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4-10-10 Destination Wedding Photography JIWed01.jpg


OK ... I am still way behind on blog postings from this past year.  Jacqueline and Izzy chose to have a destination wedding and were married last April in a beautiful beach wedding at a private home in Puerto Penasco (Rocky Point), Mexico!  My great friend and fellow photographer, Melissa Dunstan, accompanied me on this trip and we had a great time ... thanks so much Melissa :-)!


4-10-10 Destination Wedding Photography JIWed02.jpg
4-10-10 Destination Wedding Photography JIWed03.jpg
4-10-10 Destination Wedding Photography JIWed04.jpg
4-10-10 Destination Wedding Photography JIWed05.jpg
4-10-10 Destination Wedding Photography JIWed06.jpg
4-10-10 Destination Wedding Photography JIWed07.jpg
4-10-10 Destination Wedding Photography JIWed08.jpg
4-10-10 Destination Wedding Photography JIWed09.jpg
4-10-10 Destination Wedding Photography JIWed10.jpg
4-10-10 Destination Wedding Photography JIWed11.jpg
4-10-10 Destination Wedding Photography JIWed12.jpg
4-10-10 Destination Wedding Photography JIWed13.jpg
4-10-10 Destination Wedding Photography JIWed14.jpg
I love this moment captured by Melissa as the ceremony got underway!
4-10-10 Destination Wedding Photography JIWed15.jpg
4-10-10 Destination Wedding Photography JIWed16.jpg
4-10-10 Destination Wedding Photography JIWed17.jpg
4-10-10 Destination Wedding Photography JIWed18.jpg
4-10-10 Destination Wedding Photography JIWed19.jpg
4-10-10 Destination Wedding Photography JIWed20.jpg
4-10-10 Destination Wedding Photography JIWed21.jpg
Another funny moment captured by Melissa of these two snapping a shot of the ceremony :-)!
4-10-10 Destination Wedding Photography JIWed22.jpg
4-10-10 Destination Wedding Photography JIWed23.jpg
4-10-10 Destination Wedding Photography JIWed24.jpg
4-10-10 Destination Wedding Photography JIWed25.jpg
4-10-10 Destination Wedding Photography JIWed26.jpg
4-10-10 Destination Wedding Photography JIWed27.jpg
4-10-10 Destination Wedding Photography JIWed28.jpg
4-10-10 Destination Wedding Photography JIWed29.jpg
4-10-10 Destination Wedding Photography JIWed30.jpg
4-10-10 Destination Wedding Photography JIWed31.jpg
4-10-10 Destination Wedding Photography JIWed32.jpg
4-10-10 Destination Wedding Photography JIWed33.jpg
A beautiful moment between mother and daughter captured by Melissa!
4-10-10 Destination Wedding Photography JIWed34.jpg
4-10-10 Destination Wedding Photography JIWed35.jpg
Funny bride moments ... both shots by Melissa.
4-10-10 Destination Wedding Photography JIWed36.jpg
Portrait by Melissa.
4-10-10 Destination Wedding Photography JIWed37.jpg
4-10-10 Destination Wedding Photography JIWed38.jpg
4-10-10 Destination Wedding Photography JIWed39.jpg
4-10-10 Destination Wedding Photography JIWed40.jpg
4-10-10 Destination Wedding Photography JIWed41.jpg
4-10-10 Destination Wedding Photography JIWed42.jpg
4-10-10 Destination Wedding Photography JIWed43.jpg
4-10-10 Destination Wedding Photography JIWed44.jpg
4-10-10 Destination Wedding Photography JIWed45.jpg
4-10-10 Destination Wedding Photography JIWed46.jpg
4-10-10 Destination Wedding Photography JIWed47.jpg
4-10-10 Destination Wedding Photography JIWed48.jpg
4-10-10 Destination Wedding Photography JIWed49.jpg
4-10-10 Destination Wedding Photography JIWed50.jpg
4-10-10 Destination Wedding Photography JIWed51.jpg
4-10-10 Destination Wedding Photography JIWed52.jpg
4-10-10 Destination Wedding Photography JIWed53.jpg
4-10-10 Destination Wedding Photography JIWed54.jpg
4-10-10 Destination Wedding Photography JIWed55.jpg
4-10-10 Destination Wedding Photography JIWed56.jpg
4-10-10 Destination Wedding Photography JIWed57.jpg
4-10-10 Destination Wedding Photography JIWed58.jpg
4-10-10 Destination Wedding Photography JIWed59.jpg
4-10-10 Destination Wedding Photography JIWed60.jpg
Some fun photos of Melissa and I taken throughout the day :-).
4-10-10 Destination Wedding Photography JIWed61.jpg
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This was such a fun and awesome trash the dress shoot!  With Hinano's guidance, we found some really great local beaches near Kona, on the Big island of Hawaii, to shoot at ... and the sunset - amazing!!  You guys were wonderful!!  Thanks for the experience!!

8-8-10 Destinationl Wedding Photographer AHTTD01.jpg
8-8-10 Destinationl Wedding Photographer AHTTD02.jpg
8-8-10 Destinationl Wedding Photographer AHTTD03.jpg
8-8-10 Destinationl Wedding Photographer AHTTD04.jpg
8-8-10 Destinationl Wedding Photographer AHTTD05.jpg
8-8-10 Destinationl Wedding Photographer AHTTD06.jpg
8-8-10 Destinationl Wedding Photographer AHTTD07.jpg
8-8-10 Destinationl Wedding Photographer AHTTD08.jpg
8-8-10 Destinationl Wedding Photographer AHTTD09.jpg
8-8-10 Destinationl Wedding Photographer AHTTD10.jpg
8-8-10 Destinationl Wedding Photographer AHTTD11.jpg
8-8-10 Destinationl Wedding Photographer AHTTD12.jpg
8-8-10 Destinationl Wedding Photographer AHTTD13.jpg
8-8-10 Destinationl Wedding Photographer AHTTD14.jpg
8-8-10 Destinationl Wedding Photographer AHTTD15.jpg
8-8-10 Destinationl Wedding Photographer AHTTD16.jpg
8-8-10 Destinationl Wedding Photographer AHTTD17.jpg
8-8-10 Destinationl Wedding Photographer AHTTD18.jpg
8-8-10 Destinationl Wedding Photographer AHTTD19.jpg
8-8-10 Destinationl Wedding Photographer AHTTD20.jpg


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LOVE! :) That first black and white shot is breath taking!

(10.21.10 @ 06:42 PM)
Jason Hicks:

Wow, this shoot is incredible!

(10.27.10 @ 08:47 AM)

I was so excited this past winter when Adrielle contacted us about photographing her destination wedding on the Big Island of Hawaii, after seeing us at a bridal show!  After a few emails and a couple of phone calls, we were booking our tickets!


This wedding was full of friends, family, culture and of course, a lot of love!!  Adrielle lives in Phoenix and strives to be unique in every way and Hinano is from Kona and loves his heritage and culture.  Their wedding combined all aspects of their personalities and came off in fantastic fashion!  They were married at the Kona Temple and their reception was held at the adjacent Morman Church.  There was a lot of yummy traditional food, singing, beautiful hula dancing and emotional speeches thoughout the evening.  Much of the emotional outpouring came from Hinano's family as they had to say goodbye to their son and brother ... Hinano made the move a few days after the wedding to join Adrielle in Phoenix.


Thank you both so much for being so wonderful!!  You were amazing to work with and your families were just the best!  Enjoy!


Wait 'till you see the trash the dress session with these two ... AMAZING!!!  Can't wait to post it and the photos we took throughout the rest of the two weeks we stayed on the Big Island!

8-7-10 Destinationl Wedding Photographer AHWed01.jpg
8-7-10 Destinationl Wedding Photographer AHWed02.jpg
Adrielle's shoes were SOOOO COOL!!
8-7-10 Destinationl Wedding Photographer AHWed03.jpg
8-7-10 Destinationl Wedding Photographer AHWed04.jpg
8-7-10 Destinationl Wedding Photographer AHWed05.jpg
8-7-10 Destinationl Wedding Photographer AHWed06.jpg
Still LOVE this background!!
8-7-10 Destinationl Wedding Photographer AHWed07.jpg
8-7-10 Destinationl Wedding Photographer AHWed08.jpg
8-7-10 Destinationl Wedding Photographer AHWed09.jpg
8-7-10 Destinationl Wedding Photographer AHWed10.jpg
8-7-10 Destinationl Wedding Photographer AHWed11.jpg
We are not going to discuss what happened in this series of photos ... needless to say, you can probably figure it out on your own.  In the end, Adrielle was fine, everyone got a good laugh and now she has a really cool wedding day story to tell :-)!
8-7-10 Destinationl Wedding Photographer AHWed12.jpg
8-7-10 Destinationl Wedding Photographer AHWed13.jpg
8-7-10 Destinationl Wedding Photographer AHWed14.jpg
8-7-10 Destinationl Wedding Photographer AHWed15.jpg
8-7-10 Destinationl Wedding Photographer AHWed16.jpg
8-7-10 Destinationl Wedding Photographer AHWed17.jpg
8-7-10 Destinationl Wedding Photographer AHWed18.jpg
8-7-10 Destinationl Wedding Photographer AHWed19.jpg
8-7-10 Destinationl Wedding Photographer AHWed20.jpg
8-7-10 Destinationl Wedding Photographer AHWed21.jpg
8-7-10 Destinationl Wedding Photographer AHWed22.jpg
8-7-10 Destinationl Wedding Photographer AHWed23.jpg
8-7-10 Destinationl Wedding Photographer AHWed24.jpg
8-7-10 Destinationl Wedding Photographer AHWed25.jpg
8-7-10 Destinationl Wedding Photographer AHWed26.jpg
8-7-10 Destinationl Wedding Photographer AHWed27.jpg
8-7-10 Destinationl Wedding Photographer AHWed28.jpg
8-7-10 Destinationl Wedding Photographer AHWed29.jpg
8-7-10 Destinationl Wedding Photographer AHWed30.jpg
This baby was so funny!!
8-7-10 Destinationl Wedding Photographer AHWed31.jpg
Before the reception, Adrielle and Hinano had a ring exchange ceremony in the church.
8-7-10 Destinationl Wedding Photographer AHWed32.jpg
8-7-10 Destinationl Wedding Photographer AHWed33.jpg
8-7-10 Destinationl Wedding Photographer AHWed34.jpg
8-7-10 Destinationl Wedding Photographer AHWed35.jpg
8-7-10 Destinationl Wedding Photographer AHWed36.jpg
8-7-10 Destinationl Wedding Photographer AHWed37.jpg
8-7-10 Destinationl Wedding Photographer AHWed38.jpg
8-7-10 Destinationl Wedding Photographer AHWed39.jpg
8-7-10 Destinationl Wedding Photographer AHWed40.jpg
Amazing Hula dancing!
8-7-10 Destinationl Wedding Photographer AHWed41.jpg
8-7-10 Destinationl Wedding Photographer AHWed42.jpg
8-7-10 Destinationl Wedding Photographer AHWed43.jpg
8-7-10 Destinationl Wedding Photographer AHWed44.jpg
8-7-10 Destinationl Wedding Photographer AHWed45.jpg
8-7-10 Destinationl Wedding Photographer AHWed46.jpg
8-7-10 Destinationl Wedding Photographer AHWed47.jpg
Hinano's mother shed more than a few tears on this evening :-).
8-7-10 Destinationl Wedding Photographer AHWed48.jpg
8-7-10 Destinationl Wedding Photographer AHWed49.jpg
8-7-10 Destinationl Wedding Photographer AHWed50.jpg
8-7-10 Destinationl Wedding Photographer AHWed51.jpg
8-7-10 Destinationl Wedding Photographer AHWed52.jpg
Adrielle's first dance with her brother.
8-7-10 Destinationl Wedding Photographer AHWed53.jpg
8-7-10 Destinationl Wedding Photographer AHWed54.jpg
8-7-10 Destinationl Wedding Photographer AHWed55.jpg
8-7-10 Destinationl Wedding Photographer AHWed56.jpg
8-7-10 Destinationl Wedding Photographer AHWed57.jpg
8-7-10 Destinationl Wedding Photographer AHWed58.jpg
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very nice wedding photos!

(10.14.10 @ 01:31 PM)

I have been going through serious blog withdrawals and just couldn't stand it anymore ... I HAVE to blog!!


I wanted to at least get a posting up for a very dear friend of mine.  Jamie contacted me last spring saying she was getting married in August.  She asked if we could shoot the wedding which, by the way, would be taking place in Hawaii where she lives.  I was so happy because it turned out we already had a wedding booked in Hawaii ... the day after hers!!  It was just amazing timing and couldn't have played out any better!


Jamie and Billy got married in a morning ceremony at the Kona Temple on the Big Island.  We started there, grabbing a few shots before heading to the airport to catch a flight to Oahu ... destination, Jamie and Billy's home on the North Shore.  There, Jamie and Billy freshened up, did a few more shots and got ready for the big party!!  It was a perfect day all around!


Jamie, thank you so much for asking us to be your wedding photographers!  It was such an honor and we are so incredibly happy for you both ... it is going to be a great life from here on out :-)!!!  XOXOXO!!


We started our day o the Big Island at the Kona Temple

8-6-10 Destination Wedding Photographer JBWed01.jpg
8-6-10 Destination Wedding Photographer JBWed02.jpg
8-6-10 Destination Wedding Photographer JBWed03.jpg
8-6-10 Destination Wedding Photographer JBWed04.jpg
I love Jamie's smile :-)!
8-6-10 Destination Wedding Photographer JBWed05.jpg
This was the prettiest backdrop!
8-6-10 Destination Wedding Photographer JBWed06.jpg
8-6-10 Destination Wedding Photographer JBWed07.jpg
8-6-10 Destination Wedding Photographer JBWed08.jpg
8-6-10 Destination Wedding Photographer JBWed09.jpg
After a short flight, we landed on Oahu and headed for the North Shore
8-6-10 Destination Wedding Photographer JBWed10.jpg
8-6-10 Destination Wedding Photographer JBWed11.jpg
8-6-10 Destination Wedding Photographer JBWed12.jpg
8-6-10 Destination Wedding Photographer JBWed13.jpg
8-6-10 Destination Wedding Photographer JBWed14.jpg
8-6-10 Destination Wedding Photographer JBWed15.jpg
8-6-10 Destination Wedding Photographer JBWed16.jpg
8-6-10 Destination Wedding Photographer JBWed17.jpg
8-6-10 Destination Wedding Photographer JBWed18.jpg
8-6-10 Destination Wedding Photographer JBWed19.jpg
8-6-10 Destination Wedding Photographer JBWed20.jpg
8-6-10 Destination Wedding Photographer JBWed21.jpg
This is Billy's family's backyard ... now Jamie's too!
8-6-10 Destination Wedding Photographer JBWed22.jpg
8-6-10 Destination Wedding Photographer JBWed23.jpg
8-6-10 Destination Wedding Photographer JBWed24.jpg
8-6-10 Destination Wedding Photographer JBWed25.jpg
8-6-10 Destination Wedding Photographer JBWed26.jpg
A candid shot with the neighbor, who was nice enough to allow us to use his backyard ... and beach - thank you :-)!!
8-6-10 Destination Wedding Photographer JBWed27.jpg
8-6-10 Destination Wedding Photographer JBWed28.jpg
8-6-10 Destination Wedding Photographer JBWed29.jpg
8-6-10 Destination Wedding Photographer JBWed30.jpg
Yes, it's a hard life on the North Shore ... this is the beach across a very narrow road from Jamie and Billy's place ... hard life indeed :-).
8-6-10 Destination Wedding Photographer JBWed31.jpg
8-6-10 Destination Wedding Photographer JBWed32.jpg
8-6-10 Destination Wedding Photographer JBWed33.jpg
8-6-10 Destination Wedding Photographer JBWed34.jpg
8-6-10 Destination Wedding Photographer JBWed35.jpg
8-6-10 Destination Wedding Photographer JBWed36.jpg
8-6-10 Destination Wedding Photographer JBWed37.jpg
8-6-10 Destination Wedding Photographer JBWed38.jpg
8-6-10 Destination Wedding Photographer JBWed39.jpg
8-6-10 Destination Wedding Photographer JBWed40.jpg
8-6-10 Destination Wedding Photographer JBWed41.jpg
8-6-10 Destination Wedding Photographer JBWed42.jpg
8-6-10 Destination Wedding Photographer JBWed43.jpg
When your sister (Billy's) can't attend, a cardboard cutout is a must :-)!!
8-6-10 Destination Wedding Photographer JBWed44.jpg
8-6-10 Destination Wedding Photographer JBWed45.jpg
8-6-10 Destination Wedding Photographer JBWed46.jpg
Their friend own's an Ice Cream truck and gave free Ice Cream to all the guests ... so fun!!
8-6-10 Destination Wedding Photographer JBWed47.jpg
8-6-10 Destination Wedding Photographer JBWed48.jpg
8-6-10 Destination Wedding Photographer JBWed49.jpg
8-6-10 Destination Wedding Photographer JBWed50.jpg
8-6-10 Destination Wedding Photographer JBWed51.jpg
8-6-10 Destination Wedding Photographer JBWed52.jpg
Jamie sang a song with her dad ... she is GOOD ...
8-6-10 Destination Wedding Photographer JBWed53.jpg
8-6-10 Destination Wedding Photographer JBWed54.jpg
... and then she sang a song to her new husband!
8-6-10 Destination Wedding Photographer JBWed55.jpg
Jamie and Billy's beautiful first dance
8-6-10 Destination Wedding Photographer JBWed56.jpg
8-6-10 Destination Wedding Photographer JBWed57.jpg
Billy dancing with his mom ... it got emotional!
8-6-10 Destination Wedding Photographer JBWed58.jpg
Jamie dancing with her dad ... it got emotional!
8-6-10 Destination Wedding Photographer JBWed59.jpg
8-6-10 Destination Wedding Photographer JBWed60.jpg
8-6-10 Destination Wedding Photographer JBWed61.jpg
8-6-10 Destination Wedding Photographer JBWed62.jpg
8-6-10 Destination Wedding Photographer JBWed63.jpg
8-6-10 Destination Wedding Photographer JBWed64.jpg
A great departure ... North Shore style :-)!
8-6-10 Destination Wedding Photographer JBWed65.jpg
Thank you both so much!!!
8-6-10 Destination Wedding Photographer JBWed66.jpg
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Very nice wedding photo service!!!

(10.08.10 @ 03:48 PM)

Darcey and David were married October 2nd, 2009, at Lake Powell in an intimate ceremony with their close family and friends - most of which traveled from across the US to attend!  The couple is from Massachusetts, but they love the West and decided it was the perfect place for their special day.


We didn't meet them until the day of their wedding and they were simply amazing people to be around!!  Their ceremony took place at sunset, on a perfect day I might add, at the Coves along the exquisite shores of Lake Powell.  They then moved over to the Lake Powell Resort for their reception.  I have to say, the moment of Darcey being led down the aisle by her mother and father was one of the most emotional and touching I have ever witnessed at a wedding ... beautiful!  Another beautiful aspect was in the landscape.  Sunset could not have been a more lovely choice as they stood to take their vows on the edge of a sun-kissed bluff with the surrounding water and escarpments bathed in a beautiful pink glow as a full moon rose behind them ... WOW ... breathtaking!!


Darcey and David, you were both so amazing to work with and get to know and that has certainly spilled over since the wedding!  We thank you for the privilege of being a part of your wedding and words cannot express how much we appreciate your amazing testimonial and that you would take the time to write one that comprehensive ... thank you so much :-)!!!!


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Beautiful as always.

(02.12.10 @ 07:45 AM)