-22-16 Phoenix Wedding Photographers ADWed06.jpg
5-22-16 Phoenix Wedding Photographers ADWed07.jpg
5-22-16 Phoenix Wedding Photographers ADWed08.jpg
5-22-16 Phoenix Wedding Photographers ADWed09.jpg
5-22-16 Phoenix Wedding Photographers ADWed10.jpg
5-22-16 Phoenix Wedding Photographers ADWed11.jpg

5-22-16 Phoenix Wedding Photographers ADWed12.jpg
5-22-16 Phoenix Wedding Photographers ADWed13.jpg
5-22-16 Phoenix Wedding Photographers ADWed14.jpg
5-22-16 Phoenix Wedding Photographers ADWed15.jpg
5-22-16 Phoenix Wedding Photographers ADWed16.jpg
5-22-16 Phoenix Wedding Photographers ADWed17.jpg
5-22-16 Phoenix Wedding Photographers ADWed18.jpg
5-22-16 Phoenix Wedding Photographers ADWed19.jpg
5-22-16 Phoenix Wedding Photographers ADWed20.jpg
5-22-16 Phoenix Wedding Photographers ADWed21.jpg
5-22-16 Phoenix Wedding Photographers ADWed22.jpg
5-22-16 Phoenix Wedding Photographers ADWed23.jpg
5-22-16 Phoenix Wedding Photographers ADWed24.jpg
5-22-16 Phoenix Wedding Photographers ADWed25.jpg
5-22-16 Phoenix Wedding Photographers ADWed26.jpg
5-22-16 Phoenix Wedding Photographers ADWed27.jpg
5-22-16 Phoenix Wedding Photographers ADWed28.jpg
5-22-16 Phoenix Wedding Photographers ADWed29.jpg
5-22-16 Phoenix Wedding Photographers ADWed30.jpg
5-22-16 Phoenix Wedding Photographers ADWed31.jpg
5-22-16 Phoenix Wedding Photographers ADWed32.jpg
5-22-16 Phoenix Wedding Photographers ADWed33.jpg
5-22-16 Phoenix Wedding Photographers ADWed34.jpg
5-22-16 Phoenix Wedding Photographers ADWed35.jpg
5-22-16 Phoenix Wedding Photographers ADWed36.jpg
5-22-16 Phoenix Wedding Photographers ADWed37.jpg
5-22-16 Phoenix Wedding Photographers ADWed38.jpg
5-22-16 Phoenix Wedding Photographers ADWed39.jpg
5-22-16 Phoenix Wedding Photographers ADWed40.jpg
5-22-16 Phoenix Wedding Photographers ADWed41.jpg
5-22-16 Phoenix Wedding Photographers ADWed42.jpg
5-22-16 Phoenix Wedding Photographers ADWed43.jpg
5-22-16 Phoenix Wedding Photographers ADWed44.jpg
5-22-16 Phoenix Wedding Photographers ADWed45.jpg
5-22-16 Phoenix Wedding Photographers ADWed46.jpg
5-22-16 Phoenix Wedding Photographers ADWed47.jpg
5-22-16 Phoenix Wedding Photographers ADWed48.jpg
5-22-16 Phoenix Wedding Photographers ADWed49.jpg
5-22-16 Phoenix Wedding Photographers ADWed50.jpg
5-22-16 Phoenix Wedding Photographers ADWed51.jpg
5-22-16 Phoenix Wedding Photographers ADWed52.jpg
5-22-16 Phoenix Wedding Photographers ADWed53.jpg
5-22-16 Phoenix Wedding Photographers ADWed54.jpg
5-22-16 Phoenix Wedding Photographers ADWed55.jpg
5-22-16 Phoenix Wedding Photographers ADWed56.jpg
5-22-16 Phoenix Wedding Photographers ADWed57.jpg
5-22-16 Phoenix Wedding Photographers ADWed58.jpg
5-22-16 Phoenix Wedding Photographers ADWed59.jpg
5-22-16 Phoenix Wedding Photographers ADWed60.jpg
5-22-16 Phoenix Wedding Photographers ADWed61.jpg
5-22-16 Phoenix Wedding Photographers ADWed62.jpg

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5-21-16 Phoenix Wedding Photographers ADWed00.jpg

Aniebiet and Damien had an amazing two-day Nigerian wedding event last May. The first day was held at the gorgeous Chateau Luxe in Phoenix and was dedicated to the traditional Nigerian wedding. It was full of surprises, including fireworks and the bride being symbolically brought from a far distance with her arrival by helicopter ... simply stunning. It was an honor to be chosen as Aniebiet and Damien's wedding photographers and we loved being a part of such a festive and beautiful event!

5-21-16 Phoenix Wedding Photographers ADWed01.jpg
5-21-16 Phoenix Wedding Photographers ADWed02.jpg
5-21-16 Phoenix Wedding Photographers ADWed03.jpg
5-21-16 Phoenix Wedding Photographers ADWed04.jpg
5-21-16 Phoenix Wedding Photographers ADWed05.jpg
5-21-16 Phoenix Wedding Photographers ADWed06.jpg
5-21-16 Phoenix Wedding Photographers ADWed07.jpg
5-21-16 Phoenix Wedding Photographers ADWed08.jpg
5-21-16 Phoenix Wedding Photographers ADWed09.jpg
5-21-16 Phoenix Wedding Photographers ADWed10.jpg
5-21-16 Phoenix Wedding Photographers ADWed11.jpg

5-21-16 Phoenix Wedding Photographers ADWed12.jpg
5-21-16 Phoenix Wedding Photographers ADWed13.jpg
5-21-16 Phoenix Wedding Photographers ADWed14.jpg
5-21-16 Phoenix Wedding Photographers ADWed15.jpg
5-21-16 Phoenix Wedding Photographers ADWed16.jpg
5-21-16 Phoenix Wedding Photographers ADWed17.jpg
5-21-16 Phoenix Wedding Photographers ADWed18.jpg
5-21-16 Phoenix Wedding Photographers ADWed19.jpg
5-21-16 Phoenix Wedding Photographers ADWed20.jpg
5-21-16 Phoenix Wedding Photographers ADWed21.jpg
5-21-16 Phoenix Wedding Photographers ADWed22.jpg
5-21-16 Phoenix Wedding Photographers ADWed23.jpg
5-21-16 Phoenix Wedding Photographers ADWed24.jpg
5-21-16 Phoenix Wedding Photographers ADWed25.jpg
5-21-16 Phoenix Wedding Photographers ADWed26.jpg
5-21-16 Phoenix Wedding Photographers ADWed27.jpg
5-21-16 Phoenix Wedding Photographers ADWed28.jpg
5-21-16 Phoenix Wedding Photographers ADWed29.jpg
5-21-16 Phoenix Wedding Photographers ADWed30.jpg
5-21-16 Phoenix Wedding Photographers ADWed31.jpg
5-21-16 Phoenix Wedding Photographers ADWed32.jpg
5-21-16 Phoenix Wedding Photographers ADWed33.jpg
5-21-16 Phoenix Wedding Photographers ADWed34.jpg
5-21-16 Phoenix Wedding Photographers ADWed35.jpg
5-21-16 Phoenix Wedding Photographers ADWed36.jpg
5-21-16 Phoenix Wedding Photographers ADWed37.jpg
5-21-16 Phoenix Wedding Photographers ADWed38.jpg
5-21-16 Phoenix Wedding Photographers ADWed39.jpg
5-21-16 Phoenix Wedding Photographers ADWed40.jpg
5-21-16 Phoenix Wedding Photographers ADWed41.jpg
5-21-16 Phoenix Wedding Photographers ADWed42.jpg
5-21-16 Phoenix Wedding Photographers ADWed43.jpg
5-21-16 Phoenix Wedding Photographers ADWed44.jpg
5-21-16 Phoenix Wedding Photographers ADWed45.jpg
5-21-16 Phoenix Wedding Photographers ADWed46.jpg
5-21-16 Phoenix Wedding Photographers ADWed47.jpg
5-21-16 Phoenix Wedding Photographers ADWed48.jpg
5-21-16 Phoenix Wedding Photographers ADWed49.jpg
5-21-16 Phoenix Wedding Photographers ADWed50.jpg
5-21-16 Phoenix Wedding Photographers ADWed51.jpg
5-21-16 Phoenix Wedding Photographers ADWed52.jpg
5-21-16 Phoenix Wedding Photographers ADWed53.jpg
5-21-16 Phoenix Wedding Photographers ADWed54.jpg
5-21-16 Phoenix Wedding Photographers ADWed55.jpg

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10-19-13 Scottsdale Wedding Photographers JTWed00.jpg
Everything about this wedding was breathtaking and fun!  The private estate in Scottsdale, Arizona made for a striking backdrop and equally striking was the personalities of the couple and all who attended.  Once the formalities were over these people definitely knew how to party!  Jessica and Travis are also very close friends with two of our past couples, Melissa and Grey and Karima and Terry.  It was so wonderful to see them all again and catch up a little!  Thank you so much Jessica and Travis for having us as your wedding photographers and allowing us to be part of your special day!

Special thank you to our partner photographer, Meg, for shooting this wedding with me and doing a fantastic job as always!!!
10-19-13 Scottsdale Wedding Photographers JTWed01.jpg
10-19-13 Scottsdale Wedding Photographers JTWed02.jpg
10-19-13 Scottsdale Wedding Photographers JTWed03.jpg
10-19-13 Scottsdale Wedding Photographers JTWed04.jpg
10-19-13 Scottsdale Wedding Photographers JTWed05.jpg
10-19-13 Scottsdale Wedding Photographers JTWed06.jpg
10-19-13 Scottsdale Wedding Photographers JTWed07.jpg
10-19-13 Scottsdale Wedding Photographers JTWed08.jpg
10-19-13 Scottsdale Wedding Photographers JTWed09.jpg
10-19-13 Scottsdale Wedding Photographers JTWed10.jpg
10-19-13 Scottsdale Wedding Photographers JTWed11.jpg

10-19-13 Scottsdale Wedding Photographers JTWed12.jpg
10-19-13 Scottsdale Wedding Photographers JTWed13.jpg
10-19-13 Scottsdale Wedding Photographers JTWed14.jpg
10-19-13 Scottsdale Wedding Photographers JTWed15.jpg
10-19-13 Scottsdale Wedding Photographers JTWed16.jpg
10-19-13 Scottsdale Wedding Photographers JTWed17.jpg
10-19-13 Scottsdale Wedding Photographers JTWed18.jpg
10-19-13 Scottsdale Wedding Photographers JTWed19.jpg
10-19-13 Scottsdale Wedding Photographers JTWed20.jpg
10-19-13 Scottsdale Wedding Photographers JTWed21.jpg
10-19-13 Scottsdale Wedding Photographers JTWed22.jpg

10-19-13 Scottsdale Wedding Photographers JTWed23.jpg
10-19-13 Scottsdale Wedding Photographers JTWed24.jpg
10-19-13 Scottsdale Wedding Photographers JTWed25.jpg
10-19-13 Scottsdale Wedding Photographers JTWed26.jpg
10-19-13 Scottsdale Wedding Photographers JTWed27.jpg
10-19-13 Scottsdale Wedding Photographers JTWed28.jpg
10-19-13 Scottsdale Wedding Photographers JTWed29.jpg
10-19-13 Scottsdale Wedding Photographers JTWed30.jpg
10-19-13 Scottsdale Wedding Photographers JTWed31.jpg
10-19-13 Scottsdale Wedding Photographers JTWed32.jpg
10-19-13 Scottsdale Wedding Photographers JTWed33.jpg
10-19-13 Scottsdale Wedding Photographers JTWed34.jpg
10-19-13 Scottsdale Wedding Photographers JTWed35.jpg
10-19-13 Scottsdale Wedding Photographers JTWed36.jpg
10-19-13 Scottsdale Wedding Photographers JTWed37.jpg
10-19-13 Scottsdale Wedding Photographers JTWed38.jpg
10-19-13 Scottsdale Wedding Photographers JTWed39.jpg
10-19-13 Scottsdale Wedding Photographers JTWed40.jpg
10-19-13 Scottsdale Wedding Photographers JTWed41.jpg
10-19-13 Scottsdale Wedding Photographers JTWed42.jpg
10-19-13 Scottsdale Wedding Photographers JTWed43.jpg
10-19-13 Scottsdale Wedding Photographers JTWed44.jpg
10-19-13 Scottsdale Wedding Photographers JTWed45.jpg
10-19-13 Scottsdale Wedding Photographers JTWed46.jpg
10-19-13 Scottsdale Wedding Photographers JTWed47.jpg
10-19-13 Scottsdale Wedding Photographers JTWed48.jpg
10-19-13 Scottsdale Wedding Photographers JTWed49.jpg
10-19-13 Scottsdale Wedding Photographers JTWed50.jpg
10-19-13 Scottsdale Wedding Photographers JTWed51.jpg
10-19-13 Scottsdale Wedding Photographers JTWed52.jpg
10-19-13 Scottsdale Wedding Photographers JTWed53.jpg
10-19-13 Scottsdale Wedding Photographers JTWed54.jpg

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3-31-12 Scottsdale Wedding Photographers SPWed00.jpg

This wedding was held at Four Seasons Resort Scottsdale and was a wonderfully elegant traditional Persian wedding!

3-31-12 Scottsdale Wedding Photographers SPWed01.jpg
3-31-12 Scottsdale Wedding Photographers SPWed02.jpg
3-31-12 Scottsdale Wedding Photographers SPWed03.jpg
3-31-12 Scottsdale Wedding Photographers SPWed04.jpg
3-31-12 Scottsdale Wedding Photographers SPWed05.jpg
3-31-12 Scottsdale Wedding Photographers SPWed06.jpg
3-31-12 Scottsdale Wedding Photographers SPWed07.jpg
3-31-12 Scottsdale Wedding Photographers SPWed08.jpg
3-31-12 Scottsdale Wedding Photographers SPWed09.jpg
3-31-12 Scottsdale Wedding Photographers SPWed10.jpg
3-31-12 Scottsdale Wedding Photographers SPWed11.jpg
3-31-12 Scottsdale Wedding Photographers SPWed12.jpg
3-31-12 Scottsdale Wedding Photographers SPWed13.jpg

3-31-12 Scottsdale Wedding Photographers SPWed14.jpg
3-31-12 Scottsdale Wedding Photographers SPWed15.jpg
3-31-12 Scottsdale Wedding Photographers SPWed16.jpg
3-31-12 Scottsdale Wedding Photographers SPWed17.jpg
3-31-12 Scottsdale Wedding Photographers SPWed18.jpg
3-31-12 Scottsdale Wedding Photographers SPWed19.jpg
3-31-12 Scottsdale Wedding Photographers SPWed20.jpg
3-31-12 Scottsdale Wedding Photographers SPWed21.jpg
3-31-12 Scottsdale Wedding Photographers SPWed22.jpg
3-31-12 Scottsdale Wedding Photographers SPWed23.jpg
3-31-12 Scottsdale Wedding Photographers SPWed24.jpg
3-31-12 Scottsdale Wedding Photographers SPWed25.jpg
3-31-12 Scottsdale Wedding Photographers SPWed26.jpg
3-31-12 Scottsdale Wedding Photographers SPWed27.jpg
3-31-12 Scottsdale Wedding Photographers SPWed28.jpg
3-31-12 Scottsdale Wedding Photographers SPWed29.jpg
3-31-12 Scottsdale Wedding Photographers SPWed30.jpg
3-31-12 Scottsdale Wedding Photographers SPWed31.jpg
3-31-12 Scottsdale Wedding Photographers SPWed32.jpg
3-31-12 Scottsdale Wedding Photographers SPWed33.jpg
3-31-12 Scottsdale Wedding Photographers SPWed34.jpg
3-31-12 Scottsdale Wedding Photographers SPWed35.jpg
3-31-12 Scottsdale Wedding Photographers SPWed36.jpg
3-31-12 Scottsdale Wedding Photographers SPWed37.jpg
3-31-12 Scottsdale Wedding Photographers SPWed38.jpg
3-31-12 Scottsdale Wedding Photographers SPWed39.jpg
3-31-12 Scottsdale Wedding Photographers SPWed40.jpg
3-31-12 Scottsdale Wedding Photographers SPWed41.jpg
3-31-12 Scottsdale Wedding Photographers SPWed42.jpg
3-31-12 Scottsdale Wedding Photographers SPWed43.jpg
3-31-12 Scottsdale Wedding Photographers SPWed44.jpg
3-31-12 Scottsdale Wedding Photographers SPWed45.jpg
3-31-12 Scottsdale Wedding Photographers SPWed46.jpg
3-31-12 Scottsdale Wedding Photographers SPWed47.jpg
3-31-12 Scottsdale Wedding Photographers SPWed48.jpg
3-31-12 Scottsdale Wedding Photographers SPWed49.jpg
3-31-12 Scottsdale Wedding Photographers SPWed50.jpg
3-31-12 Scottsdale Wedding Photographers SPWed51.jpg
3-31-12 Scottsdale Wedding Photographers SPWed52.jpg
3-31-12 Scottsdale Wedding Photographers SPWed53.jpg
3-31-12 Scottsdale Wedding Photographers SPWed54.jpg
3-31-12 Scottsdale Wedding Photographers SPWed55.jpg
3-31-12 Scottsdale Wedding Photographers SPWed56.jpg
3-31-12 Scottsdale Wedding Photographers SPWed57.jpg


Ceremony and Reception Venue: Four Seasons Resort Scottsdale at Troon North

Videographer: Simply Cinema

Caterer: Persian Room

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2-19-11 Phoenix Wedding Photographer HMWed00.jpg


A couple of years back, we photographed the wedding of a couple named Heather and Matt.  Since that time, they have become regular clients of ours as well as really good friends!  Well, now we have a new Heather and Matt.  They call themselves the "other Heather and Matt" and we love these two just as much ... just seems to be something with those names that we really get along with :-).


Anyhow, the "other Heather and Matt" were married this past Saturday in Scottsdale.  Their ceremony took place at Paradise Valley Methodist Church and their reception was held at McCormick Ranch Golf Club.  If anyone in Arizona was alive and awake that day, they know that the weather was horrible everywhere, with snow in the high country and a lot of rain in the valley, but that didn't stop this couple from having their perfect day!  They went into the dreary day with high hopes for a better outcome later in the afternoon, and if not, they figured, oh well, they would have unique photos of a rainy wedding - something most couples don't see often on their wedding day in Arizona.


Boy, did they ever get unique photos!!  It did continue to rain ... but at the same time came the sun and you know what that produces ... big, vibrant, full, double rainbows that dominate the sky!!  WOW ... SPECTACULAR!!!  Thank you both for having us as your wedding photographers and thanks for trusting in our vision and taking a moment at the end to step outside in the rain for a few more portraits (see photo above) ... told you it would be worth it!  Hope you love the sneak peak and have a fabulous time in Thailand!!


Special thanks to Gretchen at Imoni Events, www.imonievents.com , for putting together such a beautiful event, and to our Associate Photographer, Angie, for helping out and getting some great pics :-)!!


2-19-11 Phoenix Wedding Photographer HMWed01.jpg
2-19-11 Phoenix Wedding Photographer HMWed02.jpg
Anyone out there think of "Thing" from "The Adams Family" when they see this :-) ... great shot by Angie.
2-19-11 Phoenix Wedding Photographer HMWed03.jpg
2-19-11 Phoenix Wedding Photographer HMWed04.jpg
Photo by Angie!
2-19-11 Phoenix Wedding Photographer HMWed05.jpg
2-19-11 Phoenix Wedding Photographer HMWed06.jpg
Another great shot by Angie!
2-19-11 Phoenix Wedding Photographer HMWed07.jpg
2-19-11 Phoenix Wedding Photographer HMWed08.jpg
2-19-11 Phoenix Wedding Photographer HMWed09.jpg
Next two detail shots of a rainy day by Angie.
2-19-11 Phoenix Wedding Photographer HMWed10.jpg
2-19-11 Phoenix Wedding Photographer HMWed11.jpg
2-19-11 Phoenix Wedding Photographer HMWed12.jpg
2-19-11 Phoenix Wedding Photographer HMWed13.jpg
2-19-11 Phoenix Wedding Photographer HMWed14.jpg
2-19-11 Phoenix Wedding Photographer HMWed15.jpg
2-19-11 Phoenix Wedding Photographer HMWed16.jpg
Wonderful moment captured by Angie!
2-19-11 Phoenix Wedding Photographer HMWed17.jpg
2-19-11 Phoenix Wedding Photographer HMWed18.jpg
2-19-11 Phoenix Wedding Photographer HMWed19.jpg
2-19-11 Phoenix Wedding Photographer HMWed20.jpg
2-19-11 Phoenix Wedding Photographer HMWed21.jpg
2-19-11 Phoenix Wedding Photographer HMWed22.jpg
Photo by Angie.
2-19-11 Phoenix Wedding Photographer HMWed23.jpg
2-19-11 Phoenix Wedding Photographer HMWed24.jpg
Rain, sun and a great couple - what a beautiful combination!
2-19-11 Phoenix Wedding Photographer HMWed25.jpg
2-19-11 Phoenix Wedding Photographer HMWed26.jpg
2-19-11 Phoenix Wedding Photographer HMWed27.jpg
2-19-11 Phoenix Wedding Photographer HMWed28.jpg
2-19-11 Phoenix Wedding Photographer HMWed29.jpg
2-19-11 Phoenix Wedding Photographer HMWed30.jpg
2-19-11 Phoenix Wedding Photographer HMWed31.jpg
2-19-11 Phoenix Wedding Photographer HMWed32.jpg
2-19-11 Phoenix Wedding Photographer HMWed33.jpg
2-19-11 Phoenix Wedding Photographer HMWed34.jpg
2-19-11 Phoenix Wedding Photographer HMWed35.jpg
Love this moment captured by Angie!!
2-19-11 Phoenix Wedding Photographer HMWed36.jpg
2-19-11 Phoenix Wedding Photographer HMWed37.jpg
2-19-11 Phoenix Wedding Photographer HMWed38.jpg
2-19-11 Phoenix Wedding Photographer HMWed39.jpg
2-19-11 Phoenix Wedding Photographer HMWed40.jpg
2-19-11 Phoenix Wedding Photographer HMWed41.jpg
2-19-11 Phoenix Wedding Photographer HMWed42.jpg
2-19-11 Phoenix Wedding Photographer HMWed43.jpg
2-19-11 Phoenix Wedding Photographer HMWed44.jpg
2-19-11 Phoenix Wedding Photographer HMWed45.jpg
2-19-11 Phoenix Wedding Photographer HMWed46.jpg
2-19-11 Phoenix Wedding Photographer HMWed47.jpg
2-19-11 Phoenix Wedding Photographer HMWed48.jpg
2-19-11 Phoenix Wedding Photographer HMWed49.jpg
2-19-11 Phoenix Wedding Photographer HMWed50.jpg
2-19-11 Phoenix Wedding Photographer HMWed51.jpg
2-19-11 Phoenix Wedding Photographer HMWed52.jpg
2-19-11 Phoenix Wedding Photographer HMWed53.jpg
2-19-11 Phoenix Wedding Photographer HMWed54.jpg
2-19-11 Phoenix Wedding Photographer HMWed55.jpg
2-19-11 Phoenix Wedding Photographer HMWed56.jpg
2-19-11 Phoenix Wedding Photographer HMWed57.jpg
2-19-11 Phoenix Wedding Photographer HMWed58.jpg
2-19-11 Phoenix Wedding Photographer HMWed59.jpg
2-19-11 Phoenix Wedding Photographer HMWed60.jpg
2-19-11 Phoenix Wedding Photographer HMWed61.jpg


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The had such a perfect day! These rain and reception shots are amazing!

(03.01.11 @ 04:05 PM)

Beautiful work! Love every picture!

(03.07.11 @ 04:17 AM)

Lea and Ari were married in a traditional Jewish ceremony on March 21, 2010.  We just love Jewish weddings ... they are so full of tradition and energy, especially during the Hora!  This couple was so wonderful to work with as were their family and friends ... and good thing - we were with them for a long, long time that day :-).  We loved every minute of it!  This is an extra big posting, one: because we were there so long and two: because photography was so very important to these two (Ari is a very accomplished photographer himself and he and Lea spent a lot of time searching for what they felt were the right photographers for them), so we wanted to give them a really nice sneak peak of what is to come.


One last comment on this wedding ... the decor was spectacular!!!  Ever After Florals, www.everafterflorals.com was a huge part of that and they really out did themselves on this one!  Starz Entertainment, www.starzentertainment.net also did an awesome job of keeping the reception energy flowing throughout the evening!  The entire wedding was simply spectacular!  Thank you both for trusting us as your wedding photographers ... it was a true pleasure!

3-21-10 Scottsdale Wedding Photographer LAWed01.jpg
3-21-10 Scottsdale Wedding Photographer LAWed02.jpg
3-21-10 Scottsdale Wedding Photographer LAWed03.jpg
3-21-10 Scottsdale Wedding Photographer LAWed04.jpg
3-21-10 Scottsdale Wedding Photographer LAWed05.jpg
3-21-10 Scottsdale Wedding Photographer LAWed06.jpg
3-21-10 Scottsdale Wedding Photographer LAWed07.jpg
3-21-10 Scottsdale Wedding Photographer LAWed08.jpg
3-21-10 Scottsdale Wedding Photographer LAWed09.jpg
3-21-10 Scottsdale Wedding Photographer LAWed10.jpg
3-21-10 Scottsdale Wedding Photographer LAWed11.jpg
3-21-10 Scottsdale Wedding Photographer LAWed12.jpg
3-21-10 Scottsdale Wedding Photographer LAWed13.jpg
3-21-10 Scottsdale Wedding Photographer LAWed14.jpg
3-21-10 Scottsdale Wedding Photographer LAWed15.jpg
3-21-10 Scottsdale Wedding Photographer LAWed16.jpg
3-21-10 Scottsdale Wedding Photographer LAWed17.jpg
3-21-10 Scottsdale Wedding Photographer LAWed18.jpg
3-21-10 Scottsdale Wedding Photographer LAWed19.jpg
3-21-10 Scottsdale Wedding Photographer LAWed20.jpg
3-21-10 Scottsdale Wedding Photographer LAWed21.jpg
3-21-10 Scottsdale Wedding Photographer LAWed22.jpg
3-21-10 Scottsdale Wedding Photographer LAWed23.jpg
3-21-10 Scottsdale Wedding Photographer LAWed24.jpg
3-21-10 Scottsdale Wedding Photographer LAWed25.jpg
3-21-10 Scottsdale Wedding Photographer LAWed26.jpg
3-21-10 Scottsdale Wedding Photographer LAWed27.jpg
3-21-10 Scottsdale Wedding Photographer LAWed28.jpg
3-21-10 Scottsdale Wedding Photographer LAWed29.jpg
3-21-10 Scottsdale Wedding Photographer LAWed30.jpg
3-21-10 Scottsdale Wedding Photographer LAWed31.jpg
3-21-10 Scottsdale Wedding Photographer LAWed32.jpg
3-21-10 Scottsdale Wedding Photographer LAWed33.jpg
3-21-10 Scottsdale Wedding Photographer LAWed34.jpg
3-21-10 Scottsdale Wedding Photographer LAWed35.jpg
3-21-10 Scottsdale Wedding Photographer LAWed36.jpg
3-21-10 Scottsdale Wedding Photographer LAWed37.jpg
3-21-10 Scottsdale Wedding Photographer LAWed38.jpg
3-21-10 Scottsdale Wedding Photographer LAWed39.jpg
3-21-10 Scottsdale Wedding Photographer LAWed40.jpg
3-21-10 Scottsdale Wedding Photographer LAWed41.jpg
3-21-10 Scottsdale Wedding Photographer LAWed42.jpg
3-21-10 Scottsdale Wedding Photographer LAWed43.jpg
3-21-10 Scottsdale Wedding Photographer LAWed44.jpg
3-21-10 Scottsdale Wedding Photographer LAWed45.jpg
3-21-10 Scottsdale Wedding Photographer LAWed46.jpg
3-21-10 Scottsdale Wedding Photographer LAWed47.jpg
3-21-10 Scottsdale Wedding Photographer LAWed48.jpg
3-21-10 Scottsdale Wedding Photographer LAWed49.jpg
3-21-10 Scottsdale Wedding Photographer LAWed50.jpg
3-21-10 Scottsdale Wedding Photographer LAWed51.jpg
3-21-10 Scottsdale Wedding Photographer LAWed52.jpg
3-21-10 Scottsdale Wedding Photographer LAWed53.jpg
3-21-10 Scottsdale Wedding Photographer LAWed54.jpg
3-21-10 Scottsdale Wedding Photographer LAWed55.jpg
3-21-10 Scottsdale Wedding Photographer LAWed56.jpg
3-21-10 Scottsdale Wedding Photographer LAWed57.jpg
3-21-10 Scottsdale Wedding Photographer LAWed58.jpg
3-21-10 Scottsdale Wedding Photographer LAWed59.jpg
3-21-10 Scottsdale Wedding Photographer LAWed60.jpg
3-21-10 Scottsdale Wedding Photographer LAWed61.jpg
3-21-10 Scottsdale Wedding Photographer LAWed62.jpg
3-21-10 Scottsdale Wedding Photographer LAWed63.jpg
3-21-10 Scottsdale Wedding Photographer LAWed64.jpg
3-21-10 Scottsdale Wedding Photographer LAWed65.jpg
3-21-10 Scottsdale Wedding Photographer LAWed66.jpg
3-21-10 Scottsdale Wedding Photographer LAWed67.jpg
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Kelcey and Tim were married October 10th, 2009 at McCormick Ranch Golf Club and WOW, this one was beautiful!!!!  The couple was stunning, the decor was elegant, the backdrop was beautiful and the weather was perfect!  The sunset was amazing too!  Thank you both so much for having us as your wedding photographers ... it really was beautiful :-)!  We would also like to thank Joyce Day for assisting us at this wedding!

Kelcey and Tim's first meeting was so sweet ... we got some great shots ...
... like this one ...
... and this one ...
... and this one ...
... you get the picture :-).
I loved Kelcey's bouquet and the beautiful bracelet was an heirloom gift from 1934. 
Kelcey looked STUNNING ... and that dress was AMAZING!!
Tim was so funny :-)!
Beautiful details!
There was a bit of confussion about when Kelcey's father should take his seat, but it all finally worked out and added a bit of humor to the ceremony :-).
Love the get-away golf cart :-)!!
More beautiful details!!
Had to have a little golf course fun :-).
One of my favorite shots of the day!!!  Just stunning scenery and a spectacular sunset as well!
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Beautiful set. They look like they had a lot of fun. I agree with you the sunset shots were my fav.

(02.26.10 @ 06:30 PM)

I agree, that one shot is just breathtaking! I love it so much! Such a beautiful set of photos...once again, and as always, you two did an amazing job.

(03.06.10 @ 05:26 AM)