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The day after the wedding, events were scheduled throughout the morning for the guests to enjoy including a Pow Wow featuring Jakey Skye and his family.  They were incredible and apparently world-famous, having been featured in the Opening Ceremonies of the 2002 Winter Olympics.  They hand-make each and every one of their elaborate and beautiful costumes.


After the Pow Wow, we met with Armanda and Jon for their Day-After shoot.  With all the events of the wedding day, there was hardly time to do any formals, so we saved the fun stuff for Sunday.  We had a great time and love the results.  This photography shoot wraps up the big Monument Valley wedding event and again, we feel so privileged to have been a part of it!

12-28-08AJDayAfter01.jpg 12-28-08AJDayAfter02.jpg 12-28-08AJDayAfter03.jpg 12-28-08AJDayAfter04.jpg 12-28-08AJDayAfter05.jpg 12-28-08AJDayAfter06.jpg 12-28-08AJDayAfter07.jpg 12-28-08AJDayAfter08.jpg

Armanda's sisters dressed back up and participated in the first part of the photo shoot.

12-28-08AJDayAfter09.jpg 12-28-08AJDayAfter10.jpg 12-28-08AJDayAfter11.jpg 12-28-08AJDayAfter12.jpg 12-28-08AJDayAfter13.jpg 12-28-08AJDayAfter14.jpg 12-28-08AJDayAfter15.jpg 12-28-08AJDayAfter16.jpg 12-28-08AJDayAfter17.jpg 12-28-08AJDayAfter18.jpg 12-28-08AJDayAfter19.jpg

Armanda totally looks like a super model!

12-28-08AJDayAfter20.jpg 12-28-08AJDayAfter21.jpg 12-28-08AJDayAfter22.jpg 12-28-08AJDayAfter23.jpg 12-28-08AJDayAfter24.jpg 12-28-08AJDayAfter25.jpg 12-28-08AJDayAfter26.jpg 12-28-08AJDayAfter27.jpg 12-28-08AJDayAfter28.jpg 12-28-08AJDayAfter29.jpg 12-28-08AJDayAfter30.jpg



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With Armanda and Jon's wedding, Sierra Blanco Photography wraps up it's 2008 year - and what a year it was.  With almost 50 weddings, it was the best year yet!  With that amount of weddings though comes a lot of hard work and stress, and it didn't help to have to plan my own wedding in the midst of it all.  We also had to deal with a client's death shortly after his wedding in one of Arizona's most publicized stories ... never thought we would have to deal with that and I have to say, it was extremely difficult.  Despite everything though, I feel so blessed to do this for a living.  I absolutely love what I do and I love all the wonderful people it brings me in contact with.  It is always such a pleasure to be given the opportunity to document one of the most important days in a couple's lives ... thank you to everyone who entrusted Sierra Blanco to that!  And with that, Sierra Blanco gears up for a great 2009.  You will be seeing a lot of destination weddings this year with seven out-of-state / out-of-country events scheduled already along with our normal locations of Phoenix, Sedona and Flagstaff, so stay tuned!


On to Armanda and Jon's wedding.  We really went out with a bang on this one and we have been eagerly awaiting it!  This three day wedding extravaganza was held in Monument Valley at the View Hotel and was a wedding photographer's dream, especially ours.  We love stunning scenic locations and cultural events and this event had it all.  With Armanda's ancestry being Native American, Hispanic, and Anglo-American and much on Jon's family hailing from Boston, there was no shortage of culture.  They did an amazing job of tying together varying aspects of those cultures including Armanda wearing traditional moccasins and beautiful turquoise earrings and the couple being led on the Grand March during the reception culminating in a spectacular fireworks show outside.


Yvonne Chavez of Northern Arizona Wedding Planner - www.northernarizonaweddingplanner.com - did an amazing job pulling the whole event together.  Many products from her Touch of Tradition line - www.touchoftradition.com - including her Navajo wedding baskets, flower baskets, ring pillow, guest signing book and album were used in the wedding and helped to tie the theme together beautifully.  A special thank you goes out to Yvonne too for recommending Sierra Blanco Photography for this job ... thanks Yvonne, we love you :-)!


The weather cleared out and though it was a bit chilly, the ceremony took place outside.  A very nice touch was the Native American flute player, whose music was both inspiring and moving.  The reception absolutely rocked with the music of the Tobias Rene Band from Albuquerque, New Mexico!


Needless to say, this posting is a bit longer than usual, but with a three day event like this one it was just too hard to narrow down any further than this and really get the feel for the grandness of it all.  Armanda and Jon, thank you for choosing Sierra Blanco as your wedding photographer.  It was such a blast and a very memorable event!!!  Enjoy!

12-27-08AJWed01.jpg 12-27-08AJWed02.jpg 12-27-08AJWed03.jpg 12-27-08AJWed04.jpg 12-27-08AJWed05.jpg 12-27-08AJWed06.jpg 12-27-08AJWed07.jpg

Love the moccasins!

12-27-08AJWed08.jpg 12-27-08AJWed09.jpg

Armanda's mother helping her put her veil on.

12-27-08AJWed10.jpg 12-27-08AJWed11.jpg 12-27-08AJWed12.jpg 12-27-08AJWed13.jpg 


You have to admire the bride who makes time for a short workout before her wedding ceremony :-).

12-27-08AJWed15.jpg 12-27-08AJWed16.jpg 12-27-08AJWed17.jpg 12-27-08AJWed18.jpg

The adorable flower girls and their baskets from Yvonne Chavez's Touch of Tradition line. 

12-27-08AJWed19.jpg 12-27-08AJWed20.jpg

Armanda's father, Art, walking his daughter up the aisle.

12-27-08AJWed21.jpg 12-27-08AJWed22.jpg 12-27-08AJWed23.jpg

Could the view be any more picture perfect for a wedding?

12-27-08AJWed24.jpg 12-27-08AJWed25.jpg 12-27-08AJWed26.jpg 

12-27-08AJWed27.jpg 12-27-08AJWed28.jpg 12-27-08AJWed29.jpg 12-27-08AJWed30.jpg 12-27-08AJWed31.jpg 12-27-08AJWed32.jpg 12-27-08AJWed33.jpg 12-27-08AJWed34.jpg 12-27-08AJWed35.jpg 12-27-08AJWed36.jpg

In his speach, Art referred to Armanda as not only his daughter, but his business partner and best friend.

12-27-08AJWed37.jpg 12-27-08AJWed38.jpg

This is one of my favorite photos from the day ... it just seems to share the same magical quality as the setting holds.


12-27-08AJWed40.jpg 12-27-08AJWed41.jpg 12-27-08AJWed42.jpg 12-27-08AJWed43.jpg 12-27-08AJWed44.jpg 12-27-08AJWed45.jpg 12-27-08AJWed46.jpg 12-27-08AJWed47.jpg 12-27-08AJWed48.jpg 12-27-08AJWed49.jpg 12-27-08AJWed50.jpg 12-27-08AJWed51.jpg 12-27-08AJWed52.jpg 

12-27-08AJWed53.jpg 12-27-08AJWed54.jpg 12-27-08AJWed55.jpg 12-27-08AJWed56.jpg


The Grand March ended with this spectacular fireworks display.


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Michael Chansley:

Wow! What a beautiful location!!

(12.31.08 @ 06:26 PM)

outstanding photography.............

(11.09.10 @ 09:09 AM)

The day after Christmas, we headed up to Monument Valley for Armanda and Jon's wedding (more on the wedding in the next posting.)  It was held at a brand new hotel that has been built inside the park called The View Hotel - www.monumentvalleyview.com/hotel.html .  The grand opening for the hotel will be held next month, so we had the pleasure of being among it's first patrons.  The hotel was built and is owned and operated by Armanda's family and is absolutely stunning!!  Every room has a view of the famous Mittens ... thus the name, The View Hotel.


The first day was quite stormy with intermittent snow showers and bitterly cold temperatures.  There was some concern about whether the wedding would be able to take place outside or not.  After the rehearsal, Armanda had a bachelorette party with all of her bridesmaids and I attended to get some photographs of it ... they had a very good time as you will notice :-).



This was the view from our hotel room ... can't beat it.

12-26-08AJRehearsal03.jpg 12-26-08AJRehearsal04.jpg

All the guests arriving for the big weekend.

12-26-08AJRehearsal05.jpg 12-26-08AJRehearsal06.jpg 12-26-08AJRehearsal07.jpg 12-26-08AJRehearsal08.jpg 12-26-08AJRehearsal09.jpg 12-26-08AJRehearsal10.jpg 12-26-08AJRehearsal11.jpg 12-26-08AJRehearsal14.jpg 12-26-08AJRehearsal13.jpg

12-26-08AJRehearsal12.jpg 12-26-08AJRehearsal15.jpg 12-26-08AJRehearsal16.jpg 12-26-08AJRehearsal17.jpg 12-26-08AJRehearsal18.jpg 12-26-08AJRehearsal19.jpg

Armanda and her girls having a LOT of fun :-)! 

12-26-08AJRehearsal20.jpg 12-26-08AJRehearsal21.jpg 12-26-08AJRehearsal22.jpg 12-26-08AJRehearsal23.jpg 12-26-08AJRehearsal24.jpg

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