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Phuong is one of my dearest and oldest friends.  We met in North Carolina in High School (which was in the late 80's for timeline references) when I was a senior and she was a junior.  Seniors had the privilege of leaving campus for lunch and I would always sneak Phuong out with me.  We also loved to go to those rowdy high school parties together and we ditched our prom dates to hang out for the rest of the night together ... which was much more fun given who my date was :-).  We also would just get together and head out to the beach (a 2 1/2 hour drive away) on a moments notice just because.  We always had fun together - and I loved going to her house to have some of her mother's Vietnamese cooking, yum - and no matter how sad I might be Phuong always had a way of making me laugh ... she just has that kind of personality!


The one thing about Phuong is that her love of travel and adventure is only matched by my own - and perhaps her husband's :-).  This is one of those major things we have always shared in common.  The last time I saw Phuong was in 1999.  That was also a "Tina & Phuong Adventure Trip", along with some other people - spouses, etc.  On that trip we spent a month together in Kenya, a week of that living with the Maasai when I was initiated into their tribe.  We had such an amazing time, but I didn't realize when I said goodbye that I wouldn't see my good friend again for a decade ... and she only lives in San Francisco, go figure.


I was so super excited when she called and said she wanted to visit.  After picking her up at the airport we headed up to Flagstaff and the first place I took her was Snowbowl.  This was mid-April and it was still barren on top of the mountain.  We took a photo on the last day she was here and it was all green and beautiful.  Before arriving she asked what she should pack in the way of clothing and I told her to expect temperatures from below freezing to over 100 degrees ... I think she thought I was crazy, but she soon learned what those of us who live here well know :-).  She stayed almost 5 weeks and in that time we visited many areas of the state, she assisted me at weddings, she fell in love with our dog, Yoshi, and laughed a lot at the antics of our crazy bird, Ziggy.  We had many new adventures and a great time reminiscing about adventures gone by ...


Until the next big adventure Phuong ... hopefully it won't be another decade away :-)!  Love you always!!


The first day at Snowbowl.

Having fun on the West Fork Trail in Oak Creek Canyon :-).
Spring is the time for baby ducks ... love baby ducks - sooo cute!
The Superstition Mountain Range at Roosevelt Lake.
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Fossil Creek in Strawberry is a spectacular creek with its stunning blue waters and falls.  We also found the most curious thing ... a set of three old, yellow chairs, positioned in the creek facing towards a 20-foot plus waterfall.  It was hilarious and it was even more hilarious when Phuong and Kevin sat in them to pose for the camera :-).


Devil's Bridge is located in Sedona and it is simply amazing.  It takes a bit of a vertical hike to reach it but is well worth the effort!  Phuong and I really freaked out some pour woman from New Jersey who isn't used to seeing people walking out to the edge of a rock with a very long drop on the other side of it ... to that woman, we pass along our apologies :-)!


Some fun graffiti we found under a bridge at Fossil Creek.

The drive down to Fossil Creek is a little treacherous ...
Love this frog's choice of home :-).
This is so funny ...
... and this is even funnier :-)!!!
Phuong and I really love cows ... so we thought we would take a short walk with some :-).
Devil's Bridge ... gorgeous!!
We got a little silly with our shadow puppets ... I kind of resemble the creature from the movie "Aliens."
OK mom, please don't have a heart attack ... it looks bad, but we were VERY, VERY careful - I promise :-).  Again, our apologies to the poosr New Jersey lady.
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Pita Stanton:

I LOVE the picture of you two running across devils bridge. Is that in Sedona?

(07.16.09 @ 08:42 PM)
Caitlin Smith:

Looks like an absolute BLAST!!! :-D

(07.05.10 @ 12:17 AM)

We had a great time exploring Antelope Canyon and a little of Lake Powell.  Kevin and I had never been to Antelope Canyon before and we definitely plan on returning for some serious landscape photography!


Heading out to the slot canyon.

I love taking photos of cows :-)!!
Our guide, Zac, playing the flute.
I love this shot :-)!
Lake Powell was just a tad windy :-)!!!!
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Alison K. Juberg:

very whimsical pictures. Love the dog and the nature pictures.

(08.03.09 @ 01:23 AM)

The Grand Canyon ... that was our final trip on the "Tina & Phuong take on Arizona" expedition.  We had gone to the Canyon when Phuong first arrived, but that was the Trash-the-Dress shoot, so we decided to end our trip here - a place that Phuong was so excited to see.  We brought Yoshi along as well since Phuong developed such a close relationship with him during her stay.  We stopped by Snowbowl on the way to take a photo illustrating the change in season from the photo taken on the first day, seemed befitting.  It was a fun trip, but at the sam time a bittersweet one.  After ten years of not seeing my high school friend, I had grown accustomed to her presence again ... hopefully it won't be another ten years before we meet again and take on another destination :-)!  Love ya Phuong!!


Back to where our trip began ... on top of Snowbowl.  Amazing how different it looked after almost 5 weeks.

I had really been wanting a photo like this.  It symbolizes how great a friend he has been to me over the past 11 years and for me it is a very important image ... it will live on even when I don't have him around anymore and I will always be able to remember and cherish this moment.
Phuong IM'ing on the phone with her husband at the edge of the canyon ... hilarious :-)!
Bye Phuong - it was quite an adventure!!!
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Pita Stanton:

The picture of you and Yoshi is really cute. The picture of the canyon with the storms all along the rim is absolutely amazing!!! I brag about you guys all of the time to people. I am so, so, so happy we went with you for our wedding!!! I come back to your blog at least once a week just to see you work and what you have been up to. Thank you!!

(07.16.09 @ 08:45 PM)

A couple of weeks ago we headed out to the Sierra Nevada range of California where we had a destination wedding to photograph.  Kevin used to live in these mountains and has a real passion for them ... especially Yosemite National Park, so this was a real treat for him to go back home, if even for a very short time.


I personally have never been to this part of the world so I was like a kid in a candy store!  Every turn revealed something new and wonderful.  We started our trip near Sequoia National Park where the wedding was to be held.  We spent the first day scouting the area and grabbing some nice nature shots along the way.  The day after the wedding we headed north to Yosemite National Park.  We were on a tight timeline as this was already Thursday and we had to be in the White Mountains of Arizona for another wedding by Saturday.  Hence, we weren't there during the best time of the day, but it was specatcular none-the-less!!  As we passed through, we stopped frequently to take travel shots (I used to do a lot of trvel photography and really enjoy it), landscape shots (duh...), and of course those must have, silly tourist shots.  We stopped for lunch at the famed Ahwahnee Hotel and then headed on through the park over the Tioga Pass to the eastern side of the Sierras. A big highlight along the way was sighting a black bear in a field feeding ... a really awesome sight!!!


We made our way to Mono Lake, a world-famous lake amongst landscape photographers, for sunset.  I have always wanted to take landscapes of Mono Lake and was quite happy with what we got given the tight time frame.  We had dinner in Mammoth Lakes (Kevin lived there and it is one of his favorite places) and stayed in Bishop.  Before heading home the next day we stopped in at Mountian Light Gallery which was founded by the late Galen Rowell.  He was an amazingly talented photographer.  I once attended one of his seminars when I was in college in Florida and he was nothing short of inspirational.  It was a treat to walk though his gallery!


An impressive view of Yosemite Valley.

Yosemite Falls was flowing very well!
The Ahwahnee Hotel and the view from our table at lunch.
The view of El Capitan from El Capitan meadow ... one of Kevin's favorite places in the world.
This is a black bear, not a brown bear - I swear it is.
A view of Tenaya Lake.
Tuolumne Meadows ... and one of my favorite photos of the day :-).
Another favorite of the day!
A view of Tioga Lake from Tioga Pass ... very impressive!!
Mono Lake and it's famous tufa towers.
Most people visit Mono Lake to photograph it's exotic tufa formations.  Me, I had to photograph the millions of Alkali Flies that cover the lake's shores ... definitely got some wierd looks as I lay flat on the muddy banks :-).  These were actually really hard to get and after many frames these emerged as a couple of my favorites. A side note: These flies are very polite ... they do not like touching humans, making my job much easier :-).
Told you this was a photographer's paradise :-).
This is my absolute favorite ... I love the pastel colors, very serene.
The many hues of sunset.
I didn't believe Kevin when he told me that this plant's official name is "Snow Plant"... then I saw it on an identification sign in Yosemite :-).  Guess I should put more faith in him :-).
Scouting around Shaver Lake for the wedding.  Wait until you see what this area looked like the next day for couple formals ....
I have to say ... when we rounded the corner and I first laid eyes on the giant sequoias, it was breathtaking!!!
This is where the wedding was held ... what a spectaclular spot for a ceremony!!
Shaver Lake.
A really cool old cottonwood charcoal kiln on the eastern slopes of the Sierras.
Owen's Dry Lake.


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Great shots of Yosemite!!! I went there with James last year it was awesome. I've got a funny picutre of me sitting inside a Great Sequoia.


(06.28.09 @ 06:01 PM)
Josefin Wahss:

Wonderful pictures and beautiful people! I remember that tufa formation. And the flies. The reflections in Tioga lake, and the view from the Ahwahnee dining room. Further, I forgot my bikini in a tree at the Bishop campground, and we found no ice cream on the top of the upper Yosemite fall. Fortunately, we found sequoias as big as evrything else in USA.
Looking forward to see more picures from the area!!

(06.28.09 @ 08:51 PM)
Hussey Photography:

OH MY GOSH!!!!!!
I've GOT to go there!!!!
That's INCREDIBLE!!! What amazing shots!
I love the 4 shots of the different hues of sunset! So cool!!!

Great job!


(07.01.09 @ 05:24 PM)

excellent photographs.....................

(12.26.10 @ 04:57 AM)

I came here looking for large pictures of lava flowing into the sea, but I stuck around to look at all the non-Hawaii photos as well.

Very nice. I'll my s.o. stop by here to take a look at all the places on the Mainland where I'd like to take her later.

(06.01.11 @ 01:18 AM)