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Last month we met up with Heather and Matt (and their two puppy dogs) to photograph Heather's maternity shoot in the Superstition Mountains in Phoenix.  These two are very special to us.  We clicked from the moment we met to discuss their wedding (which took place almost two years ago now.)  Now we are happy to share in their first pregnancy and birth of their little baby, Ava, who we are meeting for the first time tomorrow to do her very first photo shoot :-)!  Thanks guys ... as always, we loved hanging out and catching up!

3-14-10 Phoenix Portrait Photographer HeatherMaternity01.jpg
3-14-10 Phoenix Portrait Photographer HeatherMaternity02.jpg
3-14-10 Phoenix Portrait Photographer HeatherMaternity03.jpg
3-14-10 Phoenix Portrait Photographer HeatherMaternity04.jpg
3-14-10 Phoenix Portrait Photographer HeatherMaternity05.jpg
3-14-10 Phoenix Portrait Photographer HeatherMaternity06.jpg
3-14-10 Phoenix Portrait Photographer HeatherMaternity07.jpg
3-14-10 Phoenix Portrait Photographer HeatherMaternity08.jpg
3-14-10 Phoenix Portrait Photographer HeatherMaternity09.jpg
3-14-10 Phoenix Portrait Photographer HeatherMaternity10.jpg
3-14-10 Phoenix Portrait Photographer HeatherMaternity11.jpg
3-14-10 Phoenix Portrait Photographer HeatherMaternity12.jpg
3-14-10 Phoenix Portrait Photographer HeatherMaternity13.jpg
3-14-10 Phoenix Portrait Photographer HeatherMaternity14.jpg
3-14-10 Phoenix Portrait Photographer HeatherMaternity15.jpg
3-14-10 Phoenix Portrait Photographer HeatherMaternity16.jpg
3-14-10 Phoenix Portrait Photographer HeatherMaternity17.jpg
3-14-10 Phoenix Portrait Photographer HeatherMaternity18.jpg
3-14-10 Phoenix Portrait Photographer HeatherMaternity19.jpg
3-14-10 Phoenix Portrait Photographer HeatherMaternity20.jpg
3-14-10 Phoenix Portrait Photographer HeatherMaternity21.jpg
3-14-10 Phoenix Portrait Photographer HeatherMaternity22.jpg
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A few weeks ago we headed out to Merry-Go-Round Rock in Sedona to meet Lindy and her husband, Koz, for a maternity shoot.  Lindy was referred to us by a wonderful woman we love and have been shooting for a couple of years now named Megan (her very recent wedding will be posted soon) and we instantly fell in love with these two as well!  They were just so lovely to work with and we had a great time getting to know them both!  Lindy is due and the end of this month (their first by the way.)  Congratulations you two!

3-12-10 Sedona Portrait Photographer LindyMaternity01.jpg
3-12-10 Sedona Portrait Photographer LindyMaternity02.jpg
3-12-10 Sedona Portrait Photographer LindyMaternity03.jpg
3-12-10 Sedona Portrait Photographer LindyMaternity04.jpg
3-12-10 Sedona Portrait Photographer LindyMaternity05.jpg
3-12-10 Sedona Portrait Photographer LindyMaternity06.jpg
3-12-10 Sedona Portrait Photographer LindyMaternity07.jpg
3-12-10 Sedona Portrait Photographer LindyMaternity08.jpg
3-12-10 Sedona Portrait Photographer LindyMaternity09.jpg
3-12-10 Sedona Portrait Photographer LindyMaternity10.jpg
3-12-10 Sedona Portrait Photographer LindyMaternity11.jpg
3-12-10 Sedona Portrait Photographer LindyMaternity12.jpg
3-12-10 Sedona Portrait Photographer LindyMaternity13.jpg
3-12-10 Sedona Portrait Photographer LindyMaternity14.jpg
3-12-10 Sedona Portrait Photographer LindyMaternity15.jpg
3-12-10 Sedona Portrait Photographer LindyMaternity16.jpg
3-12-10 Sedona Portrait Photographer LindyMaternity17.jpg
3-12-10 Sedona Portrait Photographer LindyMaternity18.jpg
3-12-10 Sedona Portrait Photographer LindyMaternity19.jpg
3-12-10 Sedona Portrait Photographer LindyMaternity20.jpg
3-12-10 Sedona Portrait Photographer LindyMaternity21.jpg
3-12-10 Sedona Portrait Photographer LindyMaternity22.jpg
3-12-10 Sedona Portrait Photographer LindyMaternity23.jpg
3-12-10 Sedona Portrait Photographer LindyMaternity24.jpg
3-12-10 Sedona Portrait Photographer LindyMaternity25.jpg
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Kristin and Kyle have been coming to us for various portrait shoots for the past couple of years including their engagement shoot and Kristin's bridal shoot (their wedding was out of state and they had a photographer friend shoot it) and now they are back because they are having a baby!  Kristin wanted maternity photos and then newborn photos once he was born.  She was a little over 8 months when we conducted her shoot in the Superstition Mountain Range on the east side of Phoenix.  She really didn't look it though ... I think it must be the height (Kristin is 6'.)  We love these two but unfortunately it look as though our shooting foreys will soon be ending ... they are most likely moving to Kentucky.  We will miss you two!!

11-7-09 Phoenix Wedding Photographer KMaternity01.jpg
11-7-09 Phoenix Wedding Photographer KMaternity02.jpg
11-7-09 Phoenix Wedding Photographer KMaternity03.jpg
11-7-09 Phoenix Wedding Photographer KMaternity04.jpg
11-7-09 Phoenix Wedding Photographer KMaternity05.jpg
11-7-09 Phoenix Wedding Photographer KMaternity06.jpg
11-7-09 Phoenix Wedding Photographer KMaternity07.jpg
11-7-09 Phoenix Wedding Photographer KMaternity08.jpg
11-7-09 Phoenix Wedding Photographer KMaternity09.jpg
11-7-09 Phoenix Wedding Photographer KMaternity10.jpg
11-7-09 Phoenix Wedding Photographer KMaternity11.jpg
11-7-09 Phoenix Wedding Photographer KMaternity12.jpg
11-7-09 Phoenix Wedding Photographer KMaternity13.jpg
11-7-09 Phoenix Wedding Photographer KMaternity14.jpg
11-7-09 Phoenix Wedding Photographer KMaternity15.jpg
11-7-09 Phoenix Wedding Photographer KMaternity16.jpg
11-7-09 Phoenix Wedding Photographer KMaternity17.jpg
11-7-09 Phoenix Wedding Photographer KMaternity18.jpg
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