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3-22-12 Scottsdale Wedding Photographers KCEngage00.jpg

Feels like we haven't posted an engagement shoot in forever!  We have been so busy that E-shoots have fallen to the wayside as far as blogging goes, however we are pretty caught up now and couldn't resist posting Kendell and Chris' vintage-inspired session in Old Town Scottsdale.  Oh, and did we mention the hot pink vintage 1937 Ford Kendell's dad lent her as a prop for the shoot ... WOW!!  Can't wait for their wedding in San Diego this May ... the 1937 Ford will be there too :-)!!

3-22-12 Scottsdale Wedding Photographers KCEngage01.jpg
3-22-12 Scottsdale Wedding Photographers KCEngage02.jpg
3-22-12 Scottsdale Wedding Photographers KCEngage03.jpg
3-22-12 Scottsdale Wedding Photographers KCEngage04.jpg
3-22-12 Scottsdale Wedding Photographers KCEngage05.jpg
3-22-12 Scottsdale Wedding Photographers KCEngage06.jpg
3-22-12 Scottsdale Wedding Photographers KCEngage07.jpg
3-22-12 Scottsdale Wedding Photographers KCEngage08.jpg
3-22-12 Scottsdale Wedding Photographers KCEngage09.jpg
3-22-12 Scottsdale Wedding Photographers KCEngage10.jpg
3-22-12 Scottsdale Wedding Photographers KCEngage11.jpg
3-22-12 Scottsdale Wedding Photographers KCEngage12.jpg
3-22-12 Scottsdale Wedding Photographers KCEngage13.jpg

3-22-12 Scottsdale Wedding Photographers KCEngage14.jpg
3-22-12 Scottsdale Wedding Photographers KCEngage15.jpg
3-22-12 Scottsdale Wedding Photographers KCEngage16.jpg
3-22-12 Scottsdale Wedding Photographers KCEngage17.jpg
3-22-12 Scottsdale Wedding Photographers KCEngage18.jpg
3-22-12 Scottsdale Wedding Photographers KCEngage19.jpg
3-22-12 Scottsdale Wedding Photographers KCEngage20.jpg
3-22-12 Scottsdale Wedding Photographers KCEngage21.jpg
3-22-12 Scottsdale Wedding Photographers KCEngage22.jpg
3-22-12 Scottsdale Wedding Photographers KCEngage23.jpg
3-22-12 Scottsdale Wedding Photographers KCEngage24.jpg

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11-7-11 Indian Wedding Photographers AJWed00.jpg

Ami and Jeremy's Indian wedding event took place the week of 11-11-11 and it was a stunner!!  Ami wanted to have a traditional Punjabi Wedding and pulled it off in grand style.  The entire event took place over the course of five days and was by far the longest and largest South Asian wedding we have covered!

The first day was set aside for portraits, an engagement session of sorts.  We conducted the shoot at the Desert Botanical Gardens in Phoenix and the setting along with the beautiful sunset skies we were graced with that evening provided the perfect backdrop ... oh, and the giant bug sculptures didn't hurt either :-)!

11-7-11 Indian Wedding Photographers AJWed01.jpg
11-7-11 Indian Wedding Photographers AJWed02.jpg
11-7-11 Indian Wedding Photographers AJWed03.jpg
11-7-11 Indian Wedding Photographers AJWed04.jpg
11-7-11 Indian Wedding Photographers AJWed05.jpg
11-7-11 Indian Wedding Photographers AJWed06.jpg
11-7-11 Indian Wedding Photographers AJWed07.jpg
11-7-11 Indian Wedding Photographers AJWed08.jpg
11-7-11 Indian Wedding Photographers AJWed09.jpg
11-7-11 Indian Wedding Photographers AJWed10.jpg
11-7-11 Indian Wedding Photographers AJWed11.jpg
11-7-11 Indian Wedding Photographers AJWed12.jpg
11-7-11 Indian Wedding Photographers AJWed13.jpg

11-7-11 Indian Wedding Photographers AJWed14.jpg
11-7-11 Indian Wedding Photographers AJWed15.jpg
11-7-11 Indian Wedding Photographers AJWed16.jpg
11-7-11 Indian Wedding Photographers AJWed17.jpg
11-7-11 Indian Wedding Photographers AJWed18.jpg
11-7-11 Indian Wedding Photographers AJWed19.jpg
11-7-11 Indian Wedding Photographers AJWed20.jpg

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We just wanted to share what we have been up to over the past six days.  We are in the middle of our shooting marathon ... 10 days of straight shoots ... and so far they have taken us from every season and climate through days of crazy weather :-)!  We won't lie, it has been tiring, but fun so far and we are looking forward to the final run!

Airica and Chuck's Engagement Session in Sedona
11-8-11 Phoenix Wedding Photographers MISC01.jpg

Angela and John's Wedding at L'Auberge de Sedona
11-8-11 Phoenix Wedding Photographers MISC02.jpg

Eliza and Sean's Wedding at the Arizona Biltmore, Phoenix
11-8-11 Phoenix Wedding Photographers MISC03.jpg

Elizabeth and Daniel's Reception, Paradise Valley
11-8-11 Phoenix Wedding Photographers MISC04.jpg

Bethany and Michael's Engagement Session, Flagstaff
11-8-11 Phoenix Wedding Photographers MISC05.jpg

Ami and Jeremy's Engagement Session, Desert Botanical Gardens, Phoenix
11-8-11 Phoenix Wedding Photographers MISC06.jpg

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Teenie McKerracher:

Such a big thank you to Sierra Blanco for the shoot! Wow....you three worked so hard and these blog posted pics are just the beginning! I am so excited! Anyone out there looking for a top notch team to provide lasting memories? ... Sierra Blanco is it! ... Thanks Again! T ;)

(11.09.11 @ 03:42 AM)

MacKenna and Eddie are getting married in April in Phoenix.  We met them - on Eddie's birthday to be exact - back in December to photograph their engagement shoot.  We started off at Schnebly Hill in Sedona and finished up at Red Rock Crossing.  The day was kind of gloomy (we got one of our big winter storms the following day) but we made the best of it and got some great shots!  Thanks you two and we are looking forward to the big day!

12-21-09 Sedona Wedding Photographer MEEngage01.jpg
12-21-09 Sedona Wedding Photographer MEEngage02.jpg
12-21-09 Sedona Wedding Photographer MEEngage03.jpg
12-21-09 Sedona Wedding Photographer MEEngage04.jpg
12-21-09 Sedona Wedding Photographer MEEngage05.jpg
12-21-09 Sedona Wedding Photographer MEEngage06.jpg
12-21-09 Sedona Wedding Photographer MEEngage07.jpg
12-21-09 Sedona Wedding Photographer MEEngage08.jpg
12-21-09 Sedona Wedding Photographer MEEngage09.jpg
12-21-09 Sedona Wedding Photographer MEEngage10.jpg
12-21-09 Sedona Wedding Photographer MEEngage11.jpg
12-21-09 Sedona Wedding Photographer MEEngage12.jpg
12-21-09 Sedona Wedding Photographer MEEngage13.jpg
12-21-09 Sedona Wedding Photographer MEEngage14.jpg
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Wonderful pictures! I wish you all the best! Yvonne from Switzerland

(10.04.11 @ 09:28 PM)

Brooke and Jonathan are getting married at L'Auberge de Sedona in April.  We first met these two a few years back when they were planning their first wedding date.  Just after the contract was sent to sign, Brooke found out she had been accepted to graduate school and thus, the wedding was put on hold.  She said they would hold on to our information and get back in touch when the new date was set ... and sure enough Brooke stayed true to her word and contacted us this past summer.  Funny thing was, we had just been talking about them wondering if they had already gotten married :-).  Guess not - and good thing for us, because we are so happy to still be working with them!


We photographed their engagement shoot back in December at Tempe Town Square and finished it up at Tempe Town Lake.  Jonathan's son, Nick, came along as well and we all had a blast!!  Can't wait for the big day ... it's been a long time coming :-)!

12-19-09 Phoenix Wedding Photographer BJEngage01.jpg
12-19-09 Phoenix Wedding Photographer BJEngage02.jpg
12-19-09 Phoenix Wedding Photographer BJEngage03.jpg
12-19-09 Phoenix Wedding Photographer BJEngage04.jpg
12-19-09 Phoenix Wedding Photographer BJEngage05.jpg
12-19-09 Phoenix Wedding Photographer BJEngage06.jpg
12-19-09 Phoenix Wedding Photographer BJEngage07.jpg
12-19-09 Phoenix Wedding Photographer BJEngage08.jpg
12-19-09 Phoenix Wedding Photographer BJEngage09.jpg
12-19-09 Phoenix Wedding Photographer BJEngage10.jpg
12-19-09 Phoenix Wedding Photographer BJEngage11.jpg
12-19-09 Phoenix Wedding Photographer BJEngage12.jpg
12-19-09 Phoenix Wedding Photographer BJEngage13.jpg
12-19-09 Phoenix Wedding Photographer BJEngage14.jpg
12-19-09 Phoenix Wedding Photographer BJEngage15.jpg
12-19-09 Phoenix Wedding Photographer BJEngage16.jpg
12-19-09 Phoenix Wedding Photographer BJEngage17.jpg
12-19-09 Phoenix Wedding Photographer BJEngage18.jpg
12-19-09 Phoenix Wedding Photographer BJEngage19.jpg
12-19-09 Phoenix Wedding Photographer BJEngage20.jpg
12-19-09 Phoenix Wedding Photographer BJEngage21.jpg
12-19-09 Phoenix Wedding Photographer BJEngage22.jpg
12-19-09 Phoenix Wedding Photographer BJEngage23.jpg
12-19-09 Phoenix Wedding Photographer BJEngage24.jpg
12-19-09 Phoenix Wedding Photographer BJEngage25.jpg
12-19-09 Phoenix Wedding Photographer BJEngage26.jpg
12-19-09 Phoenix Wedding Photographer BJEngage27.jpg
12-19-09 Phoenix Wedding Photographer BJEngage28.jpg
12-19-09 Phoenix Wedding Photographer BJEngage29.jpg
12-19-09 Phoenix Wedding Photographer BJEngage30.jpg
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WOW!!!! I love how fun this one is!! Beautiful work!!

(03.26.10 @ 06:46 AM)