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Back in late October we went to Florida to photograph Lisa and James' spectacular wedding in West Palm Beach.  While visiting south Florida, we took a few days to explore the Everglades and a bit of the Florida Keys.  Here are some of the highlights!


Yes, this is a Pygmy Rattlesnake ... and yes, I am using a wide angle lens, which means I was probably way too close.  Don't try getting this close to a poisonous snake unless you know well how to read their body language.  This one remained very calm and I took a lot of time to ease up to it to get the shot.

10-26-09 Nature Photography Florida 01.jpg
10-26-09 Nature Photography Florida 02.jpg
10-26-09 Nature Photography Florida 03.jpg
10-26-09 Nature Photography Florida 04.jpg
10-26-09 Nature Photography Florida 05.jpg
10-26-09 Nature Photography Florida 06.jpg
I was soooo excited to get these next few photos.  These alligators are hatchlings and I have never encountered them in the wild before, despite trolling the swamps of FL for the better part of 10 years.  I heard the classic "chirping" noises and new they were close.  It didn't take long to locate them.  I felt so fortunate to observe them but we were always cautious ... you must always be on the lookout for the mother in a situation like this.  The mother will protect her young.
10-26-09 Nature Photography Florida 07.jpg
So cute!!!!
10-26-09 Nature Photography Florida 08.jpg
10-26-09 Nature Photography Florida 09.jpg
The cuttest baby turtle in the world on the left :-).
10-26-09 Nature Photography Florida 10.jpg
Great Blue Heron
10-26-09 Nature Photography Florida 11.jpg
This was one of my favorite shots of the trip!
10-26-09 Nature Photography Florida 12.jpg
10-26-09 Nature Photography Florida 13.jpg
A little wild turkey humor :-).
10-26-09 Nature Photography Florida 14.jpg
10-26-09 Nature Photography Florida 15.jpg
You know you are entering the Everglades when you see a Florida Panther Crossing.
10-26-09 Nature Photography Florida 16.jpg
10-26-09 Nature Photography Florida 17.jpg
Osprey with fish.
10-26-09 Nature Photography Florida 18.jpg
This is an American Crocodile and the Everglades is the only place you will find them and even then it is rare ... we were very lucky!
10-26-09 Nature Photography Florida 19.jpg
10-26-09 Nature Photography Florida 20.jpg
10-26-09 Nature Photography Florida 21.jpg
10-26-09 Nature Photography Florida 22.jpg
10-26-09 Nature Photography Florida 23.jpg
10-26-09 Nature Photography Florida 24.jpg
10-26-09 Nature Photography Florida 25.jpg
Bald Eagle and Raven.
10-26-09 Nature Photography Florida 26.jpg
Great Egret
10-26-09 Nature Photography Florida 27.jpg
Turkey Vultures
10-26-09 Nature Photography Florida 28.jpg
10-26-09 Nature Photography Florida 29.jpg
This may seem sad, but it is for my decades long personal project, "Casualties of War."  I really get angry to see a beautiful animal lose its life by speeding drivers, especially in a National Park where they shouldn't be speeding in the first place.  The victim was a snowy egret.
10-26-09 Nature Photography Florida 30.jpg
10-26-09 Nature Photography Florida 31.jpg
The Keys ... specifically Islamorada on the left and Key Largo on the right.
10-26-09 Nature Photography Florida 32.jpg
10-26-09 Nature Photography Florida 33.jpg
The keys are crawling with wild iguanas.
10-26-09 Nature Photography Florida 34.jpg
10-26-09 Nature Photography Florida 35.jpg
Purple Bill and Greeny visit south Florida :-)!!  They had a blast!
10-26-09 Nature Photography Florida 36.jpg
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In late September we traveled to Puerto Penasco, Mexico, otherwise known as Rocky Point to photograph a wedding.  Aside from the actual wedding day, we spent a couple of extra days in the area exploring and having a little fun!  One of the highlights was renting ATVs and riding them around the nearby dunes.  The only downside to this was the intense heat.  From what I was told, September is a hot month in general, but they were having a freak heat wave that week which made the temperatures almost unbearable at about 105 degrees with 100 percent humidity.  We still had a great time though!


Purple Bill & Greeny being tourists :-).

Our ATVs alone in the dunes.
Having fun ... and sweating profusely!
I know this seems sad, but it is for a personal project I have been working on for the past 13 years called "Casualties of War."  It highlights the damage we humans, intentional or not, inflict upon nature, wildlife in paticular.
I love the following beach shots!  They were taken at sunset and it was just spectacular!!
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Michael Chansley:

How cool! I love the 4 wheeling photos! I've never been to Rocky Point, but it looks beautiful! Keep up the good work!

(02.05.10 @ 12:18 AM)

This was the winter storm to end all winter storms as Arizona standards go!!!  It swept in Monday, January 18th and lasted through Saturday, January 23rd.  It came in waves and brought with it record rains for Phoenix (nearly 6 inches in places) and record snows in Flagstaff and the White Mountains (nearly 5 feet at the base of the mountain in Flagstaff and almost 8 feet at the peak.)  I personally have never seen this much snow at one time in my entire life.  Love it or hate it, you couldn't help but stare in amazement!!

The early stages of the storm.
Yoshi is not pleased :-).
Our neighbor shoveling the roof.
By Thursday things were really getting intense.
The snow is taller than Yoshi now.
Everything is getting buried.
Our street sign ... it is the normal height of a street sign.
The snow is almost up to the roof.
My illustration of the accumulation ... unbelievable!!!
The calm after the storm ... simply STUNNING!!!
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WOW!!!  That's almost all I can say.  This was an intense storm - howling winds, electric out most of the night and nearly three feet of snow on the ground by Tuesday morning.  But what a beautiful sight :-)!!



How cute is my dog :-)??!!
Even for Yoshi with all his fur it was still REALLY, REALLY, cold ... I love that you can see his breath :-).
Yoshi's ready to pack it in and go home ... after only 20 minutes :-).
A beautiful view from our yard ...
... and a stunning one at the bottom of the road!!!!
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your doggy is super cute!! :)

(12.11.09 @ 11:49 PM)
Tim Halberg:

soooo beautiful! I miss living where it snows!! thanks for sharing photos that show the beauty of it!

(12.19.09 @ 05:09 AM)

Aw, Yoshi is a cutie pie!!! Yowza that's alotta snow!!!

(12.23.09 @ 11:43 PM)

This all began with the booking of a destination wedding in Michigan for Labor Day weekend.  We decided that rather than fly, it would be a great idea to drive and see some areas of the country we have never seen before.  Thus began the planning and execution of the Great American Road Trip!


We really wanted to visit Grand Teton and Yellowstone National Park so those were our first big stops.  We spent 2 days in Grand Teton and almost 4 in Yellowstone, both of which far exceeded our expectations!!  We spent much time in the company of bison (my new favorite animal), sometimes finding ourselves within 20 feet of the 2000 pound animals.  It was great!  The rut was in full swing so we got to see plenty of spit-flinging, snot-snorting fights which was also great!  We loved the many geological features of Yellowstone, but not the smell so much :-).


We then headed across the heartland through lovely, and flat, North Dakota, picking up plenty of bugs along the way.  We finally ended up in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan where we spent a couple of days exploring Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore along the wild shores of lake Superior.  I have always wanted to go there and it was well worth it!  From there we headed down into lower Michigan for the wedding and then continued on to Chicago to have a very quick visit with my friend Daniela (she photographed our wedding last year.)  We left Chicago on Monday knowing we had to make good time ... we had to be in Tucson on Thursday for another wedding.  We did spend a little time in Taos, New Mexico on the way home which was really cool.  After the Tucson wedding we headed straight home so we could be at a wedding in Sedona by Saturday!


So there it is!  Three weeks, 15 states, and 6500 miles later we came full circle on our Great American Road Trip.  Some of the highlights included spending a lot of time with bison, being charged by a male Pronghorn who confused us for a male he was catching the scent of over the ridge, a raging thunderstorm over the plains complete with american symbols in the foreground like bison and bald eagles, seeing the world's largest cow, Salem Sue, seeing my friend Daniela and those are just to name a few.  It was an amazing trip and I am so glad we decided to do it!  We took thousands of images while we were there, but these five emerged at the top!


Bison grazing at Sunrise

Lightning and Resting Bison
Bison Emerging from the Shadows
Silly Face
Artist Point in Yellowstone
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